The Healthiest and Tastiest Potato Chip In The World

November 21, 2011   26 Comments

What if you could make FAT-FREE crispy chips in your microwave? Wouldn't that solve all of your problems?

Healthiest Potato Chip

Okay, maybe not ALL of your problems - but at 120 calories for NINE chips - potato chips are a bit of an issue. Because, none of us can eat just NINE.

I have been an advocate for Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips and other baked chips because you can have around 20 chips for that 100 calories. I have bought these to replace fattier chips and have found that I enjoy them just as much.

Then I met the "Mastrad Top Chips Maker" and I fell in love. Why? Because, now I don't have to use ANY oil to get delicious chips. It is just a potato cooked in the microwave -healthy and fresh.

You get a really strong potato flavor versus a bag of chips because they go from potato to chip in four minutes (and then in your mouth).

Why have I professed love to this kitchen gadget?

  • You save money. (one potato costs much less than a bag of chips)
  • It is green. (no packaging to throw away)
  • Make chips other than potato - sweet potato, carrot, apple.
  • It is dishwasher safe - easy clean up!

The downside is that you can only make about 10 chips at a time because they have to be spread without overlapping on the cooker. You can buy extra cooker things to stack and make more chips at once.

All you do is peel the potato, slice it with the mandolin, put it on the maker, and microwave for four minutes and you have chips. Of course, that takes a lot longer than opening a bag of chips.

I had trouble getting salt to stick - but I found that I didn't need salt because the chips were so flavorful.

An ENTIRE potato worth of chips (probably around 40) will set you back:

131 calories, 0.1 g fat, 29.7 g carbohydrates, 3.4 g protein, 3.7 g fiber, 10 mg sodium, 3 Points+

And, you get 56% of your daily value of Vitamin C and 7% of your daily value of Iron. How can you lose?

My kids went bananas for these and we used them as a side dish at dinner.

You can buy one at Shop Mastrad or at (below).

Have you ever made chips in the microwave?

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Ohhhhhh I can't wait to try this! The extra time it takes to make the chips is worth the savings in calories and fat!! YUMMO! Buying one today! Thanks for sharing!

FYI: I just bought myself this product at Amazon and you can get TWO trays for $20. Can't wait to try it!!

Pampered Chef has one also. I tried it out at a party recently. We used a little bbq rub seasoning and made great bbq chips. Really good stuff!

Great time of year to add to my Amazon Wishlist. I'm going to try adding a little lemon to apples. My daughter loves lemon on anything.

ha! as the previous commenter, I just added this to my Amazon wishlist!

These look great... PS a light spraying of oil (like a tenth of a second) will add minimal oil and help the salt to stick afterward.

They presumably still have acrylamide in them from crisping them but then a lot of things I like do (chips, crackers, coffee beans, baked goods...)! Oh well.

Would salting them before cooking them work? They would be damp then...

omg i've never seen of heard of something like this before, this is amazing! and for only $20~ :O i was expecting it to be like $200 or something, like that healthy deep fried food gadget (1 tablespoon of oil for a whole batch of fries, i'm pretty tempted to get that too lol). i'm so getting this! gotta wait til i can find something else i wanna buy tho, $20 won't get me free shipping lol

The one that has 2 trays does NOT come with the mandolin though. I am excited about getting a mandolin for that price!

Hey! Guess what!? You can do the very same thing with your own microwave safe plate and a knife. You can get them thin enough with a knife. Been doing it for years! I soak my chips in white vinegar for a few hours too. Really good!

And now I have one coming my way! Thanks for the review. I like the idea of soaking them in vinegar for a different taste. I have made potato chips by hand before, but my hands are getting older and they don't appreciate it when I ask them to do all that slicing. Fun snack for all of us coming up (including apples).

Do you soak them in vinegar before or after you microwave them?

@Shalomseeker - yes, salting before will work - I asked the manufacturer -but I haven't done it myself as of yet.

@Sallyjrw - I think I would soak before you microwave or they would become soggy. Thanks for asking!

I might have to get one of these for my mom. she loves kitchen gadgets and loves potato chips!

I have the Pampered Chef microwave chip maker, can anyone tell me why my chips are coming out chewy? I can't seem to find the crisp! I tried cooking then a little longer and they burned and I tried letting them sit a little longer but nothing changes! If anyone can help me figure this out that would be great!

I love my Pampered Chef chip maker! It's so easy to use. The design is silicone with holes and scalloped bottom for circulation, set of 2.Slice small to med-sized potato or fruit into thin slices. If they are too thick, they will be more chewy. place slices on paper towel, sprinkle with sea salt or seasoning, if desired. no soaking necessary. Blot tops of slices with paper towel to remove any excess moisture. Arrange slices in a single layer, making sure not to overlap. Use a microwave with built-in turn table to ensure even cooking. Using single rack, microwave 5-6 1/2 mins. When using double rack, try 8-9 mins. I've also made sweet potato chips and apple chips! (Braeburn, Granny smith, and Gala work best) for apples, micro for 3 1/2-4 mins for single rack, or 4-5 mins for double. Go to my website for picture, description, and ordering!

I have the pampered chef microwave chip maker and I have the same problem...they are chewy. I've tried everything. There is no crunch..what a waste of money!!

I'm sorry you are having a problem with the chip maker. You must slice the potatoes thin, or they won't be crispy. Also make sure your microwave has a turntable. If you are using both trays at the same time, it is recommended that you rotate them every 2 mins to ensure crispness. I just use one tray in the microwave at a time. All this information is included with your product on the use and care label. I've made these at my parties, and have no problems. If you are still unsatisfied, contact Pampered Chef and they will refund your money. They value their reputation and want everyone to be happy with their purchases, or your money back guaranteed. go to: (there should be a phone number) Hope that helps :)

Ok, I have perfected the chip!! I just sliced them very thin (less than the one setting), patted them very dry, then microwaved them for 2 minutes and 30 seconds (until the edges began to curl up and they slightly browned). I think I was slicing a little too thick and wasn't drying them enough...sooooo excited...thanks for the tips Lisa :)

Yay! I knew you would have success! After blotting off most of the liquid, sprinkle with sea salt or any seasoning, yumm! Now that you have perfected the potato, try using a sweet potato, and apples too! They're wonderful! Happy chip making :)

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