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January 25, 2017   16 Comments

I know that some of you want to use a Points Plus calculator instead of Smart Points.

Points Plus Calculator

Weight Watchers members have complained about the last year’s new system – Smart Points – see Weight Watchers New for 2017? and Smart Points Vs Points Plus.

Some have said that while they did lose weight on Points Plus, they have not lost weight on Smart Points (and even gained weight) and wish they could stay on the Points Plus plan. I have heard from members who wish that they could choose which program to go with at Weight Watchers instead of having to do Smart Points.

I think the best plan is one that works for you – whether it is Points Plus, Smart Points, or simply eating healthier.

There is an app called iTrackBites that allows you to use a system called “Plus” that may be the same as Points Plus as well as a system called “Smart” (same as Smart Points). It can be used on the iPhone or Android and costs $3.99

You can also join a Facebook Group to support your Points Plus efforts - LovingPointsPlus

Obviously, if the people who came up with this called it Smart Points and Points Plus – they would be in serious trouble with Weight Watchers as that would be copyright infringement. They cannot say that this program is the same as the Weight Watchers’ program or they will get sued.

See how this is "Bites Plus" and "Bites Smart"?

But, it sure looks like the Points Plus calculator that you would find on the Weight Watchers app.

If you want a recipe builder or points values for fast food, etc., you must pay extra for the plug ins.

For those of you who want to continue with Points Plus, I think this is an excellent option. You can get the old Points Plus books on Ebay and use this app to help you track and calculate points. There is also a community that you can interact with on the app.

This is a screen shot of the tracking page. As you can see, I did some bicycling! (not)

I know everyone is going to have a lot of questions about the app and I am not going to know the answers as I have just started to check into all of its functions. It did work easily and for me (and was intuitive).

Have you tried iTrackBites? Has it been helpful? Please share.

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I lost 151 lbs on the "classic" points program and kept 100 of it off. I had varying degree of success with points plus and gained with smart points. Also found smart points mentally tougher for me to stick with... that I-need-a-cookie-or-I'm-gonna-lose-it moment really cost me in points. Thanks for showing this! I'm gonna check it out!!

Seems like a real solution! Good luck everyone!

I *LOVE* itrackbites. I've been using it for six months now, and it works flawlessly. I didn't even unlock all the paid features--I don't use the restaurant guide or beer guide since almost all of that can be found when you use the online lookup (which you do have to pay a couple of dollars for). It's not flawless, but it's pretty darn close, you can't beat the price, and it's working for me. I only hope that WW doesn't find a way to kill the app--they're really good at tracking down and destroying imitators who come to close to their program.

The "homework" you have done here is literally going to change some folks' lives. I've done Weight Watchers classic, Points Plus, and Smart Points. Classic is the most livable program and point plus more sensible and still livable. Smart Points was a total bust for me. I got on the scale this morning, and thought I need to get back to Weight Watchers. But I thought why pay $100s of dollars for a program I know doesn't work for me? I thought "I wish they would let me do Points Plus again." Because of this blog post, I can! What a wonderful option for many people. Thank you for doing this!

I wish people would be less resistant to progress. Yes proress.....notice I didn't say change. We change when progress in science shows something else is scientifically better. The Smart points plan came about because it has shown to be scientifically healthier for our bodies. So do you want to be healthier, happier, and thinner, or are you at your perfect place. Are you at goal with WWPP ? If not remember the saying " if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always gotten" I am 63 and a former leader at Ww who used to teach the PP plan. I was able to change. I know its hard....I live in San Antonio and culture is hard to deal with here. We have the highest percentage of adults and children with Diabetis in the country here. Many Children are morbidly obese at an early age and many families suffer the ramifications of what Diabetes does. Your kidney, eye sight , and over health are at risk.

Maybe we need to think really hard about squabbling about not getting so many points or not enough sweets and think about progress. If you haven't Had any significant progress in our weight loss journey maybe we need to try what the Smart Points has to say. I changed and at my age changed my life.....for the first time I am getting more points by swimming 4 times a week. Something I wasn't able to do before. Think progress not change first!

I was resistant to Smart Points at first but have fallen in love with the new program. And members have lost 15% more weight with Smart Points. That said, I'm happy to see this option available to those who couldn't handle the switch and also for those who can't afford WW.

Thanks for continuing to post about WW and similar alternatives. The comments are always interesting to read.

I love Smart Points but don't love paying WW to keep access. I use WW when I need to lose a few (even a couple) pounds so I am on and off it, so the app would make more sense for me. (Thanks, SnackGirl!) I recently bought the book "Zero Sugar Diet", which was recommended by a commenter on another SnackGirl post. I now see why people prefer Points Plus - because they are addicted to sugar. I agree with Edna - when science progresses, we should, too. Smart Points reflects the current science on sugar - and, if you would read the book, you would see how important it is to try to break the addiction!

Thanks for this information, Lisa! It is really helpful.

@ Edna - Yes, you are right. Our understanding of nutrition is constantly evolving, and I'm all for WW tweaking their programs to promote healthy lifestyles based on the latest science. I am a physician in primary care, so I see plenty of journal articles and also see plenty of everyday people, the majority of whom have weight and multiple health issues, in my office every day. I do not claim to be a weight loss expert. I can claim to be someone who also struggles the same with weight, making good choices, and living a healthy lifestyle.

The simple truth, also based in science, is that any diet will work as long as you stick to it. Pick any of them: Atkins, South Beach, Jenny Craig, WW, whatever -- it doesn't matter. So people should do what works for them and that moves them in a healthier direction, and "diets" should meet people where they are, not where they should be. If you tell someone weighing 300 lbs who eats fast food every day (this was me 10 years ago), that they now have to eat whole foods and structure their meals around the simply filling list, chances are it's not going to work. Instead, small - almost imperceptible changes - in one's diet combined with the reward of weight loss will motivate the person to keep going. Instead of eating a whole package of cookies, eat 5 cookies. Then 3, then 1 cookie once a week. Success breeds success.

You may be at a point in your health journey where smart points is just the challenge that you need. Someone else may be in a very different place. Everyone's story is different, and what works for one person might not work for another. So I encourage you to view a different perspective not as "squabbling" but as a sign this person's path is simply different than yours; that what works for them is not - and may not ever be - identical to what works for you.

Sarah- We need more primary care physicians like you.

I downloaded the Itrackbites and as all new things it takes a bit of getting used to. I had a lot of people recommend the UFVD (Ultimate Food Value Diary) also and so far I am liking it a little better. Only add-on I purchased in addition to it is the activity syncing app and it worked great so far. It also counts the PointPlus and SmartPoints plans. Another option.

Yes! I downloaded it after the New Year and have been using it...lost a few lbs so far. I'm so happy I can track with the PP system again! :)

such a great app! thanks for the heads up, snack girl.


Is the "Classic" option on the app the same as the old Momentum program that used the cardboard sliding food points calculator?

How can I input nutrients and the app give me the points?

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