No Bake Lemon Coconut Balls: A Healthy Cookie!

September 19, 2021   8 Comments

These no bake lemon coconut balls are the holy grail of the snack world - a healthy cookie!

No Bake Lemon Coconut Balls: A Healthy Cookie!

How do you do it? You leave out butter, flour, eggs, and sugar and use almonds, dates, lemons and coconut.

These wholesome ingredients make a pretty great treat. It amazes me how delicious simple food can be - so much better than the packaged stuff.

Of course, sometimes all we have time for is the packaged stuff but when you can do it - no bake lemon coconut balls should happen.

Is this an actual cookie? Not really but you will enjoy it.

I love to do food that is no cook like my chocolate chia pudding recipe.

Back in the old days when we left the house, these no bake lemon coconut balls were my go-to for any event where they asked me to bring a snack. I was always running around at the last minute making these so that I could bring something “homemade”.

When people know you write a healthy food blog, you cannot show up with supermarket cupcakes :)

I created this recipe a while ago after reading a bunch of vegan baking books. They all use dates for the sugar and texture of their raw cakes.

Dates make sense - they are sweet and chewy. Every morning, I take a coffee break and eat a date.

If you have pitted dates, it is simple to remove the pits. Take the flat side of a kitchen knife and slam it down on the date so it becomes flat. The pit should be looking right at you!

These no bake lemon coconut balls are lemony without being too lemony and sweet without any added sugar. The dates provide all the sugar that you need to make these rock.

Give these a try and tell me what you think of them.

No Bake Lemon Coconut Balls Recipe

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Makes 20 balls, 1 (1/2-ounce) ball per serving
Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 0 minutes

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1 cup roasted almonds
1 cup pitted dates
2 lemons
½ cup shredded coconut, preferably unsweetened


Coarsely chop almonds in food processor. Juice the 2 lemons and add lemon juice and dates into the machine. Blend until a soft “dough” forms.

Put coconut into a small bowl. Using your hands, form little balls and roll them in the coconut. Eat now or refrigerate for later consumption.

Nutrition Facts

One ball is 53 calories, 3.3 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 4.9 g carbohydrates, 3.4 g sugar, 1.1 g protein, 5 mg sodium, 1.0 g fiber, 2 Green, 2 Blue, 2 Purple WW SmartPts

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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Are there any substitutes for the dates? My kids loathe dates in any form.

Part two of being the Holy Grail - no cook! I've never attempted anything like this. I really like lemon. Going to give this a try. Thanks!

I don’t have a processed. How hard would those be without one, I wonder? They do sound tasty. Recently been diagnosed as “prediabetic” and told to watch my carbs, these seem to fit the bill as a nice sweet ending to a meal (as long as I don’t polish off the batch😉)

How can these have no saturated fat when coconut is full of saturated fat?

@Erika - Prunes might work. You could say they're dried plums. Or maybe raisins. Figs could be another possibility. Just don't frighten them with the name (prunes or figs) until they find out that they like the taste.

I pinned these before I even looked at recipe. They look so good and I have all the ingredients.


I'm not sure if I've ever left a comment before, but I've always liked your blog and find myself returning to it time and time again for inspiration. Beautiful cuisine, and even more beautiful photographs. Continue to do excellent work and to post regularly. Wishing you the best!

I love these lemon coconut balls they are so tasty with the tang of lemon and coconut.

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