The Tale of Two Workouts

August 8, 2013   37 Comments

Snack Girl knows Charles Dickens won’t mind the reference to the Tale of Two Cities (because he is long dead).

Jazzercise Review

Man, I hated Dickens in high school. Why so many pages?

My tale begins with my wanting to save money because my schedule is a mess in the summer. I put my regular gym on hiatus for a couple months.

Then, a Groupon popped up for Jazzercise classes within a three minute drive from my house and I thought, “Hey, I can fit that in”. So, I bought it.

My regular workout is called “Boot Camp” and is very intense. Picture jumping jacks, crunches, curls, push-ups, and a terrible thing called a “Burpee”. You do not want to attempt this class if you have eaten in the last 3 hours.

Once I fainted because I was dehydrated before I started. Boot camp is serious and it will kick your butt. I have had trouble driving my standard car home after 60 minutes of Boot Camp.

Right about now, you think I am a lunatic.

I started my Jazzercise class wondering how the blankety blank I am going to do all those silly moves without looking like a freak. You want me to shimmy??? What do I look like? Someone who can shimmy?

I eyed the exit and wondered if I could make it out without anyone noticing.

I looked around and my sisters (there were zero men) were shimmying and nailing the moves. Argh! I finished the class and I felt like I broke a sweat but I could drive my car just fine.


Since my Groupon was for 10 classes (and I am cheap), I tried again. This time, some of the routines were familiar and I began to shake my booty. Hey, everyone else was doing it! I sweated more this time and still felt like an idiot.

I tried seven Jazzercise classes before I decided it wasn’t for me. I did start to get a workout the more of the routines I was able to do without falling down. It took practice but I still didn’t like it as much as boot camp.

Why am I telling you all of this? You have got to try new things if you are going to get fit and some things will work and others will not. My attempt at Jazzercise failed because I am not a dancer type. I am a jock type that likes to grunt and curse (in my head of course).

But, I gave Jazzercise a chance because it is fun to change things up and I needed something else to keep me in shape. I am sure that a bunch of you like Jazzercise and get a lot of of it.

The workout I really want to attempt is Zumba. I haven’t figured out how to fit it in yet, but one day I will give it a spin.

What is your favorite workout? How do you keep things fresh?

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I am also not the dancer type. I love spin classes to keep in shape. I can't help but sweat by the third song & that makes it even better :)

I am a true Zumba fan. I do it 3 days a week. I also do spinning, pilates, and weight lifting. If you don't like dancing I'm not sure if you would like zumba but should still try. The class is more fun then anything. You will sweat, the class has jumping jacks, squats, and arm work (in my class) so you get a full body workout.

Any Les Mills class: Body Pump(use weights), Body Attack, RPM (spin), and more. I've also tried tabata to mix it up with a short workout, but that is intense.

I SWEAR by pilates. It takes about three days for your body to comprehend the motions but by day three you will already see results! It's yoga for Jocks. It also helps focus on your breath which reduces stress and calms the mind even when you aren't exercising.

I run, dance, kickbox, do yoga and strength train. My new love is Physique 57. It changed my shape and keeps me strong for running. I try new things periodically. spin, bikram yoga and some other classes weren't for me but at least I gave them a shot.

Kickboxing and boxing are my faves at least 4 times a week but I recently started Zumba once a week cause I wanted to get some moves on the dance floor. Lol.

Triathlons are fun because I train to do 3 different sports!

If you want a really good cardio work out, you have to try a spin class!! That's my favorite class to take

I've tried a few classes at our local Gold's. Zumba is great, and addictive, but if you're not into dance the routines may be a little harder to pick up. There's also a more modern dance class that has become my absolute favorite- Dance Cardio! Our instructor is a super spunky lady from Africa that was a 22, she's an 8 now... and looks like she could throw a 200 pound man! You can really make the moves in this class your own, it's not overly structured :)

I love Jazzercise! It's for me!

You definitely have to experiment. I hate anything with choreography. I combine my love of boot camp and weightlifting and landed in the world of crossfit. I'm loving every minute it!

Zumba has worked for me! I just don't stand where I can see myself in the mirror - I get a little too self-conscious about how stupid I look. With no mirror, I can be Shakira or the girl from "Flashdance". I'm trying a yoga class tonight as a supplement to the Zumba. I figure anything I do to move is good.

If this post is modeled after the Dickens novel, it should be written in one, run on sentence. :)

I have been a member of the zumba cult for 2 years now, and it's one reason I've lost 30 pounds. It is a KILLER workout once you learn the basic moves and can focus on doing them correctly for maximum core usage. It's also super fun. And if I ever have a daughter, I'm taking her to zumba class, because it's full of women of all shapes, sizes and colors, shaking what they've got for all to see with no shame!

What can I do with Arthritis affecting shoulders, knees and hips? I want to work out, but just walking isn't doing it for me, and I don't want to get hurt.

Hey Joolieblue- do water aerobics. Its perfect for people with joint issues, it cushions the joints but lets you still work out.

I have never done yoga or spinning or jazzercise. I work odd hours and have saved enough money to purchase an elliptical with arms that move for a total body workout. This way I can work out at my convenience. Does anyone have any recommendations for brand?

I'm more of a traditional gym type - eliptical machine for cardio and machine and free weights (love kettle bells!) for strenght training.I mix things up with the occasional zumba class (so much fun!) or just a bike ride on one of the many recreational paths in my area. I walk everywhere so that helps too!

I have to affirm what Niosha said, if you didn't like jazzercise then you probably won't like Zumba - but again you should still try it. As a former Zumba instructor I will tell you that it really depends on each individual instructor. At the club I taught at there were the "dancy" Zumba instructors (the majority) and the "sporty" Zumba instructors. Their classes were very different because their personal styles were very different.

AND I've recently started doing yoga in the park! It's sponsored by my local Lululemon store and it's free! The classes are led by expert yoga instructors from a variety of studios across the city.I'm really enjoying it - the park setting is very appropriate for yoga.

It's ZUMBA! for me. I love it--a sweaty total body workout. But you MUST give it a few sessions to "catch on" to the routines. I agree...some classes are dancy and some are sporty.I also do a step class once a week and often do power walking with friends. It's fun to change things up a little.

I love Crossfit/CrossTrain for the variety and the intensity. If you want to shake up your workout routine, this is definitely the one to try!

I also love fusion/core classes, such as spin-ga; you do 20 minutes of spinning and once you are all sweaty from the spinning, you do 30 minutes of yoga. It is almost like a hot yoga class because your muscles are all warmed up, but minus the hot, stinky studio. Plus, I am not a big fan of spinning, but I can handle 20 minutes of it when I know yoga is at the end of it. I highly recommend this class!

I was one who thought exercise was not for me - then I tried Zumba. I love it and have kept at it for close to two years. Love my class and teacher, Christy Hayes, who makes it fun and a great workout. Try it, it is worth the effort.

Lisa, I hate to break it to you but if you can't Jazzercise, you definitely can't Zumba. It is much more dance-y than Jazzercise. Jazzercise is more like a dance/aerobics hybrid. Zumba is more straight dance.

I am a Jazzerciser and love it, but I know it isn't for everyone. Depending on the instructor, I have to either try to get a good workout or try not to let my heart explode because I am working so hard. It is definitely more aerobic than weight lifty, although there are classes (body sculpting) that focus just on toning. Anyway, I'm glad you gave it a try and sorry it didn't work for you. :)

I mix it up with walking, weights, and any dance-y sort of exercise, because dancing makes me happy. I love me some Zumba, and also belly dance, which loves big ladies and puts those curves to good use!

I did Zumba with my daughter in Maryland last week and I was really proud of myself getting through it and not being imbarrased. I think I will try to find a class in NewYork where I live.

Snack Girl, you crack me up! I am a former runner and due to knee issues I now do yoga, biking and "walking" on a treadmill. Stick with the bootcamp and leave that jazz stuff behind.


I invite you to try different Jazzercise Centers/classes. In fact, I invite you to come to Chelmsford, MA FREE for a week of classes anytime! I am NO dancer and have been doing Jazzercise for 32 years, since I was 17 years old and have owned my facility for 18 years. If you're every in the area, you're welcome anytime!

Loved reading this Lisa. I've never tried jazzercise, but it reminded me of my one (and only) attempt at Zumba! I'm not the dancer type and was born with two left feet and no rhythm. I'm not the jock type either. It took me years to find the methods of exercise that resonate with me - walking and yoga. If anyone would have ever told me that I would someday be a yoga teacher I would have laughed out loud. But, like you said, you have to be willing to try new things to have a happy, healthy life.

If you didn't like Jazzercize you are not going to like Zumba. It's fun and energetic and a good workout but with difficult dance steps and lots of wiggling and shimmying! I am a BodyCombat girl myself. Works out a lot of agression and frustration!

Did the gym for 20 years on and off. Time being an issue got a stationary bike do tabata method 4 times a week whilst watching absolute crap on tv - gotta love E channel for mindless rubbish! Every other day tummy, leg, arms and stretching. Works a treat, costs nothing and I get to hate the Kardashians - awesome!!!!

I have go to the gym for an hour two days a week and then I'm at Zumba for an hour two nights a week. It definitely worth a try especially if you have the right people with you who have the Zumba attitude

Dear Snackgirl,

I do get useful tip from your website. But the tale of "keep trying new things" make me think you are starting to see everything coming out of your pen/fingers as gold. Well! May Dickens rest in peace..

I swim laps at the local city pool twice a week for about 40 minutes at a time. Definitely a total body work out, and I think I get more out of it than spending the same amount of time in the gym.

Joolieblue, SWIM! I'm learning how to do a proper freestyle now, with leg and arm drills. And after 1 hour, I find I feel more breathless than 30min on the treadmill of interval running. I alternate gym workouts and swimming, and I feel lighter and more agile than just gym work.

I totally agree! Getting out the box helps you see what other things you may like and what you definitely don't like. Not to mention you change things up and that keeps your body guessing so a better workout. I have met people who only run that is sad to lose so much...there is stretching, strength training and pylometrics. Expanding horizons challenge the body and the mind!

My favorite is spin, then bootcamp then strength training.

Three classes of martial arts (aikido) per week and walking. I decided to stop running years ago to save my knees, so this combination works for me.

Jazzercise.... Total body workout... I sweat like a pig and am addicted... No pressure atmosphere. People are friendly and encouraging. You are there for yourself...not to impress. I just love it!

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