Why This 46 Year Old is Playing Pokemon Go

August 8, 2016   22 Comments

Check that funny thing out! That, for those who don’t know, is a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go for older people


I thought I was the only adult in my community playing it until I saw a pal of mine (who is in her 60’s) walking quickly passed me following her smart phone.

I said, “Where are you going?”

She replied, “I have to walk to hatch my grandson’s Pokemon eggs.”

Ha! You see this is like no other video game that I know because you have to travel to make it work. The game forces you to walk around to catch Pokemon, find Pokestops, and hatch eggs.

I have discussed how important it is to have fun when you exercise and how five minutes is all you need to start moving. Pokemon Go is FUN and will get you walking. You won’t even notice how much you walk.

My 9 year old loves this game and will walk for hours in search of these virtual creatures. He and I have had a blast playing this game.

I am here to explain this games compelling features such as the "walk to hatch eggs" component. This is far easier than producing an actual baby from your personal eggs ( I can tell you because I birthed 2 of them).

There are 5K and 10K eggs as well. The game is also keeping track of how many kilometers I have spent walking around.

Frankly, I find the whole thing delightful and it makes my daily walks so much more fun! As I walk, I catch this cute little animals by tossing a ball at them.

Do you see the red and white ball at the bottom of the screen below? You simply touch the ball with your finger and “toss” it at the Pokemon until you hit it. Then, the Pokemon is inside the ball and is stored in your Pokedex.

You don’t have to walk with the phone in your hand to find the Pokemon. It vibrates when a Pokemon is near by so I carry it in my pocket.

The game is free and while it does use up some data – it isn’t so bad.

What I truly love about it is that it is forcing me to look at my town differently. Yesterday, I played Pokemon as I walked around the UMASS Amherst campus during a break from work.

I found a café in a courtyard of a public building that I had no idea was there. The next day, I took my lunch there and ate shaded by beautiful foliage listening to a fountain instead of sitting in my office.

Without playing Pokemon, I would never had known that this lunch spot existed only a five minute walk from my office.

You walk, you play with your kids or grandkids, you discover, you giggle, and life is a little less heavy with Pokemon Go.

Have you tried Pokemon Go? What do you think?

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I have a pre-paid slide cell phone. I might have to persuade hubby to download Pokemon Go on his smart phone. ;)

I don't do video games due to seizure disorder. But please..SAFETY FIRST while pursuing this activity! A woman walked into a wall in a hospital in Ohio while trying to catch a character. Be careful when in medical facilities you don't walk into patient occupied areas and violate privacy. And don't trespass on private property either, certainly not in these days when people are so on edge due to violence. Otherwise, have fun!

This seems like a neat idea..I homeschool my kids..and I'm super against playing video games..they are to addicting for children and would take up all your free time if you let them. I'm a very active person, so mom wins there..we are constantly on the go,and My children desire to play games like "all the other kids do" but this game seem like a good compromise..we may all enjoy

Has anyone looked into security risks involved with this game? I read somewhere weeks ago that it forces you to give Google full access to your account which includes your email. I would verify this beforehand, perhaps on a different search engine. Has anyone else heard of security issues?

I stopped playing due to security risks...

Once they completely clear up the risks, I may redownload. It's a decent game.

The security risks were fixed the week they were discovered. Youre fine. Facebook app reads all of your info too, as perspective. Go have fun!

I believe they have cleared it up.

Google owns a stake in the game so it should be easy. Thanks for bringing up this up!

They had on the news last week about 4 times on how this is dangerous. they say some people were lured to certain spots and were attacked. Why put ourselves and children in dangerous situation???

Annie, the game does not require people to go into dangerous areas. As with all things a little basic caution and limits are appropriate.

I am 74 and I play it in my city for exercise. Like Lisa it has help me see things around me - fascades of buildings, statues, fountains - I had never noticed before. It is important at my age to watch where I am going. So I stand and look at my phone for a spot and then pocket it as I walk.

Danielle, I didn't mean the game itself, it said people playing were able to lure people into places ,which a few were attacked and robbed. sorry if I misled you. So not having played I don't know if that can be done where some people can send you to a places you really shouldn't be.

I'm with you! It's a wonderful game! I don't have a smartphone, so I can't play but I love watching others play, and three of my four adult children play it. It *is* great for discovering interesting parts of your town.

My husband and I are playing and walking five miles a day! We also did it on a run! So fun!

Love this game. Have played since day 1. Amazing how I see so many new sites. I am forced to go to new cities to get better scores. Highly addictive through. Am I only guy who ready your blog 😂😁 snack girl? BTW, did you know ads for KFC pop up on your blog?

Yes! My adult daughter and her boyfriend go to the park after work regularly now and take long walks all over their town because of this game. The first day they downloaded it, they spent 4 hours walking their beachside community and had a blast. They even ran into local friends while out who were also playing and spent time hanging in person. I wish i could get my younger one interested. I would love to walk the park near our home with him after work.

Please be careful. In our city we have a high crime rate. Women need to be aware of their surroundings so they are not targeted by purse snatchers and carjacking. It worries me to see people walking around eyes glued to their phone oblivious to what is going on around them. Makes them perfect targets. Just saying! :-)

Thank you for sharing all of these important concerns. I am a city dweller by nature and so I don't walk around following my phone. The game is programmed to vibrate when a Pokemon or Pokestop is nearby so I keep it in my pocket and take it out briefly to capture the virtual goods. I use it during the day in places that I already know. I believe it is possible to play this game very safely.

I think the game is great - although my 12 year old son is now pushing for his own phone so that he can play! But watch out for the data - my daughters friend had an extra $90 on her cell phone bill last month from playing this game - & I have heard of others with surcharges too.

I started playing because my son and his friends were playing and having so much fun - and they are High School football players! Honestly, it's a great way to connect with my son - common interest - and he thinks it's funny that his mom is a higher level than some of his friends. A mom has to grab her chances to connect when she can. (And we have had no issues with data - it's actually using less than I thought it would.)

I do not think it is a good idea...just back from a day bus trip to the shore with my mom. We had a few minutes to people watch while on the boardwalk in Ocean city NJ. WOW, just a guess here, out of 100 people that walked by us approx. 85 were on their phones, not watching their children, some ran into other people, some ran into objects, was very sad. Parents with little children were watching their phones instead of their children etc. I just think one more reason to be on that phone all the time is horrible. Kids need more socialization with family and friends then electronic toys to bury their heads in.

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