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November 13, 2009   6 Comments

The holy grail for healthy packaged snacking is finding a snack with fewer than 5 ingredients. The Lara Bar fits this definition well.

Lara Bar

Why do we care about fewer ingredients? Because having less ingredients usually means that there are less chemicals, sugar, and additives in your food.

The fewer ingredients a snack has, the less it has been processed by the manufacturer which means more nutritious elements remain in the food. Processing removes many of the vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds, some of which then get added back but never all of them. Twinkies are a great example of this.

A Chewy Granola Bar has 7 forms of sugar listed on its label. Why? So parents won't realize that sugar should be the second ingredient on the package.

And then we have Lara Bar. The ingredients are whole foods - dates, cashews, dried apples, dried cherries depending on which bar you pick. They just mush them together, put it in a colorful package, and there you go.

Lara Bars are not low calorie, but they are healthy and they taste good. They were in my local Stop-n-Shop for 4 for $5, so even though they are more expensive than your average Chewy Granola Bar they aren't too bad for your budget.

I would prefer a handful of dates and some cashews not mushed together to the Lara Bar - but when I'm in a rush, this is a great snack.

What is your favorite snack bar? Please share in the comment section below.

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mmm a hadnful of dates and cashews sounds good to me! But I agree that luna bars are great for on the run! Although not so natural I'm a big protein bar eater... i go for the low sugar high protein ones :)

My son has lost 100 Lbs in 18 months, and every morning he has a Joan's Sweet Treat for breakfast. They come in two flavors Original and Oatmeal Raisin. They have 175 calories and 183 calories respectively. They are made with 100% natural ingredients, but the most important ingredient is the WHOLE wheat flour. This is not your regular store bought ENRICHED wheat flour. This is the grain ground into flour with ALL the nutrients that nature intended. These granola bars are VERY FILLING and will stick to your ribs. My son (age 20) would eat a bar on the way to his 8:00 class and he is satisfied until lunch. ALL for 175 calories.

Please visit the website WWW.NATURALTREATS.ORG

They taste great and you will enjoy them.

Thanks for the Lara Bar info! Loved how easy it was to find on your website!

They are so good,even the new cookie dough for a snack...

I'm late to the conversation but I love Lara bars! I coach cheerleading and always have one in my bag for a quick healthy snack so I can avoid concessions. They have a good ratio of carbs/fat/protien and are like a mini meal. They are also gluten free which is awesome (my daughter is gf). I really like that they add spices also and the flavor combinations are much more then fruit and nuts mushed together. My fav is apple pie.

Juice Plus has just come out with a Whole Food On the Go Bar! You can use it as a replacement meal or as a snack! Love that it is a healthy bar and tastes good too!

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