A New Year’s Party Question: What to Drink?

December 27, 2012   15 Comments

Here comes New Year’s Eve and it is time to party! Who doesn’t love staying up half the night to ring in the New Year?

New Years Drinking

I guess I should admit right now that I will be asleep at midnight. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get your party on! Shake it, shake it, shake it. The question is what are you going to drink?

Let’s go over some drinks you should avoid:

  • Egg nog
  • Frozen Margaritas
  • Coffee drinks with cream in them

People, these are calorie bombs and you don’t need them to enjoy yourself. Egg nog is a whopping 10 Points+ for Weight Watchers members and I am avoiding it.

If I was going to party (which I should because it is my 10th wedding anniversary), I would be choosing bubbly. Champagne, sparkling wine, whatever you call it has a mere 90 calories for a glass and it is SO festive. How can you go wrong with all those bubbles?

You can drink 3.5 glasses of champagne for every one cup of egg nog that you didn’t drink. Don’t drink that many though because you might fall down and hurt yourself.

If you don’t find that champagne is sweet enough for you just add a wee bit of “Creme de Cassis” or black currant flavored liqeur and you get a lovely pink color and sweet flavor. Or just drop in a sugar cube (15 calories) for a great effect.

Snack Girl advises her younger readers to refrain from drinking alcohol until they are 21 years of age.

How do you deal with New Year’s Eve alcohol consumption?

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Good thing I have several bottles of champagne ready for New Year's Eve party! Advanced happy new year!

Yes, yes! I love the bubbly, just by itself. But I actually posted some fun bubbly cocktails yesterday!


I've recently been making (what I call) "veg nog" for my wife and me and have been alternating between the following two recipes, depending on how much almond milk and how many frozen bananas we have laying around:…

(I've found that a "regular" (i.e., not a Vitamix or Blendtec) blender works just fine for this recipe; I just need to run it a little longer.)

I think this would be good served hot, but my wife finds that idea abhorrent, so we've had it cold so far. :)

I don't do alcohol, and picked up one of these Trader Joe's Sparkling Chardonnay Grape Juice things (…) last time I was there. (I think it was $2.49.)

I had some of it a few days ago and it was pretty yummy. My wife tried some (while she was having high-test mimosas with her family) and declared it pretty good. (I mixed some with their orange juice and didn't think it did anything to improve the taste.)

I plan to buy some more next time I'm at Trader Joe's and keep it handy for any future occasions where I want a non-alcoholic celebratory drink.

I'm not a big drinker, I may have one glass of champagne with cranberry juice in it, thats it!

Thank you for this!! I actually prefer Prosecco which is sort of Champagne from Italy. Even cheap Prosecco is tasty and the bubbles are just fun. Thank you for this reminder about planning ahead a little when approaching parties!!

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for the information... I love the bubbly I sip slow.. lol

For those who don't like alchohol (or it doesn't like them) sparkling water with a touch of apple juice is fabulous in a tall champagne glass. And you'll be hitting the ground running (instead of holding your head and groaning in pain) on the first day of 2013. Have a safe and serene new year!

Great post! I'm sticking to champagne all the way! Happy New Year, everyone!

I love your blog, Lisa. Happy 10th anniversary and Happy New Year!!

Eggnog can be high in calories. However, there are so many light versions out there so if someone REALLY likes having eggnog as a tradition during the holidays, why not drink the light version. I always tell my clients, aim for MODERATION, NOT ELIMINATION! :)

To be a bit of a wine snob, Champagne is sparkling wine from a specific area in France. There are lots of wonderful sparkling wines produced elsewhere that are affordable. If you speak with someone at a wine store, they can help you find interesting sparkling wines. There are sweeter ones and red ones!

Happy New Year to Snack Girl and her readers! I love this blog!

No drinks for me! prego :)

Egg Nog, yuck! I'm sure there's some out there that's good - never had it though :-)

Miller Highlife and/or Makers Mark Bourbon here.

I always take 3 activated charcoal capsules after a night involving alcohol. They absorb the toxins that cause hangovers the next morning. I accidentally found this out one morning when I DID have a hangover and ate some well-done (burnt) toast. I GOOGLED activated charcoal and it seems like this secret has been around for a very long time. Works great!

Silk egg nog! 90 cals a glass(4oz) I lov it with or without alittle rum.

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