New Weight Watchers Program?

November 8, 2017   59 Comments

Guess what? Weight Watchers is going to announce a new program. How do I know?

New Weight Watchers

UPDATE 12/03/2017 - CHECK OUT MY POST Weight Watchers New Program: Freestyle FOR THE LATEST ON THE NEW PROGRAM.

Every couple of years, they change things and they are due for a tweak or a major overhaul. I have been getting e-mails from readers asking me if I know what is up and I will tell you right now that Weight Watchers has not briefed me.

But, I have heard some rumors so since no one will die if I share them – here I go.

  • Weight Watchers Fresh – Taking a page from Jenny Craig, WW may introduce meals to help their members stay on track if they don’t have time to cook. If these are packed with vegetables and are tasty – I think this is a great idea!!
  • There may be a new formula and no more Smart Points – perhaps they will call it Smarter Points but I know everyone who has books, calculators, and experience with Smart Points is going to be seriously annoyed (count me in that group).
  • More zero point foods! I hear it could be protein in this group like chicken breast. Hurray!
  • It will be called Weight Watchers Freestyle (I guess this means that you will feel free and have style).
  • You may be able to roll over points that you haven’t used from one day to another (that sounds like a good idea if you are saving up for a party or something).

I have written so much about WW through the years. Check out Weight Watchers Review and Weight Watchers New for 2017? for my latest posts and comments like this one from Dolly:

Weight Watchers in my opinion is great. I joined about 6 years ago lost about 20 pounds without feeling deprived. Decided I could do it on my own. Did fine for awhile but now I am 30 pounds heavier so I finally decided it was time to go back to what works. SP is a little bit different from PPs but definitely doable. I've lost almost 10 pounds in 3 weeks without feeling deprived.

Some people still like Points Plus (PP) more than Smart Points. I know members were hoping for a choice between the two programs.

I do think it is bad juju to make everyone buy new tools every couple of years to do the NEW program. Seems like if you were on SmartPoints they should give you everything to make SMARTER Points work for you.

Ahh well.


Have any of you heard about changes for 2018 Weight Watchers? Please share.

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Need to loose 30 lbs fast. Help

Have you looked at Spark People! It's free! I love it.......lots of support!

WW is constantly changing things because things constantly change. I believe they're doing the research/studies, etc. to figure out what's working and what's not working. Why not pass along their findings to their loyal membership? I for one appreciate the work and effort that goes into what they do. I couldn't manage my own stock portfolio on my own - a financial planner does a much better job because they have the staff and the tools to do the research and advise me for the best result in the long run. WW does the same thing - for a small weekly meeting fee I get to take advantage of all of their hard work - all I have to do is pay attention and take their advice - or not. And I have to ask others - how's it working for you? For me it's working...and has for over 10 years...I keep making the modifications they suggest and by golly I'm far better off for it. It's an investment in my health and longevity. Is it perfect? Maybe not. Is it a work in progress? I think so - but then again so is my portfolio - changes need to be made along the way in order to maximize results.

I reached my goal and loved Points Plus. I didn’t feel deprived or guilty eating my carbs within my points. By the grace of God, a great leader & terrific women in my group (& weekly attendance), I’ve maintained at goal since sp - but never felt the same enthusiasm about WW. To me it’s a DIET- a very healthy diet- but not one I can live on. I had to accept then that WW is a business, and these changes keep the new & returning people coming in. I feel like they’re pushing us closer and closer to the Keto style of eating. Again, something I couldn’t sustain in the long run. Thanks Lisa for the info!

I am a lifetime member and I have stopped counting points because I found it annoying, even though it did help me lose the weight I needed to. For me going to the meeting and keeping it 90% healthy has kept the weight off. One of the reasons I joined is because it was changing to more healthy eating. I hope it goes even more so.

I should have known. WW has had their Smartpoints cookbooks on sale for some time now, and I just bought the Smartpoints food scale and calculator at a reduced price. Ugh!

I am a ww member Smart Points are here to stay, they are just tweaking the plan as from 12th November.

I've been a lifetime member of WW for several years, and I believe in the program; but I also believe that they have a panel of people who's sole job is to find a way to keep make acting members have to spend more money. That's why they keep changing the programs. It sucks. Greed, greed, greed.

I agree with a lot of what Vicki wrote. I lost 150+ pounds on the points plus program, and have struggled quite a bit with the SP program. Like I gained 30 lbs on SP following it to the letter. With that kind of setback,it's difficult for me to stick to. I find this curious, is it just the emphasis on sugar/carbs or is there something about my body that responded well to the PP formula?

I would embrace a program that eliminated counting and made cooking easier. I would like to feed my family in a way that doesn't feel like dieting and emphasizes easy healthy meals, healthy attitudes, and helps recognize/eliminate emotional eating. Especially for my young daughter. I remember my mom plowing into a chocolate bar when stressed or sad, and I picked up those same behaviors.

Change would be welcome from this struggling member!

I'm so excited for the changes. I love when they change things. I heard eggs will also be zero points, but that we will have less daily points to use because of the zero points. Being a vegetarian, I hope they take into account beans and legumes. As an avocado lover, I hope they take the healthy fat into account too (though I understand why it probably won't be 0).

I think because of the new 0 point foods, some of the recipes will have to be recalculated, but I never mind that. I also change recipes anyway. Cookbooks and scales are still useful. I still have a PointsPlus scale. I use it for grams and ounces, just for weighing. Even when I was doing PointsPlus.

Anyway, so exciting for the changes! I love jump starting like a new member. In Canada, the new program is coming the week of Dec 3rd. But if it's coming out earlier in the UK, I'll definitely be searching the changes.

I lost weight on the original points system. They then changed it up. I happened to see a news report around the same time that WW stock was down. Then everyone had to buy new calculators etc. and I thought that was very interesting.

Not a fan of SP. I did so well on PP - simply my own fault for gaining back after goal. SP like others said is a DIET like any other. No more snacks - ice cream, popcorn etc. So high in points. I starve all day and skip meals so I can have a sweet at night. Never felt deprived on PP but am now. Even food portions are smaller. Im always hungry and on PP couldnt finish meals I was so full. Not paying them or Oprah to get rich off the name WW made when doing the right things for years. Done with WW.

I did both PP and SP. I lost 30lbs. Like you, I decided to give it a go on my own. Well, I found that 30lbs. I lost. I'm excited to hear about the new plan. I despise writing down everything, and counting points. I'm hoping there are big changes. I know that WW works. All their plans have had success. I bet the new plan will be as successful.

Furious x Just spent a fortune again..on calculator and stuff..WW should be ashamed xx if at first you don't succeed Buy! Buy! Buy! Was going to join but stuff it..Slimming World for gimmicks xx very very disappointed. .So much for Oprah and her endorsmental. .terrible x day light robbery

I refuse to get suckered in to buying everything again. Points Plus worked for me - when I worked it that is!! It's about reducing portions and being conscious of what we put into our mouths. I have a ton of WW cookbooks and any recipe with nutritional values can be calculated to PP. I have a friend that just paid for membership for a year under Smart Points. She is going to be so mad!!!

Selling food is not new to W.W. However, I'm glad they may be starting that again. So much easier when you have to cook for one - take it out of the freezer and you have dinner.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned exercise! I think it would be very difficult to lose weight relying on diet alone. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, and neither can do the work of the other. Exercise not only burns calories, but speeds metabolism, lowers LDL,raises HDL(the good cholesterol), tones our muscles,

returns calcium to the bones etc. I am not familiar with WW, but have read many diet evaluations that claim it to be one of the healthiest and safest ones. As a retired RN I know that many health problems are a direct result of obesity. I salute WW for helping people to lose the extra pounds that are hurting their health. Just add exercise for faster results!

It needs an overhaul. Not sure if I like the zero point food option . I know foods have different nutritional values but nothing is free!

My WW online plan expired, and I won’t rejoin until I’ve seen the official unveiling of this new plan (with an affordable promo price!).

Please keep us posted with details - thanks!!

P.S. I lost 80+ on PP, regained 30+ on SP. ☹️

Every time WW “updates/revises” their program my weight loss staggers. For instance like others here the PP program I lost 2-3 lbs a week. With SP I lost 1-1.5 lbs/week.

I had a friend say that when members were losing too much they change the program to slow your weight loss to keep you coming and extend your membership plus the new “tools” you must buy to track. Very similar to video games where every new model requires new games.

If WW truly wants to succeed adapt like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem and add a diabetic class to your program. Many diabetics do well on other weight loss programs because carbs are already counted.

I stopped going because the classes aren’t convenient time wise to my work schedule and online didn’t work for me. I too went to Spark And a gym and it’s working

for me. Slowly I am changing habits and staying with low carbs (I am T2D) and more water. I needed a lifestyle change not a diet program. I didn’t get it with WW if you have congratulations stay with what works for you.

This is what I like about snack girl her opinions are honest and thought through. I’ll be interested in your opinion of new WW program.

I️ love the ww program. It has become a lifestyle for me. It is a healthy and manageable way of eating I️ like. I️ have heard that eggs, chicken breasts, and some beans will be a free food? Lost 55 pounds with the various programs on WW so I️ keep going!

I like the sp plan but what has happened to the ww food can't buy anything any more only ww beans bread no cakes biscuits xx

I have been a ww member since 1988 and have used it to keep healthy and at a good weight. I tell anybody who will listen that the reason WeightWatchers is so good is that they keep up with the science. So I am completely fine with any revisions they want to make.

I totally agree with Dori! I became a WW lifetime member after losing 30 pounds in 2003, but I quit last year for the same reasons Dori mentioned. I disliked Smart Points, and having Oprah as their spokesperson was a total turn-off! I got tired of wasting money on a program that no longer worked for me.

People keep mentioning having done well on the Points Plus WW plan. Can anyone tell me when that came out? I was a WW member a number of years ago & would be interested in checking out the Points Plus plan. Thanks for any info anyone can give me & good luck to you all!

I agree WW members shouldn't have to keep buying new tools. Their snacks are expensive. I can only imagine how expensive meals will be.

Jean check out itrackbites app on a smartphone you can still use Points Plus on there. Im not fond of the smartpoints either. I'm starving all the time. I feel more restricted.

Thanks, Gina, I'll check it out!

Lost 40 pounds on flexpoints in 2002. Kept it off until 2010. Just eating roughly "within" my points. Over the last seven years all the weight is back from bad habits and less working out, can't seem to lose on PP or SP. I rejoined to lose on both. I still have my WW Flex Points books from 2002, tried and true going to do the program on my own for free. Studies have shown just keeping a food journal helps with weightloss.

Weight Watchers is essentially a for profit business. That in itself is not a bad thing, but businesses have to change things up now and again to stir up interest and increase sales. I'm sure they try to keep things healthy but that's most likely the main reason they do all these changes every few some publicity about a "new and better" program (around the first of the year when everyone's still making resolutions), bring in more members, have more gadgets and new cookbooks for sale, make more profit. I found the point system to be headache inducing. Absolutely drove me nuts, and I found myself obsessing about food more than any other time in my life. Granted, I have used some of the information I learned at WW...mostly through the Points Plus system...and along with other plans I have lost about 30 pounds on my own. Higher fiber, lower fat, lower carbs, watch sugar, drink plenty of water, watch portion sizes, exercise. No using a special calculator to figure out points constantly and going to meetings. I WW works for someone that's fine, we're all different. Just realize the changes are probably profit motivated.

Why don't we just wait and see. Speculation just gets Everyone all upset. The program works, if you follow it correctly, it's a lifestyle, I've been living it successfully for years, lost 76#. I'm excited to see what new research has come. But will gladly wait for what it actually is...

Some of the comments are hilarious! And of course we all share our opinion! WW is a business to make $$$$, they have stockholders to answer to. So the person who said GREED GREED GREED....WW is not a charity.

I doubt they are going to create a new point system...I think freestyle means you have a choice.

Try's free and no annoying points to count.

I'm hoping freestyle means they are listening. I was very successful with PP, but had to leave when I could not follow SP. I'm hoping freestyle means that they will allow you to make choices for the program you prefer to follow, as it sounds a lot like people were really successful on PP OR SP, but very few seem successful on both. Crossing fingers this will allow options! If so I would go back in a second!

I’ve read all of the comments posted so far and there are a lot of likes and dislikes in the program. I needed to lose weight and I had no idea where to turn. I had lost weight in my 20’s by fad diets but the weight always came back with friends.

I finally joined WW in Sept 2013, I wasn’t sure if I would ever lose but under PP which lots of people like, I lost 50 pounds, then it stalled! For 2 1/2 Years, I only lost 10 pounds. The program would not work for me any longer. I continued going to my meetings, tracking, exercising but nothing would help until SP..... I lost the other 27 pounds and became lifetime in January if this year!

Even though, I was not happy about the change, I realized that without WW, I would have put my weight back on. I am not willing to do that so I will continue with a positive attitude!!! Looking forward to the new changes and maybe, a 5 pound loss😊😊😊😊

I love WW but I am not a member anymore because it has become to expensive. Seems to me it changes every year enough to where you have to purchase something new. And I can understand that. I just wish it was more affordable cause it is a great program. But like most things, it all comes down to the all might buck. Sad but true.

I liked what I read.

What is Spark? An app?

I have been on WW on & off most of my adult life. I was so angry when they changed points plus because it worked. So I quit & gained back 49 of the 70 I had lost. Just 7 monthes ago I went back & Smart Points has been phinomanal! I have lost 38 # already. When they have changed in the past I have thought it was a marketing tool to sell more good. I am not sure if I will change when this is working for me so well.

Why is everyone making comments and speculations before they even know what is going to happen. Each and ecery one of you have stated that you have lost weight on the program. It is a lifestyle change regardless if they us pp or sp or anything else. Not trying to upset anyone or anything but geesh.

I became a lifetime member in 1970 or 1971. It has been changed so many times over the years, and if you revamp your eating to fit every new plan, you will end up in the poorhouse from buying new things. I suggest that if PP works best for you and SP makes you gain, stay on PP! And any other plan that works. I also think WW is a money grubber Big-time! I have most of the things I used over the years and don't plan to buy new tools. I am currently 35 pounds above goal (like so many) but I still pay more attention to what I eat than if I wasn't lifetime. Although I'm not going to meetings right now because of cost issues. I think WW would do better overall if they lowered the weekly meeting fees! Seriously, WW, stop making something that works so well end up being available only to the "rich and famous. " Anyone else feel this way?

I also heard that the change that is coming is minor......(I agree with the person who said it is being tweaked) I don't think there are any major changes coming at all from what my leader inferred.

I believe WW Fresh is already in place...

It is my understanding that how points are calculated is not changing, however, more things are being added to the no count list (chicken, seafood, eggs, beans) and because of that daily points will go down. You will be able to carry up to 4 pts over but weeklies do still exist.

This is all hearsay however, no confirmation yet.

I lost 50 lbs 25 years ago and have kept it off since then. I recall when WW did away with tracking and we got Fat & Fiber. I was so annoyed. I was really invested emotionally with the selection system. After a month or so, I figured I would try it. I found that it was easy and worked. Since then, I have trusted WW to provide the most current and up2date nutritional and behavior plans. Like Sue said, things are always changing and we pay WW to be smarter than us about things like this. As for sales and new tools, everyone has different needs and the way they go about losing, so having tools like cookbooks and scales meet those needs. I still have cookbooks with favorite recipes from 20 years ago that I just adapt with each new program.

I haven't enjoyed SP at all, haven't lost weight nearly as well as on PP or any of the older programs and have found SP harder to to follow. Wish they would have left PP or any of the others over giving SP to their customers.

I lost 85 pounds using PP. I went back last year to try and tackle the remaining 40 I'd like to lose and was dismayed by the new points system. I was also hungry. I felt as if I was unable to choose what I actually eat. I may look into it as a guide if it changes considerably, but in the meantime, am doing find on my own eating paleo 6 days a week. I will forever be grateful to WW for helping me find my mojo when I needed it most. I have friends who still use the PP counters :)

I️ have been a WW leader for over ten years. We spend a lot of time traveling to meetings to learn of the new program changes. We are told to keep it quiet until December 3rd. It’s very disheartening for me to read this revealing of done of the program changes.

WW is an excellent program and they go through great planning to share the information with their service providers. In the future maybe you can keep your information to yourself and only share publicly once the program is made public.

Thank you.

My WW location has been a test site for the WW Fresh and the food delivery for quite some time now. I have not tried it but heard great things.

Things are about to change again, I rejoined WW again three weeks ago. I used to follow PP and loved it. I own every cook book that came out and stopped going when SP was introduced.

When I went back three weeks ago, I bought the grocery list book and was offered a coupon to exchange it for free in January. There are no cook books available any more, the calculators are out of stock.

I understand it is a business, and I also understand the current healthy foods hype with its super foods and avocado restaurants require WW to change its program to stay fashionable.

But I can honestly say I am not looking forward to another app with all its malfunctions as it has too many bugs at launch. That is what made me quit when the SP arrived.. Having signed a contract for a year, I may just fall back on my PP books and plan until I am convinced everything runs smoothly.. (I follow WW in Belgium)

Weight Watchers is the best weight loss program but I do get tired of the changes;if they had not made changes...I would have never been able to be a life time member on the original plan...tuna, organ meats, vegetables, andlittle fruit. If Points Plus worked for you...stay with it or Smart have the tools...just continue. This is a life style change that includes exercise. Exercise was not incouraged at first but now they praise the benefits. I for the exercise as I can eat more!!!

I made goal in 2005 on, I think it was called, the "fat and fiber program." This year, I have lost 29 more on SP. Though some commenters say they feel deprived and hungry, I never have (for the record, I eat fruit for snacks and have no taste for ice cream or chocolate, which seem to be the addiction of many.) I've lost more than 50 pounds on whatever the current program was -- if you stick to program, you will lose.

I absolutely do not understand comments about a new program requiring you to purchase anything. WTF????? I have never purchased anything, expect to pay my weekly fees before I made lifetime. There are good calculators and an endless supply of recipes online. A scale is essential, but they are available from lots of sources.

Why spend money? Every week at meetings (yes, at 132 pounds, I still attend meetings and weigh in weekly,) I see people spending money on packaged WW foods. To me, that's as bad as spending on Ruffles and Twinkies -- caving in to a taste for junk, even though it's WW junk.

I know this post will be attacked by many, but all I was reading were complaints and I needed to put forward an opposing view -- my view.

While I’m excited about the chicken and eggs being zero I also question how well that will work for someone like me that is Lifetime on maintence.I have a feeling I will have my points drastically reduced. I have read some can go as low as 14 points. I like eggs and chicken but not every day. Also all the Weight Watcher products at the grocery store will not change the points to the new plan for months so hopefully the new products will be available in the smaller markets and not just the big cities.

Assuming you get the same changes that have just come in, in the UK, everything you have said is broadly right. It’s called smart points flex over here. They’ve just added a load of proteins to the free list -chicken, beans, fish, eggs etc and you can roll over points. I think the scales and calculators still work. The bad news is that you lose a whole lot of points out of your daily allowance. I went down 10 points. It’s now very difficult to stick to unless you want to eat the same base proteins every day. It’s supposed to make things more flexible, but in actual fact it’s more restrictive.

Love this site because of the comments and honesty of those that comment so we can all be better informed of how to make healthy choices no matter which program you use!

I like when there is something new! (admittedly I didn't like Smartpoints at first :0) I have maintained my healthy weight by doing WW on and off since 1990 and I am glad they update plan to address new research. For me it is good to shake it up a little! They also need to keep their lights on, they are a business and have salaries to pay. I think they have helped a lot of people reach their goals.

I am curious why no weight taken off for winter clothing or if go to gym and build muscle. Does anyone know?

When is this new program going to be announced?

The new program is ridiculous. I lost 20 pounds counting points and everyone I know who is on Freestyle has gained weight. It comes down to calories and people are eating too many eggs and chicken and other "free" foods and without the discipline of counting points, they are steadily gaining. They all went back to counting, they don't need special gizmos and tools, they just count and write it down and lose weight. I wish WW would leave well enough alone.

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