Last Day To Get The Free Gifts

April 14, 2014   9 Comments

What are you waiting for? Snack Girl To The Rescue! launches tomorrow and you want to buy a copy.

Last Day For Free Gifts

Buy it today - you can still get special snacks and the extra recipes if you sign up TODAY. Tomorrow, the deal evaporates. Flush......

I’ve been harassing you for months to buy it because I think you will love it. Here is one of my favorite reviews from someone who is not my friend:

★★★★★ Brutally honest, direct AND funny
Vickie K. Leesburg, VA:

At Last....under one cover, Snack Girl covers it ALL!! She provides a no-nonsense overview of healthy eating while encouraging readers that they can absolutely do this. Brutally honest, direct AND funny.... my husband wondered why I laughed out loud as I read the book. Lisa delivers specific tips on how to begin with "baby steps" towards a healthier, happier YOU!! This book really delivers and at the same time encourages and guides you on slimming down and having a healthier relationship with food :) The recipes are YUMMY and I am inspired cook and move towards developing a healthier, happier, SEXIER me!! Thanks much!

You see? You need this book to inspire you, help you, make you laugh! And, you want the free stuff. What am I giving away?

First, I am giving away five recipes that will be sent within 24 hours to your inbox in a PDF. They are “exclusive” recipes that are not in the book or on the website.

Second, I am offering some snacks to be mailed to your house. This could be a KIND bar, tin of almonds, and a coupon for a free bag of Cape Cod Chips. We still have snacks to mail out so please sign up to get them.

How do you get the recipes and snacks? Simply enter your book order number, e-mail, and snail mail, and we will send your free gifts – see Free Gift Form.

For those of you planning to buy it after April 15th - I get it. I am one of those consumers that needs to take a look at something BEFORE I buy it to make sure I want to buy it. Barnes and Noble as well as independent bookstores will have it on the shelves on April 15th.

If you want to ensure that your closest bookstore will have a copy, give them a call NOW. I called around and found out that my nearest Barnes and Noble will have it - but if they were out of copies – they would order it for me over the phone (without prepayment). My nearest independent bookstore will not have it (oh well) but I could order it if I paid for it. Of course, you could return it if you didn’t like it. But, you WILL like it.

Please check out the First Chapter or my first book review Publisher’s Weekly Review.

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Hi Lisa, I love your info, recipes and tips related to universal products, (ie vegetables, fruit, etc) but since I live in Europe, reviews about American products are not really relevant to me (sorry)! Are the recipes in the book relatable to foods available outside the US? Thanks, Joanna

I ordered your book thru amazon kindle so how do I get the freebie products? Luv your website/recipes! Keep up the gd work!!

I ordered your book on Amazon and can hardly wait to receive it! Looks like it's going to be great!

@Joanna - The book has 100 recipes and they use readily available ingredients in the USA and Canada. I tried to stay away from processed foods or name brands. But, my mother, who lives in France, had trouble finding canned black beans, peanut butter, and some other ingredients when she tested the recipes. Only one chapter is about food marketing and foods that you would only find here. If you order from - I bet you can return it? Maybe too much trouble.

@Laure - yes, you can get the freebie with a Kindle purchase - fill out the form here:

Hi Lisa

I ordered my book way back when you first posted & was wondering when I will receive my online version & the freebie products (I did fill out the online form) thanks

I checked on Amazon this morning and found that my book is out for delivery! WooHoo! I am so excited to receive it!

I ordered mine from Amazon this morning! Yea! Can't wait to receive it! I just have to say, I bake the cereal bars all the time. My husband eats one of these every morning for breakfast and he complains when we run out. Amazingly simple and sooo yummy. I eat them occasionally because I save them for him!

Hi Lisa, ordered your book through iBooks within the last two weeks, have already received my freebies. Delivered to my door. Many thanks. Have eaten the KIND bar, it is great. Now I am looking to buy more and haven't been able to locate them here in Canada. I have seen them through the internet may have yo go that route. Good luck with your book. I'm anxious to get reading.

I am so excited, I received my new book today thru Amazon. Hope I qualified for the freebies too. Can't wait to start reading.

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