Chewy Granola Bar

March 5, 2009   2 Comments

Wait a minute, Snack Girl, these are supposed to be healthy! Why the yellow face? Do you really consider these a treat? It is sad that something that is billed as a "smart choice" by food manufacturers is probably an "okay" choice.

Chewy Granola Bar

There are quite a few brands of chewy granola bars, so maybe the ones you purchased are better than the one I chose to buy. It was made by Quaker and it listed sugar 7 times in its ingredients list including sugar, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Don't kid yourself - these are a form of candy.

You are doing better if you eat one of these as opposed to an actual candy bar. They do include whole grain rolled oats, so that is a good thing. If I was stuck in a convenience store, and I wanted something sweet, this would be one of the better choices.

I'd choose these for children when you are looking for a treat or reward. I would avoid them as an every day snack.

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I love NATURE VALLEY Peanut BUtter Crunchy Granola Bar!! So yummy! :D

One of the Delights from Quaker, listed sugar a couple of times, I think it was over 10 times.

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