Pop Chips Winner

March 17, 2010

The winner of the PopChips coupon book is Christina. There were a couple of Christinas in the comments. She is the poor college student.

PopChips Winner

When I was a college student, I couldn't have afforded PopChips either, so enjoy! This is what she wrote:

Why do I love popchips? popchips are crisp, airy, and convenient. They have a few vegan flavors which makes me smile since most vegan chips are bland, plain, and downright boring. I LOVE popchips and since I'm a college student on a budget they are an indulgence I can't afford :)

The consensus seems to be that Pop Chips has great flavors and were a satisfying alternative to Potato Chips.

AND, you all agreed that they weren't healthy (even though the bag told you otherwise).

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