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November 24, 2010   12 Comments

Snack Girl got a cool present for her birthday - an iPod Touch (see below). She had been resisting the pull of the small handheld device.

Healthy Eating Apps


Because it seems like wherever you go there are people looking down at their screens instead of looking at:
1. the people with whom they are hanging out
2. the flowers
3. the road

BUT, I finally decided that I really wanted one because I love music and particularly a website that streams music called Pandora. And guess what?

My iPod touch has an application that allows me to play Pandora around my house!

What I didn't realize is that the iPod touch also has other cool apps (applications) that can teach me something. I thought the touch was just a huge time suck.

Here are two apps that I think are really helpful for learning how to eat healthy: Fooducate and Shake A Snack.

Fooducate allows you to use your iPod touch or iPhone to SCAN a product barcode (photo above) and evaluate if the food you want to buy is healthy. It gives the food a grade (A to D+) and will offer you healthy alternatives.

Here is a screen shot:


For example, I scanned Bell and Evan's Chicken Breast Nuggets and it gave them a B and it suggested that I go buy other products that have less calories per serving.

Right now, this app is FREE - get it here: Fooducate App

(of course you might have to buy a $220 iPod touch to get it :)

Another great app for us healthy snackers is Shake A Snack. For $1, you can have a lot of fun coming up with new and healthy snack combinations.

All you do is shake your iPod and ingredients spin around like you are at a slot machine. Then, they stop and you get an instant snack recipe to keep you inspired and eating healthy.

You can choose savory or sweet, and if there are ingredients that you don't like then you can just eliminate them from the choices.

I think this would be a great and fun way to involve children in making their after school snack. "Spin the wheels, Bobby, and see what we have for you today!"

You can get it here: Shake A Snack

Shake A Snack is now FREE until December 12th, 2010!

Do you use an iPod touch or iPhone? Do you have any great healthy app suggestions? Please share.

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I love the concept of the fooducate app, but how do you get your iTouch to scan? I thought only the phones could do that!

Tell me how & I am all in.

@Ali - it just DOES it - hey, it is free so it is worth a try, no?

Just looked more into it & you can manually enter the bar code number for the iTouch version.

First of all, congratulations, Snack Girl, on getting a device that is EXTREMELY useful in so many ways. I use it for keeping track of my calories so I can lose weight on a fabulous and very popular app called Lose it! It is a free app well worth downloading. You can even use it on your computer now. In fact, it is thru Lose it! that I found Snack Girl on lose it!'s facebook page. Check it out. I also use Pedometer FREE on iTunes as well as ShopShop. You have just opened up only the beginning of many useful and easy to use apps for your new device. Let me' know what you think of the apps I suggested. All three are free and you can upgrade on pedometer free but you really don't need to.

I like FitDay. I don't remember if it was free or not. Thanks for the app suggestions!

Happy Birthday! we must share the same b-date and gifts,,,I got the ipad, havent opened it yet, since Im scared of it!!! hahahha

Thanks for the tips as always, you rock!

@Ali - you can manually type the UPC as well.

Btw, you can 'bookmark' or 'add to homescreen' any site you like yo visit often like I did with Snack Girl.

I've been playing around with this app for a couple weeks - it is very fun and addictive! It is particularly good for uncovering hidden ingredients. MSG, for example, is listed under many other names and this app will let you know if it is in there!

Happy Birthday, you will love your new toy. Thanks for the app ideas. There are so many to choose from that I appreciate recommendations. I am getting fooducate for sure.

I love my iPod, and I use it all the time since I'm on Weight Watchers, and they have a mobile app.

Some other food app favs: Calorie Counts, AllRecipes, SparkRecipes, Cook's, and I have How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman, as well ... it's the ENTIRE big red cookbook on your iPod, and it has a shopping list, ALL the recipes + menus and essential information. Amazing!

I love Fooducate!! Sometimes, the info is incorrect, so I always look at the nutrition facts and ingredients list but sometimes I don't know some terms and/or are just being lazy so I scan it. Sometimes they miss things like soy lecithin or something but it's seriously a great app.

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