Triple Zero Oikos: A Surprisingly Good Find in Greek Yogurt

April 11, 2016   71 Comments

Those black containers up there with the NFL logo don’t exactly look like they are being marketed to women.

Oikos Triple Zero Review

My favorite kind of flavored yogurt is one that I mix myself – take a look at The Best Brand of Yogurt You Can Buy.

A reader asked me to take a look at these black yogurts and I found myself intrigued because I hadn’t noticed that Oikos Greek yogurt had put out a new line. This subset is called Triple Zero (Dannon 000 Greek yogurt) and it means it has:

  1. Zero artificial sweeteners (but it uses Stevia)
  2. Zero fat
  3. Zero added sugar

What it does have is real yogurt (active cultures) and 15 grams of protein per serving.

Here are the nutritional facts for the peach flavor:

120 calories, 0 g fat, 0.0 g saturated fat, 15 g carbohydrates, 7 g sugar, 15 g protein, 6 g fiber, 65 mg sodium, 3 SmartPts

Ingredients: Cultured grade A non fat milk, chicory root fiber, contains less than 1% of water, natural flavors, malic acid, stevia leaf extract, sea salt, annatto extract and beta carotene (for color), vitamin D2, sodium citrate.

Notice how they ignored the 100 calorie benchmark, which I think is a good thing.

Do not expect to find any fruit in these yogurts. The 7 grams of sugar is due to the naturally occurring sugar in yogurt – and since they promised no added sugar – they have only used natural flavors (instead of adding fruit which contains sugar). The peach yogurt is peach flavored without any physical peach in it. This is true for all of the Oikos flavors that I purchased.

They used beta carotene (I’m guessing from carrots) to get the orange color and there were no artificial colors either.

Okay, so if you aren’t freaked out that this yogurt isn’t TRULY peach yogurt then this might be for you. The sugar amount is perfect for a snack and the flavor was surprisingly good. I didn’t get a bitter aftertaste kick from the Stevia and it felt like I was eating a regular peach yogurt. I was truly surprised that I liked it - I was ready for it to taste like a chemical soup.

The rest of the flavors I tried (except for the vanilla – which was a bit weird) were pretty good. If you love flavored yogurt and are looking for a low sugar option - here it is!

If you want to read more yogurt reviews check out my Greek Yogurt Taste Off.

Please share your thought on Triple Zero Oikos.

I bought these items with my own money and have no relationship with Danone Group.

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Oh good! I've bought this a few times and I liked it. Glad it gets your seal of approval!

I really like the salted caramel and appreciate that no artificial colors are added. I am hesitant to eat too many items with chicory root or inulin- both have laxative effects on the body. LOVE the high protein! Once again, balance or moderation in all things is important!

I'm so happy you took the time to check this yogurt out. I wasn't sure about it but if it meets your approval, I'm buying some.

Helpful review! A nutritionist recommended this product to me, for the protein and low sugar. I prefer the non/fruit flavors, especially vanilla (and chocolate!). Curious - has anyone used these in baking?

Wow, it's a bit sad when they make fruit flavored yogurt that does not contain any fruit!

Hope these are available in Canada! By the way I bought 2 of your books, one for my sister - we enjoy your humour.

I liked the flavor but I found it really distressed my stomach - I am mildly lactose intolerant but this kicked it into high gear!

I tried these as well ... OK, not bad, but I found the texture a bit strange - more chalky than creamy. I believe the one I had was 3 smart points, which is not bad considering my favorite flavored yogurts (Passionfruit Fage) went up to 5 points. :-(

But, my "go to" is what you have previously suggested Lisa - You can have 1 FULL CUP of plain 0% greek yogurt for 3 points (this is for Fage brand, but I think others would be the same.) And, if you add a teaspoon or two of low sugar/no sugar jam, you are just adding 1 extra point - and of course fresh fruit is free.

The overnight yogurt parfait with oatmeal & chia seeds is also awesome, for around 5 points - and much bigger portion. I make mine with lots of frozen raspberries.

Love it. Anytime I can find less junk ingredients and 15 grams of protein I'm happy!

I do like this yogurt, glad you approve. If you want bits of fruit, you can nuke a couple frozen pieces of whatever fruit matches, dice up and there you have it. Or even fresh fruit if you have it.

I haven't tried this one yet because I am looking for a plain, non-fat yogurt that has plenty of lactobacillus. I have an old yogurt maker and it requires a starter.

I was never a fan of Greek yogurt until I tried Oikos Triple Zero. I love it! The texture is just right. I use Stevia regularly (for Iced Tea), so I was happy to see it listed (rather than sugar or maltodextrin, etc.). The Mixed Berry is my favorite.

I too have tried Oikos Triple Zero and actually like it. I'm surprised that no one has commented on the fact that this yogurt has FIBER in it along with the protein. I believe this yogurt is a good alternative for WW members and also low carbing.

I usually make my own yogurt with plain greek yogurt and fruit, but this is a definite go to for me when I'm on the go. The stores by me that do sell it don't have many flavor of this yogurt, but because of the the ingredient list, I do prefer this brand when I do buy already prepared yogurt.

Thank you for mentioning that it has Stevia. That's one of the things I try to avoid for various reasons (mostly the lowering of blood pressure warning from WebMD).

To follow-up on my comment above...I know people that grow Stevia and have great luck with it so I'm not dissing it. I just wanted to provide the link to explain that for people using blood pressure medication it's suggested not to eat Stevia:…

Just to present the facts, as a ingredients chemist ( and I do not work for Dannon) chicory root fiber does not have laxative effects, however sugar alcohols ( like maltitol) do and are often found In diet product. You would have to consume 3 yogurts ( 20 grams fiber) or more in one sitting, and you " might" experience gas/ bloating. But having 20 gms of any fiber in one meal, would effect your GI tract. Straight fructose / sugar at high doses can have laxative effect, but not fiber. Chicory root fiber also is a prebiotic veggie fiber so it's helping feed any content of the probiotic cultures in the yogurt. The original six flavors are great!

Cheryl - it might not have been the lactose that bothered you - stevia does that to me - hence I avoid all of these "Zero calorie" wonders...

I really like the triple zero line. There were a few that I thought had an artificial after taste (banana and coconut if I remember correctly), but my husband liked those two flavors, so for us it's just a taste preference. Peach, strawberry and triple berry are my favorite flavors, and I like the texture. I see they also now have it in plain, which I'm looking forward to using for recipes that call for plain yogurt.

Just wondering what your opinion is on chobani simply 100. Sugar is about the same but protein is a little lower. Seems all natural to me but I wanted a more educated opinion.

My family loves these. We've been eating the Triple Zero for at least 6 months now due to the fact of the high protein and no added sugar or preservatives.

I have been using these yogurts for 5-6 months and really like them. I like that the carbs and protein amounts are the same

My favorite quick b'fast before a workout is one of these + a banana - great sustaining energy for 3 points

I am so tired of reading labels and finding chicory root fiber in so many products. Just when it sounded like a nice yogurt, they ruined it with that stuff. If you get tummy trouble eating this, it's probably not from lactose. I guess the answer is to make your own food and find you own fiber.

I really enjoyed the coconut flavor!

It simply doesn't taste good, tastes chalky. It's hard to eat healthy foods that taste so bland.

Oikos tastes too sweet. I still had some leftover Chiobani (both of these plain and non-fat) and Oikos has a sweet flavor.

What about the "natural flavors?" Isn't that a category used for all kinds of undesirable chemicals (some similar to MSG) to heighten the flavor?

Lisa, you asked about the additional advertising on Snack Girl? I find it disruptive to your message. It takes longer to read while slogging around all the ads. What about using the side bar? Maybe add a link to popular posts and use that space for the ads? Your work /message is too important to be lost among Garden supplies. Thanks for all you do for good health!!!

I discovered the OIKOS Triple ZERO at a hotel breakfast bar. The black packaging caught my eye. I love the flavor and the protein count. My favorite would be the Salted Caramel but I keep a variety in the fridge. I use them in my smoothies also for added fiber and protein. Definitely a YES on my shopping list.

The Chicory root caused some bloating and other unpleasant side effects. I think I would rather have a little more sugar than gas and bloating.

I think this Triple Zero yogurt is just wonderful. I dislike anything over-sweet, so for years I bought plain yogurt. But that is usually sour. It's time for those who enjoy the less sweet to have someone understand! This yogurt is pleasantly sweet, every single flavor. I go to the grocer every week hoping they won't discontinue it!

Does Triple Zero contain Probiotics? Unless I'm overlooking it, I don't see it on the carton.

I have used the vanilla for smoothies and liked the fact it had more protein in there for the added punch. However, today I felt lazy and just brought a cup with me to work to have with some granola and I was shocked how bad it tasted! Compared to other vanilla greeks, this tasted like it had some sweeteners in there so i tried searching this am. That stevia root must be what i am tasting. Bottom line, i like for smoothies not just out of the "box".

Where on the package does it say that it has live cultures? I see it on other Oikos yogurts but not on this one.

I previous comment was about the Triple Zero yogurt. I see no reference to live cultures. I think the manufacturer should have to say how many live cultures there are.

My wife was tricked into buying this because it said no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. She assumed that means no sweeteners.

It was terribly sweet. The entire point of Greek yogurt is extra protein and a dry taste. Dannon managed to ruin this by trying to make it taste like liquid ice cream.

The second problem is that there is no fruit in it - just artificial flavor and color.

If you like normal consumer yogurt but want more protein, then you will probably like it.

"I was never a fan of Greek yogurt until I tried Oikos Triple Zero. I love it! "


If you like regular supermarket yogurt but not Greek yogurt, then you will like this as that is what it is like, but with more fiber and protein.

I love yogurt just didn't like the fruit at the bottom (not worth it) I LOVE the Oikos Tripple Zero Vanilla (22g Protein) with my granola (6g Protein) . I have it for a mid morning snack and it is perfect and keeps me going until I get my salad for lunch. Love it

I was excited to try these until I noticed the chicory root. Due to horrible side effects I cannot eat it. Lots of gas and and gut pain.

I am totally disappointed in the new covers on the Oikos Greek yogurt every time I open one the cover rips and tears making it a mess , go back to the old covers.

Love these triple zero yogurts. My favorite is the chocolate and my husband loves the lemon and orange. I'm glad to know they are a good healthy yogurt choice. I use stevia in ice tea also and am glad to know the yogurt has stevia in it. I never bothered to look.

I tried this Yogurt at the recommendation of my Endocrinologist. I am a type 1 diabetic and I don't like fruit....this is a wonderful product. I get the taste of the flavor of the fruit without the actual fruit being in it ( I have texture issues therefore I don't like fruit). I would strongly recommend this product. Thank you Oikos for another great product 😀

I bought this yogurt in vanilla. Did not love it. It was artificially sweet with an aftertaste. That wasn't so bad as the awful, embarrassing gas that I experienced. Every time I ate it. Threw out the last two yogurts in my refrigerator. Back to Chobani for me!

Hi! I really like Oikos Triple Zero! I like the high protein as well as no added sugar. Stevia is my sweetener of choice so it's perfect! I actually do like the vanilla - I like to get the big container. Sometimes I'll add one drop of NOW lemon oil and love it that way too.

Thanks for the review!

It tastes good.

But it shouldn't be zero fat.

When carbohydrates are greatly reduced, fat content needs to be increased to provide the body with an energy source. And proteins should always be accompanied by fats for proper digestion, anyway.

I have been on my weight loss journey for about 8 months. This yogurt was an early find and a God send. I have tried most of the flavors and have liked most of them. I don't drink or like coffee so I have not tried that; the chocolate was terrible, but the banana cream is amazing. I use it as a snack, and I usually eat one of these and a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese before my entrée, and they really help fill me up. So far I am down 80 lbs, and I really believe this has helped. So glad to see it get some recognition.

Michael Moss

Good job!!!! That's huge! I'll have to try the banana too!

I know this article is about a year old, but I just ran across this yogurt about 5 weeks ago. This yogurt is good. I normally do not like yogurt. This caught my eye because of the no added sugar and that it uses stevia. I have diabetes so this was a great find. My favorite flavors are vanilla and strawberry. I seen a chocolate one this weekend but think I will wait about trying it. I eat it along with walnuts. They actually go pretty good together.

I had the coffee flavor yesterday. It tasted bitter. Then all night I had this awful bitter taste in my mouth. I had to brush my teeth and use listerine to try to get rid if it. I thought I was was seriously going to throw up!! I am retuning the other 3 flavors I bought back to the store. I was also in the bathroom with stomach pain. I like yo play 100 Greek but could not find it in my local price chopper. I will never by this product again!!!

I ran across this page, searching for WW points on Oikos Triple yogurt. My first buy-Peanut butter and banana..Never ate that as a combination, however sounded interesting. First time with Oikos, taste was good, consistancy was good. 15 protein, 6 grams fiber, sugar (natural) 6gms, uses splenda leaf. New to this and trying to drop a few pounds. Appreciate the comments here.

I HATED yogurt until I tried the triple oikos when my Chiropractor suggested that I add it to my morning routine. Well, finally at the age of 53, I now LOVE yogurt, especially the peach and the orange is to die for! I put the orange in the freezer to firm it up some more and then put shaved walnuts on it and eat it like its ice cream. I LOVE this product!

I bought this yogurt for the fact that there are no artificial sweeteners. What I didn't know is that chicory root causes horrible gastrointestinal distress. Yesterday was the 1st day I ate it, and I noticed some mild gas/bloating in the afternoon. Ate it again today for breakfast and now mid-afternoon I look 6 mos pregnant. This stuff is awful! Major tummy troubles. I had no idea that chicory root was an issue for me, but now I know. I liked the taste and wish I could keep eating it, but not worth the stomach upset. No bueno!!

I liked it! Got a FREE container through my grocery store loyalty plan. I love yogurt but find most brands don't keep my hunger at bay (especially since containers went from 8-10oz. back in the day to 5.3 or less now). This one did, had with some fruit or crackers and I was happy all afternoon!

I don't understand what you meant about the vanilla flavor. I love the way it tastes. For me it's like eating ice-cream but guilt free because it is so healthy for me. But everyone has there own tastes.

I love this yogurt. I love that it is low in sugar. The banana cream and the peach are absolutely delicious! I add fresh blueberries to them, and sometimes 1/2 a banana. My favorite breakfast food and/or snack!

I used to hate 0 fat yogurt until I tried Triple Zero. For me I usually have the vanilla with a small banana chopped into it or a cup of berries and top it with walnuts or slivered almonds. If I eat it for dessert I add some good quality mini chocolate chips. Even my husband loves this as a dessert alternative, he likes the chocolate yogurt with the chocolate chips, I prefer vanilla or the coconut. I am not a fan of the fruit flavors, hubby doesn't mind the banana creme.

Left a after medicine like taste in my mouth. I hated.

These have become my fav! I initially bought the strawberry flavor ones and stuck to them for a while. Then i saw other flavors at different store and was excited for the peanut butter banana and the berry flavor ones. Hated all of them. Went back to my strawberry flavor and now i add hemp seeds for extra protein and that healthy dose of ARGININE aminoacid to help reduce my chance of a heart attack. Ill take this any day over heart medication.

I have come to discover a major issue with this product. Zero sugar is good. But zero fat is bad. Milkfat doesn't seem to add to cardiac risk like eating meat fat does. Milkfat makes you feel full longer, and so even though it adds calories, you end up eating fewer calories in a day for a given level of hunger. So I started only buying Trader Joes unflavored Greek Yogurt made from whole milk and cream. It is amazing with 22 grams of fat per serving - which is about 2.5x the fat in normal whole-milk yogurt. I am stuffed after eating it, and don't get hungry for hours.

Oi! If you actually like this yogurt you need to radically change your diet. I to 1 lick of the vanilla and almost went into sugar shock. Yes, I know, no sugar. But stevia is 200-300 times more sweet than sugar and there is waaay too much in this product. High sweetness with no actual glucose is very bad for adrenal function.

If you like the flavor, I strongly suggest you take a 2 week hiatus from all carbs and re-calibrate your buds.

I always like knowing the complete list of ingredients in the foods I purchase, but in both the Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt, as well as the new Two Good Greek Yogurt by Dannon, "Natural Flavors" is listed in the ingredient listing but not spelling out what is included in the "Natural Flavors." Does anyone know what they are?

I don’t think any company will ever tell you that. I have a friend whose child has many allergies and no company would ever tell her what is in the natural flavors. It’s their proprietary secret. Sorry.

Marilyn De Geus, Contact their customer service department. Due to allergies especially in children they may tell you if you have a health concern.

How long after the expiration date on the lid can this product be safe to eat ?

The vanilla Oikos tastes fine, and I eat it nearly every morning, but I made the mistake of buying a variety of flavored 5.3 oz. kinds. First of all, they leave substantial empty space at the top, SUPPOSEDLY to allow room for toppings (oh, how thoughtful!) Second, the flavors are . . .less than 1% natural fruit, coconut, etc. The so-called fruit flavors are terrible, and chemical after-taste of artificial sweetener is overpowering! Disgusting, so they are going back to WalMart!

You have to try the new Triple Zero favor Mango! I love mangoes 🥭

Best yogurt out there for me. It is very creamy if you stir it enough. I love the cherry the most. I first saw it for the 15g protein, and the zero fat and stevia made it a no-brainer to try, no artificial stuff which I avoid at all costs. LOVE the pro that has 20 grams of protein. A staple now for me to get lots of probiotics and protein daily in a great tasting snack.

I put a little low calorie granola on the vanilla flavored Oikos and it tasted great! Nothing weird about the Vanilla flavor.

The vanilla flavor tastes so bland to me I don't get it, it seems to have almost the same amount of sugar as the equivalent Walmart brand (Great Value Light Greek Yogurt (100 calorie version)) but the Walmart version tastes so much better to me it has a very similar taste like the expensive Dannon Light & fit Greek Vanilla.

Today I did get the 18 pack Oikos yogurt from Costco. I tried the Vanilla Version and boy, it tastes terrible artificial. The aftertaste is lingering in my mouth. Normally I eat plain greek yogurt, or add fruits, which I like much better. I will not buy this one ever again.

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