Kale Chips: Believe The Hype

March 19, 2012   59 Comments

Kale is getting a lot of press and finding its way on all the top blogs. I had to ask this kale to stop on the red carpet to photograph it.

Kale Chips recipe

Why is it growing in popularity? Probably because it is THE answer to the healthy eating question: How do I get lots of nutrients for few calories?


I mean this stuff is crazy good for you (for example, over 300% of your daily value of vitamin A in one serving). I have featured it myself many times and started eating it precisely because so many recipes are showing up. Here are three of my kale recipes:

1. greensmoothieb This Green Smoothie Does NOT Taste Like Grass

2. massagekaleb Give The Healthiest Vegetable on The Planet Some Love

3. kalesaladb The Unthinkable: A Christmas Salad

I used to HATE kale. Seriously, I am not kidding you. I hated the stuff and now I am eating it and I LOVE it.

How did we fall in love? Well, I made kale chips. And, now, I am going to convince you to make kale chips. These are the best replacement for potato chips that you can find. They are satisfying, a little salty, crunchy - yum! They go well with not-so-nutritious beer.

How do you make them? First, you spend all of $2 on a bunch of fresh kale. Then you RIPPPPP the leaves off the stems and toss them into a bowl with some olive oil and salt.

Then, you spread them out on a baking sheet see here:


And bake for FIVE minutes. Viola! Kale chips! Yes, you can do this and when you taste them - you will be eating one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. Toss out your multi-vitamin and wrap your gums around these chips.

I have tried to make these chips without the olive oil and it was not good. Something about the fat in the olive oil brings out the sweeter flavor in the kale. I think that when you are eating something as healthy as kale - you don't need to worry too much about adding a little fat.

Do you make kale chips? Share your love (or hate) of kale below.


Kale Chips Recipe

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(2 servings)

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1 bunch fresh kale (or 1/2 pound)
2 teaspoons olive oil
salt to taste


Heat oven to 500 F. Line rimmed cookie sheets with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Tear the leaves off the thick stems into chip sized pieces. An easy way to do this is to fold the leaf in half and just rip toward the stem. Put in bowl and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle salt to taste.

Bake 5 minutes or until edges are brown and kale is crispy when moved in pan.

The idea here is to make clean up easy (just toss the paper and then you have less work to do).

Nutrition Facts

For one serving = 90 calories, 5.2 g fat, 10.1 g carbohydrates, 3.3 g protein, 2.0 g fiber, 121 mg sodium, 1 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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These are really very tasty chips. I am reading about this for the first time but it is very yummy & can be cooked easily. Nice sharing. Thanks.

My wife and I regularly make kale chips sans oil and while we have to keep a close eye on them while baking (since the difference between perfect and burned is about 2.7 seconds), they're delicious like that, too.

She digs hummus + kale wraps and I eat pieces raw as a snack. (Our local grocery store sells a huge bag of kale pieces (I even like the stemmy pieces, but they're not very good for chip-making) for $4.99.)

Please keep the kale ideas coming, Lisa. I think that clued me in to the idea of eating it and I'm so glad I tried it. Thank you!

PS to those of you who think, "Oh, that's fascinating, but I'm never going to eat that $#!&!; I almost gagged to death on kale when I was six, so thanks, but no thanks", I have a hypothesis:

In nature (and we humans tend to eat stuff that comes from nature, or at least we used to do that a lot up until about fifty years ago), a bitter taste = possibly poisonous. (That relationship isn't perfect, but you get what I mean.)

So, as a tiny tot, if something bitter touches your tongue, it's not unreasonable for your tiny brain to raise a red flag, saying, "Uh oh! Bitter = Bad!" and you spit it out, possibly saving your tiny life.

While that "bitter test" undoubtedly works well for a tiny body that needs the best "raw materials" in order to grow up big and strong, as we age, we can afford to be less sensitive to the result of a "bitter test" because not all bitter tastes = poison. But -- while we're young -- better safe than sorry.

Again, the above is just some wacky idea I had in an attempt to explain why we hate bitter stuff as kids, but -- for those who are willing to try again later in life -- not so much as adults.

All that said, if you're still convinced that kale will kill you, then skip it and leave more of it for those of us who [heart] it! :)

I made these this weekend and I was so surprised at how great they tasted, I actually ate them all already lol

Great recipe Snack Girl! Just one question- what's the time equivalency if my oven can't go above 450?


These are even healthier if you use a dehydrator!

Frankly, I don't feel the love. I was really excited about trying this when they became "in" a few months ago.

Despite many, many attempts and reportedly "great" variations on this recipe, I just don't like the chips (or several other recipes using the veggie)

To me, kale chips just aren't that satisfying.

They just dissolve into nothing but salt in your mouth.


I'll have to stick to the green smoothie for my kale consumptions, I guess.

KALE CHIPS?? Thank you! I know all about the meteoric rise to stardom that kale has taken lately, and my girlfriend is all over it. She served me a kale salad which I did like, but wondered how I was going to get this into my diet b/c I am not a natural fan. These intrigue me, though, and my just be my ticket!

Just had some last night! One of the local farmers at our farmers' market recommend I just pile them on, not worry about spreading them out, and toss once, this is easier for me, and the kids LOVE them! My 3 year old couldn't eat enough of them last night while we watched a film - how's that for a substitute to sugary movie treats? took me months to give these a try...but wow when I did! My friend and I, both WW, are experimenting with different flavor seasonings! YUMMO....I am even planting Kale in the garden........

I am like the commenter above, I was so excited to try this because I never heard anyone say they didn't like them. Well, I did not. I don't know what it was, but it just was not good. I am glad though that you can't taste them in a smoothie!!

I make my Kale chips with Kernel Seasons Barbecue Popcorn Seasoning and olive oil! Makes them even sweeter that way! I love that I can eat a HUGE bowl and not feel guilty!

Excuse me if this is a dumb question, but do you wash the Kale before baking? Just curious is that step is necessary....Thank you:)

Sounds so yummy and healthy. I need to try this.

Will have to try these! Thanks, Snack Girl!!

As gardening time comes near, I would like to plug kale as one of the best producers in the garden, per square inch. And our grandchildren eat it right off the plant as it is growing.

I've tried and tried, but I just can't get into kale chips. It's stinky because there healthy. Maybe I'll give them one more try?

Um, I wouldn't eat anything that you buy at the store without washing it first! Wash and dry thoroughly!

Jennifer, try adding different seasonings. EVOO and salt is nice, but can be a little plain. I like to dress mine up with garlic powder, pepper, cayanne, etc. You could even throw on some parmasean cheese as soon as they come out of the oven.

You can bake them with just salt and olive oil, but i like to make various different flavors like tahini lime or sprinkle them with nutritional yeast - takes just like cheesy chips! It's also just as easy to put some spices like cayenne or thyme to perk them up as well :)

I've made kale chips but I came out with half-soggy, half-burnt chips. Any suggestions on perfecting them???

I may have to try these. I'm not supposed to have raw kale,cabbage or broccoli b/c of thyroid issues--so I guess no green smoothies for me! boo! But I guess these would be considered "cooked?" lol

I first had kale cooked with pinto beans and served with cornbread. It was a simple but satisfying meal that I haven't had in years. I've just moved into a new house with empty garden beds just waiting for me to plant! I'll have to put some kale in and try these.

Another great idea! Thank you!

what a coincidence- i tried them for the very first time last night. honestly- i think i may have cooked them too long because they were super crispy and pretty much dissolved in my mouth. also they are much more bitter after baking!! is it just me? i think i like it better as is...

@Nancy and Samantha: I like kale chips, but would still say that I far prefer kale a different way. Massage a small amount of olive oil (2 tbsp per bunch or 6 cups chopped) into the kale. You really rub it in to break down the kale a little. I put mine in a plastic bag. It gets bright green. You can add my favorite (2 tbsp each of tahini, lemon juice, chopped garlic, and water) or other seasonings or sauces. I must credit the recipe to Whole Foods. They sell something like this on their salad bar. It changed how I feel about kale.

@Carrie: Make sure your kale is dry enough when you make kale chips. I wash mine well, use a salad spinner, and still blot it with paper towels or air dry it a bit. I also use a lower temperature and cook a bit longer.

I LOVE kale chips and I'm pretty sure it was your blog I stumbled on that led me to the new addiction! I find myself buying a huge bag each week now. Kale smooothie is on the list to try next. ;)

Yes. WASH the kale, AND run it through the salad spinner or you will end up baking and baking them to get rid of the water. One of my clients brought me some made in the dehydrator. 10 x better and GREENER. We are now researching dehydrators.

We have been doing the same thing with brussel sprouts, card, and kale. I can't ever make a big enough batch to get them out of the kitchen. Even the two year old and five year old grandkids think they are yummy. My fave is the brussel sprouts.

*** chard NOT card!

I'm a veggie lover and adventurous eater but these did not work for me. I thought they tasted like salty ashes? Maybe I need to try again. Kale smoothies have been a much better option for me.

Can't wait to try these. I saw these on $10 Dinner show. I keep forgetting, but it maybe better to get some more veggies in my diet when I want something else. Wash all of your veggies before eating. I like the idea of seasoning them with other items too. To keep them dry, maybe wash them then make sure they are dried a little before you put them in?

Rachael Ray recently made this same thing. Can't wait to try it!

I got one of my clients (his wife did the actual work) to abandon his potato chips for 30 days and replace them with kale chips

The first night he tried them, I received a nasty, expletive filled email. :(

After a couple more tries, either his wife got the hang of them or his tastebuds were highjacked, because he fell in love with them

After 30 days, his systolic BP dropped 18 points

I am going to echo what Cristina @ An Organic Wife said. I am from the south, so we put cayenne on everything. The combo of slightly bitter green with the cayenne kick at the end is out of this world!! With a glass of sweet tea, it's going to be a good day!

@Doug - your potato-chip story is great! :)

As Doug Lisle explains in his terrific talk it all boils down to substituting healthy choices for unhealthy choices. Near the end of his talk, he relates a similar story about a woman and her breakfast.

I actually just finished making Kale chips as part of my "dinner" and they were delicious. I started to read your article to my husband and viola! now he ate them also. Before that he would go near them. Thanks for sharing.

I love this recipe. I have had it three times in the last few weeks. Great as a crunchy snack or a side dish with a sandwich.

Did you ask that Kale who it was wearing? hee,hee!

I'm also one of the " wanted to love these"... First time, overcooked, second time, slightly under but still had some crispy ones. Just cant get on board. Will rotate with spinach in my smoothies!

I love the kale chips..just make sure you check out your teeth before smiling..great snack!

Hi Snack Girl! I was delighted to find your site. And I also love kale! My son, who is now 11 has been eating kale since he was a toddler as kale casserole.

Steam or microwave a large bowl of kale to soften it. Then mix in a couple cups of cooked brown rice, a cup of shredded cheese, a couple of eggs and some seasonings like salt, pepper, oregano and maybe rosemary. Top with whole wheat bread crumbs mixed with some butter and parmesan cheese. Bake in an oiled baking dish for about 45 minutes. Kids love this dish. Keep the great recipes coming!

I just tried these for the first time last week and think they are amazing! I put lime juice, chili flakes, and a tinyy bit of salt on them and they were so good. (my roommate didnt like them though, she said they had a kind of spinach taste that she didnt like, but I love spinach)

I made the kale chips the other night and I love them. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Unfortunately, my husband and neighbors were not crazy about the kale chips so I had leftovers. They were crunchy when they came out of the oven but the leftovers the next morning were soggy. Any suggestions on how to store them? Thanks. I love your snack girl ideas. I look forward to them every morning.

Not for me, they melt into a green crumbly salty mess in the mouth. I do brush and floss, but hey, after every snack is a bit much! And they stink up the house even with the exhaust on. Opening windows in 84 degree weather is no fun :(

This recipe can turn out half burnt half soggy chips - which I really like.

If you want them to store well - go with 250 F for 20 minutes and they should dry out and be more chip like. Then you can store them in a plastic container.

So, my way of making Kale chips is quick, smoky, and a bit charred - but I like them this way.

You can try 250 F for 20 minutes and you will get a more DRIED result. and I am sorry I didn't include this information in the above post.

Thanks. For the 1st time ever, I tried kale & loved it!! I added a bit of cayenne & garlic powder to the recipe - TOTALLY YUMMY!!

@Tiffany- when you wrote, "just tried your lentil chips", were you referring to something you saw on I searched this post, all of its comments, and, but couldn't find any mention of lentil chips! :(

@Lisa- am I overlooking something obvious?


Just made these and even my 8 year old liked them!

I don't like the kale chips, but I love Andrew Weil's Tuscan Kale salad recipe. It is divine, and even better the 2nd day! I could eat it 3 times a day. I have all of my friends hooked on it too.

I've been afraid to make this because so manysites make it sound complicated. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm just sad that you missed the importance of healthy fats " I think that when you are eating something as healthy as kale - you don't need to worry too much about adding a little fat."

Good fats are not the enemy!

I made these tonight, and my 11 and 13 year old devoured them. I think I will use less oil next time though. Some didn't dry enough. A one lb bag of kale (already washed!) was only $2.50 at my grocery store. I'll try the smoothies tomorrow.

My 11 year old devoured these and is begging me to make more. I had trouble getting them crisp, but ended up at a lower temp for a longer time.

We love kale chips! Especially my 20-month old. Sometimes the little bits are hard for her to swallow but she takes a few sips of water to wash them down and dives right back into the bowl for more.

I love kale so I am going to try them as a chip, thanks Snac Girl. I will let you know how I like them.

If burning is a problem, try lowering the temp and doing a long slow bake instead. About 120 Celsius, bake for 15 min then turn the kale over with tongs and bake for another 10-15. They end up like shrinkies but very tasty and crisp. I haven't tried cooking these on high heat yet.

I just tried this recipe for the first time and while the first two "batches" came out well done, the last batch (cooked for only 4 minutes) are close to perfection! I want to eat kale but don't like it in my smoothies and can't handle the bitter and tough in salads. These are great. Had a Pampered Chef seasoning blend in the cupboard and added that too. Mmmmmm... One thing I might add to make sure the chips are crispy and help to minimize burning and or sogginess is to make sure the leaves are very dry before giving them an olive oil bath.

Oven heat of 500 deg. is way too much for any food. Nutrients are gone. A dehydrator provides success, only 105 or very little more. Sure it takes a lot longer, but it proves in taste and nutrition.

My name Davey Crockett Hughes of Chatham IL an I love kale just massage a little Olive Oil salt pepper garlic powder bake at 350 deg for 20 minutes or less and yumee both me and my partner Jock love kale chips email me wit your ideas

Davey Crockett Hughes Chatham IL

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