The Right To Remember Your Bare Arms

November 23, 2011   9 Comments

See that beautiful woman up there? She is on a beach in a tank top. You remember those days?

Seasonal Weight Gain Advice

Sunshine, warm sand, endless nights.......

The part of your body that all people see naked (unless your religion forbids it) is your arms. How are they lookin' right now?

Well, my arms are tucked under a long sleeved shirt and a warm sweater. When I leave the house, I look like a giant purple marshmallow in my incredibly warm coat.

Nobody is seeing my arms and I am just fine with that right now. I find myself sitting for long periods on my couch looking out at the wind, rain, and frost.
not moving....knitting.....sleeping......zzzzzzz

I crave pasta, red wine, beef stew, potatoes, and can't face a salad. This is my body's way of saying, "Hey, it is COLD out there - you need to bulk up if you are going to make it through the winter."

But, my body doesn't know that I have a toasty house with a CAR to drive me from place to place. No walking in the snow to the store for me!

I manage to gain and lose SEVEN pounds every year because my genes have told me that NOW is the time to EAT. When you think about it, all that rich food at Christmas time is appropriate for the time of year it is held and survival through the winter.

Every article I read about avoiding seasonal weight gain is telling me to exercise, drink less alcohol, watch my portion sizes, and avoid parties when hungry. Wow, that sounds like fun.

Those ideas are what I try to do everyday RIGHT NOW - they just become harder to achieve when it is cold outside.

What am I going to do?

  • Get outside more in the cold. Challenge myself to enjoy winter.
  • Make sure I get a little exercise each day see: All You Need Is Five Minutes For Fitness.
  • Not be too hard on myself. Hey, millions of years of evolution is hard to change.

What is your winter strategy?

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Yep, every winter I say that I'm going to spend at least ten minutes outside and embrace the cold air. It really is something I have to constantly remind myself to do, brrrr

I like to show my bare arms year round. I work hard on them and typically wear sleeveless shirts at the gym. Not tons of muscles or anything, but I don't hide under clothes.

Also, snowshoeing is the perfect winter activity--good vitamin D absorbed and 500 calories/hour burned. :)

Having a dog forces me to get outside every day. Well, me or my husband, but it's a good reminder to get out there!

Sorry ladies, I live in sunny Arizona and have NO excuse in the winter. When it is 115 in July, NO one exercises outside except some die-hard joggers but we have air conditioned gyms! Pretty hard to hide arms in our weather!

Loved the post, it is so true! I am a fitness professional and my mind is telling me the same thing. I just don't listen! Another trick to make it through the holidays is 4 weeks before Thanksgiving start a little contest, this year we was first person to lose the 7 pounds they are going to gain pounds win. We did weekly weigh-ins and today was the final! Between 4-3 pounds were lost by everyone! The reward no restrictions on Turkey day! I will keep this running through the holidays to keep everyone on track including myself!

My current tip is taking in homemade veg soup to work, to have before a salad - it's warming so feels like a treat, but pretty healthy too!

Living in Southern California will give you enough of a reason not too indulge during the "winter" There are many a beach days in January and if you are not beach ready you will miss out.

Living in Florida, I have the opposite problem. Winter is the ONLY time I can workout outside without passing out from heat stroke. I have found that I really like indoor exercises. POP Pilates is a great program that is available for FREE on YouTube, and if I can do it in my 500 square ft. apartment, anyone can! I also love substitution. I'll do a warm, vegetable soup instead of a more fattening noodle soup. Also, this year Starbucks has a skinny version of the peppermint mocha, which makes for the perfect guilt-free indulgence.

I just discovered many Gaiam shows on Hulu Plus. If you happen to have it, look under TV shows and Gaiam. There's both yoga and pilates. Specific shows target certain body parts like your core. It's a nice indoor option on rainy, cold, windy days!

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