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Hm. About as gourmet as I get is a nice veggie tray during the holidays. These snacks sure would be a pretty and tasty accompaniment.

Stuffed mushrooms are a tradition in my house. I also like to take them to parties because everyone enjoys them. Another winner is veggies with hummus. My guests can get some of their veggies in while waiting for the man event🍅🍆🌽😊

I'm not the "go-to" person for appetizers. I do make beautiful veggie trays/sculptures for holidays and special events, often with a variety of crackers as a side. I'm anxious to try John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks and SheeseCrisps.

Cocktail bread toasted and spread with a mixture of mayo, minced onion and parmesan cheese, put under the broiler until bubbly. Always a hit.

Everyone deserves a treat now and then. Just keep track. These look great for cheese lovers, of which I m one.😆

Not very gourmet but deviled eggs are always a hit.

I love making chutney for the holidays and serve it along with crackers and cheese.

Cream cheese with red pepper jelly is also our family favorite.

My go to gourmet snack I'd spinach parmesean balls. So yummy and healthy! I would love to try these cheese sticks! They look amazing!

Deep fried artichoke hearts!

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts with barbecue sauce. Not exactly gourmet but..... I can't wait to try these. I love anything cheese and crunchy.

In my house, it's not a holiday without shrimp and cocktail sauce.

for Thanksgiving I serve a pumpkin dip snack with cinnamon graham crackers but my "gourmet" for the adults is Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur :o)

Home made Salsa and Chips are a regular at holidays in our home. However, I love the idea of cheese sticks as a more sophisticated treat.

Little pumpkins tarts made with Splenda, vegetable pizza and crudités --

Spinach dip in a deep bowl surrounded by cheese sticks.

Yummy (and simple),

I love sausage balls. And since becoming a vegetarian, I've managed to tweak the fauxage stuff into a sausage ball that even my meat-eater hubby approves! Oh and rum balls. mmmm But my favorite is to get those phyllo cups and fill them with all sorts of yummy stuff! Spinach and mushrooms, taco meat, buffalo cheese...

I love appitizers at holidays...dips and crackers..cheese balls and fruits...these cheese straws looks great..really want some..

I usually serve a cheese/fruit/cracker tray at my parties, which is always a favorite, especially with the children, who love grabbing cheese cubes, grapes, and berries on their own! Last year, this tray was the first one to disappear! These new CheeseSticks would be a delightful addition to my party tray! :-)

We make Olive Cheese Balls. Great Taste…

I usually like to do a veggie tray but have a nice spicy dip or salsa. Also I like to make cookies but use applesauce instead of the butter although the ones made WITH butter are WAY better. Hey, it's the holidays right?

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