Ten Calories of Salty, Healthy, Whole Food Crunch

February 18, 2010   8 Comments

When we dream of the perfect salty snack we tend to think of Potato Chips. Dah-duh-duh-dah! Snack-Girl to the rescue!


What if you could spend just 10 calories and get the same satisfaction? And, this is a food that is really good for you.

Pickles are simply cucumbers that have been cured in water, vinegar, and assorted spices. Like Olives, they keep for a long time in your refrigerator.

Having a pickle instead of that bag of chips could save you 150 calories, and cucumbers are good for you.

My favorite brands of pickles are found in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. Kosher dill pickle taste great right out of the jar and have a satisfying crunch.

Claussen will set you back about $3 a jar - but you are looking at about 10 servings.

The jars of pickles that aren't refrigerated tend to be soggy and they don't taste as good to me.

Probably the best pickles are ones that you make yourself by buying cucumbers in season and jarring them. I have never attempted such an endeavor as I use up most of my energy just lifting the jar into my cart.

You can't eat that many pickles in one sitting. They are very satisfying because their taste is so strong. If those 10 calories stop you from indulging in something else salty (think Doritos) - why not give them a try?

Finally, kids tend to really like pickles. Cut them up and put them on their plate and you will be amazed. I know a kid who had a gherkin ration for her day because she loved them so much. Wouldn't it feel better to fight about gherkins vs. Potato Chips?

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pickles are great as a snack, but be warned of the sodium content. 1 claussen kosher dill pickle = 320mg sodium. 2 of their sandwich slices are 420mg.

I never thought of pickles as being healthy because of the salt. My Mom used to make pickles but I never learned. I would love to learn.

I too quit eating pickles because of the sodium content.

So funny that you have this, just this weekend my husband was talking about making our own pickeles after the jar is empty. We saw on tv where you can use the brine in the jar to make new pickles!

I have my kosher dill with me to go with my lunch today! They are a great salty snack.

I was one of those weird kids that would go to the grocery store with my Mom and instead of begging for candy, I would want a pickle from one of those big jars on the deli counter. My Mom often obliged if I was good. She has mentioned that she figured it was better than pretty much anything else I would have wanted, and other than my breath being atrocious and if I dripped pickle juice in the car, there wasn't really a downside. She also made pickles one year and they were amazing. I remember we thought we had eaten them all and then found like another jar a few months later (we had an old house with a large unfinished basement at the time) and I was thrilled. Of course I was the type of kid who we'd go to like "Pioneer Days" or something and I would want to go get bread and the butter churned butter and a large dill pickle- I could have cared less about the other food.

I am trying to loose weight, and pickles are my best friend! I always eat a couple for an afternoon snack because they really are satisfying, but have so few calories! Cucumbers are the same way! With some seltzer, it's the perfect snack!

Pickles are so delious even if u make a quick snack where u take a price of ham spread cream cheese on it and place the pickle in the middle and roll it up!! Its delious! :) hope u enjoy!! :)

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