Ooni Pizza Oven Review: My New Toy!

October 25, 2020   9 Comments

Bored? This Ooni pizza oven review will keep you entertained.

Ooni Pizza Oven Review: My New Toy!

I don’t usually post about my latest foodie acquisition but this one is too good to not share. For my birthday, I received an outdoor pizza oven that uses wood to heat it.

The Ooni Karu Wood and Charcoal-Fired Portable Pizza Oven is my new toy!

I usually share about my latest boring kitchen appliance like my Zojirushi rice cooker or my Cosori Air Fryer. The pizza oven is an entirely different animal.

First of all, it set me back over $300. Yikes! No one would argue that pizza is a healthy food. But, I am not eating out at all. The delivery pizza around me is subpar and I love pizza.

I ordered this baby in August and had to wait until October to get my hands on it. I wanted it as a way to feed my friends and do social distancing. We can all hang around the hot pizza oven outside!

It is also portable so I can take it with me on vacation or camping or to another friend’s house.

I fell madly in love with the Ooni Karu at a friend’s house who lives too far away for me to borrow the oven. It cooks a pizza in a minute and the flavor is incredible. I love cooking with wood.

How does it work?

You add dry hard wood to this little compartment on the back of the oven. It is easy to light because you are adding only small amounts. This thing only holds small pieces of wood - not logs. Get it lit and keep adding fuel until the oven reaches about 400 C or 750 F.

The bottom of the oven is a pizza stone that retains heat from the fire. I have a temperature gauge that I can point at the pizza stone to determine how hot it is.

Heating up the oven takes around 30 minutes.

You make a 12 inch pizza and slide it in. You need a metal pizza peel to turn the pizza. You have to spin it every 30 seconds or so or it will burn.

Do you see those beautiful flames? They make the most perfect crust and flavor! It takes about 90 seconds for your pizza to cook.

Check out the puffy crust. This Ooni oven makes the most divine pizza. I use a little bit of pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, anchovies….. YUM! I love the char on the bottom of the pizza.

What else have we made with it? It also roasts vegetables and chicken. Anything where a really hot oven is needed is perfect for this oven.

I think the Ooni oven is sort of incredible. It is highly insulated and it works so efficiently that it is almost impossible to screw up your meal. Ooni will actually buy it back if you don’t like it (they give you 60 days to decide). I can’t imagine not enjoying cooking with this tool.

Sure, lots is going wrong right now, but we can still enjoy life.

What do you think of my Ooni pizza oven review? Does this look like a fun toy or am I nuts?

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I can’t afford a $ 300.00 pizza oven, but I’m glad you are enjoying yours! Thank you for the review. The pizza oven seems like a great way to have fun while preparing food with friends. What happened to your Jack-o-Lantern? Did squirrels eat him?

So, you have to chop wood into small pieces? Is there an electric version for those of us without access to small pieces of wood...or an axe?

That looks like a really fun thing to have and play with if I ever retire. Looks very yummy, yes. I am going to their web site. Thank you

Looks like so much fun. If I cold get my hands on one today we would be having pizza for the game this afternoon.

@Susan - I carved the pumpkin - it is a cat.It is probably hard to see in the photo. The pizza oven was a splurge - it was a birthday present. Thanks for your comment!

I would love the oven, but big kitchens w/ lots of counter space was not an option in 1963 when my house was built! My big splurge was a new Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven. It saves me from using my semi-new Samsung convection/regular oven (which I try to avoid in the Fla summers). The oven installation took away some cabinet space. BUT, your pizza looks phenomenal!!!

If cooking with wood you can use it in house too? Which sounds wonderful to have if power goes out and you have electric stove like me.

@Karen - it is only for outdoor use. You need a way to vent the smoke. I do think this stove would be great in a power outage. Thanks for your question!

I’m thinking of getting this Ooni that you wrote about. Their current delivery for these is March 2021.

I like the oven because it uses pellets for fuel. I have a Traeger pellet grill and I’ll bet you could use the same pellets for the Ooni.

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