Not Losing Weight on Weight Watchers Freestyle

April 9, 2018   341 Comments

Are you not losing weight on Weight Watchers Freestyle? I hear you!

Not Losing Weight on Weight Watchers Freestyle

UPDATE WW CHANGES 2020: New WW Changes 2020

Weight Watchers Freestyle was implemented back in December and it replaced a very popular Smart Points program. Members are now getting a grip on how they are faring on the new program.

My post New Weight Watchers Freestyle Review: Hate or Love? has over 400 comments and I have received countless messages in my inbox about Freestyle.

First, if you are on any program and not losing weight – your experience is very frustrating. I know that Weight Watchers Freestyle takes dedication, cooking, and time. If the scale is staying the same or even going up (yikes!) – I feel for you as do many of Snack Girl readers.

We all want to move the numbers and/or get healthy on this website. Weight Watchers isn’t going to tell you that the program doesn’t work for you because then they would have to give you your money back. They are going to tell you that you aren’t working the program.

But, it is very possible that this is not the program for you. The best diet is the one that works for you and if you aren’t losing weight on Freestyle (and you gave it a couple of months) – this probably isn't the diet for you.

Here is a common complaint from Julie:

I hate the plan so much I quit. I was on a roll last year - had lost almost 35lbs and then they changed the program. I am not a big meat eater and am so sick of eggs I could scream. I find the plan way to restrictive and it's a lie that you can eat out and have anything you want. You can eat out if you starve yourself all day and then have two bites of anything high calorie as your "eating out"

Here is a member, Kelley, who loves it:

I’m in the “love it” camp. I’m never hungry, usually have rollovers, and usually save up all my weeklies for a nice big restaurant meal. I tried Weight Watchers years ago and was constantly hungry, hated the meetings with a passion, was bored with what I could eat, and I quit after losing 10 lbs. Now I’ve lost almost 30 lbs since February. Love this diet.

Their experiences are so different! I attribute their success on the program to Kelley and Julie being distinct people. We all have our preferences, metabolisms, and roadblocks. Some people really have trouble with zero point foods as they overeat them - and others find the zero point foods easier.

I think that if you aren’t losing weight on Weight Watchers Freestyle after 3 months – it is time to take what you have learned and move on to a new strategy. Some people have been going back to Smart Points and some have been using My Fitness Pal or Lose it!.

There is an iTrackBites App for those who want to continue with Smart Points.

I think if Weight Watchers was smart – they would allow people to continue with the program that was working for them. This way, they could keep those members and include options for different people.

Yes, Freestyle, might be the best diet from an empirical standpoint but we are not all numbers!

Are you not losing weight on Weight Watchers Freestyle? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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New Weight Watchers Freestyle Review: Hate or Love?

New Weight Watchers Freestyle Review: Hate or Love?

The new Weight Watchers Freestyle program has about a month to simmer and now it is time for a review.....

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I'm in the middle -- I'm a member for the accountability factor. I realize that even though certain items are point "free," I still have to manage how much I eat of those items. For example, corn. Corn is a starch and needs to be tracked as such, particularly if you are concerned about blood sugar. Fruit, while good for you, shouldn't be eaten in huge quantities. I have a feeling they will be modifying the plan again. I've lost weight but that's because I'm technically following the old plan without having to count everything I eat. Remember, it's still about the calories. If you consume too much of the free stuff you will max out on calories and stop losing weight or start gaining.

I have to admit I lost weight slowly but regularly before they changed it to freestyle. Now I go up and down all week and usually lose about 1/2 - 1 pound every couple weeks if I’m lucky.

I’ve returned to WW two weeks ago because I added 14 pounds since last September. I was very wary and skeptical about Freestyle because I’m all about the points.

Anyway, while there are a large number of “zero” point foods, our leader stressed they aren’t “free”.

I’m not gonna lie—FS is challenging but I find that incorporating points and portion control and planning help in the journey. In two weeks I’ve gone down 5 pounds and I realize the last 9 pounds will come off slowly, but I’m making better choices.

Snack Girl -

WW is not a shouldn't be using that dreaded word. Losing weight is a lifestyle - its eating health- ier.

Zero point foods still have calories.

WW made those foods zero points for you to build your meals around them. Its where you start to plan your entree or meal.

Let's use some common sense.

Any plan will work IF you eat LESS calories.

WW did not remove the suggested portion serving size in their tracker.

The chicken breasts that I buy are 8 - 9 oz cooked. I use the WW suggested serving size which is supplied by the USDA. That serving size is 3 oz.If I were to eat the whole breast...its 2 - 3 servings! I cut the cooked chicken in half...if its 3.5 oz that's what I eat. Maybe your portions are just too big?

Snack Girl has written about the hidden sugars in white bread...maybe your food choices are the best or smartest when it comes to losing weight.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle change. If you go back to your old eating habits..the weight will come back on.

I'm 64 yrs young and in 17 weeks, I have lost 36.4 lbs!

If I can do it, you can do it!

Laurie, Freestyle is a DIET! It is not a long term sustainable lifestyle. It couldn't be, considering you are given a list of foods to eat.

It is all about Diet and Exercise. This balance must be in place to lose/maintain weight. I'll admit I lost my initial 45 lbs 10 years ago with weight watchers. And have maintained eversince. But it is a daily allegiance to eat heatlthier and my gift to myself and my family to keep my health a priority. Weight watchers instituting "free" zero point foods is definitely not accurate nor realistic from a nutrition standpoint. Eating healthier and cleaner is a personal decision.

I have to agree with Laurie - WW is a great program - I've been a member for over 10 years and have lost 50 pounds - working on that last 10 - but I am a Lifetime member so it helps a lot to not have to pay for everything (meetings are free, e-tools are free); it's motivational to get to 'free' status and helps keep me on track.

I do have to say I'm an overeater and I did get into trouble with the 'free' in Freestyle; so I pretty much went back to what I know and that's counting everything. I know from many years of experience that a portion of eggs is ONE EGG; not 6, chicken breasts or any meat for that matter - about the size of a deck of cards - 3-4 ounces. Still focusing on filling my plate (and my stomach) with plenty of veggies, fresh fruit, lean meats, low or no-fat dairy (fat free greek yogurt, but only in small quantaties; ie. 1 c. of FF milk or 1/2 c. of FF greek yogurt) It's the same program and it's my lifestyle - so I'm making the best of Freestyle and hopefully it won't steer me wrong - I still have to exercise and drink plenty of water to maintain or hopefully lose that next 10 pounds. I hope others can find their way to a better lifestyle - weight management is a lifelong responsibility - not a quick fix. Anyone who is dealing with a weight gain - needs to do just that - deal with it - every day - for the rest of their lives. You're never done managing your weight. Thanks for sharing this today. Timely as always.

I love the WW FS program but you do have to follow the program. I have lost 13 pounds since the middle of February and have 6 more to go to get back to my goal weight. Like any other weight loss program, you have to work at it.

I started WW in June 2017 and to date and have lost 75.2 lbs. I lost 50 lbs prior to the switch to Freestyle and 25 lbs on Freestyle. In my opinion both plans work. Its all about the choices you make. I still weight/measure/track everything that passes my lips. It holds me accountable. Freestyle may not work for everyone but personally I love it. I'm 53 yrs young and 7 pounds from lifetime. Have a great day everyone!

I used to love Weight Watchers, but since they changed to Smart Points, it hasn't been the same. I had to go back to Points Plus, because Smart Points wasn't working for for me, then I tried Flex Points when it came out, and I started gaining again. Now I'm back on points plus, which works if you work the plan. Now, when I go to the meetings, I feel like an outsider. Everyone is talking about flex points recipes, which doesn't do me any good. Now your suggesting that we should do the plan that works for us. I ask, why are we paying to belong to Weight Watchers? The only reason I'm still a member, is I promised myself I wouldn't quit again. I think I'll have to rethink that.

I love weight watchers, I lost 30 pounds 3 years ago. A few pounds came back due to me letting my guard down, not tracking and having a little too much free reign. I'm back on the program and tracking and losing those few pounds. I am on the original Smart Points program. I am a very picky eater and do not eat seafood of any kind. Ever. I can eat eggs a few times a week but that it. I do not eat beef out side of a bit of lean ground in a recipe every now and then. This takes willpower, motivation and perseverance. I know that and I accept that. It's all on me and not the program.

The WW Flex is a great plan, although I gained 6 pounds when I started to follow it. Each week I am more aware of my portions, and keep at it and hopefully my perseverance will pay off. The zero points foods are basically to encourage us to make better choices and lean away from processed foods. Hoping for a weight loss on Thursday's weigh-in, if no loss will keep working on my portions.

I’m loving it and eating healthier than I have ever eaten in my life. Yes Freestyle can be more work as in cooking real foods but that’s a trade I’m willing to make. I also weigh and measure all foods (just like Smart points) and I track( Just like Smart Points). Freestyle does not mean Free for All. I eat out on occasion and neve friend myself without options since I’m willing to politely request modifications if needed. Down 68.8 and feeling free!

Remember no one holds a gun to your head to do Freestyle. If the old plan worked stick to it. I've been in WW since 1995 and no I do not work for them. Every time there is a change I resist. Menopause, mentalpause, stress make the reality of keeping weight off a chore sometimes. You're never cured just stick with what works for you. I promise you won't regret it.

I recently returned to WW. I was at goal and gained everything back plus when going off. My problem seems to be lack of planning. With my busy life, I will grab whatever is available. I resonate with those saying it is a healthier way to eat, and this is absolutely a gift I am giving to myself. You can indeed have it all, just not all at the same time. I was totally overeating! Now I feel satisfied with what I eat and I am astounded at how little I require in order to be satisfied. I wish everyone all the best in their quest for health and balance!

Freestyle didn’t work for me. I need to place point values on foods to stay accountable. Also, starchy veggies make me gain, so I have to watch the veggies, as well as fruits, too. I went back to Smartpoints before FS. I feel better now.

Admittedly I haven't tried WW since my teenage years but I can relate to the eating lifestyle premise. I changes to a healthy eating lifestyle plan that works for me over five years ago. From experience I can tell you that portion size and food choices are key to losing or maintaining weight. When I overate (still following my plan) I gained, when I didn't I lost or maintained. So I agree with Snack Girl. It's important to pick a way of eating that works for you and then be conscious of what you're eating.

I lost on PointPlus, didn’t lose on SmartPoints, and have lost about 25 lbs on Freestyle since rejoining 9 weeks ago. Thumbs up, Freestyle!

I'm a loooong time WW'er. I've done so many of their plans. I've lost over 100lbs each time (3x!..I know embarrassing!)So am a basically a professional dieter, LOL. Anyway here's the thing with WW I think they do a lot of research BUT they missed the mark on this one. I think they are on the wrong track with the new emphasis on protein. They say protein is filling..not for everyone. I was starving. When I did more research I found out unprocessed carbs are what make you feel satisfied along fiber. So yeah the beans but everyone is so focused on the eggs and chicken/turkey at meetings and in recipes. So I looked up Vegetarian or Vegan WW recipes. The problem here is it's almost ALL zero points and you can easily eat tons of calories/points and not lose. So I continue to go to meetings for support (they are my WW family). I'm maintaining most of my 100+lb loss (I need to lose 10lbs). But I'm following my own plant based whole foods option and monitoring calories on MFP to keep me where I need to be.

I really like Freestyle. When I'm working the program, it works. I do have to watch portions. I can't eat nor should I eat 6 eggs in a sitting. I don't get how people are sick of certain foods though. Change the recipe up. There are so many ways to eat chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, etc. It does take planning. I do much better when I plan.

It is a lifestyle though. Not a diet. This is something I could definitely live on because I still eat pizza and I still go out to eat. You just have to track and plan for it.

There is a lot of research (that is not from Weight Watchers) that talks about it's not about quanity. It's about quality. So for example. I can eat 0 point foods for breakfast, lunch, and supper. At the end of the day, I'd have 23 points. If I use those 23 points on chocolate or ice cream, am I going to lose weight? Probably not. It might not always be about how much you eat, but what you eat. Though, every person is different. I don't believe any research is a one size fits all approach.

Good luck to everyone :)

I am thrilled with Freestyle. I’ve done weight Watchers on and off my whole life. I am down 33 pounds since January. This program has been so easy for me. I try to keep it balanced with points and free foods for my meal. But you are right. We have to find what works for us.

Snack Girl,

I just wanted to thank you for writing this column.

I gave Freestyle an honest try, but it simply will not work for my individual needs.

Thank you for acknowledging the struggles of people like me.

It's a great relief!

It's hard to pay $45 a month just for the meetings if other apps for previous WW plans are being used. Meetings are important because of the accountability so then the question is whether to commit to being on your own. It's wonderful that some people have a lot of self-control and have no problem following any kind of diet but there are some of us that are not that fortunate. Food allergies and intolerances can make the Freestyle plan difficult also. WW picked the most allergenic foods for their 0 point proteins. Making those proteins 0 points while other proteins that may be just as nutritious higher point foods adds to the difficulty with the daily points given. I'm alleric to egg whites, dairy, turkey and some fish/shellfish so my 0 point protein list is short.

love hearing everyones comments.

I, like T.Y., would like to thank you for this post. Some of us struggle and will have to do what is best for ourselves.

I am SOOO happy you wrote this article, Snack Gal! I was just thinking about it this am while getting ready for work. It's been 6 weeks for me and I am still not getting into my jeans. On the Smart Point system, I rocked it. I am so tired of eggs and chicken!! BLAH!! I would much rather count my points. AND if you add up the calories on all the free food (point free) is really isn't free at all. If I don't count my calories, I would be eating 1500 calories everyday. You either count calories or Smart Points. I would much rather count my Smart Points. Going back to the Point system.

I did smart points (beyond the scale) for just under one year (mid-January until it switched over). I lost 78 pounds! Since the switch over I have been up and down the same 2 pounds.... freestyle isn't my style.

I agree that the Freestyle program is not for everyone and WW would be a better company were they to offer Freestyle and the previous Smart Points programs. There are two Facebook groups (Return to 30 Lifestyle and Return to 30 Friends (Point Plus) #returnto30) that focus on going back to the old Smart Points programs. Both groups combined have a membership of over 14,000 people from the US, UK and Canada. So there are a number of people who found themselves afloat when they changed to FS. There are so many who were struggling with overeating zero point foods. On the flip side, people like me were under eating on the program (900 or less calories a day) because of medical, dietary restrictions, allergies, dislike of the zero point foods but trying to stay within 23 points. Add in exercise everyday and it's a whole new ball game. So you are correct, FS is not for everyone.

I too tried the new plan and did not like it. I quit after 3 months. I am now using a program on my Fitbit that tracks my food and exercise.

If Weight Watchers didn’t roll out a new program every year they’d have no income. Who would pay money for something they could do in their sleep if they bought it the first time? That’s what’s going on.

I agree with C. PP was the best plan for me. When they switched to SP, I crashed and burned, much like many are doing with Freestyle now.

I’m doing better on Freestyle, but it is MUCH more restrictive than PP was. Luckily the tweeks that they made have helped. I like eggs, fish, beans and chicken and have the time to cook and experiment because I’m retired. This is not the case for everyone, and this new plan takes a lot of planning and preparation.

Every time WW changes its plan (every 2 years) those of us that have poured our hearts and souls into the current plan get thrown Off course. That’s not a good thing for someone who struggles in the first place.

Maybe some day WW will realize that often current members have been loyal for years and will stick around if given the choice to stay with the plan that has worked for them. Eventually they may even choose to switch to the new plan willingly if their weight loss stalls. It’s not impossible to promote more than 1 plan. That way they would probably even make more money. Wake up, Weight Watchers!

I'm still loving Freestyle. I've been a member since weight watchers first began in the 60's. Lost 125# the 3 try at coming regularly. I've had my ups and my downs but I learned you can make excuses until the cows come home but that isn't going to help. Freestyle says there are this list of 0 point foods but you cannot eat like you used to ever again if you want to keep weight down . Use your heads. 0 points does NOT mean 0 calories. Measure, weigh, and keep track of what you are putting in your mouth and you will do just fine. Keep trudging along. Best wishes to you all.

First of all, I love WW!! I have lost 87 pounds over the last 5 years. I am lifetime now and I have struggled with FS. I think it works great for new members but I know many lifetimer’s who are struggling.

First, I have been 5 years without eating eggs, beans, legumes, corn and peas!! I rarely wanted to waste points on them sine they were high. Now, with my limited points, I’m supposed to eat them daily!! My body is not liking it!! I went back to SP and my 30. I am staying active with WW since I am a lifetimer otherwise, I would be done.

Weight Watchers has always been my ‘go to plan’ for years. I remember when potatoes were not part of the plan. lol. I also remember one of those times when I signed up I struggled with it and ended up quitting. This time (since Jan 15) I find it the easiest plan ever and so far have lost 25 lbs. I don’t attend meetings but have an online membership. I plan to join up for meetings when I’m close to my goal so I can become lifetime. The WW app makes it so easy and I find I’m tracking most days and rolling over points to save for special occasions. I never feel deprived because as they say I can eat anything I want as long as I stay within the points. I generally choose to not eat high point foods unless I’ve saved for a special event. But everybody is different. What works for me may not work for someone else for any number of reasons.

Personally I really enjoy free style. I would suggest simply filling as an optionfor people who don't like it, or they are struggling. I subscribe to a couple of SF Facebook groups, and they have great ideas and recipes. There are a few group members who lost all of their weight doing simply filling. Unfortunately Weight Watchers doesn't really push simply filling, but it is a great program as well. No matter what plan they come up with some people will like it and some won't. I didn't like smart points, and had a great deal of difficulty letting go of points plus. Good luck to all.

I gave Freestyle the college try - I've been doing it for about 6 months. I lost on the first week, then gained 5 pounds the next two weeks. I haven't lost a pound since. I tried mixing things up. I even measured/counted my zero points to make sure I wasn't overeating. I exercised more, drank less (alcohol) results. After beating myself up because the scale wasn't moving and my pants weren't getting looser, I decided this last week to go back to Smart Points. That is where I lost all my weight and got to goal....hoping to see a change at my next weigh-in. Those that are successful on Freestyle - congrats. It just isn't the plan for me.

I honestly do not see the need for any weight loss program like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Seems like a waste of money because ultimately YOU are responsible for the food that YOU put in your mouth. You know what's good for you and what's bad for you. Simply put, eat a balanced, heathy diet.

Freestyle did NOT work for me! I was about 16 pounds from Goal after it rolled out. I was starving and many of the zero point foods were bad for my IBS and would make me sick. I am also diabetic and all those starchy veggies - I coukd only eat SMALL portions! I started gaining on FS and I tried to work it without eating those foods that make me ill. I ended up getting another app and counted my carbs and calories along with the WW app and found that I was only eating 800-900 calories a day! No wonder I was gaining, my body thought I was starving! I ended up changing to Protracker Premium and went back to what worked for me - Smart Points. I had 30 a day when FS rolled out and because of diabetes and a very slow metabolism I rarely ate any weeklies. Now, I’m Lifetime with 110 pounds gone at a current weight of 119, 7 pounds below goal! I eat 34 points a day to maintain and still rarely dip into my weeklies.

I was suspicious of "FREE" foods and rightly so. After following the Freestyle program militantly, I am only down 2.4 pounds after 30 days. I had points left over every week, drank lots of water, and ate small portions. I'm very active doing Zumba, line dancing, and hiking several days a week. I'm so discouraged and frustrated. I have at least 50 pounds to lose to be at what's considered a healthy weight. I eat completely clean. I cook most of my meals using whole foods (always have). Have never been a binger, sweets or snacks eater, and never eat fast foods. Don't drink pop, ever. Decades ago I joined WW with a group of ladies. Everyone lost weight except for me. They all had cheat confessions weekly while I stayed 100% on program. I seriously do not know what it will take for me to lose weight. The only time I've ever lost weight successfully was on Jenny Craig and their food is awful! And they make you eat Cheetos and junk food which I never eat. I will not do that diet again. OK, I'm done venting, thanks for reading and caring.

I started on WW in April 2017. By mid November I had lost 72 lbs. I have a lot to lose and this feeling of success was marvelous! I was so excited! THEN Freestyle began and for the next months (Dec - March) I did not lose one lb. I tried to stay within my points and ate the zero foods. I don't eat much meat at all and no eggs. Freestyle was not for me. I kept gaining and losing the same 1-2 lbs. Guess that's good to maintain BUT I wanted to lose. The WW reps kept telling me to do the plan that worked for me BUT if that's the case I really was not doing WW and why was I paying $45 a month to maintain. I quit WW in April (one year from begin date which according to my calculations on the old plan I should almost be at goal) and am doing the old plan on my own. I bought a scale and weigh myself on Tues am. WW taught me about portion control and how to measure - which I was not too good at on my own. I am sad to leave but really don't feel that anyone cared. There was no follow up survey. Nothing - I feel like WW just wanted my money. Thanks for providing forums to speak out. I think this is good for us. :)

I have been a WW member since 1996 and have been life time twice. I gained about 25 lbs and rejoined 4 years ago I was struggling with the new versions of the plans but stuck it out, until free style came out. I have been struggling since it came out with gaining and losing the same 5 lbs. I quit last sat. I am thoroughly disgusted that they didn't give the members the choice between the smart points and free style. I have had more people I know that have quit and are trying something new. I think they will realize they have lost a lot of their members.

I’ve been suffering with Freestyle since December, and I’m still gaining weight! I lost 20 lbs on the WW Smart Points plan last year, and was always content. I was within 10 lbs of my goal. I gather I’m one of those people who can eat unlimited amounts of the new “zero” foods which are high in protein. Unfortunately they are high in calories as well.

I’m so happy I’m not alone! I’ve downloaded the “iTrackBites” app and will start new tomorrow! Good luck to all! 👍🏼

I rejoined WW just as they were switching to FS, but quit right away, due to lack of time to figure it out. I tried again early in February and I feel like it is working for me, I've lost 26 lbs. I don't go overboard on the free stuff, but I utilize the Flatout brand wraps, which really expands my menu. I use them for turkey/Apple wraps, pizzas etc. I eat, at most 2 pieces of fruit a day, and I found tons of healthy crackers that I eat with Laughing Cow cheese. I typically eat whatever meat I cook for my husband, but weigh an appropriate portion. I avoid starches but add my meat to stir fry veggies. I'm not going to say it's easy but I want to be healthy. I'm tired of aching knees etc. so I'm determined to make this program work.

I still go to WW, but now eat a plant based "diet". I've found that the last few lbs have dropped off easily and I'm eating tons of foods that I love with "cheese sauce" over just about everything, lol. I do know this wouldn't work for everyone and you have to find what works for you. My joint pain has disappeared and my skin looks great. Never going to go back to my old way of eating.

I want to say that I am not a fan of change. Most people aren’t. This is my 3rd time with WW so I have seen a lot of change. The first two times...almost seemed easy. I lost 30 lbs...had to quit...gained it back...joined again...lost 40 and made lifetime. Had to quit again...joined...started losing and then the program changed. I have struggled to lose weight ever since. I’m not going to sit here and kid myself. I probably haven’t embraced this change, which is why the weight is not coming off. Although I can agree to some extent that if it isn’t working for you then you should probably move on. I can also state, for myself, that it’s not the plan that has failed, it’s me! Could WW have “taught” the new plan better and not emphasized “free” so much....yes! I’m not stupid though...calories in are still calories in. As I said in the beginning...nobody likes change, however, I am planning on continuing with WW and build on the things that I have learned....and really try to learn the new WW language and incorporate it into my life. I am the one who is accountable to me. I either commit or excuses! Thank you

I'm a lifetime member since 1988 and I have done all the programs since then and I really found that points plus works for me. It's a choice I made. freestyle I gained 8-lbs

in 4 weeks so starting tomorrow I am back to points plus

I too am a lifelong member of WW and have lost about 20 pounds on the old program. The Freestyle doesn't work for me and I wish they would give you the option to stay where it works best for an individual. I'm maintaining, but not losing.

I have found ZERO success on WW Freestyle. I have been using it since January, and while there have been times I've gone "negative" in points for the week due to say, going out to brunch (an affair that costs 40 points), I have only circled the same 4 pounds, even when I do stick to it for a couple weeks at a time. Prior to WW, I lost 50lbs on my own, just by "watching what I ate" (I am 5'7" and 140lbs now and in my mid 20s).

When I started WW Freestyle, I was working out about 3x a week, and now I work out every day for 30-40 min, doing weights and resistance training 4-5 days a week and cardio the rest. Sticking to my points makes me HANGRY, sometimes even still with using FitPoints, I am constantly hungry. This program is workable if you only workout doing light activity and don't mind eating lean meat and veggies for every meal, or eggs 3x a week or no cheese or you don't make your food with olive oil or butter or sauces or marinades (outside of zero point buffalo sauce), but that's not a workable lifestyle. I work 12 hours shifts at a police dept in a high stress job, and go out to eat a couple times a week with family or friends. I'm finding that I either have to "punish" myself and not eat much the day before or after just to be able to eat some pizza,(in which case I'm even hungrier on those days as well) or I can't join in and need to order a salad or chicken instead.

While I understand that this plan may work a bit better for me if I never "cheated", it's just not realistic or even healthy to find that eating chinese or chocolate or pizza once or twice a week means my next 5 meals have to be two point salads where I'm hungry an hour later.

I have been on the FS program for about 3 mo, I have onlylost 11 lbs. I will lose and gain the same 1.2 lbs, it’s been 3 weeks like this, I work out all the time, I’m very active, I ride my bike, I’m 69, I drink water, I stick to my points. The program works for my husband, he has lost 18 lbs, ( and he has a job where he sits all day) he doesn’t work out, I’m going to give it another 2 weeks, if no result I’m out.

You described how some of us feel about Freestyle, Amy Mariah. By your height and weight I would think you are pretty close to goal so that would make losing those last few pounds harder plus you may be putting on some muscle weight. Look at what you have accomplished! Taking off 50 lbs. on your own is not easy. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do.

Rhonda =

If YOU look at losing weight as a're never going to keep it off.

Unless YOU....change your eating habits...and by that - building your meals around healthier are doomed to not lose.

Its about moderation...You can't have what you want to eat all the time, unless you are going to do hours or aerobic exercise!

So, this week - DRUMROLL - dropped another 2 lbs...

19 weeks total weight loss..... 40.2 lbs!


I do walk away the pounds 5 miles daily!

I use the suggested portion sizes in the WW app. I build my meals around zero point foods!

Its really that easy!

I'm 64 yrs young!

Not loving Freestyle. Almost two months and I’ve had ZERO weight loss. Up 2, down 2. Thats it. Lots of planning. No results. Super frustrating.

Freestyle takes a lot of planning to do. One poster stated that it is a diet because they give you a list of food to eat. Anyone doing WW and only eating from that list of food is not doing the program correctly. They never said to "only eat these foods", they just said you don't have to count points for them. If you only eat those foods, you'll get bored really fast. Another poster stated they are "sick of eggs" - again, why are you eating so many? Because they are zero points? That's not how the program works. I basically plan all my dinners ahead of time and put them in the tracker - I have beef, pork, pasta - whatever I want. I then plan the rest of the day around it, sometimes that includes zero foods, sometimes not - believe it or not, I often have days that there isn't an egg or a piece of chicken on it! And I ofter have rollovers. Planning is the key!

However, I do believe WW needs to be a little more specific with things so people understand better. I think they should do away with the "eat until satisfied, not stuffed" and "you don't have to track, measure or weight your zero foods". Those statements set people up to fail. I also think they should bring back the Good Health guidelines as well.

If you were successful on the old Smart Points program, then continue eating like you did on that. Go into the settings (on website or mobile site), change from losing to maintain and then it will let you set your own amount points for daily/weekly - set them to what they were before the change. Then just create entries for the zero foods you want points for with the nutritional info - it'll give it a point value and then just save it in your favorites.

Basically, you have to find the "diet" that works for YOU. It isn't one size fits all.

As I have posted on Love It or Hate It, (please read) if we keep going to meetings, buying products, and rigging our app to get back 30 points, WW will not feel the dissatisfaction of Freestyle because of THEY ARE STILL GETTING OUR MONEY!! There are alternatives and stop brainwashing yourself that you have to have the meetings, the restrictive maintenance (you have to go to meetings within 2 months or you are charged $14.95) and the almighty charms. Power Points and Smart Points were good plans and you can still get them on other apps like iTrackBites and ProTracker. Think about all the money you are spending to support a mega-company that only gives you two plans, Freestyle and Simply Filling, each having no accountablitity for the amount of food you eat, which is the root of most overeating and overweight people's problem.

I meant to say Points Plus not Power Points.☺️

I've been on Weight Watchers off and on throughout the years enough to know that it is a racket. The change things ON PURPOSE to get you to buy the new accessories (trackers, apps, magazines) etc. that go with it. It' a money making machine and if you happen to lose weight on it, great. If not, well go ahead and switch and pay for the new stuff you may need. It sure sounds good that there are 200 free foods. Looking at the list, most of those are fruits and vegetables...well duh! Yes, advertising is misleading, but that's their game. That being said, I personally wish they would just be clear on how MUCH of the "O" points we can eat, and please, add a point value once that amount is reached. That is straighforward and reasonable.

freestyle is NOT A DIET!!!

WEEK 20 = dropped 2.8 lbs....eating zero point foods, but using the portion sizes recommended in the WW app.

total of 43 lbs since the 1st week in December.

If YOU ARE NOT LOSING....up your aerobic exercise. I do a 5 mile walk away the lbs 6 days a week!

I'm sorry, but it WW is a lifestyle change, then why do people keep going back to it? I joined WW in Jan 2018 and have barely lost any weight. I have been struggling eating enough to not be hungry, and being so sick of eating eggs and chicken. I lost more weight eating plant based and being told to eat unlimited veggies even potatoes and still lost weight. I joined WW hoping not to have to track constantly or worry about how many points eating a potatoes is. I can say Freestyle is not working for me, and I am working the program. But I don't want to have to start the program again in the future if its about life style change.

I’m not loving this free style, I was doing SO well on smart points. And for the past 5 months I have yo-yo’d in the same 3-4 pounds. I even uped my exercise to 100 fp per week, not used all my dailyies or weeklies and I’ve STILL gained 1.5 lbs this week. I’m really really done with it. I’m really upset because I was doing so well on smart points, now? I’m fed up with yo-yoing

Take a look at itrackbites its an app on your phone. There is a charge for it but honestly it is great! It is also so much cheaper then WW but it offers smart points, points plus many of the old ww plans!

I’m new on the freestyle WW but it’s working great for me ( and my husband) Lol! I started on it April 16th and I’m already down 10 pounds!! I have noticed that eating at home is more ideal but it’s healthier anyway! Good luck to everyone out there on their journey of weight loss! I will forever make this a lifetime commitment! Thank you Weight Watchers!!

It is a mis-characterization that 0 point foods aren't going to count against you. Despite efforts to avoid using terms like calories you are likely to load up on these so called 0 pointers and then, dont be surprised if weight goes up. Additionally, if you have decided to undergo a heavy exercise regimen, you can use the old adage that the increase in muscle will count against you in any attempt to lose weight. The body will simply adapt and hold on to every scrap of a calorie it can. The longer you have not been on a diet the more violent the reaction if the body to your new changes. It is ehat it is.

My favorite Weight Watchers program of all time has been the PointsPlus program. This is the one Jennifer Hudson lost all her weight on, and I gratefully lost over 100+ pounds. I have struggled through the years since and have gained 50lbs. over 4 years, however I want to lose the weight but desperately feel like Weight Watchers Freestyle is more strict of a program. The points are so low that I feel forced to eat 0sp foods, however how much meat or beans do you eat everyday. PointsPlus may not have been the healthiest program, but at least we had more variety and could fit in sweets more easily. I am sad, but I will finish my goal and finally lose my 50lbs with Freestyle!

I was a fan of past plans, Points Plus ans Smartpoints. However, Freestyle is a disaster for me. Eating "freestyle" is how I gained the extra weight. I have followed the plan to the letter with negative results. I wish WW gave members a plan choice for those of us that need structure.

I did very well on the Smartpoints.. The Freestyle is not working for me. I definitely need to track points and limit fruits. I will go back to Smartpoints and continue to attend meetings. WW definitely should give clients a choice. Maybe even consider 2 different meetings option.

Since adding the Lose It app to keep track of calories, Im lising weight much more efficitently. There is no such thing as a 0 point food. WW needs to re-evaluate that misleading part of its Freestyle program.

I Definitely agree - Lose it or my fitness pal or spark people help keep you on track.

Agree with George. 0 points does not mean 0 calories. This plan has forced many of us to double-track our food with other apps/methods.

I have been an a WW member, living at goal for six years. I have never struggled like this before! My issue is most certainly NOT over eating zero point foods! I don’t get enough calories. My body is not happy!!! I am a rigid rule follower. When I mentally calculate how many SP I am eating based on the old system, it’s not enough. I shouldn’t be starving on WW. I shouldn’t be forced to eat things I don’t want in order to get enough. I have always been a carb eater, and I have no problem losing/maintaining a healthy with lots of carbs. Why on earth would I have to change that! I have been in LOVE with WW for a longggggggg time. But you know what? It’s not me, it’s WW! We may just have to Go our separate ways, and it’s going to be a messy breakup!

I’m loving it and eating healthier than I have ever eaten in my life. Yes Freestyle can be more work as in cooking real foods but that’s a trade I’m willing to make. I also weigh and measure all foods (just like Smart points) and I track( Just like Smart Points). Freestyle does not mean Free for All. I eat out on occasion and neve friend myself without options since I’m willing to politely request modifications if needed. Down 68.8 and feeling free!

Started on weight watchers smart points program in September. They changed in December to the freestyle. I did really well on smart points lost 33 pounds. Wade has pretty much come to a halt since switching to freestyle. I have talk to weight watchers and asked to go back to the smart points system. They said no. I feel like I’m wasting my money

Well, the good news is, that after switching back to the old SmartPoints plan, I'm finally starting to lose the weight I gained on Freestyle!

I started in November on the old program, I was losing consistently through January/February. It is now May and I have hovered over the same 2 lbs for over 3 months! When freestyle rolled out, I was still losing in the beginning, but my 1-2 lb weekly loss slowed to 0.2-0.4lbs a week until completely stalling end of February. To me, this is NOT working. I want them to give the option of letting us go back to the previous program if we want to. It's horrible going in week after week staying stuck on the same 2 lbs. I have done everything they have suggested and it's not working. I am feeling disheartened and like a failure. I'm only 15 lbs away from goal but just spinning tired getting nowhere!

In 2015 I joined ww at the largest weight that I have ever been. I lost 50 lbs in about 9 mos. on points plus. When the program changed to smart points in 2016, I only lost 5 more lbs then stopped losing. With much frustration of playing back and forth with losing and gaining the same one pound I got tired and gave up! I gradually started gaining it back. Now that I've gained half of it back, trying Freestyle. It's the same. My scale is not budging. Points plus worked better for me because everything was tracked. They need to stop changing this program. Your body gets used to something then they keep changing it. So heartbreaking.

The first time I tried Weight Watchers was nearly 16 years ago. It was SO HARD! I felt hungry all the time, and the thought of eating at a restaurant terrified me (all we could do back then was guesstimate points because no restaurant publicized nutrition info). We used manual electronic calculators or the free cardboard slider calculators, and tracked EVERYTHING on paper notebooks. It would never work in today’s world, but in 2002, the plan gave me the food science education of a lifetime. It was an inconvenient plan, but I lost about 40 pounds in 4 months.

Flash forward to 10 years later. I had gained all the weight back, plus an extra 40 pounds, and decided to try Weight Watchers again. I tried Points Plus and then Smart Points. For whatever reason I was never successful on PP, but found success on SP. I lost 50 pounds, and then one day I just stopped. I had become obsessed with WW, and felt like my world revolved around food and exercise. My mind needed a rest, but I hadn’t changed my lifestyle so of course I gained it all back.

In January of 2018 I tried Free Style, and for me it was a game changer!!! The breakthrough came when I went off plan for 7 weeks and only gained 1.8 pounds. I ate whatever I wanted in those 7 weeks, and did not weigh myself. You know what this made me realize? I actually CHANGED MY LIFESTYLE. I’ve lost 28 pounds, and this feels like the EASIEST plan I’ve ever been on. I can finally see myself eating like this for life. I eat out probably 7-9 times a week, and I don’t track 0 point foods (but I have all that old head knowledge about portion sizes). I have read through most of the comments, and I sincerely believe that the Free Style plan is not working for some people. I wish WW would support loyal members by allowing them to follow whatever program worked best for them!! Keep persisting, and I hope you find your breakthrough plan that changes your lifestyle.

I started Weight Watchers last year and went up and down on Smart Points but over time began to lose, albeit slowly, because the plan helped me learn to eat better, know what a portion was, and do more exercise. Even those weeks that I didn't lose I felt good because I was still trying in some way and I could definitely lose when I was near my 30 points. Then came Flex. The points are way too restrictive. I had nothing left after lunch because I like to use whole milk in my coffee and eat peanut butter on celery or a piece of whole grain bread. I gave up tracking and started to eat based on what I had learned from the Smart Points program and lost 20 lbs over 3 months. I decided I would go back and start tracking again, because it is useful to see how much you are eating. I put in breakfast and lunch and had 1 point left for dinner. This is incredibly discouraging for me. If I had had my 30 points I would still have had 8 for dinner and felt great and motivated. Losing weight is an emotional thing for many people. I didn't like going over 30 points but I would be starving at 23. I think they should let you change your points if you want to, so you can go back to 30. I quit the program today and will have to keep tracking on my own. I left a long comment in the cancellation section letting them know how I felt about their new program.

@Catherine Did you try Simply Filling? I can't do it because if you tell me I can eat as much as I want, I'll eat too much. I keep thinking about trying it though. But a lot of members have success. Good luck!!

I have been doing the freestyle for 5 weeks and been up and down with my weight but total i have only lost 1.8 lb the other plan i lose 57 lbs i stop doing weight watchers for a few months and came back to the new freestyle and it sucks .how can we go back to the other plan. If nothing can be done I will be canceling..

Does anyone use ProTracker to track their food on the old Smart Points system?

Yes. I successfully use Portracker on the Smart option. It runs $25/year. I also belong to a Facebook group called Return to 30 Lifestyle. It is a group that follows the old SmartPoints program

I use Itrackbites and do the smart points from last year. I really like it, it even has the healthy guidelines you can check off.

I was on WW points plus, and they changed the program as I was three months in. I quit, because it was so frustrating dealing with the change in points. I joined again this March, and love freestyle. I am down 21 pounds, and I'm really having an easy time. I hope they don't change it again!

The first month i lost 8 lbs but have not lost in the past month. I eat 3-4 servings fruit a day but dont use the weekly bonus points at all. I had gastric bypass 8 years ago so i dont eat large quanities but with a change of jobs put on 18 lbs in 2 years and had to do something so i tried ww. I like the plan but am discouraged.

I started WW 3 weeks ago. I was hesitant to join, but was convinced it would be easy to do. It is not easy, the time and effort I am putting into it is not worth the small amount of weight I have lost. Also, forget enjoying a nice weekend away because eating at restaurants is horrible even though you walk 20000 steps that day. They convinced me to join for 3 months but I will be cancelling it as soon as I can.

Hi I lost a TON of weight on POINTS PLUS...I am talking over 80lbs, then they switched to SMART POINTS, I wasn't happy, and the losing became more like maintaining but not making anymore progress...then FREESTYLE came and I gained, gained 30+ pounds! I am so disappointed in Weight Watchers for changing this program AGAIN, which means ALL NEW POINTS, ALL NEW FOODS, ALL NEW RECIPES, great way to make money but a poor way to treat the people who need this. I need POINTS PLUS, it literally was the best plain because if you wanted a COOKIE or a DRINK it was totally okay and guess what you still lost weight. Now it's so restrictive when you have the cookie or drink it's like you feel guilty because it ate up so many points. And if you eat your weeklies, you definitely wont lose, with all the "ZERO" point foods, remember people, those foods still have CALORIES, so now a cup of fat free refried beans are ZERO???? Well in Points Plus and Smart Points they were 4 pts, now imagine you are eating that multiple times a week, so how many "ZERO" points are you REALLY consuming, gee wonder why so many people are GAINING again :( It's just very disappointing when the other programs worked, and it would be hard to go back and figure it out on your own because you would literally have to recalculate ALL the foods to fit those plans. Shame on Weight Watchers.

i think the new freestyle is for people who dont have a problem with portion sizes (and i think they didnt foresee that) which is why when they tested it out on coaches it didnt cause a problem as they have trained over the years to eat certain portion sizes. where as some of us DO have a problem with portion sizes

Yes, very much agreed! Whether losing weight or not on FreeStyle (which by the way is very sloooowww on Freestyle for me), Weight Watchers is all ABOUT MONEY MONEY MONEY. They always have been. They are constantly tweeking this or that, changing programs, etc, all which generate new products, accessories, etc. to buy to get your MONEY. This is disgusting.

Hi Brianna, I want to tell you about itrackbites it is an app that you can download on your phone. I also was a ww member for almost 20 yrs and recently quit this past Feb. I am so disgusted also with the way they keep changing the plans and to me it seems like to make more money and not help people lose weight. I have downloaded itrackbites and love it! It has the points plus, flex, smart points and now freestyle. They have a community page that you can use for support. I hope you look into the app and find it as wonderful as I do. Good luck to you!

I absolutely hate the WW FS program. I want my smartpoints back. It just doesn't work for me, period. I lost 25 pounds on the smart points system, and can't seem to get onboard the freestyle version. I quit WW about a month ago. I wish they would have given the members a choice... if they wanted to stick with SP or go to FS.

I wanted to switch back to Smart Points after a year with WW, because Freestyle has been a nightmare for me. I downloaded the “iTrackBites” app and paid the annual fee for basic service (I still am paying for the basic online WW too!) I didn’t have much luck. I found that finding the points for foods was very challenging. Sometimes I couldn’t find things at all. So now I’m improvising using both apps. Am I doing something wrong with iTrackBites? The only times I didn’t struggle with using the app was after I had created and saved recipes (which is very time consuming).

I did weight watchers about 12 years ago. This was before Freestyle or Smart Points. Just plain old points, with a slide rule thing to do the calculation. Was very successful for me. My weight loss was immediate and steady - 2-3 lbs a week typically. I lost about 45 pounds over the course of 4 or 5 months. Wonderful!

So a decade and change of sloppy habits later, I've packed the weight back on. I am one week into FreeStyle. Last time I did weight watchers was before smartphones, and I have to say the WW app is great. It's especially nice scanning barcodes in the supermarket before you buy. However, in my first week I gained almost a pound. The hell? I think the "free" foods are BS, especially fruit. Yes fruit is good for you but (news flash!) it's also packed with sugar.

For fun, I've looked up the nutritional value of my common "free" foods and plugged them into "my foods" to create new items with the actual point values. In doing so, I learned that a "free" banana is actually 5 points, an egg is 2, an apple is 4, 4 oz of chicken breast is 1 point, and so on. Made a spreadsheet with my correction factors, and what do you know? In my first week I ate 64 points worth of "free" foods. No wonder I gained weight.

I prepaid for three months, so I'm in it for that, but going forward I will now use the actual point value of everything I eat - no free foods - and see how that works out for me.

I just cancelled. No luck whatsoever on Freestyle since I began.

Weight Watchers most certainly *is* a diet... call it a "lifestyle" to make yourself feel better about it, but it doesn't change the truth.

Any approach that restricts or limits - whether it's calories, fat grams, carbohydrates or actual acceptable foods or amounts - is a DIET.

I quit WW several months ago. My subscription to WW magazine hasn't run out so I still receive it. I was impressed in the July/Aug issue on pg 6 Oprah writes she found it very hard to adjust from 30 points to 23. So kudos to her for at least saying that Freestyle is not an easy diet. She does say that she has finally found her rhythm. People do make Freestle work. I'm not one of them. I don't think counting points for the rest of my life whether on Points Plus, Smart Points or Freestyle is going to be the answer for me. I would encourage everyone to read the book Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MD. If you wonder why you can't lose weight this book will tell you why. It's all about what we eat and when we eat that pushes the insulin button to make us fat.

I see that when people are defending this program they are saying that you have to use common sense and just not over eat, the problem is that, that, is not the problem for all of us. some of us prefer the smart points program because we tend to under eat. now I used to under eat by eating all the wrong foods and would gained weight . I’ve learnt not to eat the wrong foods. The problem is I tend to not eat enough . I need the points to know when to eat more ! You can’t lose if you under eat either.

I do wish WW would leave both options available for us to choose.

I lost 48 pounds on Points Plus. Then they switched it to freestyle. Nobody said anything about portion control at any meeting I attended. I gained 7 pounds in the first week. I gained more weight the next week. Again I stated that I did not think this was for me. Don't tell me I can eat unlimited amounts of fruits and chicken I will eat until I am satisfied and eat an entire Costco chicken. WW told me well you are supposed to use portion control. I asked her to show me in the new literature where it says anything about portion control with free foods. Also, it is misleading to say "unlimited." I called WW to cancel my membership and explained why I was canceling. They said to try it for another month for free which I did and they were quick to charge my account again for the next month.. I am sorry I let the woman change my old plan to the new one on my phone. I was doing so well on the plan last year. I went from a size 18-1X to a 10-12 in 2017. Now I have lost the 12 pounds I gained with the new plan but not an ounce more since I now started cutting back on portions of "free" food. I have stayed the same weight I was in January 2018. WW said "At least you did not gain," I wish I could use my old information on my phone with the WW ap but they cannot switch it back. Six months later I will pull out my books and counter from last year. I was happy, satisfied and losing weight slowly but surely without feeling deprived. I agree with a post above me that WW could offer members to be on either plan that worked for them. We are all individuals. I fell like I have an eating disorder on the new plan because I have to starve myself to have points for other times and that just does not feel right to me. Last year I had 30 points plus the extra points and this year it is only 23 points to start. If I eat the same I use up more points than they say I can have. The same items of food ate last year are more points this year. I don't get support at the meetings for how I am feeling and also feel like an outsider listening to them all discuss how happy they are as they exchange recipes I cannot use. I have health situations that prevent me from using many of the condiments people seem to love. For example, I am allergic to cilantro and pineapple. I have a severe hiatal hernia so I cannot have spicy food and cannot use all of those spices. I have a liver problem and my doctor told me to never use artificial sweetener of any kind I may as well eat plastic as far as my liver is concerned. I can't drink alcohol he said that is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Limit red meat, spinach is high in iron, carrots have a lot of vitamin A, all hard on the liver. I have arthritis and stay away from the nightshade family (potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, etc,) and no grapefruit due to medications. Why do I have to change what worked? The new WW reminds me of the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet I have been on. Both are DIETS, not a lifestyle change.

I LOVE freestyle. It's NOT a diet but a lifestyle change that you can live with year after year! Every person is different with weight loss and it's true on WW you just have to find what works best for you personally. Thankfully they give room to play with your points to see what works best for you. I feel amazing and have so much energy following these guidelines.

I’ve been on the free style program for three weeks and have only lost one pound. Very discouraging. I feel that the WW app should add points to their “0” point foods if one consumes more than the “serving size”. If three ounces of chicken breast is zero points, then eight ounces should be more. Obviously, the weight watcher consumer has issues with portion control, so they should help us be more attentive to that!

I just recently started freestyle a month ago and I loved it at first. Now I am getting frustrated because I feel like I'm not losing weight. I go up and down on the scale. I do know now after reading all the comments that I need to track everything that goes in my mouth and not figure it's free so I can eat as much as I want. I too have fought weight my entire life. I've done every diet you can think of. I recently went back to Weight Watchers because I've done it in the past and it does work. I'm 58 years old and I get so tired of dieting. I like the idea of free food on freestyle but free isn't free... I keep telling myself the reason I'm doing this and paying this monthly fee is to lose weight not to pig out on freestyle.

I agree with you 100% about- if you ate Over the serving size a point or so should be added. If you ate 3 chicken breasts, those calories are not equal to 1. I'm sure you understand what I mean. You made a lot of sense. Thanks.

Weight Watchers Simple Start/Simply Filling is a great program (it worked for "me" personally) ... there are no points to be counted and the foods from the list keep me satisfied all day. I personally have always had success with the Simple Start/Simply Filling plan! Not only did I lose the LBS, my cholesterol went down. I am an "old school" Weight Watchers Lifetime Member since 2003 (hence it definitely is "a lifestyle change" for me- because I'm still at it; I always "come back" to WW)... My first journey with Weight Watchers was with the Winning Points Program. That is the only other (WW) program that has personally worked for me. Well there's my two cents ;) Best wishes to you all! We got this!

My only problem with Simply Filling is everything that should be a fat is fat free, most of these foods are so altered that they fit into the category of being fake foods. I know you can use your extra points for fats (how many actually do?) and you have 2 tsp of healthy fat that is free but I don't believe that is enough. Healthy fats are a must for healthy skin, hair, satiety, and good poops. You can eat a large, delicious salad but if you don't eat it with a respectable amount of oil you will be hungry in 2 hours and your body will not be able to use most of the nutrients in the vegetables. WW is not an authority on healthy eating and now with Freestyle they are not an authority on weight loss either.

Good to know! However, I like the "idea" of the flexplan and will continue to attempt to succeed. But, it would be a good idea for Weight Watchers to place the effort into adding points to each zero food item if we indulge more than the "serving size". Eating an entire chicken breast or having two oranges instead of one shouldn't be classified as zero points. Adding points to your zero point items over the serving size should be a fairly simple process.

I've been googling "Freestyle problems" to see what people were thinking of the program ever since they brought it up, since it's what made me quit WW. I had been an active WW member since 2005, when I'd easily and happily lost 60 pounds on the original Points program (the one with points calculated with calories, fat and fiber). I had regained the weight after a couple of years, and repeatedly rejoined through Points Plus (which was not great for me) and Smart Points (which was a bit better). When I came back this time I took one look at Freestyle and ran for the hills: it simultaneously looked much too restrictive (mostly eat these 200 foods) and not informative enough (because you're not counting point on the 'free' foods you have no idea how much you're eating). It was a recipe for disaster, not weight loss.

After thinking it over I high-tailed it to My Fitness Pal -- which is extraordinarily helpful and free into the bargain. I'm down 40 pounds since February and I can eat what I want at my own pace. 30 pounds left to go, and then a helpful and useful maintenance program with quite a bit of support.

I have been on various forms of WW before, but the last time I tried it a few years ago, I actually gained weight. I think because I had been on a low carb diet and lost weight and once I started eating fruit and other carbs, it didn't work for me.

I joined again at the end of February and have been eating based on Freestyle So far, I have lost 21 lbs. It is slow, I admit, but it is doable for me because I can see myself eating this way for a lifetime. But I am a meat and fruit eater so those are the things I naturally want to eat anyway. What I try to do is eat zero point items during the day so that when I get home from work I can eat what my husband has cooked or we can agree on something without me having to worry so much about points. I try to save my weekly points for weekends as well because I'm not always as good about keeping track as I am during the week. I find daily points plus some weekly points on one weekend day is a lot of points! So it gives me a lot of leeway. I've been really surprised by how many points some things are - particularly sandwiches - and how few others are. Because I prefer not to eat a lot of bread anyway, having to cut sandwiches out or use wraps or something is not a big deal for me, but I can understand how it would be for others. I am a little disappointed by how slow my weight loss has been but I know this isn't a quick fix so hopefully it will last longer. Plus, I still like to eat some things that aren't all that good of choices a couple times a week, like chocolate and potato chips. I do count them on my points, but they probably do slow me down a bit, but if it makes it easier to live with, then I think that's a good thing.

I'm leaning toward the hate it camp. I did WW in 2005 and lost a 98 pounds. It was challenging but I could eat out. The Freestyle frustrates me. I fee like I'm stuck eating the same five things all the time. I have to eat mostly free stuff all day so I can have one meal with food I at least like. And I only like about five of the free items anyway. Chicken is fine but I don't want it more than once a week. Fish is not a favorite but I can suck it up and eat it once a week. But on this plan I'm having chicken five to 8 times a week if you count all meals. And fruit... I can't eat veggies at work. They give me stomach upsets that I do not want to share. So end up with fruit at work. I am so sick of fruit. It is one of the few things I can snack on free at work when I don't have a stove. I'm frustrated and I'm ALWAYS HUNGRY on this.

I started WW-FS on May 28. I lost 10 lbs fairly quickly but now it's an ounce here, an ounce there. Not good enough, especially since I've been committed to the plan without cheating! I'm thinking about switching to MFP or going back to Smartpoints.

I lost 25 pounds on the Smart Points program about a 1 1/2 years ago. I quit smoking in November and had some thyroid issues at the beginning of the year. While I'm thrilled I'm not smoking and the medical issues were resolved, I gained about 15 lbs back. Ugh!! When I rejoined WW, Freestyle was the new program. I am not a fan. I haven't been able to loose anything and there are weeks I actually gain a pound. I am trying to stay optimistic but between the metabolism changes from no nicotine and the new program I am so frustrated. I'm not sure what to do next...Any suggestions?

Join the Facebook group: Return to 30 Lifestyle (The Plan That Works). It’s a group of 14K+ people who follow the old SmartPoints program by hacking the WW app or use a third party app. So much support and help there to do the program that works for you.

I joined WW in Jan 2018 and lost 30 pounds from Jan to April. May and June-up and down the same 1-2 pounds. I was getting the blue dots every day and rarely used my weeklies. For July I have lost 1 pound-and this was mostly off plan! I am tired of being constantly hungry, cold and depressed. I think weight watchers is too low in fat for me. I have a lot of weight to lose and this slow down should not be happening this early in my weight loss journey. Do not like freestyle at all!

I'm new to weight watchers... Joined in June and in the first 3 weeks I lost nearly 11 lbs... In the next 3 weeks I have not lost an ounce. I went so far as to buy a new battery for my scale because it's crazy. I stay within my points daily and have only gone into my weeklies once by something like 5 or 6 points. I love the fact that I am never hungry and the options are vast but this makes no sense. I know as fact that I am eating less calories than pre-WW where I could eat half an Entenmann's cake over the course of a day or a jelly donut for breakfast with my extra large coffee w/ tons of cream. I now eat max 2 pieces of fruit a day (usually a banana and peach or peach and cherries). Prior to WW I was not a fruit eater. Some have told me I possibly need to eat more to lose so I upped it a bit which made no difference. Then one day I ate 2 slices of pizza to try to confuse my body, made no difference. I then added My Fitness Pal to track calories and I am eating between 975-1200 calories a day all-in including zero point foods. Considering what I was eating pre-WW there's no questions I should be losing weight. I have 45 lbs to lose, I simply don't get it.

This is exactly my story too. Ive lost 13 pounds since march but now go up and down weekly. Its a healthy diet i can live with but i still have 6 lbs to lose. Ive had gastric bypass years ago so only eat small quantities but when the scales tipped 20 extra lbs after taking a desk job i had to try something. Im thinking of going back to calorie counting.

I agree that it was a mistake for Weight Watchers to drop SmartPoints completely, rather than let it run as an option along the new Flex system. I contacted head office when I noticed the changes in my points as I'd had no forewarning from them about this. They said the new approach was to give people more options with a hybrid no choice and points plan. I know someone dieting with slimming world who says that this now sounds very similar to her program. So it seems that this was more a marketing ploy more than anything else.

I was successfully losing weight with SmartPoints but started putting it back on with Flex. I'm pretty much throwing money away now on Weight Watchers. Thanks for the details on alternative SmartPoints apps. Will give those a go and use the money I save for a pampering treat.

they should count points for EVERYTHING..if something isn't truly "free" it should be stated as such.The whole point of the point system is to teach you portion control. If I have to figure out portion control on my own then why should I be be paying weight watchers?? time to change the program

WW is the only way to go but freestyle is not for me or many others. Why doesn’t ww increase the points for any zero foodies over the portion size. If we were self disciplined we wouldn’t need weight watchers. I’m desperate to get back on smart points. I felt much more free on that program and am annoyed I don’t get to choose.

Which plan on itrackbites is the most like smart points

I thought I was the only person having trouble with Freestyle, I’m so glad I found this article. I lost 20 pounds alone, then 55 pounds with the SmartPoints plan from June 2017 to Dec 2017. That’s when Freestyle started and my weight loss stopped. I understand the plan is made to make you stay hyper-aware of what you’re eating because zero points is a total misnomer, but I do not have time for all that. I want to be given an allotment, track exactly what I eat, and stop when I hit the limit. I understand I could just calorie count but I was doing so well on Smart Points, I guess I got attached to that initial success. But it’s been 9 months now, I feel that I’ve given Freestyle a good try, I have adjusted a zillion little things trying to get it to work and all I hear on WW Connect is how I must not be working the plan correctly, but I just want to track what I eat and hit a goal. I prefer healthy food anyway, but right now I 100% feel like I’m on a diet. I want the previous plan back so I will be using another app to do that. Wish WW would give me the option to return to what worked for me. Thanks for this article and all of the comments, I was starting to feel crazy for not being able to work this new plan!

I have complained about WW for years, have joined intermittently every 10 years or so, but never lost weight. The reason I never lost weight was because I was always starving on the program, and couldn't stick to it because of that. Telling me, a chronic overeater, to fill up on veggies was stupid......if I wanted to do that, or was able to mentally do that, I wouldn't have gained weight in the first place. Recently, I decided to stop complaining, and give WW a fair try. I vowed to stick to the program and see what happened. I paid for 3 months in advance, and faithfully stuck to the new Freestyle program perfectly for a week. Result.....I GAINED 3 lbs!!!! Even if I hadn't done everything perfectly, going from eating 4,000 calories a day to eating 2,000 a day on WW, I should have lost 4 lbs. ( Based on a decrease of 3500= one pound loss). Nope. I gained. I soldiered on, and stuck to it for another week. I lost one pound. So basically, in two weeks, I have gained two pounds. Yes, I figured out that zero points doesn't mean zero calories, so I no longer fill up on fruit when I am hungry. What I have basically lost is $114. WW doesn't work for everyone. Significantly reducing calories works. I don't need to pay WW to teach me that I can't eat unlimited anything.

I lost about 20 lbs on WW but gained 9 back after they implemented Freestyle. It simply does not work for me because I love my few glasses of wine each evening and adore rice (because my favorite foods go with it -Indian, Thai, sushi). Plus I work out a lot, so my 23 points just could not cover me. Not if I actually logged the wine and rice, anyway! I quit and now do My Fitness Pal. I log my rice and wine each morning and am still left with 1000 calories, which I add to with exercise. And for me it works- am actually losing weight again, 1 to 1.5 lbs per week.

I also quit & am having better results logging in daily with My Fitness Pal.

Wow! I can really really relate to this post and this is absolutely the thing that happened to me. Great review! Thanks for this. You made my day.

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So, I am thinking of getting this red tea detox for my mother together with some light exercises at home that I could recommend for her. Do you think this is really good? Hoping for your answer soon! Thanks again. - Felina

After my disastrous first two weeks of gaining weight while following the program perfectly, I logged onto the WW forums. What I found were a MULTITUDE of videos by WW members telling us......Well, we didn't really mean you could eat zero point foods to take away your hunger. What I took away from all of these videos was what I had suspected from the beginning. WW freestyle is a scam, a brilliant marketing ploy to get your money. Every time you complain about gaining weight on the program, a dedicated WW leader or member tells you to stop eating too many portions of freestyle foods. They really meant you can only have one serving. If that doesn't work, they then tell you not to eat that particular freestyle food at all. And finally, in the end, what works is what anyone who has ever tried to lose weight already knows......small portions of lean meat, low calorie green vegetables and or salads for meals. VERY LIMITED starchy vegetables, and VERY LIMITED low glycemic fruit. Period. End of story. If you think you can eat unlimited starchy vegetables, chicken, GRAPES,oranges, and eggs, you have been duped, and not only are not going to lose weight, you are going to GAIN. And rollovers? Saving points for that special weekend dinner out......the biggest scam ever. Unless you eat a salad with no dressing, you are going to gain weight in a restaurant. No matter what the menu says, the food is LOADED with salt, fat, and carbs. Freestyle actually recommends Carrabas' Chicken Marsala, my favorite restaurant meal. I ate HALF their portion, and by the time I got home, I couldn't bend my fingers, they were so swollen from all of the sodium in the meal. WW Freestyle hawkers are master marketers. Once they get you into the program, they eke out the truth bit by bit. There is an awful lot of......Well, we didn't really mean you could eat that. Well, we didn't really mean you could eat more than one serving of a zero point food. Well, basically we didn't really mean anything except we want your money.

On the positive side.....yes, even I can see one....the WW app is excellent at making you aware of the high point values (calories) of foods you thought you could eat. The bar code scanner is a brilliant tool. It has made me return many items to the shelf that I used to eat freely. Unfortunately, when your payment plan is up, the app shuts down.

My best bet is that by January 2019,WW will come out with ANOTHER new plan.

From your mouth to God's ears!

@manona..... does that include the ham sandwich i just ate?

I'm a Weight Watchers Life member at goal. I would gain weight so fast it is not funny if I didn't count the "free foods" on the new plan. I want to be a fan of Weight Watchers but I just can't, any more. They change the plan every year due to marketing more than science. I even argued with a leader over this once. she said it was the science, not marketing. Good to believe in what you do, but that is why I can't be a Weight Watchers leader. I saw her out and about recently. I believe she got fired for not staying at her goal. (Of course I don't know if she went off plan completely, or actually gained following their plan).

I would not follow the latest plan since I know it is not best for me. And really, if you have been maintaining for years, and are healthy, why on earth would you change at the yearly whims of Weight Watchers? At the very least they should allow you to say you like the old plan and keep giving you the tools to support your plan.

Science has not changed drastically in 50 years. Calories still count (and those free foods are not calorie free). I first joined WW in the early 80s. It was mostly an exchange program for every meal. If you followed it, you would be eating healthy meals, controlling calories, and losing weight. The original points plans that followed were okay, but I think many people thought that was bad because you could theoretically eat nothing but cookies but as long as the points were at your target that was fine. I never tried that but you would probably lose weight on the cookie diet, until you got so unhealthy you either die, or just can't stand it any more and eat other stuff. But I will say that Weight Watchers has always promoted healthy eating and never endorsed a "cookie diet."

The fact that you gained weight on the new program, after having lost on the old program, validates my point that it is just a marketing ploy. They have to attract new members( not just rely on returning members) in order to make money.

To see if I was right about the new plan,yesterday, I ate all of my points as healthy meals. I snacked only on the lowest calorie, smallest portions zero point foods. At the end of the day, I calculated the calories with the WW app. I had eaten 1300 calories. Very respectable amount, and conducive to losing. HOWEVER, I then calculated how many calories I would have eaten if I had filled up on zero point chicken, eggs, and fruit for snacks. Which is very easy to do if you are starving. It came to almost 1000 calories MORE than 1300. Proved my point foods is a marketing ploy. You may be able to eat ONE serving of a zero point food for a snack, but it better be vegetables, and not a chicken breast. Not fruit, either, because most fruits are full of sugar. I completely agree with you that WW should support the old program of points for everything. They are alienating millions of people for whom the new plan does not work.

Well I liked the smart points program and was quite successful. Still had weight to lose when they switched to freestyle. Sounded good but it didn't work for me. I've been floundering for months now and for a while I just gave up. Gained some weight back and now I'm wondering what my next steps are going to be. I was confident with smart points - I followed the program and I lost weight. Now I have not confidence in freestyle or myself. This yearly switching is really just a marketing ploy - they need to advertise a new and improved diet plan. Wish they would consider grandfathering in everyone else. After all the program is completely computer based. Can't be that difficult to give people choices. Program could be set up online to accommodate if you'd like to be on the smart points plan, or the freestyle or whatever plan you want. Think they would blow their competition out of the water.

I have not had success with the FreeStyle program. I had lost 38 pounds on the Smart Points program and started gaining on the FreeStyle program. I want to go back to the old program, as that is what worked for me. Wish WW would give us an option as they had in the past when they changed programs and people chose to stay on the old program. Very frustrating. I am feeling very defeated!

As a guy, I find attending groups quite intimidating sometimes as there aren’t many other guys, but in comparison between Slimming World and Weight Watchers, SW seems to be the only one that works.. The SW groups are friendly, the group leaders are friendly and welcoming. Whereas WW, I seemed to be scorned at for not staying for groups, and everyone seemed considerably less friendly. Maybe it’s just my area or whatever, but the difference was noticeable straight away.

On WW, I have to measure my pasta, weigh my meat and track my ‘0% fat’ yoghurts, and yet after 3 months, I’ve lost 6lbs. Whereas on SW, all pasta meat was free (properly cooked of course), I could eat my body weight in 0% or sugar free drinks and yoghurts and I lost 3-5lbs a week consistently.. SW also has frozen meals which are free of syns, and they’re delicious! WW meals taste artificial and are very high in points.

WW is seems like it should work better, but it doesn’t..

If you haven’t tried SW, you should.

As a long time WW member (lifetime member since 1985), I have been through the many variations of WW. I have fallen off the wagon a few times due my becoming complacent but I never feel as good as when I eat properly. I started freestyle 3 weeks ago with 60 pounds to lose that I gained back over the last 10 years. I LOVE it - the 0 point food, the app and the scan facility. I am down 9.6 lbs. That being said portion control is still important because 0 points doesn't mean you can eat any amount.

I lost weight on the old Points Plus system, but have not lost any on free style after 3 weeks. I already didn't like it because it is too similar to south beach with the zero point foods, but figured, hey, if it works I'll give it a go. Actually though, as everyone has said above, you really can't count the zero point foods as zero. And if you can't really count them as zero, what is the point of this new system? Make them points accountable, maybe zero for 3oz serving of chicken, but 3 pts for an 8oz serving. On the app though, you can eat 16 oz and its still zero. Would it be so hard to adjust this? I'm giving it one more week, but I'm thinking I'm just going to do South Beach, which is harder, but it really does work, and I"m halfway there already! Frustrated...

I have tried Weight Watchers off and on for many years. I think the Smart Points worked better for me but overall I have really never been successful with this program especially with Freestyle. I would love to find a program where I can be successful.

Been on FreeStyle since the end of January. Have lost 17 pounds in all that time (it's October now). This is very very slow.


Sorry for my english, I am french.

I have tried WW on 2017 for 2 months and did not lost a pound. My doctor said it was normal, I have a big hypothyroidism.

Now my treatment is good, I decided to try again WW a month ago. I did not even lost a gram. My weight is exactly the same.

Every bite of food i put into my mouth, i write it down on my WW app.

How is that possible? 3 of my friend lost 20 pounds!

Today, I am going on a different diet. But I really did like this diet which is very healthy.

I eat healthy to begin with, but when you I can eat ALL I WANT??? Well f**k me. I eat a box - yes A BOX - of clementines at a time. A BAG of grapes... etc etc. No wonder my weight has gone up!!

I saw the program work wonders for my family, so I switched from tracking macros (which sucks) since it was so easy! But truth? If you are already healthy and just monitoring your food- THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!!

I lost 90 lbs in 2017 on the smart points plan and when the plan changed to the freestyle, i have lost nothing. I need more discipline and structure and prefer the old 30 smart points plan. We are all different. Our bodies react differently. WW should give us the choice of which plan we would like to continue with. If they don’t change and do not listen to what their customers want, I will not be staying on board with them.

Thankful for this article & signed up right away on iTrackBites, thank you so much! I've been hoping for something like this. I am one who easily lightened up on Smart Points (40lbs), but only maintained on Freestyle, even though I still weight 222lbs. I feel a renewed hope now!

Thank you, everyone, for such valid comments, you have helped me to feel included. A week ago I joined WW (again, have been with WW off and on since the 70s). I am totally frustrated with FS. I did lose 2.6 first week, but that is because I only had 12-19 of the 23 points and realized quickly that this zero business is quackery. I have spent HOURS trying to figure out these "Zero points," and they make absolutely no sense. Like several of you have mentioned (I read every comment here!!) we really can't believe zero points, as in eating chili with zero points turkey, beans(3 zero kind) and tomatoes is a complete dieter's dream. In my world on SP this is around 5-9 points!! I love chili and was really excited to have zero points chili HA! until the next morning I was so swollen up from the salt and my stomach stuck out to Norway from all the gas. I didn't dare weigh that day. At the meeting I asked about pineapple in its own juice--supposedly zero, and I said how can that be with 15 gr of sugar? The leader and some members said, "Oh no, you can't have any of the juice, that is not zero." I thought I had made a mistake so I kept quiet but felt stupid for asking. When I got home I looked at the WW info and yes, fruit in a can with no added sugar is zero. I looked at the pineapple and it said "in its own juice." The ingredients also said pineapple in its own juice. At the meeting the leader showed us a can of pea soup that when counted with our SP calculator would be 4 points but with your phone is zero. "Use your phone," she said, "this soup is zero." Arrrrrrgh. No, this soup is a recipe for weight gain, is what I wanted to say, but kept quiet.

I paid for three months and be darned if I am not going to ride this out. But I have thrown out the whole concept of FS. The leader said "Nothing is free, it is zero." I wanted to say, "Well if the price on a cup of coffee at the gas station is zero on Tuesdays, isn't that free? Again, I kept quiet. But I was quite frustrated. Like someone else here said, she wants to know how to calculate zeros, how much zero chili can one have before it is 2-3-4-or 9 points? If so much of this FS is complicated, deceptive, and is causing so much strife, we just need to use WW for what we can get--support of others--and go with our own calculations. If it seems too good to be true it is. Once upon a time we could not even have a banana, now bananas are zero? Crazy. We old timers know a trick when we see one and FS is a trick in my view. Good wishes to all, and I am glad that FS is working for some people. It seems it does not work at all for most of us and we have to resort to our own devices (pun intended!). Best wishes to everyone for success in all the coming weeks.

Very well put. WW is and has always been conning the masses. You are right in speaking the obvious. The bottom line is anytime you restrict your diet in any way you will lose weight, if you burn or calories than you take in. All they are trying to do is make their program sound appealing by changing it to appear less restrictive.

I have given this almost a year. I am beyond frustrated. Up until September I had a very stressful job and wasn’t able to find time to get in cardio exercise more than once or twice a week, although I usually walked each day. I rejoined WW in January and in those first 8 months I lost 8 pounds. Since September 1stI have been at the gym every day and continued my prior WW habits - tracking every day, not eating too much fruit, going to meetings, etc. As of the day before Thanksgiving I lost a whopping 2 pounds - finally hitting 10 pounds for the year. I enjoyed Thanksgiving- tracked it as 100 points - could have been more or less but it was just one meal. Regular meals for all other meals but dinner and right back to normal Friday morning. Today, Saturday, is my weigh in day. I am up 5 pounds! How is that even possible? Of course some will be fluid retention ( I hope). In previous conversations with my doctor she just tells me to have patience. I am not on my last few pounds - I still have 20 to the top of the WW range and had hoped to get to 10 pounds below that. I am 60 so I know menopause messes with weight loss but this is so much effort for almost no result. Any and all suggestions welcome. I feel like I have tried everything- more water, varying point usage, adding more healthy fats, etc.

I am having great success with Freestyle and I loose about 1-1/2 pounds or more per week. Even when I think I am really overdoing it, I still lose the weight. I am committed to this and log everything and when I am hungry, it makes me choose better and healthier items for my snacks. I tried doing it on my own with other sites, but, I just like the way the points system works. At least I am seeing exactly what each food is worth and great new recipes. I lost 20 pounds in almost 3 months and feeling great. My Doctor actually told me he wants me to go on WW as I have a heart condition and high blood pressure and that it is the most successful program out there. I hope this will help in my health also. Mostly the other sites would not have as extensive a list and I would still be eating fast food and making the wrong choices and not knowing what it was costing me. Hope I can maintain it when I lose all the weight, but I pretty much know what to stay away from.

I was so happy with the old smartpoints and had started loosing weight. But flex destroyed everything and eventually I left the subscription. I hate skinless chicken and eggs and don't eat yogurt so the flex just left me starving.

I tried the new program - I had lost 50 pounds on points plus - then lost my hubby and put on 20. I need to lose the 20 for health reasons - I tried this new program and lasted one week. I hate it. IDK why they don't offer a choice - freestyle or smart points - this way everyone would be happy and we'd have a choice. I will NOT join weight watchers again until they get rid of freestyle.

I am a lifetime ww member who falls off the wagon every few years. I rejoined in lose about 25 pounds. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the freestyle program. It works for me. I have only gained weight (and only .6) one time since...I have nearly lost 20 has been almost effortlessly. So many of my friends do KETO and deny themselves of pasta, fruit, and bread..I can't live that way forever...but I can do freestyle the rest of my life...btw I am 67 years old and first became a lifetime member in the early 80s!

Hate the freestyle diet, I lost 65 lbs in 2017 then when they changed diet gained almost all back in 2018. How hard would it have been to give people an option of other diet or freestyle? I had many people wanting to join WW but now everyone is looking for a better diet. None of us want to diet for a year just to gain it back.

I've recently decided to give the WW Freestyle plan a try of noticing quite a few of ny clothes were getting to tight and stepping on the scale. After 1 week of folliwing Freestyle, I hate it! Felt like i was being starved or (because I have to mind my blood sugar) going over points. Ultimately, I ended up having what I lovingly refer to as my "crash" day. Almost 55 sp later..... i have reverted back to Points Plus (which I previoysly used and lost almost 100 lbs). I really wish they gave the option in the WW app to chose the program that best suits you.

I made goal and lifetime using Smartpoints, right before they switched to freestyle. I'm not kidding. The moment they switched to freestyle, I gained 5lbs the first week. Over the course of a year and a half, I've gained 30lbs more. I've followed the program strictly and have been able finally to maintain now, after gaining that weight. I have not been able to lose at all. Freestyle definitely DOES NOT work for me and I have mourned the loss of the program that worked for me! I am so thankful you've pointed me to this itrackbites app! I can't wait to get back on my program that works for me!

I didn't realize the iTrackBites has a recurring charge of $39.

I did great on the 2017 plan gained 2018 10lbs on freestyle - I have now gotten my weight back to where it was. The problem I have with freestyle is I'm a protein focused vegetarian. My swaps come from smoothies and homemade protein bars. Example, I had a 275 cal 40 grams of protein 6 points. One of the ambassadors showed a meat meal of 280 cal 30 grams of protein 0 points. I gained weight when I tired to use beans and yogurt - to stay within points. My body was protein starved. I'm still on the program because of the support I get from my coach. I count all calories everything mostly ignore points as pointless in my case. I have been highly focused on finding ways to know what my ideal meals and portions are. I track on the app and I take pictures of what I eat while counting calories.

I don't really care about lifetime any more. My goal is to hit goal in the next six months and change my behavior so I never have to track anything thing ever again!

What is the monthly cost after the free month is over?

As a 16-year lifetime member I have met each WW transition with skepticism. If it ain't broke don't fix it are words to live by. I am trying to shed a few (9 to be exact) pounds that have crept up as I got lazy. Hey, it happens! What I find particularly disturbing is the recent commercialization of a program that has supposedly been voted the best diet 9 or 10 years running and the deceptive nature of "zero" point foods. To me, zero means nothing, nada, zilch. Calories count, I agree, but fruit?! In my opinion, more fruit comes out, than stays in if you get my drift. And let's face it, the people on the commercials are having way more fun than I am. I have not eaten anything that I find satisfying, despite eating under daily points and eating all the time, I am starving!! I exercise and eat green and lean. As a pescatarian, I thought Freestyle would be great for me. Eggs and fish are my jam! I blame "O"!She ruined it for me.

Twelve months ago I constantly had to go to the bathroom. I thought it was because I gave up soft drinks and was only drinking water. One day I had a stomachache. I was in bed for 4 days. The doctor's appointment was for a Wednesday. I got sick and went to emergency room on a Monday. I was told my blood sugar level was 810 and I have diabetes. I was taking taking metformin 1000 mg twice daily. It Wasn't really helping Last year, a family friend told me about Organic Herbal clinic and their successful Diabetes TREATMENT, I visited their website ww w . organicherbalclinic. co m and ordered their Diabetes Formula, i am happy to report the treatment effectively treated and reversed my Diabetes, most of the symptoms stopped, I'm able to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly., I'm pretty active now and my attitude is extremely positive.

I lost 20 lbs on the old plan and maintained it for 8 years. Then they changed to freestyle and within 6 months I’ve gained 10 lbs, gave up eating almost everything I enjoyed and was miserable. Realized I was consuming a gazillion calories with all of the fruit and eggs I was eating. I’m now doing “MyFitnessPal “. Have lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks, have been able to enjoy everything and anything I want and it’s free. Shame on WW

totally agree with you! my fitness pal is Great!

I lost 17 kg on propoints but have regained 10 kg on smart points. I feel the program is too restrictive, allows you to overeat starch and doesn’t take time poor people who can’t spend all weekend preparing low pointed food into consideration. Very disappointed.

Agree! Switch to MyFitnessPal! It’s free to join( but you can upgrade to premium for $49.99 a year, 25% of what WW cost). Itbks so easy and I’m actually enjoying it. And have had wine, cookies, and all foods I enjoy in moderation.

Thank you for doing this and I’ve been on this since we did the slide of points and the original Ww. I like points and I do the best with it and I lost over 29 lbs and maintained it. Points and others combined thank you again

I started WW in the middle of January and I have lost 15 lbs. I love the free style I had to change the way I eat and be diligent to eat the right foods. I can say it sure has paid off. I think if you follow the plan you will lose weight if not then return to your old plan. I'm just really glad this has helped me lose my weight only 5 more lbs to go.

I have to agree with Rhonda. WW IS a diet. I find it to be very restrictive. When they gave us "free" foods they understandably reduced our allotted points but what doesn't get mentioned as often is that many/most foods now count for twice as many points. The net effect was more like a 30% reduction in points. I'm so sick of chicken/eggs/bananas and beans. I realize there are other free foods but at this point I look at it as a diet. It's just not a sustainable "lifestyle" for me.

Several people have mentioned staying on Smart Points instead of FS. How do I do that and use the tracking app on my phone?

I don’t think WW let’s you do the one you want


I started Freestyle 4 months ago. I have only lost 12 lbs. I guess I should be happy about it because this really is an eating plan that I can live with. The scale hasn’t budged for weeks even though I track everything honestly. I was hoping to lose another 10, but right now I feel that I am dieting just to maintain my weight. I do like the plan,though and feel that I can do this the rest of my life. By the way, I rarely eat my weeklies and most of the time have daily points left. That is why I don’t understand why the scale isn’t moving.

I have been following freestyle for several weeks and have not lost a pound. I do eat the 0 point foods often and fill in with pointed foods. I do not think I am overeating the food but now I am wondering if that I it afterall?? Like I would eat 2 eggs, 1 light toast and 1 turkey sausage for breakfast. Chicken and veggies for lunch and the same for dinner with maybe a small salad or 1/3 potato. So not sure what I could be doing wrong but something is not working...ugh I hate leaving ww but not sure what to do.

Marketing, marketing, marketing. That's what Zero points is.It's a ploy to grab your attention and get you to join. Once you join, you very quickly find out that you CANNOT eat your allotted 23 points AND all the zero point foods you want. If you do, you will gain weight. It comes down to what we have always known for eternity - play around with points all you want, but the bottom line is that you have to eat 1000-1200 calories of lean protein and vegetables,minimal low glycemic fruit, minimal low fat dairy, and VERY MINIMAL carbs. Yeah, Oprah, you can eat bread EVERY DAY, as you touted on tv, but it has to be one slice of 40 calorie high fiber bread, not a chunk of good Italian bread. Still hungry? Sorry, but you have to snack on raw veggies, just like you've always been told. And for those of us who have been overweight our entire lives, saving points and using them for a restaurant meal DOESN'T work. It doesn't matter what the menu says, all restaurant meals are loaded with salt and carbs.Unless the restaurant meal is a salad with no dressing. That's life at the new WW, which no longer is called Weight Watchers. It's Wellness that Works. They no longer emphasize losing weight....they even took down the before and after weight loss pictures on the walls of their national headquarters. Their new emphasis is on an all around healthy lifestyle. It works pretty well for maintenance...up and down a pound of two a week, but if you want to lose steadily, and not take a year to lose ten pounds, it's back to basics as I said above.

I’m not losing. I’ve been a lifetime member for 25 years and have lost very successfully in the past. I’m not going over daily points, run 5 miles four times a week and do not use weeklies. What’s wrong? I do eat three pieces of fruit a day but geez—

I've have been trying ww free style for about 3 months. I haven't lost a single pound. This is beyond frustrating and I have slipped back into poor eating habits. I'm ready to write a letter to ww international and ask them why they feel the need to create different eating plans every year and wouldnt it be qonderful if you could have a choice, stay on the plan which is working for you or jump on board with the new plan they are moving into. I did very well when I could have 30 points per day and 28 weekly ones and there were no free foods. At any rate I Jve decided for the best weight loss on the weight watchers plan, one must be exercising religiously. Beyond frustrated with free style is an understatement. I'm ready to quit.

I am currently recovering from lumbar fusion surgery and am unable to attend meetings. Before that I tried free style. I was losing weight, but never really felt satisfied. I have returned to points plus love it, and will stick with it as my plan of choice forever because it works and I feel satisfied and at peace. I also know how to do maintenance. Good luck to all. Points plus is the best. It wasn't broken no need to fix it.

I'm not losing weight. It's been 2 months and my weight is about the same now as when I started. I eat the free point snacks but I'm still hungry. I exercise 30-50 points/week and don't eat the fit points. I do eat my extra weekly points. I can't imagine fewer points for my days. I am lower as far as the "needing to lose weight" scale goes, but it seems that if I'm following the diet requirements it shouldn't take this long to lose weight.

I have been a lifetime WW member since 1994 and need to lose 10-15 lbs. This plan, for me, is the only one that doesn’t work. I watch portions, run at least 4x per week for 5 miles, never use weeklies and rarely go over 20-21 points per day (I get 23). I have tried several adjustments but do not lose on this program. The leaders in my area are not helpful and I even tried the coach function on the ww app. That person said to track fruits and vegetables like a drink, which has points and up my allowed points to 30. I may try that. But geez— why change what was working for so many of us? And I think if we choose to stay with previous plan, the ww app should allow us to choose and still track with the app— rather than use another one.

I was not losing weight for most of 2018 on freestyle. In January of 2019 I started double tracking using MyFitnessPal and found that the weight watchers free style plan had allowed too many calories for me. As soon as I started this double tracking I started to lose weight. I think freestyle will be great for maintenance but without a check on total calories it wasn’t working for me for weight loss. On the plus side, MFP is free and easy to use and provides other useful info so it isn’t a hard addition if you don’t mind tracking.

The new Freestyle program is not working for me. For the last two months iI have gained and lost the same 1 to 2 lbs. I do not use any of the weeklies, keep my points on the low side (13 to 16), track zero point foods and even track calories and watch carbs. My diet is so healthy and I feel great, but the scale is stuck!

That’s me exactly. I’ve never had trouble losing on WW. Nothing budges on this plan. I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve cut back on zero pt foods, track everything, exercise at least 4 times a week (cardio and weights)...

I love the Freestyle in terms of the food. I am eating so much cleaner and healthier. I feel great about that. But, like Connie, I'm not losing. At the same time, I don't think I could go back to counting beans and tofu. Being a vegetarian, this was a game changer for me. I know part of why I'm not losing is my mindset (this is not the program's fault). I'm struggling with those Bites, Licks, and Tastes. Even when I have a good week, I find the scale doesn't move or it moves very little or the next week, it is up again. So I'm really torn because I don't want to count beans or tofu, especially beans. lol

Freestyle isn't working for Me!
Been a member since the sixties.
Lifetime member since 80s.

The two plans before Freestyle worked the best for me....very disappointed, gaining weight!

My mistake by throughing out old plans...not sure what to do OR how to find the last couple of plans...

Freestyle did not work for me and it does not work for WW. Loved smart points and the meetings. Lost 50 pounds in Smart Points. Immediately gained weight on Freestyle. When I started gaining weight on the new freestyle plan, I terminated my membership. If they want my business they will reinstate the old plans on the app. Then I would go back. That would be a Win for WW and a Win for me.

Hello, this program might work for some people but not for me.

Over the years, I followed a few Weight Watchers program and they always work except this one.

It doesn't give you enough directives.

The aliments free for points are free for a certain amount/quantities. Meaning, it is not free.

After 4 weeks, I lost no weight and I followed the program.

Very disappointed with this new program and deceived.

I HATE FREESTYLE! And don’t say I haven’t given it a chance because I’ve been doing it for over a year. I lost 75 pounds on SP and made it to my goal of 135. I was happily maintaining at 127 pounds on 38 points a day. Then, through some very bad choices, I gained 10 pounds during the 2017 holidays. This was when they were first introducing FS. I honestly believe I would have easily lost that 10 pounds if they’d left it alone. On FS I lost FIFTEEN points a day — from 38 to 23. This is unsustainable for me. Not only did I not lose that 10 pounds but I gained more. I’m canceling my WW subscription. I’m tired of paying $45 a month for a program that’s not working for me. I’ve found an app that lets me go back to SP and I won’t miss the meetings where all people do is gush about a plan that does not work for me. I honestly and truly feel betrayed by WW.

My husband and I lost 30 lbs each on WW SmartPoints but have struggled to get back in the swing of things with FreeStyle. We're wondering if Oprah's money is being used just to "revamp" an older version that doesn't work as good as SmartPoints. Once our membership is beyond where they will sock us with a penalty, we'll be withdrawing our membership.

I did well on points plus because carbs don’t like me. I joined new ww about two months ago and have gained 6 lbs! That’s right gained! It’s terrible, even following it to the T I have so many cravings and find myself eating things I normally wouldn’t because I can’t find a good balance. I and hound and exercise a lot so eating like an old lady doesn’t work for me. I’m quitting and going back to my fitness pal:(

Freestyle isn't working well for me at all. I've done previous WW programs, including Points Plus and Smart Points, and they always worked. On Freestyle, I almost never eat all of my daily points, and I can never touch the weeklies. All of their zero points foods have calories and I am living proof that you can gain even when staying on plan. I eat approximately 900 calories / day, almost never use all of my dailies (23) and the scale has barely budged. Eight pounds lost in 9 weeks, but two of those weeks were gains. Freestyle helps me choose the right foods (lean proteins, vegetables, fruits) but I know I can't really eat as much of those as I want. I am constantly amazed by the people on the program who eat all their dailies AND their weeklies and lose massive amounts of weight.

I'm super disappointed I've done WW once before lost 20lbs in 6 months. This new program isn't working for me. I've been on it over two months and have exercised 6 days a week.... and gained one pound after the 2 months. So discouraged

I'm so grateful for this post!!! Freestyle did not work for me, and it made me so upset to hear that I just wasn't "working it" when I was trying so hard an getting nothing. I've searching for a way to keep doing the older plans, and I'm so excited that you posted itrackbites! I can't wait to try something that I know for a fact worked for me. Thanks!

Thank you for your help. My name is Scott. I’m from NC. Weight watchers gives me horrible gas. My friends call me a pig and my wife thinks I’m gross. I want to continue to lose weight but not at the expense of smelling like steamed broccoli. You should also know my gas is liquidy. Please advise.

Definitely don't eat anything with maltitol in it, like the WW snack mini bars have in them.

I find I am hungry on freestyle. This is my first week on freestyle and it’s really very hard to maintain this way of eating.

Val, don’t give up, a lot of diets are like that on the first week or two

so found this thread after getting desperate. about 20 years ago I used WW points plus to lose 35lbs very easily...lost it in 2 1/2 months no working out and I cheated occasionally. I have been on freestyle for 5 weeks and have lost 5lbs...very frustrated. I don't like zero foods...I try my best not to go crazy but an apple on the old program was 4 points so how can that not effect weight loss?? Eggs are 70 calories each...An egg is 2 points, so if I eat an apple and 2 eggs that is 8 points on the old program...I think that is why I am not losing. I don't even use my weekly points and still 5 points in 5 weeks is crazy....and so now I have to pay even more money for another app to use the old program??

You can go back to the Old Smart Points Beyond the Scale, or Points Plus by using the apps Protracker or itrackbites, at a fraction of the cost of WW. Use a TOPS Meeting (Take off Pounds Sensibly, ( weigh in and be accountable.

Check out the Facebook group Return to 30, we've all gone back to the old WW plan! There's a website as well,

I agree with the prior commenter who says she feels "betrayed." I lost 40 lbs. on the prior plan in 2017, but Freestyle has been a total bust.

It's appalling that WW will switch gears whenever the marketing department decides they need a new angle, and they don't even let their current, loyal, paying members have a choice in the matter. It's certainly not due to technical requirements - iTrack Bites shows that it is completely possible to maintain an app that has multiple plan options. And while WW wants us to believe that whatever plan they are pushing is based on empirical evidence, the reality is that nutrition science doesn't move that quickly. Their own Science Center on the website, for instance, asserts that Zero Points foods are "less likely to be overeaten," but they cite no source at all for that factoid. I suppose if you compare apples to chips, common sense tells you the chips are easier to overeat - I won't argue on that. But at the same time, I dare you to find a significantly overweight or obese person who HASN'T overeaten on fruit, chicken, eggs, etc. Leaving it entirely to the user to guess how much of this stuff she can eat and not gain weight barely counts as a diet or lifestyle plan at all, even though we're paying for it. And the results are clear, you can see them on this page. Member after member complaining that Freestyle doesn't work.

I’ve been on freestyles since August and lost 82 pounds starting at 333 pounds but I’ve also made my husband and my daughter join with me so it’s been a change for the whole household my husbands lost about 40 and my daughter about 20 we don’t always stick to the plan it’s up-and-down process we still try to track everything free Or not just to hold myself accountable to what I’ve ate during the day

I lost 36 pounds on smart points and 18 on points plus. When they changed to freestyle I gained everything back. I just can’t adjust to this program. I’m going to have to quit WW but don’t know where to turn from here.

CTotal thumbs down on freestyle. I gained, and followed it. I need portion control and the free food thing is misleading. If you have to take freestyle and modify it to work, then it’s not a good program. I am using lose it, and tracking calories, much more realistic and free. Calories in, calories out has never changed.

I’ve been on WW Freestyle for 3.5 months. I’ve followed the plan, measuring and portioning out everything. And always tracking activity and points. I’ve lost 10-15 pounds as it fluctuates. But I don’t think it’s working for me. I’m not steadily losing and I haven’t lost anything in the last month and a 1/2. I know in the past a lower carb, higher protein has worked for me and cutting out processed carbs for sure makes a difference. Not all eating plans work for everyone and I have to find the one that fits my lifestyle the best.

Gained 10 lbs on freestyle! Enough said!

I lost 52 lbs on WW using smart points...did it over about a year...since freestyle, about a year and a half I have gained/lost/gained the same 9 lbs and am still 9 lbs fatter than I was when the change occurred...why change a program when its working? They should allow us to use the old program, I’m so frustrated I just cry. The smart points worked amazingly well for me, was easy and did NOT feel like a diet. It was a program I feel I could have stayed on for the rest of my life. Now? I keep trying and I struggle and every week I either stay the same or gain a bit then starve myself all week to lose the pound or two i gained. It’s beyond frustrating and if my insurance didn’t cover the program and the app for free I would have quit 12 months ago. It honestly makes me wonder becuz they don’t seem to actually care what works! But their marketing is probably getting new customers so they’re making money and I guess that’s what really counts.

great comments, my point exactly.[pun intended] if someone is 115lbs and another 130lbs and they both have 23 points to use??? chances are the one who weighs 130lbs will lose weight because if they are each eating exactly the same foods, body weigh wise the 115lb person is comsuming the same "calories". when you start this WW on your phone I did not see where it pointed this out right in the sign up section, just gave me the "points" to track, no where did it say cut your portions in half because you weigh less, disappointing....

I am 25 pounds over my goal since Freestyle was introduced. I mostly feel sad. I want to get the weight off, but I just can’t wrap my mind around Freestyle. I lost 75 pounds on Smart Points and loved that program. I’m going to go back to Smart Points by using an app called iTrackbites. I paid $36 for the pro version. I’m still going to go to WW meetings, because I need the accountability and motivation, but I’m not following their darned program that has never worked for me. Oh well, the end of the year will be here soon, and I’m pretty sure they’ll introduce something different because I think they’re losing a lot of people because of Freestyle.

FREESTYLE DOES NOT WORK. Example: applesauce is zero points. NOT TRUE! One half cup is 3 points (just use the WW calculator to find out yourself). It's full of SUGAR. Even lean proteins have calories! I can eat 200 calories worth of shrimp easily. I've gone back to the old system (Smart Points)--glad I saved my old materials--and it's working for me. FREESTYLE is a marketing gimmick to make people think that they can eat anything they want--for example, Oprah, who "loves" bread. She's not thin, either, is she?

I tried WW Free Style for four months and only lost 5 pounds!! I worked the program, but the program did not work for me. Smart Points does the trick! WHY will WW not let you pick your program ????? It goes against what they preach about “doing it your way”.

I absolutely love the Freestyle plan! It worked slowly for me...but it was less stressful than other plans. Planning ahead is KEY. I started in August and reached my goal in March, then lost another five almost 6 pounds without really total loss 30 pounds. I feel fabulous. I am 68 years old and first joined weight watchers in the 80's ! This is the third time reaching my goal. I have realized that I will attend meetings (workshops) as long as I can drive and walk! I have to be accountable and I cannot do it on my own. Slow learner. I have changed my lifestyle and thanks to my coach and freinds at WW, I know I can do it forever.

I really wish WW would have kept the program the way it was. This zero point think is sooo confusing. They tell you that you can eat all the zero points foods you want... then in the next vein they tell you not to eat too many zero point foods. Too much reading between the lines. Either they are zero point foods or they are not. Who ever came up with this really messed up the program for some!

I totally agree. For people with only 10-15 pounds to lose, it seems to be less effective than earlier iterations of the program. I wish the app would allow a member to choose the old plan for tracking.

I tried freestyle for 7 months and gained, gained, gained. I lost 52 pounds on points plus and when the switch to the freestyle plan took place, I tried it, hated it and have gained back 30 plus pounds. I think what derailed me was the zero points foods. my problem is that you can't tell me that foods are 'free' or zero points. I went to WW because I have an eating problem so telling me that foods don't have points is not the thing to do! Please bring back the program prior to freestyle!!

I absolutely love the freestyle program. Unfortunately, I’m not losing like I feel that I should be. I track everything, spin 5 days a week for a half hour, and usually have 5 points left everyday. I am 5’1” and 141 lbs. My goal weight is 131. I’ve only lost 3 lbs in 6 weeks! I don’t eat weeklies or my activity point, EVER! I’m at a loss for words. I really don’t know what more I can do 🤷🏻‍♀️. It is very frustrating to say the least!

And you love Freestyle......WHY? It doesn't seem to be meeting any of your needs.

The less you have to lose...the slower it goes.... Look at it this have lost 1/2 pound a week....Which is better than gaining a pound a week!

I have never been so happy to find a post online! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have lost and gained the same 5 pounds on WW Freestyle for the last 2 months. I was ready to see my doctor, thinking something was wrong with me! Thank you for making me realize that this simply won't work for me.

I think I’ve figured out Freestyle...after THIRTEEN months of gaining and losing the same 9 lbs I think I’ve nailed it...last three weeks: 3 lbs, 3.6 lbs, 3.4 lbs, respectively. I NEED to track no matter what I eat...the last 3 weeks I’ve lost more, per week than I have in 3 yrs...I’m down 54 lbs, but for the last year+ I’ve had no success. Last three weeks I’ve eaten, protein, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, pork and lean beef, massive leafy greens and veggies, some fruit, MINIMAL carbs and all my fats have come from nuts, olive oil, avocados and’s like magic.

So I had 55 pounds to lose lost 30 in first year slow but steady no last six months nothing now they say I am eating to much fruit it’s on free list I don’t get it when I ask how much fruit should I eat they won’t tell me very disappointed

I had tried weight watchers for three months and had gained weight. And before anyone says anything I didnt eat too much free foods, I always write down my intake, weigh my foods, and no I do not cheat. My metabolism is slow but not enough to take meds, I get my vitamins, I sleep 7 hours a night, and I exercise. I have tried fewer calories, more calories. I have read several articles as to the why this plan doesnt work. Every suggestion I tried and it doesn't work.

Feeling frustrated.

Fruit is not is zero points, but it still has calories...How much fruit are you eating? I found grapes to be my nemesis....I didn't count the grapes... I was just noshing on them whenever I passed the basket on my counter. I was stuck loosing the same .8 pounds and gaining it back for a month...I cut out the grapes...because I read they are pretty high in sugar. And then lost 3 pounds in a week!

I don’t like grapes so I don’t eat them. I aim for no more than 3 fruits a day. Usually a banana for my oatmeal in the morning, and sometimes 2 T. of walnuts, mixed fruit for my Greek yogurt, or berries or an apple. I don’t think I’m overdoing it on other foods either. I may have 2 eggs every other day or so, I make a lot of recipes with beans in them and I eat a lot of chicken and fish and vegetables and salad with light dressing. I probably have a baked potato 2-3 times a week with Brummel and Brown spread. And I don’t eat bread every day either. When I do it’s Aunt Millie’s Light — 2 pieces. I watch my portion sizes too. I also take a brisk walk 3-4 times a week. Let’s face it. This program DOES NOT WORK for a lot of people. I hate and despise it and I’m ready to quit WW altogether and try something else. And don’t even get me started on the meetings. It’s all about “mindfulness,” and meditating and “finding your why.” I know my why for gosh sakes! I want to lose the amount of weight I gained back and fit into my clothes again. I’ve never been an Oprah fan and since she’s been involved it’s gotten really bad. And what kind of role model is she? She looks like she needs to lose a lot of weight herself. Okay. Rant over.

For those of you frustrated with Freestyle- you can use the apps itrackbites or Protracker and go back to previous WW plan. Both of these apps count Smart Points, or Points Plus, plus calories and macros. You can see if you have a TOPs meeting in your area for for a weekly meeting and weigh in if you need the accountability.

So happy with iTrackBites, thank you so much! Now thinking about TOPS ~ we do have a meeting in my town!

I lost 40 lbs on the old style weight watchers. It worked for me. This new freestyle is not. I only lost 2 lbs in three weeks and sometimes go up. I never use all my rollover points. I’m very discouraged.

I’ve been on Freestyle for about 8 weeks now. I lost 2.5 lbs my first week then literally went up and down the same .2 for the next 5 weeks. This was all while using a Peloton bike daily and earning 7 activity points just riding alone! This didn’t include my walking either! To say I was frustrated was an understatement! I was not going to quit I told myself! It’s calories in vs. calories out. So, I cut my points and added in more zero point foods and finally, had nice losses the past 2 weeks! I’m literally exercising like I’ve never done in my entire life! For reference, I’m 53, post-meno, and 5’1. This has been incredibly hard but I wasn’t quitting. If I was just walking. I wouldn’t be losing. Walking is not enough for me. Best of luck ladies! 💪🏻

I have been through many WW versions in 28 years. Going back in March 2019 and Freestyle was a last ditch effort. I became disabled in 2013 and gained 50 lbs. I cannot exercise. I have lost 24 lbs in just over 3 months. I had to wrap my head around a couple of things: 1)Zero doesn't mean free, these foods in moderation encourage balanced eating for me 2) Eat- both daily and weekly points, I have had more weight lose the weeks I do this.3) Track everything including Zero Points foods. My one complaint is that I eat vegetarian plus fish and found that it was an adjustment to let go of some of my go to meat substitutes but it was also enlightening to see how high the points are on these products. Overall I am satisfied with Freestyle, having done many other WW versions this feels sustainable for me, but it is a lifestyle change. I always fussed as new WW programs rolled out, change is always hard, but this is working for me.

I hate Freestyle. Would like to return to old program (was the one just before that Smart Points?) I lost almost 50 lbs and have gained 35 back since Freestyle. I need more structure. Would like to return to old one but I always used the app and the new one app doesn't support Smart Points. Any suggestions?

For Smart Points help on Facebook search Smart Points Weight Watchers. Several pages and links for support will come up. Hope this helps you Linda!

Here's a common sense suggestion for those who do not like WW Freestyle: DON'T USE THE APP FOR IT! Go back to SmartPoints, and use paper trackers instead (or a small notebook). TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE!!!

Here's another novel idea.....Instead of wasting time and money going to WW and complaining about not losing weight.......stop going.

Sounds easy in practice but what if you don’t remember the old points values? Also, when I was on SP I spent hours and hours developing recipes using recipe builder. They changed MY recipes to Freestyle Points. They’re unusable now if I go back to SP. Where can you find all the SP values?

@Jill for the recipes, you probably can't. But for just food, put the information in the point calculator. So for example take the calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein of an egg and put it in the calculator. It'll give you a point value. It'd be time consuming, but if you like the WW app and don't want to stop. This is a work around I know some people are doing.

SmartPoints – The new Weight Watchers Freestyle program still uses SmartPoints with the same calculation, so the majority of foods (with the exception of the new zero point items) will keep the same SmartPoints.

There are plenty of web sites like:… and FB groups (search for - old ww smart points) using the old program. The resources are there you just need to look for them.

Yah, my problem is the same, although I'd be thrilled if they went back to SP.

Complicating my problem is a cornucopia of food sensitivities.

I had had all the "safe" recipes marked.

Then I threw everything out!

Even if they start publishing new SP recipes, it will take me a long time to replenish my inventory.

I agree with Joan. Grow up and take responsibility for your own life. Are you telling me that you can't find the SmartPoints plan on the Internet? IF FREESTYLE DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU (IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME, EITHER, AND I WENT BACK TO SMARTPOINTS), THEN STOP USING IT. PERIOD.

It’s a shame that some people now feel the need to berate those who are having difficulty on the plan. Can’t we keep this positive and helpful? I’ve posted before and recommended tracking calories with My Fitness Pal (or really any other app that tracks calories). I use WW for the meeting and for Connect (where everyone seems to be so helpful and positive). I still use the app for tracking but find there are lots of days where I have leftover WW points, sometimes a significant number, but MFP tells me i’ve consumed enough calories for the day. Since I started this my weight loss has increased. Good luck everyone! We can all do this!!

Support for others during a weight loss journey is wonderful. Comments to another like "grow up" are rude, unnecessary, and reflects the individual's lack of compassion. Keep this blog educational and supportive, or stay away.

Everyone tries so hard to lose weight. I am one of you but I don’t see lasting results because of the diet mentality of I’m either on or off a diet.

Here are some things to consider doing:

Stop dieting: eat whole natural foods, organic and grass fed if possible and when you are putting food on your plate think about eating half of what you normally do. Stop eating diet food like protein bars, shakes, & artificially sweetened food and drinks. It’s been proven that real food is more satiating.

Snack: Stop white knuckling until meal time. Keep your blood sugar steady while curbing temptation. Try to include protein with your vegetables and fruits.

Quit fat free/low fat, especially dairy: Dairy isn’t all that good for us but when you do eat it, have full fat cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc. Eat less than you normally do. Full fat has more flavor so you can use less and the fat will help to make you feel full. The same goes for salad dressings. Use less but have the good oils like olive oil, not the bottled low-fat/fat free kind.

Weigh yourself once a week, first thing in the morning, naked and after using the toilet. The free app “Happy Scale” is fun to use.

Be happy with slow weight loss.

Be accountable to only yourself.

Don’t make a paying diet group a form of entertainment or something to do.

Stop obsessing about points and calories.

Enjoy any type of exercise you can do. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

Let good wholesome food and your body heal itself. Your mind and body will thank you for taking the stress and pressure off of yourself and you just might end up losing weight without all the drama and heartache.

Nay sayers will say: I have to be accountable to someone, if I could control my portions I would not be on a diet, I’ve made so many friends at my group, I don’t like paying for my diet group but what else can I do, I have to count points and calories or I won’t be in control. I’ve been there too but I am choosing to try a more relaxed and healthful way. I know there are going to be times when I choose a food that may not be healthy or eat a little too much of something but wouldn’t that happen anyway. It’s part of life.

Freestyle zero points foods is the foundation on how we should be planning our meals. Zero point foods are not calorie free. Zero point foods are filling foods. When Freestyle was launched I started to gain weight because I was no longer tracking portions. I did have better success with the other Weight Watchers plans because it was based on portions. Freestyle does not emphasize that portions are the key to weight loss. Hopefully, they will implement portions in their program. As a member of Weight Watchers from previous plans I did manage to reach my goal on June 27, 2019 with Freestyle by incorporating portion control. While I enjoy the freedom of zero points foods on Freestyle I will continue to use the portion control which I learned from previous Weight Watchers plans. Look forward to reaching my Lifetime status. Don't give up. Give Freestyle another try, just incorporate portion control and you will succeed.

Angela, you are so right! However, portion control is something we talk about at meetings. We talk about that 0 points does not mean you can eat all you want. 3 oz of chicken is a serving! Portions are apart of WW Freestyle.. Another reason to try meetings if you are having difficulty. Coaches are so helpful!

But if 0 points is not really 0 points, why bother?

Agreed, portion control is extremely important. That's why I count ALL of my points (as with SmartPoints), and that's why people are having trouble losing weight with FreeStyle. Why WW made practically everything zero points, I have no idea except that the idea is probably appealing to those who don't want to give up anything to lose weight. Shame on WW for pandering to those people.

As I have previously mentioned......Zero points is simply a marketing tool to entice new customers to WW. Once you join and gain, rather than lose weight, they blame it on you, and slowly leak out the truth - that you can't eat more than one serving of zero point foods, that zero points doesn't mean zero calories, that you can't eat unlimited fruit, that you can't eat high sugar fruits, that you can't have chicken and eggs for snacks, that basically you have to keep reducing and limiting the amount and types of food you eat, until you are down to about 1000 calories of plain protein and non starchy vegetables...the basics of any diet on which you will lose weight.And if you didn't do that when you first joined, it's your fault, not theirs for luring you in with the enticement of zero point foods.

It has been my experience that people who are chronically overweight don't sit and think.......gee, I need to join a program that emphasizes wellness and living my best life through mindfulness and meditation. They think......I need to join a program that will get this weight off the quickest and least painful way possible. So for the last 50 years, they joined Weight Watchers and were mostly successful. The later ups and downs are part of being chronically overweight, but they knew they would lose if they rejoined.

Oprah and her spiritual minfulness, name change to Wellness that Works, the new WW, and the de-emphasis on losing weight in favor of mindfulness wellness living has completely destroyed WW. IMO.

Well said Joan. I’m wondering what WW’s next step will be for 2020.

I totally agree. I lost well in the past. With this plan, for me... it’s impossible. I’ve adjusted, tracked, exercised,...

Maybe for someone with a lot to lose, starting with poor eating habits, etc—even a little positive change will yield good outcomes. However, I’m a lifetime member with an occasional 10-15 pounds to lose after a few months of bad habits and this plan is not ideal for that. People will say just go back to old plan. However, I want to use the ww app and track the most convenient way possible. I should be able to use the tools. I’ve said before, a choice on the app would be nice.

Very well said. Sometimes I think if I hear that word “mindfulness” one more time I’ll scream. I agree with you about Oprah. Since she’s gotten involved it hasn’t been the same. And let’s face it. I don’t think she’s a great role model for WW because she’s chronically overweight.

If Freestyle doesn't work for you, then go back to Smartpoints (and use a paper tracker if need be--the app is a recent invention). I don't understand anyone who, once discovering that Freestyle doesn't work, complains on this site or anywhere else about it. IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, JUST GO BACK TO WHAT WORKED. It's a simple fix, people.

I agree with Joan 100%. Weight Watchers does not seem to have weight loss in mind anymore, just get people to sign up and keep them paying. And Oprah is a not a good role model, with her "I LOVE BREAD! I EAT BREAD EVERY DAY" spiel. Give me a break. Learn to love VEGETABLES, people! And not slathered in butter, either.

HATE IT!!!!!

I lost 150 lbs with the Points Plus program, then they changed to Smart Points, stayed the same give or take 5 lbs for a year...a whole year of going to meetings..ha ha, “workshops”...insert eye roll..I stuck with it because as everyone knows they change the program every 2 years, well low & behold they introduced Freestyle, and I’ve gained almost 50 lbs back in the last year & half. My only saving grace is it’s almost been 2 yrs so hopefully they’ll dump this program for something better. I get the concept, it’s not all about a number on a scale, it’s about healthy choices in mind, body & food choices, but it’s not working!!

I’m really hoping that at the end of the year they’ll update the app and allow people to choose between Smart Points and Freestyle. I lost 75 pounds on Smart Points, but am really struggling with Freestyle. It seems like a lot of people really don’t like it. Attendance at my WW meeting is waaaayy down and I have to wonder if Freestyle is the reason.

Laurie, you ALLOWED YOURSELF to re-gain 50 pounds because you're waiting for Weight Watchers to CHANGE ITS PROGRAM??? Then SHAME ON YOU!!!

Well, for what it’s worth (probably not much), I emailed WW and made a suggestion that they change the app to allow you to make the choice between FS or SP and then, depending on what program you’re following, the correct points would display in the app. I’m not holding my breath, but to me that seems like the perfect solution. And I don’t see a problem with there being people in meetings who follow different plans. Back in the day, we had people who were following either Points Plus or Core in our meetings.

Jill, I truly don't understand the issues people are having. I am a lifetime member (28 years) NOT at goal I just went back to WW in March 2019 and I have lost every week, sometimes 1.6 sometimes .2 but down every week. I just got to -25 lbs. I like that this program makes ME responsible for healthy eating, this is a program I feel like this is a sustainable program, a lifestyle change not a diet.

BTW - I am disabled and cannot exercise. I eat an ear of corn a couple times a week and 2-4 fruits a day....I don't feel deprived at all. I don't eat red meat, just fish, chicken or vegetarian.This program works for me!

Hate it. I hope they change it but i’ve Incorporated tracking calories and have been able to lose slowly. I exercise a lot and am averaging only 0.25 pounds per week since the beginning of 2018.

Enough!!!!!!There is no need to chastise people. If the program does not work for them, it does not work for them. One program does not work for all.I am one for whom freestyle did not take. I had made lifetime just in time, wanted to drop more, but could not. Smart points worked for me, as it was before FS. I have all of my old materials, and track on paper, I don’t have to worry about things changing in the app. Luckily, there is track bites, and a myriad of other apps one can use to get the old points back. Or, you could go to eBay, as there are people selling their old materials and pocket guides from way back. We need to support one another. Scolding someone who’s unhappy with the program only makes you look like an ass.

TN Gal

We’re all in this together! Shame on you for not supporting others who are struggling with FS and not as perfect as you. Try being a little more open minded. Denigrating and chastising is very unbecoming.

Shame, TN gal? Shame? Really?

TN GAL. Why are you on this blog? You are rude and unsupportive. Shame on YOU!

I do not like freestyle. I lost 120 pounds years ago on the on weight watchers in 18 months because I was able to live it without starving. I gained 80 back over 15 years time because of a majority of things. I tried the freestyle. I was happy lost 50 pounds and stopped. I cannot eat any less and I am sick of eggs, turkey , lettuce, apples and if I eat anything else I can't get get satisfied. I just got stuck, let down, gained 20 back. I'm going at it again and just cant get motivated! I want the old program back. Why cant we have the one we want? I was a life time member at one time. I wanted to stop membership but I am stuck until October online.

TN Gal, Shame on you for being so hateful, negative and deflecting your own insecurities on others. You must be a real joy to be around on a daily basis. You’ve made a complete ass of yourself on this thread...Kudos!!

I do not understand people's issues. I was a longtime hater of WW, making fun of the fact people paid for simplified calorie counting. But I finally sat down, realized my calorie counting wasn't working, educated myself on the goal of the program and am giving it a try.

The reason it's not working for some people is that they are treating it like a DIET and not a CHANGE in diet (NOT the same). It's not something you do while you lose weight, then drop. This IS the wrong program if you think that. The goal is to help you eat healthier by being more accountable for stuff that isn't good for you, and make you not worry about things that are healthier.

But it also requires some common sense. Yes, eggs are 0pts, but that doesn't mean eat 10, duh. Also, I'm super confused by people saying it's limiting, and they're tired of eating the same things. Then why are you eating the same things? This program gives you the ability to calculate points for anything and everything, even guestimate when you eat out. How can something that lets you eat anything limit you? YOU are limiting yourself because WW smacks you in the face with the reality that those meals you are getting when you eat out aren't great for you. That's the point (heh). It's not that you CAN'T eat those, it's that you shouldn't eat it often, cause you won't lose weight. The Freestyle even bumps that up, eat better throughout the week, have your flex points and your rollover, get that burger and beer. You earned it. Through in fitpoints and you've earned it even more.

This isn't a case of WW doesn't work for everyone, cause plenty of wellbeing magazines and nutritionists endorse it. Go to a nutritionist (I did) and they told me to do essentially what WW is having me do. It's a program to change your lifestyle, to learn how to portion and eat healthier, FOREVER, not just while you're trying to lose weight. The REAL reason it's not working for people is that they are treating it as a DIET, like a temporary thing, where they CHOOSE to limit what they eat (a certain level of limitation is kind of needed for weight loss though). Anyone who gained weight with the switch (outside of external factors out of WW control) is because they failed to learn what WW was trying to teach them, and relied too much on the numbers telling them exactly what to do. Which is EXACTLY why Weight Watchers rebranded as WW, because people were too focused on the weight aspect, using their program as a diet, and not focused on the health and wellness aspect, a lifestyle change.

I will say this right now, other programs won't work for people like this, WW won't work for people like this. They will continue to diet, lose weight, and gain it back once they return to a lifestyle of eating poorly, and blame the program. It's a lifestyle change, learn your body, eat what you want in moderation and become aware of your nutrition.

The amount of clapback at the person saying shame is insane. Was the delivery poor... yes.

But I agree, after the first 10lbs, it should have been obvious something wasn't working. It's not WW fault you gained 50lbs, you ALLOWED yourself to gain 50lbs, you didn't reflect, observe, or change what you were doing, you just continued to do something that didn't work and gain that weight. That's not Weight watchers fault. Weight watchers point now is educating yourself and being accountable. If you need it to tell you everything because you can't control yourself otherwise than switch to a standard calorie counter. I'm not trying to be mean, it's just frustrating to see so many people blame their health on a program, rather than their own self and hold themselves accountable. Saying SHAME alot isn't a good way of doing it, but they aren't wrong that it's not WW but the person who let themselves gain weights fault.

Yes, people need to take control of their own lives and take responsibility for their actions. BUT what's most important is that they need support. This program isn't going to work for everyone and not everyone is in the same situation or mindset to make it work. Responsibility is realizing the program doesn't work for you. Complaining, sharing opinions and disappointment are not the same. Support is what keeps people going no matter what program they are using. If we can't support each other on this journey, then we're not going to be our most successful or most happy.

On a side note, I heard that a member who quit got emailed a survey from WW. They will be making changes. I don't know what changes though. I'm hoping they'll give a choice of full count, half count, and no count. Even though the program isn't fully working for me (my portions can quickly get out of control), I don't think I could count beans, eggs, and tofu again. This program is a lot easier for vegetarians. But I definitely eat way too much. Now I'm combining the Hungry Girl Diet with WW that works at first, but I'm struggling this week. Need to get my mind in the right place!


I must be mistaken.

Somehow, I thought you had written in a previous post that WW’s new program would offer several tiers, one of which wound be similar to SmartPoints.

But that post seems to have vanished from this site.

My bad.

Glad you found a program that finally works for you.

I wonder how many of the people who are not losing attend meetings? For me, that is the key to success. It is NOT a is a lifestyle. I have done Weight watchers programs since the 80' me a frequent flyer....but this new one was the easiest to follow...the pounds came off effortlessly...I have lost 30 pounds, am back at my goal weight...not the one from the 80's but the newer guildines. AND best of ALL.... I have lost even more pounds and have not been tracking. So I believe that I have reached a goal of healthy eating. I will attend meetings until I cannot get there. I am 68 years old...and I feel better than I have in years! So my advice would be if the plan isn't working for you, figure it out.. Find a workshop in your area. Go. Even if only for a month. Your coach will help you fine tune the program. Good luck.

Ms. G. That was my wish. I thought it would be a good idea for them to offer tiers. If they listen, that'll be great! Lol

Karen, I believe you are correct about the need to attend and participate in meetings/workshops.This is a lifestyle change and I think that is what makes the Freestyle Program different from previous incarnations. I have taken favorite recipes and modified & plugged them into the WW app- learning to cook a new way for the rest of my life. As Kelly said it's about support and-for me-accountability I am half the way to my lifetime goal and free meetings/workshops are certainly an incentive for me!

I share your wish.
Fingers crossed!

I did go to meetings and the answer was you are not trying hard enough even though I showed them my app.

Cynthia! Congratulations on being halfway there! You got this girl!

Thank you Karen! When I got sick in 2013 I gained all this weight. I tried several times over the past 6 years to do WW on my own, but gave up in frustration. I walked into the WW meeting in the middle of March this year (2019) as a last ditch effort to lose weight-or accept that I would never be able to due to chronic illness. WW has made me love myself enough to cook and eat healthier FOR ME!

I have a old phone and cannot use the ww ap. can someone tell me just to use my calculator? I am a lifetime member and never used my feel 8 weeks ap.

You can use the tracking on the ww web page. You will need to enter the number on the voucher they gave you when you became lifetime ... or you can call ww and they are very helpful with answers to technical issues.

I LOVE hearing success stories, however they happen!

I successfully lost 2st within 4 months when I first joined Weight Watchers 7 years ago, on the Pro-Points system. I successfully maintained my 8st weight until going through a traumatic 2017, I gained just over 1st. I rejoined 18 months ago, on Smart-Points & god it was slow going. Many zero foods was unreal, considering almost everything, except fruit & veg, were pointed on Pro-Points with my daily max being 25. I reached goal last October but find it hard to maintain. I'm up & down with the biggest shock of gaining 1 & half pound this past week, yet god knows how! I track EVERYTHING & have 14 weeklies left!! I spoke to my very supportive & lovelly coach & it was suggested that I my have an underlying problem, so I was thinking an underactive thyroid? Im seriously thinking of going back to Pro-Pointing my food, thankfully I have kept my books & calculator. I am going to give it a go, if that doesn't work then a doctors check up will be next.

I’m a lifetime member of WW but gained weight over the years while going through peri menopause and now post menopause. Also during that time, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I started Free Style 4 weeks ago and have only lost 3 pounds in spite of exercising! I work this program and any other program ask though I created it myself. I didn’t see any comments regarding Weight Watchers and Hypothyroidism, therefore, I’m led to believe that the program is successful as long as you don’t have thyroid issues. It’s been very discouraging to lose weight at such a slow rate.

So...I started counting my calories with my freestyle daily intake and it's generally less than 1200, which is not great especially since I do an intense hot yoga class 4-5 times a week. I've been TOTALLY stalled out on freestyle after losing 4 pounds and I've done it four times in the last year and quit each time. My spouse says I look leaner, but I think I've got to do something that I'm getting closer to 1400 a day, which is impossible without eating a TON of eggs on freestyle. Anyone else having this issue? Fixes?


Are you eating a lot of zero point foods and/or all of your points? It depends if you want to up your points and/or calories.

If you want to up points and get more calories in, I would add things like nuts or peanut butter. Add an extra snack of pita and hummus. Things like that. Healthy snack recipes (muffins, granola, etc.) are always good and adding healthy oil or fats (avocado is my favourite) to your diet.

If you want to still get a blue dot or not add points many points, eggs are great, but they are probably boring after awhile. You could always add an extra serving of fruit. Have a salad as a snack. I love bean salad! I don't eat meat, but you can do so much with chicken and turkey breast. I know people make a snack with thinly sliced turkey or chicken and wrap it around pickles. I do that with veggie sandwich meat. Love it! Also, tofu can be really good as a quick snack. Fry it up or bake it. Season it with spices and herbs or with a sauce.

All in all, I would probably just add an extra snack. :) Good luck!

The fact that you refer to it as a diet means you aren't doing the program. It's a change in diet, not a diet. For the people who say it's not sustainable, that's wrong. Eating healthy, the goal of weight watchers is 100% sustainable, and my nutritionist says it's exactly what she'd have recommended. Also to the person saying you're given a list to eat making it a diet. You're doing the program WRONG. It isn't a list to pick from for everything, or the only thing you're allowed to eat. The goal is you build your meals around the zero point foods because their nutritional benifets outweigh their calories if eaten in common sense moderation.

I eat out without starving myself, I drink without starving myself, I'm full and energetic and underpoints most days. I lost 10# in 2 weeks. It is for everyone, IF everyone researches it and approaches it as a change of lifestyle, not another get thin diet that will cause you to balloon up when you stop. If you know you can't portion yourself or trust yourself with zero points, track side by side with mfp to get an idea of your calorie intake. It's not WW's fault that people refuse to understand the goal of their program.

You can do this- if you are ready to change the way you eat, if you realize fruit needs to replace sweet things except for an occasional special day once in a great while.If you don't eat enough you won't lose weight. The points should be used for good oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise, and if you can do dairy;lowfat cheese (yogurt, sour cream) to enhance your meals. Since March 15 I have lost every week (total 26 lbs). I eat ALL daily points to enhance the zero point list and track everything, and usually 3/4 to all of my weeklies. I am disabled and cannot exercise. I am a Lifetime member 28 years, this is the most sustainable program if you are willing to change your lifestyle. It requires preplanning and trying new recipes. Measure or weigh portions - eat a portion. If you have a medical condition see your doctor and manage it. This program is designed to overcome people seeing it as A DIET. It can't be said enough, this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. My fav WW motto from years ago reinvented- Nothing tastes as good as being at a healthy weight (NOT skinny) feels. I am feeling better than I have in my 6 years of chronic illness. You can do this...

Has anyone at all read the fine print of the "study" on which WW revamped their whole program? 152 people over a six-month time period. By no scientific standards whatsoever is this worth considering. The zero point foods thing doesn't work with me; I'm still consuming calories and it's very easy to overdo it on fruit, so I add points on my own to the record.

I have been on WW for 2 .5 months , I lost 10.5 lbs in the first 5 weeks. , now at a total standstill. I follow the program , to no avail. Any suggestions? Or advice? Please advise - I would like to lose more !

Loved Smartpoints! I was thriving with a 75 pound loss. I was feeling healthier than I ever had and happy. Then Freestyle happened. It is a death sentence for my personal Weight loss story. I have gained almost the entire 75 back with Freestyle. I should have given up on it a long time ago and stuck with what I know.

I keep reading comments stating the reason Smartpoints system lovers don’t see success on freestyle is that they are eating too many servings of zero point food etc. I disagree - I tried freestyle for 3 months and weighed food and didn’t binge on zero points food and literally ended up with a 2 lb gain for the 12 week period. I was steadily losing 1 pound/wk on Smartpoints. My best friend and I did Smartpoints together and lost 20 and 25 lbs respectively. She also gained weight trying to do the 23 points on freestyle. Our instructor just kept telling us to give it time. After a disappointng 3 months We both decided to try to use the app but eat the 28-30 points/wk and it was so confusIng trying to calculate points combining the daily and weekly points so there was no reason to keep using the WW app. I am using ITrackBites and seeing success but it’s not as easy as using the WW app because the SP are not always calculated accurately. If WW decides to offer a variety of tracking plans my buddy and I will be back. Just got tired of weighing in each week and WW staff saying we needed to reduce the amount of zero point food we were eating and be patient. I never weighed in during Smartpoints plan and saw an increase in weight for 4 week period. Clearly WW needs to consider offering a variety of plans if they hope to turn their declining business plan around.

Aug 9, 2019 · “We believe our 2020 innovation will appeal not only to our current members who love the flexibility of WW Freestyle but also to potential first time and returning members who are looking for a more personalized program that provides the structure and support for sustainable results,” she said. ~from Market Watch.

WW sure knows how to craft its statements!

Freestyle came along when I made lifetime. I gained some back after trying freestyle and went back to smart points as it was before freestyle. Maintaining now. Too frustrating and I wish Oprah would go elsewhere. She is gaining, too. She's not a good spokesperson for WW; she's an opportunist who has placed her name on high point processed frozen foods.

Kathy, thank you for the news about the WW plan for 2020. Clearly, WW is concerned about profit rather than us, but at least it appears that WW is backing away from Freestyle.

I lost 15 pounds on Freestyle and then started gaining weight for no reason. I did not change my diet at all so why did I gain weight back? After 3 frustrating months, I quit WW. Hate Freestyle! I did not abuse zero point foods and I weighed and measured all of my foods...even zero point foods. I'm back to the weight I was before I started.

I’ve been on WW freestyle from August until now, September 19. I went off for 1 day. I’ve only lost 8 pounds. I am physically handicapped & do not exercise. I eat most of my food in the evenings. Can I realistically lose weight without excercise? I enjoy tracking the food. But I do think calories are calories so an egg or a piece of salmon can’t be zero points. Even beans have calories! i’ve Been reading many of the comments & many people like the Points Plus better. I’m curious about how that works. How can I find out? Thank you.

Following freestyle diligently plus swimming and walking moderate-vigorous 1-2 hrs daily.

Biggest splurge is having 4 servings of fruit, 2 small bananas and two small apples a day. I eat the zero point foods in very cautious moderation. I go way over 10,000 steps daily.

I usually have 3-4 daily points that roll over. I never use any of the weekly points or activity points. With all of this, why

would I lose just .2 lb??? Decades ago I met with great success on ww. I’m 69 and only 10-15 pounds overweight. I’m very frustrated. I came back to WW after being similarly disappointed when the free fruit became part of the program. How can I get the materials from 20+years ago when WW worked for me?

This has been so disappointing.

I am disabled. I do not exercise because I am not able. I am a lifetime member who came back to WW in March 2019. I eat zero point foods daily, fill in with daily points plus five weekly per day (28 total each day) I have lost over 30 lbs. I found out fast in the beginning that the weeks I lost the least were when I ate the least.I love this program! It is sustainable for me...I have had to relearn portion sizes even for zero point (not free) foods. I do online tracking plus workshops to keep myself accountable and I am confident that I can eat this way for the rest of my life!

I love success stories!

Kathy, You mentioned that WW is going to have a better 2020 version than Freestyle?

Will it be for current members?

Will we have a choice of programs, like they did in the past?

We need more structure.

Jane, I am counting on it! I will so totally rejoin if they do! All the info I have was in that blurb I found from Market Watch. And I found that from a Google search for "Weight Watchers, 2020". Anyone notice that "2020" also refers to hindsight?....

I totally have the exact same situation as Joan. I’m 57 and experience the same!

Rae, you've lost 8 pounds since August? That's SUCCESS!!! Keep at it!!! (I'm hard on myself, too, but I've realized that I need to give myself credit--I've lost 32 pounds since March of this year, with more to go). Little by little is the best way.

I have been on We exactly 6 months today ! I am 68 and have lost weight every week following the plan and exercising! Down a total of53 pounds and feeling great! This is a great plan and works if you follow it!!!

TNGal - We are twins 6 months/32lbs down! Twins in experience too- little by little. As I have previously said, I am 64 and disabled-so no exercise for me except for the STEPS IN A DAY (3000-6000) I love the freedom of Freestyle- and the self accountability that has caused me to learn and make better food and portion choices. This is what makes this a sustainable lifestyle change.

That is wonderful that people who are relatively new to the program, for example, a few months in, are losing. That is to be expected. However, I would like to hear from my fellow lifetimers who are having trouble maintaining/losing with freestyle. Freestyle rolled out as I achieved lifetime. Smart points as it was before Freestyle is what got me to lifetime. When Freestyle entered in, I could not lose anymore, or a steady gain would happen. It must have been all that kale I was eating. But I digress. I would like to lose the 10 pounds that I gained on freestyle, and truly need the help and guidance from fellow lifetimers is going through the same thing.

Wait --

Recently, TN Girl said, "I dislike Freestyle. It's an awful program."

She also made vicious comments to many who doubted her authenticity, such as

"Pull that WW stick out of your butt, you xxxx-ing x-itch."

This was in the "Weight Watchers -- Hate or Love" thread.

I encourage readers here to check it out.

TN Girl's comments are toward the later parts of the thread.

And there are many of them.

At first, I and many others thought she worked for WW.

After going back and reading her posts, I reversed myself and defended her authenticity.

But I was wrong.
Belatedly, I am calling her out.
She's a stooge.

WW Freestyle is not the plan for everyone and I find it very arrogant of those who say that it works for everyone who truly follows it. I haven’t yet given up but this is my second experience of totally following one of the newer programs and even exercising a lot (way over 100000 steps) and still not losing. Twenty years ago, when the program was very different, I met with great success and kept the weight off for many years. The newer plans are clearly not for everyone. I’m happy for those who are meeting with success but I wish WW would truly support those who would prefer to go with one of the earlier plans. I’d also appreciate people not dismissing those of us who are frustrated by telling us that we just need to really follow the program when we already are!

Thank you Joan!!! Ditto!

Round and round TNGal goes, who she is, nobody knows!

Thanks, Cynthia Doniger, for your encouraging comment. Yes, 32 pounds is quite a bit of weight--in my case, 15% of my starting weight! And I've just gotten started during the last 6 months. Given that I don't like Freestyle, I'm making things up as I go along. Recently I added more exercise: 300 minutes/week or 5 hours/week. That should help a lot. Hopefully WW will unveil a better plan come January.

P.S. And Cynthia, I'm 62 years old, so losing weight isn't as easy as it used to be! Certainly the millennials have it much easier!

Ms. G. -

She's extremely condescending and talks so much crap about the Freestyle plan. TennesseeGal or TNGal, whatever you call yourself, just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for others! Learn to be more supportive on this thread and less negative about a plan that replaced the one you prefer.

And the profanity is uncalled for, Ms. "PhD" lol

1. Can you give me the different names of the food tracker items people use (I would like also the recipe builder)?

2. How can you control deciding if you want to pay for the next month without getting charged till you decide?


I lost 100 lbs years and years ago and kept it off for the most part, losing a bit more and gaining a bit here and there but keeping it to 100-110 lbs. I loved the smartpoints or points plus or whatever it was that kept the fiber foods lower points. I am not a protein eater and don't eat massive amounts of anything, however when the new freestyle happened I started gaining a bit each week and couldn't work it all out so after 6 lbs and being told I was cheating or doing it wrong I quit. I kept it to the 6 lbs but had surgery, was bedridden for 7 months and gained 10 more pounds. I went back to WW and thus Freestyle where I am in my third week and have lost 1/2 lb the first week and gained 2 the second week and nothing the third. I hear they are coming out with a revised Freestyle in 5 weeks so we'll see. Maybe because I eat a cup of beans as a meal and that's high calorie, I don't know, but I'm pretty frustrated with WW and sorry I rejoined but I'm signed up for 6 months and there is a quitting penalty that's pretty steep so I'll stick it out and see.

Casey don't give up. When Freestyle came out I was excited about it thinking I could eat all I want (like going to a buffet). Well I put on 6 pounds in the first month. It took me a while to adapt to Freestyle. I did manage to lose the rest of my weight (40 pounds) and reached Lifetime at goal this August. When I track zero point foods I add them on Quick Add on the app this way I know how many points I am actually eating. The zero point foods was introduced to lean us away from processed foods. Give it a try. Tweek the program to work for you. I know you could do it.

Im a life member oof ww but since the change i cnt get to grip with it i lost 3 n half st in old system but like sound of snack girl

Great post about losing weight. You have discussed some amazing fact. Thanks for sharing.

I have been on the Freestyle program going in to my 3d week. I am afraid I need more structure. Don’t tell me I need to eat more of the “free foods” when they are not really free. WW also made a mistake to not add water to their plan. I am not a water drinker and if you tell me I don’t have to drink water, I probably won’t. Yes, I know I am a big girl and need to be responsible for myself, but I joined WW for a program that would guide me through a healthy way of eating. If You don’t tell me to eat x amount of vegetables/fruits, then I will put my points toward what I do like, which is carbs. Again, yes, I know better, but, I am paying WW to print out a plan that is healthy and includes ALL the food groups and not just let me make all the decisions. I know one day, I will need to go this on my own, but for now, as a beginner, I need more structure. This program just has way too much freedom for me .

I’m in the hate it group. Before freestyle I lost 75 pounds and it wasn’t a chore. Work but not a chore. With Freestyle I have gained almost 30 pounds back. Going into winter and the holidays it doesn’t look promising.

I couldn’t agree more. I am lifetime and have tried Freestyle no less than 5 different times to lose the weight I’ve put back on. I lost 42 pounds to become lifetime 20 years ago so I’ve been on several different iterations of WW. I know my issue is portion control so while I track every day, stay under or at my point limit, exercise a lot— I’m eating more calories than I need (I guess) and am gaining, gaining, gaining. Obviously they’ve seem similar problems With others, but geez — how did they think this would work for most people?

Worry not, Kelly!

I have heard unconfirmed reports that what they are coming back with in January is that you can pick from 4 plans, including Freestyle and some of the older plans. If true, good news for everyone.

This new plan they’re coming out with, where you supposedly can choose your plan, sounds a lot like the iTrackBites App. There’s a Freestyle plan, Smart Points plan, Points Plus plan, Keto & a straight Counting Calories plan to choose from. It’s a free app unless you decide to go Pro then it’s $35 a YEAR, NOT $45 a month!!

Actually WW online only is $19.95 a month. WW is only $45 if doing online AND workshops. I have had success on Freestyle 35 lbs down in 7 months....and I feel I can sustain this for the rest of my life. I am sorry if it doesn't work for others and hope that WW does indeed decide to offer a more structured plan for those who need it.

Congratulations on your weight loss Cynthia!! And it’s true, online its only $19.95..X 12 months. $239.40 per year..iTrackBites, $35 a year...I have $204.40 more money in my pocket at the end of the year.

I lost 38 lbs. 7 years ago on Points Plus. I joined again recently and it hasn't worked for me. I stay within my points, don't use my extra points and exercise at least 5 days per week and sometimes I GAIN weight on weigh in day! I'll give it another month and then I quit! I don't like this Freestyle program at all!

Thanks Laurie, I have been a WW lifetime for about 30 goal for a lot of years until I became chronically ill in 2013.I had thought I would NEVER be able to lose weight again...and have been astonished by Freestyle. I understand it is not "one size fits all"- but it works for me. I can also understand some people would like to save money. For me, I am comfortable with WW and I know I can always add the workshops back in if I need the extra support.Blest wishes on your weight loss journey!

It may be cheaper...but you will always pay, right? When you reach your WW goal it is FREE. Free online, Free workshop, Free app! and free as long as you stay at your goal weight or 2 pounds just have to weigh in one time per month! What's better than free?

This is wonderful news!

Why isn't WW advertising it yet?

For Ms. G-…

The Speculation based on "leaks" - 2020 program MyWW (new patent)rolling out week of 11/11/2019 will have 3 Program Choices that will include options that closely resemble: WW Freestyle, Beyond the Scale and Simply Filling.


Then why is WW keeping this "rumor" under wraps, when they need to bring back so very many of the subscribers who dropped Freestyle?

You would think they'd be thrilled with the "leaks," especially since the new program(s) will be unveiled next month.


Ms.'s Cynthia not Cyndy😘

"To everything there is a season" and WW is no exception. They have a standard timeline for announcing the new programs.There is often spectualtion this time of year when it is close to announcement time. Normally the UK will get it before the US and the details will come out quickly after introduction in the UK. Simply version- it is just the way they do things LOL.

Thank God we will have a better program at last.

And, BTW, it’s spelled ““speculation,” not “specualtion.”

I joined WW in May of 2018 and had a super weight loss of 25 pounds in 4 1/2 months. I have done a good job of keeping most of it off, but have had a 5-pound gain. I cannot shake those pounds. It may not seem to be a big deal, but it puts me right at my goal weight, and you know how WW is a stickler about Lifetime members. I have gone back to tracking fruits and eggs as 2 points, etc. I've been stuck for over 4 months, no loss, sometimes a bit of a gain. Freestyle was awesome for me, in the very beginning, but after a year of maintaining and tracking, etc., it has lost effectiveness.

I had very minimal weight loss when I first joined WW a few weeks ago. I decided to add 64 ozs of water per day and that has made a world of difference for me. The 1st week doing that, I lost 2.8 lbs. can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Cheers to everyone.

Hey Deb -

I feel you! Are you drinking enough water? What about your fiber intake? Good digestion goes hand in hand with weight loss, at least for me. If I don't go regularly, I find myself "stuck" for what seems like forever lol.

Hi, Becca. Yes, water intake is 64 oz.. or above and fiber intake good. WW did this to me about 15 years ago, too lost, then up and down. I am increasing my protein, especially red meat, to help boost metabolism and iron. Well see if that helps.

To Deb Hinshaw: if you get a doctor's note raising your goal weight, WW will honor what your doctor says. Then you won't have to worry about those 5 pounds (or paying for meetings if you're a couple of pounds over the goal weight that you chose previously).

I am in the same boat Becca. I'm 4 lbs from goal and cannot get past it. I exercise hard 6x/week on my Peloton, stay within my points, and drink my water most days. It's been over 2 months that I'm stuck at the same weight. My leader also suggested a doctors note because I'm starting to get really frustrated by the number not moving. NSV are that I'm the lowest pant size that I've ever been in the last 20 years, increased energy, and off of blood pressure meds.

I don't want to go above my goal weight. I dropped about 5 pounds under it as a safety net. But, it creeps back and forth and holds at about 1-2 pounds below or above. It's tedious having to constantly watch all intake when it wasn't necessarily this way until 5 months ago.

I'll just go back to counting high sugar fruits and eggs with point values.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Deb - increasing protein intake should work! Best of luck to you :)

Trisha - It's all about those NSV!!!!! I, too, am the lowest pant size since having my 3 kids almost 15 years ago. As long as you feel good, that's all that matters. I'm 2.5 lbs. away from goal weight but I haven't been on my best nutritional behavior lol. Congrats to you on your victory, whether it be scale or nonscale!!

Thank you!! Our success should not always be defined by the scale. Best wishes to everyone!!


I am currently a Life member, gaining weight (going up and down), close to current official Goal Weight. I saw that I was higher in the AM today and decided not to go to to weigh in (a first for me).

I will admit I haven’t been tracking (which I I hope to restart tracking tomorrow.

I just feel very bored and uninterested in the plan. The meetings are not the same and “how many eggs can I eat in 1 day”?

I am wondering when WW will roll “their new plans” in the US?

I feel the amount of points I get is very little - you can see that I would probably like Smart Points.

Also. I saw that WW had a big stock market loss because of lack of member numbers.

Any ideas re roll out or advice for me. I feel very tired abs discouraged.

Thank you in advance.


I left — lost 50 lbs with Smart Points but could not deal with Freestyle at all. They slash your points budget assuming that you’ll eat all these new zero-point foods instead — but a lot of those foods are things I don’t/won’t eat. I just don’t eat the way Freestyle basically forces you into doing. I found it actually far more restrictive than before. Really unhappy with it.


The best weight-loss program in the world has returned!

I'm so glad WW gave us choices. I truly think this is the best thing they've done. I loved Freestyle because I was eating more whole foods, but I know I was eating too much of them. Green (formerly SmartPoints) will give me the flexibility and structure all at the same time. I am going to go on Green until I get back to my goal. I may reevaluate at Christmas (Purple or Blue) for more flexibility. Though I may stick with Green. Once I hit maintenance, I might reevaluate again. We'll see! I love having choices!

Excellent post! keep sharing...

I am a sugar- and chocoholic, used to taking in almost all daily calories in refined sugar and fats. I started on freestyle 2 months ago and I cannot believd how healthy I've been eating. The zero point food list is on my refrigerator. So many good tasting foods I never thought about. It's a lifestyle changer for me.

So many great 0 pt food options. I’m on Blue online and eat a ton. The recipes are great, and combine the foods so well. Huge appetite here and never hungry, never crave. If you use the food choices and mix, prepare, experiment, the foods are as good as your fav restaurant. No deprivation, no “dieting”. Good foods, good choices, leading to weight loss.

from WW now: "Scientific research and testing with over

20,000 members worldwide shows that

those who followed Green, Blue, and Purple

achieved equal and consistent weight losses.

That’s the reason my WW is so effective—it’s one

program with three ways to live it, so you can choose

the path that’s best for your lifestyle." Phew! Finally!

I done the blue points for a week I joined last week been really good and stayed the same so fed up now

I decided on GREEN. I haven't got into the swing of it yet, but happy with the structure & daily points!

I want to know if you can eat unlimited fruit on Weight Watchers, simply because of the natural sugars in them, plus other low point items may also have high sugar content but low points.

People have warned me about the "sugars"

"free" foods does not mean unlimited - my leader is always reminding us about this, they have in the book the ins and outs of portion control

I find the weight loss is very slow and my weight fluctuates A LOT. This week I’ve gained with no explanation, which I find frustrating. However, I like the plan and accountability when it’s working for me.

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