The Worst Way to Get 30 Grams of Protein

May 19, 2015   15 Comments

Corporations have been vilified for deceitful marketing practices. The worst companies seem to have big names like “Coca-Cola”.

Naked Smoothie Review

Naked smoothies are owned and created by PepsiCo. The whole concept of the "Naked" brand is incredibly powerful. Naked like bare, stripped of clothing – or perhaps stripped of anything we don’t like such as artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, MSG, etc.

The problem is you can still make an unhealthy product with healthy ingredients.

This juice wants you to believe it is about protein. I left the label in color because it is easier to analyze.

How many times do they list protein on the label?

FIVE times. How many times do they talk about sugar? Once – no sugar added. And, it is true that there is no SUGAR added to this drink.

There is 58 grams of sugar in this bottle of smoothie.

You cannot convince me that 58 grams of sugar in one drink - from any source be it high fructose corn syrup or apple juice - is a healthy choice. That is almost 1/4 cup of sugar in one drink.

In 15.2 ounces of Coca-Cola you will find 41 grams of sugar.

Of course you don’t get 30 grams of protein in a Coke.

How do they get so much sugar into their protein smoothie? Here is the ingredient list:

apple juice, banana puree, orange juice, pineapple juice, whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, coconut milk extract, soy lecithin, natural flavors, ascorbic acid

The sugar is added with the fruit juices and purees so they get around having to add more to the smoothie. You can concentrate A LOT of sugar in fruit juice.

What really bothers me is this:

PepsiCo is using every “healthy” buzzword in the playbook to convince unsuspecting consumers that this meets their health standards. They even use the word “truth”- which is a very powerful word.

PepsiCo can do this, of course, because everything they say is literally true – but is it truthful?

Do the people who market this drink think that they aren’t tricking anyone by using “No Added Sugar” when the drink actually has 58 grams of fruit juice sugar?

Companies, such as PepsiCo, can earn back our trust when they don’t try to deceive us with choosing the truth they want to feature on the front of the product.

This is a SUGAR and PROTEIN smoothie. That is the truth.

What do you think of Naked Smoothies?

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Wowsies. I have not bought one recently, but I will stay away for sure now. You forgot to mention the price. They are not cheap either!

This is really all about education. Because, as someone fairly educated about food and nutrition, I look at the picture and I know that bananas, pineapples, oranges and coconuts have very little protein, but lots and lots of sugar.

Even worse. Those two types of protein that they have added are two of the worst protein sources out there How do you read about way protein and how it really is an afterthought? And the research of course is controversial on soy

Thank you for sharing this important information. We are told so often to read the label...but in this case, reading the whole label. I can't help but feel really deceived by the front because it does seem like this is promoted as something healthy, and really, it's not!

420 calories for a drink is a bit excessive. Don't you think???

Everything in this smoothie is highly processed. When the grams of sugar equal what would normally be found in 4 cups of pineapple and the product contains 0 grams of fiber, you know you are in trouble.

Thank you, and OMG - outrageous! I read everything I encounter about nutrition and food/drink content, but this seems stunningly deceptive and I find intelligent, educated people I know falling for it because they're in a hurry and glean their whole impression from the front of the bottle. This and Vitamin Water - but this product is even worse.

Great expose' on reading labels and sugar! I've already passed this info on to family. The calories too are crazy high. Its like a whole meal's worth.

Many years ago my GP told me to ''skip juice, eat the fruit'' and I've respected him since that day. [He was new to US, had come from Italy.] Like most Snack-girl followers I eat whole fruit every day altho I often like to flavor my water with a bit of juice similar to a squeeze of lemon.

Thanks for pointing out deceptive marketing and use of buzz words health seekers look for!

very disappointed but I'm a label reader so they don't fool me. Not a fan of smoothies in general. I've always been a proponent of 'eat the whole food - whether sweet or savory - and skip the juice'

What about "Shakeology"? Have you looked into

their smoothies and Program? Very interested in your answer as many women at my gym have

been leaning toward this.

I would be more satisfied with a bowl of whole fruit & unsweet greek yogurt than a smoothie. I just don't associate drinks as being filling as solid,whole food.

I will admit that I have these everyonce in a while but I did fail to read the sugar content! I try to make my own smoothies with a frozen banana, yogurt, and what ever other non frozen fruit I have on hand (usually strawberries) it's very yummy.

Funny how my last comment was immediately deleted, and then comments closed. Like others have said. You don't understand what sugar is, or how to interpret calories. This is fruit. If you think this is bad for you, then you think fruit is bad for you. Fructose is not like normal sugar. Calories from low GI is far removed from high gi sugar in soda drinks. Please educate yourself more in this area rather than continue to spread misinformation in a very irresponsible way.

Every comment here by other people can be attributed to ANY fruit smoothie. Why are you directing this at Naked? It's a fruit smoothie. "But it's got sugar!", yes, it's a fruit smoothie. "But, calories too!", yes, it's a fruit smoothie. "But, processed!!1", yes, it's a fruit smoothie. Why are you slandering Naked, for just making a fruit smoothie? If you don't want a fruit smoothie, don't buy one. But if you do, Naked smoothie is an excellent fruit smoothie.

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