Quest Bar Review - Are These a Good Choice?

April 9, 2021   31 Comments

This Quest Bar review continues my quest for the perfect protein bar. The short version of this post is that my journey continues.

Quest Bar Review

I have taken a look at Built Bar and Pure Protein Bar and I find these to be okay.

Quest Bar is in another category. I purchased this allotment at my local gas station convenience store.

Do you see the flavors? S’Mores! Donuts! Blueberry muffins! Oh yeah, a healthy muffin. I was very intrigued because if you can make a healthy donut that actually tastes good - you will change my world.

The Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut was my first taste because I was so excited. Twenty grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber, and no sugar in a donut flavored protein bar? I want to love this Quest Bar so I will stop craving donuts!

As you can see, it is sprinkled covered like a donut but it tastes so awful. As a writer, I should be able to put into words how bad this bar is but it escapes me. It was chalky, sickly sweet, flavored like a donut but so fake. I have tried so many protein bars but this was the worst I have ever tasted.

I am sticking to donuts.

My next try was Quest Chocolate Brownie. Many protein bar brands have a version of this that is acceptable so I thought I would see if it works. Maybe donut flavored was too ambitious?

Ummmm. no. This was also inedible. Sticky, chalky, sickly sweet and just plain strange. Here are the ingredients for the Quest BarChocolate Chip version:

Protein Blend (Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate),Soluble Corn Fiber (Prebiotic Fiber), Almonds, Water, Unsweetened Chocolate, Natural Flavors, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Palm Oil, Sea Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides (Stevia).

The problem, as you can see, is that Quest bars are using erythritol (sugar alcohol) and stevia. If you use too much of these ingredients, the flavor will be off.

Also, in the quest for 14 grams of fiber per bar, they use soluble corn fiber. I think that leads the bar to have a very strange texture. You can see in the above label that the bar is 190 calories with 0 added sugars.

I want to like these! Any bar with low sugar and high protein for those hunger pangs can be a good thing but they have to be edible.

My research has led me to an article on Quest Bars that says that Quest used to be much better - and then they changed their recipe.

That makes sense to me because I cannot understand how they are on many health websites as a good choice.

But, I am sure that some people absolutely love these so do try them yourself. They are about $2 (so not much of a risk).

Have you tried Quest Bar? What did you think?

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I agree with your review of Quest. However, the chocolate chip cookie dough is not bad. It is less sweet and very cookie dough ish.

Before I discovered the Coconut Built Bars, I used to eat the mint chocolate Chip quest bars occasionally, and once in a while they were okay. I definitely prefer the Built Bar, or Costco’s Kirkland brand (cinnamon roll) when it’s warmer, as they do not melt.

I agree with you on some of the Quest Bar flavors. Some have a weird texture and taste. However, there are several I do like, not love, but do eat. The Double Chocolate Chunk is one of my favorites probably because I like chunks of goodies, so the few dark chocolate chunks are nice. I have tried the Chocolate Brownie and liked it as well, but not as much as the Double Chocolate Chunk. These are the 2 flavors that I have had enough of to say what I think. I also heard they changed the formula and they use to be better, but they are good especially when I'm busy or on the go. I've tried the Kind Bars and found a few flavors that I liked as well.

I agree that the previous recipe for Quest Bars was much better. They definitely are not my first choice, more like last on the list now. Currently eating Kirkland Bars but won't purchase these again either.

Please review One protein bars.

They are amazing. Maple Doughnut, Coconut Bliss, Blueberry cobbler

I think that I am the only person on this planet that cannot stand Quest bars. I have tried multiple times, as recent as 10 days ago. One bite & it's almost like my mouth swells up. The aftertaste is just unbearable. Pitched it so I'm done.

I love all things Quest

Best bars out there

The novelty flavours push the limits of palatable enjoyment but I still buy them as a type 1 diabetic they are the best option for me

Not a fan of the bars, but I like the cookies. I have tried the chocolate chip, double chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

OMG I couldn't agree with you MORE! I actually won about 50 Quest Bars on a blog a few years ago (so I am doubting their recipe was better back then as well). Like you, I sooooooo wanted to like them. Like you, I thought they were the most dreadful thing I have ever eaten. Yes, chalky, a bizarre consistency. Just DREADFUL. I threw all 50 of them into the garbage!

I love the quest hero bars

Only thing good about the Quest bar is that I can keep it in my purse and only eat half when I need a protein fix. I am never tempted to eat the whole bar.

I agree about the quest bars for the most part. The peanut butter cups were the worst things ever. However they have switched sugars on 2 of their bars with allullose and are imho much better.

I used to love Quest bars, I guess before they changed the formula. Cannot stand them now! They taste terrible.

The key to eating the Quest bars is to warm them in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds (depending on your microwave power). I usually put them in and watch them. They will begin to get a bubble rising in the middle. That's when they are perfect. They become softer and taste much better. Otherwise, I find their texture to be like a Tootsie Roll. I use them for an occasional snack while doing Keto. They have very low carbs, so it works for me. Also, as someone mentioned before, the Quest Hero bars are much better, more like a candy bar. I don't have to microwave those to taste good.

I totally agree, quest bars used to be okay, but i was so excited about that donut one and everyone said it was so good, i bought a whole box and sent the whole thing back they were disgusting!! The chocolate chip one isn't bad if you heat in the microwave for exactly 10 seconds <-- if you havent tried this then you havent really tried a quest bar!!

Ugh these look awful!! Pack a greek yogurt on ice or an apple and peanut butter. So much better!

Used to love them, they are different now. Microwaving them is a totally different bar. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookie is really good though!

I love the built bars though and you didn’t! Lol!

I love the mint chocolate chip, sometimes the blueberry - some of the others I can't stand.

Thank you for your honesty!

Being on WW (green), I find Quest bars low in points (4-5) and great for lunch or a snack on the go. I know they are not going to taste like candy bars, but that's okay because I don't need candy bars! I don't eat them everyday, but suffice it to say they keep me on my program when I'm in a rush. I have a few favorite flavors: Vanilla Almond, Coconut, Mocha Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie and White Chocolate Raspberry. I've heard other people complain about the aftertaste of stevia, but I have not had that problem.

My first trainer recommended Quest Bars, mostly because of the low sugar. I always carried them in my purse and car. She also said to microwave them, but that doesn’t help when I’m in the car. I stopped training with her and also stopped eating Quest Bars. I’m now training with someone else and went back to Quest. Yuck they now taste like caked muddy sugar. I switched to One Bars which I find very palatable. Please review these next!!! Thanks for what you dol.

@Karen - yes, One Bars are now on the list. Thank you for your comment and suggestion.

I absolutely adore the Vanilla Almond Crunch Quest bars! They taste like the creamy blonde fudge mom used to make. I sooo wish they could be purchased more readily however. I can only get them online or at GNC. I’m not a huge chocolate fan and Quest continues to discontinue the nonchocolate flavors to add yet another chocolate one.

They are only 4 WW points. I eat one most mornings in my commute.

I just grabbed a quest birthday cake bar at CVS. I spit out the first bite and threw the rest in the waste basket. Didn't taste anything like food it just tasted like chemicals. I loved the old Cake Bites that were black cherry with a nice chocolate covering. I very much like some of the built bars and hope the new ones are good, I won't buy five or six point ones though.

I have tried a bunch of the quest bars and it’s a hit or miss with them. I love the cookie and cream one! It’s so good! The chocolate chip cookie dough, raspberry cheesecake, and double chocolate chunk are my favorites. The new peanut butter cups they make are so freaking good! And I liked the quest pizza 🍕 and the cheese nachos.

Bring back the old original recipe and the smaller list of ingredients

The Isomalt oligosacriades made the texture better and u could bake wirh them also they were tasty and looked good.

Why do companies need to re do things that never needed redoing

It's funny, I was just talking bars with some friends and I couldn't remember the brand of the worst one I ever had. So I searched google images for "worst tasting health bars". I saw one of the above images and immediately remembered the wrappers and how tempting they looked. I read your review out loud to them and it was pretty much how I felt. They were awful.

I seldom return items that taste bad. But Walmart needs to know just how bad these are. I bought the peanut butter chocolate based on an Instagram Influencers recommendation. Boy, she's got bad taste. These are only good for the trash, awful.

I like them, high in protein, low sugar, and Low in calories compared to other bars. Im not a big sweets eater so they are perfect for me. I also like their chips.

My go to Quest bars are the Blueberry and Smores. I do not like any of the other, but I buy the above all the time to have for breakfast with fresh fruit and coffee. Low in sugar which I like too.

These bars are absolute garbage and gave every one of us diarrhoea. Aside from the bars tasting like cardboard, the ingredients are just awful which showed in the digestive issues they gave to several of us who tried them. The fact that Tome Bilyeu made his fortune from these is a perfect example of the power of marketing

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