McDonald’s Does the Unimaginable

June 3, 2015   32 Comments

When I write about McDonald’s I am usually talking about what they need to quit doing.

McDonalds Serves Kale

The world does not need another BACON and CHEESE steak burger! (one example of my usual fast food harping)

But, somehow, in the middle of the fast food fat, sodium, and junk food madness, McDonald’s has decided to serve… kale.

No, I am not kidding. In fact McDonald’s advertising campaign (only rolled out in Toronto, Canada) is about surprising the public with its new salad green:

At the end of the video, the whammy is that the salad that the consumers were given was from McDonald’s.

Wow! Three years ago, I wrote about how I asked the head of nutrition at McDonald’s when they were going to start serving kale: Snack Girl asks McDonald’s about Kale. I thought they were going to cart me away to a rubber room.

At the end of that post, I asked readers to tweet:

@McDonalds We deserve KALE today. Please serve more vegetables.

I wanted to start a McDonald's/Kale movement in the hopes that they would take a chance and offer more healthy options.

Honestly, I thought I was being a bit silly because McDonald’s was never going to serve kale but what do you know?

This salad is currently only in Toronto but I am hopeful that if they are testing it – there must be a market for it. McDonald’s serves 25 million people per day. If a tiny fraction of them switched from a Big Mac to a kale salad – I would be thrilled.

My fingers are crossed that the Canadians love it and we start to see it here in the USA.

These big companies – such as General Mills, Walmart, McDonald’s – impact what we eat every day and if they start serving healthier food and less crap – they will make a difference.

My cynical side says it is only a publicity stunt and consumers simply want burgers from McDonald’s – but my optimistic side finds hope that McDonald’s would even test kale.

What do you think of McDonald’s serving kale?

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Seriously! That would be enough to get me back into a McDonald's. I typically avoid fast food restaurants unless there's an emergency on the road and there aren't any regular restaurants open. It's challenging enough for me to eat out, but when the first thing I smell are french's kind of a 'red zone' for me. Would love to see these salads here in the US! Soon! Pay attention MickeyD's!

I'm no McDonald's fan now but I was growing up. If they introduced kale in the states it would give more healthy options for when I am traveling and when my husband has to have a burger. Provided they don't dump a bunch of garbage on top. A lot of healthy options are ruined by toppings/condiments lol

Hope springs eternal!

3 years ago I lost 180# and haven't been to Micky Ds since because of how unhealthy it is. I seem to recall the Ultimate Cheeseburger has something like 2 1/2 DAYS of the RDA for fat by their calculation.

But a Kale salad might win me back. I know a lot of people who also eat healthy that might also be convinced. And as with any company decisions are based on the financial bottom line. Hopefully they will make this available in all their stores.

Kale!! I'm lovin'it!


I would definitely stop at McDonald's for a Kale salad! But, no McDonald's for me until they do! Schlotzkys is the only fast food I stop at and it is because of their salads!

Did you know they are testing an egg white kale breakfast bowl in certain markets? And it's getting rave reviews!

I was shocked too when I saw the commercial. Usually USA McDs takes the lead when it has new menu options and it's Canadian restaurants follow.

The salads are available in all McDs restaurants in Canada not just Toronto. I live in Calgary and have tried the salad and it's OK. It's a Ceasar salad with a bit of kale thrown in.

They are testing out a breakfast bowl with kale in southern California. It has sausage in it so I don't know if it would be a healthy menu option. The article is at

I had a McDonald's salad yesterday. It had a mixture of baby kale & spinach mixed with Romaine lettuce. I got it at the one on Spring Rd. & Butterfield in Oak Brook, near their corporate headquarters. It was great! Get the Southwest Salad with grilled chicken and Lowfat balsamic dressing and you can't get much healthier than that even at any other restaurant!

Years ago, I went back to McDs when I heard that their response to a group threatening to boycott them because they were giving equal benefits to their employees' gay partners as they were to their employees' married partners. Their spokesperson said, (paraphrased) "Do what you have to do. We don't sponsor hate at McDonalds." They continue to promote equal treatment for all people.

And when I went, I was delighted to find they had several delicious salads with grilled chicken, fruit and yogurt parfaits and several other relatively healthy items. And I love their soft ice cream cones... a great treat for about 170 calories. My husband likes the occasional McMuffin when we're on the road, and has started ordering the salads, too.

And now I look forward to getting to try the kale salad!

I wish I liked Kale(and Avocado's). :/

I have been telling all my friends that McDonalds needs to partner with someone like Weight Watchers and completely redo their concept and offer a menu based on what people trying to eat healthy and watch their weight would want. Baked sweet potato fries, veggie burgers, parfaits that don't have a ton of calories. It could be point oriented. We really don't need another burger joint and they could revolutionize the drive-thru. If you have the contacts feel free to use my idea if you agree!

I'm in Washington state and McD's just started serving their new Asian Salad with kale in it. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks good.

Hi! Thanks for this article. Just wanted to let you know that they are serving kale in Houston, TX. There is a new salad -- the Asian Chicken Salad. Haven't tried it yet, but want to! It has kale. :)

Madeline--you should try baby kale. It is much more tender than other kales. Even my son likes it! As for McDonald's, I think it is great that they are trying ot be healthier--but I have to agree with what Teresa said about adding unhealthy items to it. As long as they keep it healthy. However, I still do not patronize McDonalds because I do not want to support them for other reasons, i.e. beef, pork and poultry industry. They still rely on CAFO's to source their meat. Even if they put grilled chicken on the kale salad, how healthy is that chicken?

Being Canadian and about 8 hours out of Toronto, I am hoping this comes north to Ottawa. Kale salads would definitely get me going back to Micky Ds. I honestly haven't been back since about April 2014 and longer before that (my Neice demands the grilled cheese). My Sister used to work there when we were teens and I honestly became sick of even the thought of being in the restaurant. You could feel the grease in the air. More salad options? Yes, please!

I am in Ontario, Canada and love the idea. Had the harvest salad the other day and it was delicious. It was large and hearty and full of all sorts of yummy ingredients on top of the lettuces. I would try the Greek and Caesar in a heartbeat

This is why I LOVE my Lisa!! Ba da bop ba da...I'm lovin it!!! I have not been to one of their locations in ages...I have read that theyvare desperately trying to find a way to keep from losing more money as they are currently losing millions every year and are in GREAT danger of having to start closing stores if they don't do something quick!! With places like Chipotle where you can custom order well balanced light meals QUICKLY, Mc Donald's has to step it up!!

They started selling these salads in Calgary, Canada about a month ago! The commercial is on Calgary TV as well.

My take on this is that McDonald's will sabotage it anyways. They can complain all they want about people not wanting to eat healthy food but when you look at what they charge to be healthy, I think that is the main issue. You can get a meal for $6 and it is filling. Then you can get a salad for $6 and it is small and then $2 for the drink. Price is the main reason for consumers not eating the healthier choices at fast food restaurants!!

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