Weight Watchers New for 2017?

December 10, 2016   265 Comments

Every couple of years, Weight Watchers revamps its program to include the latest in nutrition research.

Weight Watchers 2017

Some think that they change it in order to make you buy all new materials, but I think that they really do want the program to work. Last year (2016), they changed A LOT and moved from PointsPlus to SmartPoints.

Since I have written this post over 70 members commented on my Weight Watchers Review: Does it Work? and have shared their stories.

Check out my list of Weight Watchers recipes with Smart Points to help you with the program.

The migration to SmartPoints was not smooth. Weight Watchers didn’t manage to get their apps running well and plenty had problems accessing and understanding the new program.

What became very clear was that sugar and carbohydrates were going to cost much more on the SmartPoints system and protein was going to cost less. It felt to many as if Weight Watchers had adopted a “South Beach” approach.

In the past, Weight Watchers had said that you can eat what you love and still lose weight (moderation is key) – now the messages is “Make Better Choices”. I think it would be hard for many of us to argue that making better choices is a bad idea. You still have control over what you eat, but that piece of chocolate cake is going to be half your SmartPoints allowance for the day!

They continued to have their online service, and their meetings but they added personal coaching for about $11 per week. This new program gives a member one on one advice from a person well versed in Weight Watchers and personal help when a member needs it.

I think personal coaching can be powerful because you can trouble shoot your specific problems very quickly and feel accountable to someone who is on your side.

This year (2017), they are leaving the SmartPoints program alone and trying to build on its success. Plenty of people have found the reduction in sugar and carbohydrates to be a key in their weight loss success. But many are frustrated because they are finding this diet to be too restrictive.

They gripe that it feels more like a diet and less like a sustainable lifestyle change –which may be true since the new program has been only around for a year.

One criticism of SmartPoints that I find VERY compelling is that Weight Watchers is not only penalizing you for eating sugar and carbohydrates but also dinging you for eating fat. The latest thinking is that fat is not the enemy – read Always Hungry? if you get a chance.

I think we can all agree that the low fat movement hasn’t led to a reduction in overweight Americans – it has been the exact opposite trend.

Please share your thoughts about Weight Watchers for 2017 and any plans you are making for the New Year. We would all love to hear them!

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I agree that Smart Pounts is harder and more restrictive. I am a'Lifetime' member if WW and lost my weight on WWPP. I used to enjoy an ice cream bar every night as I lost weight. Now they reduced the size of the bars and doubled the points. Even Skinny Cow doesn't use WWPounts on their boxes anymore because they are so high. I feel that you need some treat during the day to be able to 'cope' with being in a 'diet' & the new system allows you none. Why change what already works? I follow the WWPP from memory and do not attends meetings anymore. I agree with "....they change it in order to........).

I really dislike the SP system. PP also encouraged better choices but left room for real life! It's a shame too because I don't know what to do for a formal program without WW and PP. I will probably just use MyFitnessPal but I always preferred PP.

Christine there is an app that is not affiliated with weight watchers that allows you to track on your phone with the points plus system. Ibites might be another one that allows you to choose which version of weight watchers you would like to use. Best of luck!!

Smart Points only ding you for Saturated Fat not regular fat which makes food satisfying and tasty. Saturated fat and sugar combined are at the root of the obesity in this country. As always it is about balance and portion control and yes sometimes moving a little more also! Smart Points does really work you just have to do more planning and get creative for those days you want those sweet treats💜

After a few months on SP I said the heck with it. I was doing well On PP but to learn a new program again no thanks. I quit WW and am watching portions on my own. I have lost better this way because I am not constantly thinking about food. What to eat, how many points etc. No more programs for me. I spend my money on healthy foods now.

I abandoned WW because of their approach to (healthy) fats. There is no scientific evidence that points to the consumption of good fats = weight gain. Future generations will look back on the past 50 years and shake their heads that we as a society prescribed so vigorously to this baseless philosophy that low fat was the way to go. The Obesity Code is another great read that maintains obesity is a hormonal challenge. My family doc recommended it and it's an eye opener.

I totally agree with the previous two comments. I think WW tried to change too much when they moved to SP. I no longer can afford to have the nightly Healthy Choice chocolate bar that hubby and I enjoyed for several years because it nearly doubled in points. The other favorite desserts I sometimes made for guests were suddenly too costly as well. Previously purchased WW cookbook recipes did not contain the sugar content and the only way to come up with that information required a painful search of each ingredient to calculate its sugar content. The SP program has had little support in the way of cookbooks. I feel the program was changed too much and I have lost interest in following such a restrictive program - and I am a lifetime member who lost 60 pounds and kept it off nearly four years now.

Dislike SP. Going to discontinue WW and try a different app for FREE.

I think it speaks volumes how WW leaders and prior members say they have had more success losing weight following Smart Points than before. I'm a fan of the healthier approach.

WW is the literally the ONLY diet that ever worked for me...and my parents. However, the change from PP to SP made it impossible for me to follow. What was so great about WW is you could still eat virtually anything, just in moderation. And it worked! My family was proof. Now, SP makes it like any other severely restrictive diet you won't stick with. Makes me sad because the one "doable" diet I searched my whole life to find is now gone. 😟

I'm very disappointed in WW and I shared it with corporate. They answered with just a formality letter they send to everyone. I've been a Lifetimer for over 20 years and attend meetings weekly. In the past 6 mos. I cannot lose the 4 lbs I've gained and I'm frustrated. But most of all I'm disappointed in the lines for weigh in at my facility. No privacy! Everyone knows who lost ,and worse who gained. Many WW friends are turned off and leaving WW. The line is out the door and often people leave who are on time restrictions. I'm hanging on,but not much longer. Please go back to weighing in a private area!

I lost over 100 lbs in old system. You learned choices, and balance. Quit when new plan came in after trying new plan. Frustrating system, not realistic to live in everyday world and with family. Won't go back until plan changes, I'm not wasting another penny on this current program'

I have done WW a few times, this is the BEST plan... I lost 8lbs my first week, and continue to lose every week... I also switch from Smartpoints to simply filling a few times a week! I am never hungry.....Thank goodness there not changing it!

Sue! They really took away the private weigh in? There was an episode on Mad Men where Betty went to a meeting and to me that just showed how humiliating that was!!

That said, I posted here a couple of weeks ago. Abbreviated version, I'm Lifetime and do not like SP, and I'm a vegetarian.

So for about 8 weeks now I've been basically working with the PointsPlus system. Only difference is I now eat 2% fat products vs fat free. Best news yesterday, my cholesterol went down 35 points!!

oh, and I've lost 11 pounds too.

DIETS DONT'T WORK!!! WW is a business and it wants your money. Eat food real food, just enough!! Eat when truly hungry. Stop when full. Eat lots of plants! And healthy fats! Stop dieting, America!!! It's not working!

I left when i knew SP would not be for me and is a diet. Sorry to read ww hasnt realuzed sp isnt for everyone. I need to lose some pounds but will follow pp or the cooking light program.

I was having problems taking the weight off with the pp when we started the smart points I liked it better I started to take the weight off that I have been struggling to get off and my doctor is very happy. I like it that it calculates the sugar too for one thing my doctor wants me to go sugar free and that is kind of hard so with the sp If the points are to hi then I kind of now that it has a lot of sugar in it too. I have lost 17 1/2 pounds now and have a few more to go. I have also found out that I get kind of sick to my stomach when I do eat a lot of sugary stuff .I love the SP

Burn more calories than you consume. Everything in moderation. I use Fitbit and Loseit (which is free). I think you need to keep track of calories, yes I tried Weight Watchers, Loseit is better and easier.

I LOVE the SP program. I was back at goal in no time and have maintained this loss for 9 months. I do not deprive myself but I dont over-indulge either. I healthy snack often and I treat myself occasionanally. There is a huge difference and this new program helped curtail my suggar addiction! I make sure that I stay in motion as well. No sitting around!

I am in agreement with most here. I lost a lot of weight and began eating much healthier on the PP system. I tried SP for a few months and then discontinued my membership. I found the same as others; it was too restrictive. I couldn't even afford to eat the Craisins on my salad. Yes, I know they have added sugar, but they added flavor and texture to my salads! Since I stopped, I have maintained my goal weight and even gone under at times by eating mostly pescatarian (a little fish and even less meat). I eat lots of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts and some diary. YES! I do eat occasional goodies. I am going to Bertucci's today for lunch and have a Christmas party to attend tonight. I will try to make the healthier choices, but I am not going to chide myself for eating a few Christmas cookies either. It has been working for me - along with yoga and some fairly regular exercise. Stopping my WW membership was probably one of the "smartest" things I ever did. I suggest taking your money and putting it toward a gym membership or taking a fitness/yoga class instead. Sorry WW. I thought I couldn't live without you, but I CAN!

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