Weight Watchers’ Simply Filling: Will it Work for You?

January 13, 2014   91 Comments

After posting last week about Weight Watchers, I got a few questions about “Simply Filling”.

Weight Watchers' Simply Filling

If you are looking for Weight Watchers Recipes with SmartPoints check out the link and be sure to read my latest review – Weight Watchers New for 2017.

I am not a Weight Watchers expert but I do remember a plan called “Core”. Simply Filling is, I believe, “Core” with a better name.

The idea is that you can eat EVERYTHING on this list - Simply Filling Food List – without having to count the points.

If you stray from the list, THEN you count. For breakfast, I could eat a bowl of fresh strawberries (no counting) and then a Krispy Kreme donut (6 PointsPlus). The total is 6!

But, the idea is that tracking is painful and so you should eat from the list and then you don’t have to count.

I think this list is very helpful if you are looking for foods that are low in calories and packed with fiber. One of the big challenges when you first start a weight loss program is how HUNGRY you get. You move from something like 2500 calories per day to 1600 and you can become seriously grumpy.

These foods will fill your stomach and stop it from sending those powerful, “I’m Hungry NOW”, signals to your brain.

My only problem with the list of foods is the dairy. There is no way I am eating fat-free cheese. I don’t understand the point of fat-free cheese – it tastes terrible and it doesn’t melt. Also, when you cut out the fat, you also cut out protein and calcium. Nope, not for me.

If I was on “Simply Filling”, I would eat regular cheese and count the points.

One part of the list that cracks me up is:

Game meats, including buffalo, elk, ostrich and venison

Yeah, I’m going out to get some ostrich right now. Maybe this is for a different country?

And desserts?

Sugar-free gelatin

Really? I can’t have crème brûlée? Sugar-Free gelatin is the only dessert listed so crème brûlée is definitely out.

Sarcasm aside, if you ate from this list you would be following a very healthy eating plan. It makes you focus on the foods that you are inhaling that are not on the list - like french fries. If you think it will help you, why not give it at go?

Have any of you tried Simply Filling? Please share.

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I am a lifetime Weight Watcher member and I just shared with my leader on Saturday that the Simply Filling plan is not for me. In my opinion, it will work for new members or for members that can not let the mentally of eating anything you want and not tracking the points and relying on hungers signals to tell you when to stop. But for me, it's a mental thing. Don't tell me I can have anything for "free" because I will overdo it. Last week, I went back to counting points and made some adjustments with the 49 points and lost 2 lbs. For me, I think the 49 points is too much for me to have on a weekly basis. I had added the full 49 points to and it wasn't working for me. I do believe in eating the Power Foods and protein does have great staying power. The Atkins plan didn't work for me either because of the "eat all you want" mentality. The bottom line is, everyone is different and you have to find out what works for you and at the end of the day, you have to eat less than you burn to lose weight and there is no easy ticket to weight loss. I have tried it all and Weight Watchers works best for me.

I am employed by WW. I think Simply filling is a great, healthy, clean eating option. I will say this - people join WW hoping that they can lose weight - eat all they want unlimited - and not willing to change BAD habits! It doesn't work that way! Sorry! The REALITY is - if you are not eating to sustain your life (i.e. eating to live not living to eat) then you will NEVER - I repeat - NEVER lose the weight permenantly! This is the COLD HARD REALITY that most of my members fail to realize. So, Simply Filling is a great option because if you are eating for emotions - you are NOT going to eat 2 bowls of raw brocolli! And Lays chips ARE NOT a power food! People need to grasp the reality that this program along with counting points is only as GREAT as they are willing to CHANGE BAD habits. What needs to be addressed is eating for pleasure. Get out of the kitchen, get away from junk food and go get a hobby. That is what gets one to lose weight!! Not saying it is easy! But, it can be done, and WW Simply filling is a great, healthy, reasonable, liveable option. IMHO ;)

Sorry Lola but there are options on Simply filling besides raw broccoli! I could overeat with popcorn just as easily as I could with potato chips. I agree we can't just constantly eat for pleasure and that is why I feel I need to still count points. Honestly, I don't trust myself yet. I have lost 80 lbs and have about 28 to go. I have made many healthy lifestyle changes and continue to make more a little at a time. I think Simply Filling is a great option for some people but right now I'm not sure it is for me. If I hit a plateau or begin to lose motivation I may try it to get me going again but for now I'm going to stick with what has been successful for me. I have changed many bad habits. I think eating can be pleasurable and healthy. It can fulfill and sustain life at the same time. Lifestyle changes are extremely difficult to make. I try not to tackle too much at a time. So far, I have been successful. I hope that continues. I see this as a forever lifestyle not a temporary fix. Best of luck to everyone with whatever WW method you use.

Debbie, I am the same way (quantity AND quality of food is important to me) but they uploaded a change to the simply filling app that shows measurements now. I'm going to try it next week. It's easy to justify spending 26 points on junk vs 7 where I'll have to b choosy. I'll let you all know how it works for me since I'm at a plateau.

I am a WW member for almost 3 years. I had lost 110 lbs and became a long distance runner. I put on 10 lbs over the last couple months from eating more to refuel from training. I wentto tthe meeting with a negative attitude about the new 2 week plan. I snapped out of it and decided to give it a try. I tried some things I haven't had before and now have some new favorites. Oh and I lost 6.4 lbs after one week! Yup it works!

I've also been a LT WW Member for 6 years and have always done the points counting thing. The last week I decided to give Simply Filling a try and I certainly haven't lost any of the holiday weight I gained. I'm giving it a 2 week shot but can already tell that this concept really isn't for me. Truth be told, I am eating certain foods I'd basically given up entirely (whole egg vs egg whites) and I don't just mean junk food items. Pasta (whole grain/wheat) as another example. I don't see how I personally could continue this way. Being a smaller person in general (5' 110lbs) I don't even do well touching those weekly 49. If I don't stick to my daily 26 I immediately seem to gain. I know WW isn't about "calories" but for me if I eat more than 1200 calories a day it's too much. Simply Filling, no matter how perfect the food choices are, is Simply Too Many Calories for my body.

I confess, I am a mindless, eat-for-pleasure, let's-see-what's-in-the-fridge sort of person. I don't have to be hungry to eat. I "went back" to WW for the new year and tried the Simple Start program and lost 3.8 lbs this week. Mostly water? Dunno. Anyway, Simple Start made me be more aware of my level of hunger. Before I walked into the kitchen for a snack I asked myself if I was hungry. Most times not, just bored. So this plan will teach me to be more conscious of why I'm eating. BTW, I still tracked, and found I was eating less than my allotted 29 points. Bonus! I really didn't find this plan too difficult to follow. I like eating things in their natural state with a few spices, rather than all sauced up anyhow.

A little about me...I am a 26 year lifetime WW member who can't seem to keep it off. My starting weight so many years ago is now less than my goal weight now. I wish I was as "fat" as I was back then. lol

I haven't tried it yet...I'm just a bit skittish about trying something new, and frankly the whole concept of it confuses me a little after working to wrap my head around the points plus system. Plus I have some family members that expect the same food they've always eaten and I'm just now getting them to adapt a little. With this they'd have to adapt a lot. :) However, people in our group have tried it and are reporting some pretty substantial losses. They seem thrilled with it and it looks like a healthy plan. I just think it'd be difficult to stick to that limited list for very long.

I really like the simple start plan but I haven't tried it yet. My son is extremely overweight and refuses to eat fruits and vegetables and I thought it would be a great program for him. A lot of people like to follow the Simply Filling program when they are on vacation and I can see how that could work. I also think its a great program for people who are working out intensely. You can add more protein to your menu without spending your points on it and runners really need more protein.

My husband was a chef and let me tell you, ostrich is DELICIOUS!! If you can get it. Very lean redmeat like a beef fillet.

Also, the Core plan worked very well for more than 1 friend, (pre-weddings) back in the day, but they didn't find it sustainable long term. I always needed to keep track of what I ate so that nothing was "off limits" and to keep me honest.

P.S. FF cheese is not your friend.

I hit my WW goal (again) in Nov 2011 (lost 80+ lbs) and the first year kept it off with no problem. I spent the 2nd year dancing around within 2 lbs of my goal but still able to make goal at least one weigh-in per month. Then in Oct & Nov 2013 I wasn't able to make my monthly weigh-in so when they introduced Simple Start I gave it a shot since I needed to shake things up. I lost 6.5 lbs over the first 2 weeks and had a weigh-in at goal the day after Christmas. I've found it easy to follow although the scanner app is "incomplete" and not reliable in my opinion. I don't mind the fat free dairy. I think you have to do what works for you as an individual and to be open to the idea that sometimes what "works" needs to be re-evaluated. I plan on continuing with SS/SF for the near future. If I start to struggle with serving size I can always revert back to Points Plus. That's the beauty of WW - flexibility.

My understanding is that Simply Filling program is a 2 week program only. Kind of like the old Quick Start, where it's a good start to the program, or if you need a shake-up.

@Melissa2 - I also thought it was a two week program - but it isn't. You can go on it for any length of time that you deem helpful.

Thanks for your comment!

I had lost 76 pounds and have been at a plateau for several weeks and started Simply Filling two weeks ago, the first week I lost 3.8 and last week 1.2 pounds. My WW leader said I could stay on Simply Filling for longer than two weeks. You get to eat a lot of different proteins and potatoes, not just fruits and carrots and green beans.

Simply Filling is not just a 2 week program. You can do it for life. It looks like Weight Watchers is showing that you don't just have to count points. I've done the old CORE program which was fantastic and I really did well on it. I am starting the simply filling again today.

I've never done WW so I'm a bit ignorant but how can avocados be of limits? Healthy fat is not the enemy.

I have been on WW since Sept. I haven't lost that much weight--10 & gained back 2 over the holidays. My problem with Simple Start is the nonfat dairy. No nutritional value. Also, I can get addicted to WW snack bars & over eat those like any other candy bar. I am going to do Simple Start this week & just count the dairy points. Hopefully the plan can help create a rhythm of eating better with more veggies and help me skip the grab & eat foods.

I'm a lifetime WW member who has been able to maintain my weight beneath the goal weight I set back in my late 20s (I'm now 50), thanks mostly to what I learned through Simply Filling.

I like that WW has a variety of options to choose from.

The bottom line is to come up with a plan that you can live with and supports you and is sustainable for the long term. It took me decades to lose the "diet" mentality and yo-yoing between extreme restriction and over-indulgence.

If you If you know you eat too much and are not willing to try to change that behavior, then Simply Filling probably isn't the right choice.

I used Simply Filling as a launching pad to "hunger directed eating." I now basically eat whatever my body wants when I am hungry and stop when I'm no longer hungry. I still overeat occasionally, which is a great reminder to not do it again for a while!!

I agree with you on the nonfat cheese thing. I eat real cheese in small amounts and try to never eat anything that doesn't taste good to me.

Last summer I was in London and picked up a copy of the UK's Weight Watchers magazine, which I found so refreshing and more interesting than the US version. In it I read that one should think of counting points as training wheels while you learn to eat in a way that supports your body, but you shouldn't have to do it forever! Amen to that!!

Quick Update: Simple Start is Simply Filling (i.e. core foods), plus up to 7 "indulgence" points a day - you can use these for things like real cheese, or a glass of wine. But, you cannot "bank" your points and use more than 7 in one day.

Our leader suggested a 2 week start (or you could do the regular Points Plus plan), and then she said that she would explain how to continue with Simply Filling if you like (I think you get to bank your extra points.)

Yes, very much like the old core program - healthful foods that you normally wouldn't have too much of. But, like one of the commenters above, I've eaten more regular eggs & whole wheat sandwich thins that I normally would.

Also harder to stick too on a night out!

How is eating sugar free anything healthy for me? It's fu of chenicals. This is not healthy to any degree and though you might be eating less calories you are ingesting chenicals.

Seems like the better option is to eat healthy from the get go and avoid theses types of foods. Bring on the fruit.

i wonder if anyone can share the WW lists of points.

Snack girl, i love your blog.

Ohhh, that's where I made my mistake. Simple Start is the 2 week program, and Simply Filling is the core foods program that you can be on all the time.

I started Simple Start and didn't make it past day 1. I don't like FF foods (like FF cheeses, etc)...just cannot bring myself to eat them. I think the core foods program could be workable for me, though.

Simply Filling has been around for a few years now but Simple Start is an addition to the program. It might go hand in hand but to me Simple START sounds like it gets you STARTED and Simply Filling is what keeps you full (i.e. Power foods). I did WW a couple years ago and as long as I tracked, I was good! Lost 30 lbs. When I went to Simply Filling it worked for awhile and then I blew it! Laziness is no excuse and that's what happened to me. Right now our church is doing a Daniel Fast (fruits, veggies, nuts, lots of water...Google it) for three weeks. Since I'm already on my way, I think I'll just slide back over to WW when I'm done and stick to it. Tracking of course :-)

I have been on again off again WW member since 2004. I started again 2 weeks ago and went directly to tracking. I need the discipline. I was down 4.4 the first week. Looking forward to weighing in again on Wednesday!

Yes, you can have your creme get 7 points every day for indulgences. In Simple Start it states, that they know if people are deprived...they will can have your 7 points of whatever daily.

"Game meats, including buffalo, elk, ostrich and venison.

Yeah, I’m going out to get some ostrich right now. Maybe this is for a different country?"

Well, these meats are quite plentiful depending on where you live. Bison (commonly called buffalo) make a delicious meal. In Texas, many types of game, especially wild boar are common for food. Boar because they are proliferate and destructive. All over the U.S. various meats like these can be found but harder to find in larger cities.

Does anybody here hunt or fish?

anyone on WW knows that women over 50 have 3 non-fat dairy servings a day...meaning non-fat milk, non-fat yogurt....if it had no nutritional value....why would they tell you to have it?

fyi...almond milk has no nutritional value....but it has become very popular.

some people need to get their facts straight.

I would recommend that everyone subscribe to a diabetes awareness newsletter to better understand what a dangerous disease this is, what triggers it, and how to manage one's blood sugar. There are manyy tips on how to keep from having it and what causes it. Certain medicaations, lifestyle, diet, genetics can all play a roll. There is good advice for all.

Simply Start is only Two Weeks, after that members can switch to Simply Filling (old Core aka Power Foods)which incorporates exercise/AP's and you can use your 49 WPA whenever you want, not specifically 7 per day (Simple Start). I have been to three info meetings on Simple Start and although a member can choose to do it at any time,it is a kick-start designed to make Simply Filling easier for everyone.

Laurie, I don't understand why you think there is no nutritional value to non-fat milk or yogurt? There is definitely protein/carbs/calcium in there. Not sure why you think it's of no nutritional value.

non fat diaries according to certain respected doctors cannot be absorbed properly in the body. it is like eating a white wash paint. the body cannot use whatever it is there with out a minimal fat percentage.

I have had my best success at Weight Watchers following Core & then Simply Filling. I find my whole family eats well, and I stop focusing on the points and eat until I'm satisfied - not until I have used the points for that day.

To me, this is a plan that really is a lifestyle change - I personally could not see myself counting points forever, but, I can see myself continuing to eat in this healthy way. The key though is eating until satisfied, and knowing what 'triggers' you. I measure/weigh pasta & rice to ensure a correct portion - if I didn't I would eat way past satisfaction.

The new Simple Start is a great plan, and works if you read the materials & follow the plan.

Simply Filling is different from Simple Start. Simple Start is a two week plan, but Simply Filling isn't.

I'm on my 2nd day of Simple Start/Simply Filling. I don't feel hungry. But I don't know if it would be a good long term thing for me. Being a vegetarian can be difficult on the Simply Filling and we can't get a lot of fat free dairy products in Canada. My leader told me to get the closest substitute so I use part skim cheese and don't count it. But I like it and it doesn't bother me if it doesn't melt correctly.

Anyway, Simply Filling is good for some, but not good for others. It feels weird not tracking, but I'm getting used to it. I'll know when I get on the scale Saturday. :)

Weight Watchers is really good I have a friend doing it right now, but it can get expensive after a while. I personally don't do sugar free stuff unless I had diabetes that's a whole different thing. It is not more healthy for you. You are basically adding preservatives into your diet just to not consume that much sugar.

Weight watchers is good for portion control and showing you how to shop in the market (sort of), but I would spend my money on a nutritionist instead.

Nothing to add, but I have to say SOMETHING in order to be notified when others add new comments. Can you change this, Snack Girl, so that we can be notified of new comments without having to leave one of our own?? you!!

I agree with Debbie. For me the old system was perfect I lost no problem I have tried twice for months with the new system and it just does not work for me. I see-saw both times. I think all things do not work for all people. I still think WWs is the best program out there and I still promote it but this 'program' is not for me!

I'm also a leader at WW and have been following Core/Simply Filling for 7 1/2 years now. Some people think the list is free foods. There is nothing for free - and we've never stated that it is. But we didn't walk in the door because we used to go to the freezer to eat the frozen veggies. We were there for the ice cream. We didn't walk in the door because we have a broccoli problem. That's not what we overeat. I couldn't love simply filling more because truly I'm not that needy for those other foods. I want them, and have them in moderation, but focusing on those good-for-you-foods has been scientifically proven to reduce that head-hungry feeling we get. Anyone can count points and fill those points with crappy foods - foods that actually make you eat more and want more. No... I love SFT. It's a way of life - a healthy one.

I'm in agreement on the fat-free cheese, but I can easily get free venison here in Georgia and am fortunate enough to eat it all the time. Bison is popular at many restaurants (Ted's Montana Grill is everwhere here), and the other game meats can be found at many butcher shops but they're not cheap! I wondered, are avocados off the list because of the fat content?

fat free cheese does not get rid of the protein; just as nutritious. and the new ones do melt….just sayin'

My problem with this list is that pasta (a highly processed "astronaut food") is included, but fresh fish and avocados (which are whole, natural, and packed with GOOD fats) are not.

Many of their suggestions ARE good, so I suppose you just have to eat the meat and spit out the bones, so to speak.

I do understand objections to pasta only if it is excessive. According to Dr. Oz, pasta is a better choice over rice for diabetics. I prepare it al dente. By preparing it this way, we have had no problems. I have a Cuisinart stand mixer and soon hope to get the pasta attachment to make veggie laden pasta. We still need carbs for muscle energy. Rice is not as good a choice for us as it turns to sugar immediately. However, I have found a way to even cook that so we can eat it without adverse reactions.

After reading all the comments I come to realize how important it is to go to the meetings,if you have a great leader then she/he will be there to help you when you can't decide what program will work,or having trouble with the program in general, Losing weight is hard work and the bottom line is calories in v calories out. Take advantage of your leader its what you pay for. If you don't like the leader find another meeting with a different one, don't let one leader sway you away from coming to meetins. There is the perfect leader out there

I am 3 lbs from my WW goal and have been stuck. I went on Simply Filling for 1 weeks ( on my second week now) and lost 1.2 lbs. Voila! Unstuck. Whatever it takes, right?

I love Simply Filling. Lost 7 lbs. the first week. I'm not wild about FF cheese but I use indulgence pts to mix it with some low fat cheese and it melts. Also, I like trying ( not at all easy for me, but it's more like real life) to gauge my own hunger instead of points. I hope to be able to use that instead of points when I reach goal.

Debbie I sooooooooo agree how important meetings with weight watchers are but I have to say that lately Weight Watchers really sort of deserted everyone in my town in Ohio. We had two different meetings. In December, they decided to discontinue both meetings. One lecturer retired but the other was more than willing to continue. I now have to drive 45 minutes to the closest meeting. I have lost 80 lbs. so I will continue going. I have too much time, effort and money invested now. I need the meetings and the scale. The online choice would never work for me. I like the Weight Watchers meal plan but after being deserted by Weight Watchers in my town, myself and all the other members really wonder what is important to Weight Watchers, people or money?? To us, it certainly does not seem to be people. Sorry but I had to say it after what has happened to us in our town.

Lynn, GREAT job on the large weight loss, you can do it!! Have you consider working for WW as a leader? This might solve the problem in your area for a meeting. Just saying..

We have a wonderful lecturer, love her, but they still discontinued our meeting, not sure why. She was willing to continue as our lecturer. I was a high school English teacher for over 30 years and I have to say I really enjoy being part of the class and not the leader!


Avocados are not on the Simply Filling, but fresh fish is. If the fish is canned and packed in oil, then it is not Simply Filling. If it is breaded and fried, not Simply Filling. But if you take salmon and grill it or bake it, it is Simply Filling. :)

Shame on you, as a WW leader why would you assume the following; " Anyone can count points and fill those points with crappy foods - foods that actually make you eat more and want more." I count points but I also try very hard to eat a healthy diet. Like most people, I am not perfect but do well most of the time. I constantly strive to improve. Isn't that what it is all about? For a WW leader to assume I am eating "crappy foods" just because I choose to count points is not very open minded to say the least. I am also open to possibly trying the simply filling option in the future. My friend gave me a chalkboard for Christmas and I post goals on it. Right now it says, "Eat more Greens!" Certainly that is not crappy food!

FOR adi and Laurie - - We just changed to coconut oil for high temperature cooking and coconut sugar for baking. I bake and cook with both all the time and hubby has lost 20 lbs and I have lost 10. Since we can now absorb a full range of vitamins, our health is better and we are returning to lower weights. This is important for us as diabetics to choose wisely and lose weight if necessary. Hubby goes to the doctor regularly and his labs are terrific! Using veggie oils for cooking even olive oil can oxidize and turn into cholesterol. So when you think you are eating something healthy, it may not be. I eat whole eggs, fried foods, make my own yogurt and fermented veggies. Weight loss means a lifestyle change. And, yes, we need fat in our diets to absorb vitamins A, D, K and E.

"Strange but true: Eating fat-free can lead to health problems. Specifically, it can lead to vitamin deficiencies. That's because some vitamins require fat to be absorbed into the body and to do their jobs, which include providing energy, keeping cells functioning and supporting the immune system, for a start. Vitamins are essential, which means fats are essential, too."…

If looking for cheese with lower fat, choose the hard cheeses, like parmesan, Asiago and Romano to name a few. I am sure there are many other articles on the internet that explain the relationship of oils and vitamins in our diets. Bravo - adi - for speaking up.

I'm a Lifetime WW member who lost 117 lbs. using Points. The very week that I made my goal, WW introduced Points Plus and I've struggled since then to stay at goal. I had gotten to goal by eating every single one of my points available and I just can't do that with Points Plus. I guess there are just too many points available for me. But, with Simple Start (and by extension, Simply Filling), I can satisfy my hunger without overshooting points.

For the commenters who don't want to eat Fat Free Dairy or Sugar Free foods, you don't have to. You just count points for the things you would like to eat that aren't on the list. For example, today I ate an egg breakfast sandwich with a glass of skim milk, a huge salad with lots of protein and I'll have Turkey and Bean tostadas and brown rice for dinner. The only points I have to count are for the olives and dressing on my salad (1 pt each), and the corn tortillas (2 pts) at dinner. I also "indulged" in a Hershey's Simple Pleasure Chocolate after lunch for 1 pt. So I count 5 points against my 49 for the week and I'm totally satisfied. I'll probably have some fruit later on for a snack and I won't need to count that.

What I love about WW is the flexibility to make the program work with you day. You can switch from counting points to Simply Filling on a day by day basis if that works for you. I didn't do great on Points plus, so I'm super glad there is a Simply Filling option.

IMO - One, Yummy, Fat Free Cheese is

Kraft's Singles Fat Free American Cheese Slices.

Per Slice:
25 calories
0 fat
4 gr. of protein
15% calcium

I like the Simply Filling (aka old Core), though I find the dairy section lacking. I don't drink cow's milk and try to minimize soy. I've read conflicting advice about unsweetened almond milk, but it seems to have similar nutritional stats as unsweetened soy, so I'm going with it as a power food.

Fat free cheese? Forget about it. I don't think fat free cheese even qualifies as food. I'd rather count the points of a little bit of real cheese.

After losing 26 lbs in the last two yrs I have come to some conclusions. Eating more veggies and fruits help to extinguish the cravings for bad food. Also, I FEEL better when I eat better!

I find that we are so scared of getting hungry and have to immediately eat. Be hungry. It's ok! Serotonin (the "I feel good hormone") gets produced in our gut. When we stop stuffing our face it allows our body to produce the serotonin. Give your body and liver a break and be hungry. Go to bed hungry (Oh my!). You will find that you do not wake up starving.

Lastly, getting to my goal weight motivates me to keep up the work I have done to get there. I'm wearing jeans that I thought I would have to give away. Now that feels really good!

For Randi - Hi, there are some good sugar free choices. Nectresse and Swerve and a couple others I can't remember the names, are sugar free and derived from fruit. I have used sugar free products for years. If one is diabetic it is imperative. We also use coconut or palm sugar and never have a problem with is raising our blood sugar.

According to my research, there are certain triggers that lead to diabetes. White sugar and a lot of white flour carbs can be a problem for the pancreas.

For Kyle, If one is diabetic (T2), small meals every 2 to 3 hours is important to keep our blood sugar balanced. We can't go to bed hungry. We need to have a slowly digestible protein or fat before bed, peanut butter sandwich, olive, hardboiled egg and the blueberry bread I baked last night. It contained rye flour, unbleached wheat flour, almond meal, blueberries, cultured buttermilk, eggs, almonds and coconut sugar. It contains no dough conditioners or preservatives. This was a perfect high protein, low fat and low sugar bedtime snack. Fat and protein slow digestion and are essential for us in keeping good sugar levels during the night until breakfast. I woke up feeling great. Portion control and the kind of carbs, fats and sugars are key.

If one is young and healthy, I still recommend the diabetic diet in order to keep a healthy liver and pancreas as well as general health. Yo-yo dieting and going hungry can tax the organs in my opinion and experience.

I haven't read every single post, but I did want to comment that you can be on Simple Start or Simply Filling and NOT eat the fat-free cheese. People seem to think you have to eat it. No, you don't!! You can eat whatever cheese you like -- you just need to count it as part of your 49 indulgence points for the week (7 per day if you are doing Simple Start). And avocados are not off limits. They are a healthy food, the same as walnuts or almonds. It is just that they are high in calories, and it would be very easy to overdo on these. You can have them, just count them in your indulgence points. I lost 100 pounds following the points program. During my last couple months of losing, I kept thinking how I was going to maintain my weight this time as the maintaining has always been my problem, not the losing. I have no problem losing on the WW program. I decided to try Simply Filling. I really thought it would be a good transition from losing to maintaining -- no tracking, no writing down everything. I just love it!! I lost weight the first two weeks I was on it, and I didn't want to lose any more! You cannot look at it as you can eat unlimited quantities. You always have to be MINDFUL of what you are eating. I love that word, "mindful," and I try to practice that. Of course, I have my moments where I am not mindful and overdo, but I just get back on the program and move on. This is the healthier way to eat for sure. If you are on the fence about SF, I'd say give it a try. :)

That is why I thinks its very important to attend meetins when you have questions. People read what everyone is saying but realize some of them haven't been to a meeting in years. Please if you have a question go to the meetins and ask your leader, that is what you pay your weekly or monthly fee for. Don't be shy there are never any dumb questions to ask them

I just joined online in 4 weeks ago this Saturday. My understanding that the Simple Start is the 2 week program, and I had the option to continue with Simply Filling or go to the points plus system. I chose to continue with Simply Filling and so far 7.5 pounds down..I weigh in on Saturday. There are very few highly processed foods on the Simple Start power foods list, and white pasta is not a point free power food, whole wheat pasta is specifically noted. I like the Simply Filing plan so far and while I try to mainly stay with the power foods, I like that I have the option of using points, if I need to do so, as long as I stay within my 49 points for the week. I also earn between 25 and 30 activity points from Shaun T workouts and/or Zumba, so I am usually good with the points. Looking to lose about 40, so we will see.......with the online program and the apps so far so good.

Simple Start is a two week start and your 49 weekly points are divided over the week to 7 per day so that you will learn to include indulgences. After that you can choose Simply Filling or Tracking Points. The difference for Simply Filling is the 49 weekly points can be used however you don't have to spend 7 each day like you did on Simple Start.

Why the snark on ostrich? There's mainstream chain restaurants that serve it in the us. Fuddrucker's for example used to sell ostrich burgers. I don't know if they do now days. Bareburger in NY sells ostrich, elk, bison, lamb and wild boar. I regularly get goat and feral pig and wild boar in my CSA box. Buffalo and/or bison is easy to find at the local grocery store. These things aren't as exotic and weird as you think.

SulaBlue is right. This meat mentioned mostly forage in the wild or are pasture fed and not restrained. But, so are most of the cattle in Texas. This kind of meat tends to be leaner and healthier in my opinion. They are not typically given antibiotics or other chemicals. Most of us who are not living in big cities are lucky to have these choices.

Hi all! I have a question on Simple Start that I can not get answered from anywhere and I am confused with the book they gave us.

Ok.. I can eat whatever off of that list, but my question.. do I have to make those meals, or can I go to where it says "Or make a sandwhich" " or for breakfast" instead of following those meals? There are alot in those meals I do not like, and I just migrate to the seactions following the meals.

And... when it says you can have kidney beans, are you allowed if you like them the whole can since there is no tracking it, but its part of the plan? Thanks much everyone for the clarification!

You are only to eat until you feel full, don't get it confused with eating all you want. I bet you will find if you ate the entire can of beans reg you will gain weight. Remember its calories in v calories out. Eat til your full and not stuff

Hi, Sarah. I am a long-time WW Lifetimer and been back to below my goal weight for like eight months now. I have been on Simply Filling for these eight months, which is exactly like the new Simple Start program except for the allowed amount per day of the indulgence points. You do not have to make the meals that are shown in the Simple Start booklet. WW was just trying to make things simple for people just starting on the plan. You can actually eat ANY Power Foods on Simple Start, not just the ones listed in that booklet. The list of Power Foods is on the WW website and it is also on the back of the paper tracker that they have there to take at the WW meetings. Plain Cheerios and plain shredded wheat are now considered Power Foods, though they might not have made it on to the list since that is relatively new. Definitely you can go for the kidney beans, but just eat until satisfied. Have one serving and then wait a bit and if you really want more, you can have more -- or just fill up with some more veggies and/or fruit. There was some confusion expressed at our meeting about the Simple Start booklet, but, like I said before, it was just to make things simple for the newbies. And remember you get your 7 points of indulgences per day, but you cannot save those points and carry them over if you do not use them, but you don't have to use them if you don't want to. Good luck!!

Simple Start is basically the Simply Filling Technique on training wheels, and comes with a suggested meal plan for 2 weeks. If you don't like the meals that are suggested, or have dietary restrictions, food allergies, etc. that would involve avoiding much of what is suggested, you can read up on the Simply Filling Technique and go free-form. Simple Start is a 2 week guide. You can use the Simply Filling Technique for as long as you want.

Thanks for the answers but I gave up. I gained weight on Simple Start and I am not happy. I followed it to a t and still gained. So.. I am back to the counting method again!

I am finishing up my second week on Simply Filling. The first week, I lost 4.2 pounds by eating from the power foods list and using almost all my Points Plus.

I haven't had a problem with hunger except for one day when I was saving up PP points for a trip to Red Lobster! Yes, by the way, you can roll your 7 PP per day into another day...say to prepare for going to a wedding or something. But you cannot roll over left over PP into the following week. You either use all the 49 in the week or they're gone forever!

You can also swap activity points for food point but so far, I have not done that. The beauty of the plan is that it gets you used to smart and healthy eating. You can stay on it forever if it works for you and you're happy with it. I plan to say on about three weeks and then switch to the regular plan once my good habits are cemented. Like anything else, you have to figure out what works best.

My biggest problem so far is the dairy. I can't abide "blue milk" or ff cheese. The plan wants you to have two servings of dairy per day which if you don't use ff, you have to track. (I track everything anyway because I'm a newbie and want to get in the zone of mindful eating).

Hard to be creative for breakfast...getting a wee bit tired of hb eggs and fruit. The idea of hot cereal (SS/SF) is appealing but not made with water...ugh! There will be more flexibility when I transition to the regular program but for now, I'm thrilled with the results and the whole WW community. Lots and lots of support and terrific recipes and websites and blogs.

Sherry, give oatmeal a try made with the skim milk. You say you aren't a fan of skim milk, but made with the oatmeal, maybe you won't notice it. I am addicted to my oatmeal each morning, and that is how I make it. I'm at goal and am maintaining with Simply Filling. Another idea for your dairy is yogurt. I love the Dannon Light & Fit Green Yogurt. It is 2 points if you count points, but it is also a Power Food, so you can count it towards your dairy, but not your points. I have two of these with fruit some days for a quick lunch. Glad you are doing so well!!

I don't really see what's missing from the simply filling plan. If I eat until I'm satisfied of those things plus my daily points for whatever isn't on the list, aren't I eating whatever I want? Isn't that what I've already been doing? Isn't that why I need to loose weight?

Eating Simply Filling or Simple Start is not eating everything you want and you just need to eat until you are satisfied not stuffed. Most of us eat until we are stuffed. The Simple Start does work if you just eat the Power foods and no more than 7 points a day.

I started WW last week and I'm 5 days in on the Simple Start Program. (I have lost 6.5 pounds)Is it possible to start with Points Plus after only one week? I used to do the Momentum Plan years ago and have no problem with counting points.

I'm 81 and I can't loose like I did when I was younger, I'm inactive. I can't make my goal of 140 lbs. Can I stay on the Simply Filling more that 2 weeks. This is my3rd time around. I did very well 15 yrs. ago but no now.

I have been a member on and off for many years.

I just started up again 3 weeks ago. I am very impressed with the Simply filling option. My first week I lost 4lbs. I can see how it can be a overwelming idea for some people but the freedom of not counting and being able to focus on healthy options is great. I think that having 2 options for members is a very good idea and picking the best option will be the key to the success.

I started on the WW Simple Start 3 weeks ago. I have been on and off WW for a number of years and at one point, reached my lifetime status. As most of you can relate to, the pound creep has me back on the program. I had always been a points plus tracker but thought I would try the Simple Start plan to "jump start" my system. Definitely makes you change your old habits in a good way. I have not felt hungry on this program at all and know I am eating more fruits and vegetables than I had in the past. I have lost 7 pounds total so far and have about 10 more to go. I love to snack so the biggest change for me was my change to only having 2 snacks a day. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. No more sitting down with a bag of chips watching TV at night. I find I spend more time preparing my food for the day which is a good thing. Love this program!

I'm not a big fan of WW in some ways (I don't like the obsession with pounds, as when I've dropped below 220 (with a 30" waist at that point) I got inundated with comments about how 'unhealthy' I looked, and at my height people tend to assume 185 is a 'proper' weight.

On the other hand, the only diet that ever worked for me was the old core plan. Simply put, there seems to be 2 types of self-control in the world of dieting: the ability to not eat something; and the ability to, having started eating it, stop. Call people type 1 or type 2 dieters based on which they have more of. The core plan (and I guess the new SF) suits type 1 dieters best, but can work for type 2 dieters. For type 1 dieters, though, the points-based regular WW plan will always be very challenging.

On a unrelated part: those claiming low-fat/no-fat dairy is pointless should be aware that studies have shown that dairy intake results in a reduction of fat absorption since the calcium bonds to fat to form a compound the body can't absorb. (However, I doubt eating chalk will prevent the absorption of all fat. I certainly wouldn't suggest it or be willing to try it.) The value of the 'dairy effect' is small, and only effective when the dairy products in question don't contain more fat than the calcium removes - which is only a few grams per day.

I love the Simply Filling Technique, overall.

We eat venison instead of feedlot beef. It is a much leaner , and in my opinion, flavorful option that has not been raised in overcrowded conditions.

You absolutely CAN "bank" your 49 points and use them in whatever increments you want. Whoever said you can't use more than 7 per day is incorrect. It's however it works for you- or you can not use them at all if you want.

I am finding tracking very simple and enlightening. However, eating virtually everything low or fat free to keep within my daily allowance seems no different than following a low fat diet such as Rosemary Conley on which I previously lost 36lbs.

I am struggling to lose weight keeping within my 26 points per day but that may be due to my age. I had previously lost a stoney simply eating normally (including cheese) but filling my plate as normal and then removing a 1/3rd of the food. I found that quite satisfying whereas I am still hungry on 26 points per day unless I am consuming loads of fruit (sugar) which is really no change for me as I have always eaten plenty of fruit and veg. Can anyone tell me if I should be following one of the other WW systems as opposed to tracking please?

I find Simply Filling better for feeling satisfied since lean protein and whole grains are 'free'... so one can eat more filling choices than fruit/veg. Yes, it does mean eating a low fat diet, but it does work.

I love the core and simply filling. I reached my goal on Oct 13, 1985 and did all of the old tortured countings.. I love the list and being able to use the foods as ingredients for many great recipes. By the way any foods that you overindulge in are not healthy. I try to stop eating when I think I maybe satisfied. I try to listen to my body it doesn't always work but Simply Filling does when I use it.

how many smsrt points do you get on simply filling

My problem is my husband won't eat if it is healthy. He wants all the fat that goes along with food. He is skinny so he doesn't see a problem with it. But that makes it hard for me to cook when he doesn't like any of it if it is healthy. I certainly don't want to make two different meals every day. It's discouraging.

This is my 4th week on simply filling. I have only lost 6 pounds so far and I lost 5 in the 1st week. I am wondering why I haven't lost more weight. I will give simply filling about two more weeks and will perhaps track the points of what I eat. I just started to exercise last week so maybe that has something to do with it.

I did core program a few years ago and I was very successful. Thank God for the extra cheat points!! It allows you to eat healthy (which we all need to do) and still eat not so healthy food sometimes or enjoy a night out without guilt!! I prefer this over counting points all day long!!

I started doing the simply filling plan about a month ago. I have noticed that I am less hungry and much more energized. When I was counting my points, I was only losing ounces not pounds. I was constantly hungry and thinking about what I was going to eat next. Now, I pack my simply filling lunches and snacks, I strive to make simply filling dinners and I always have a simply filling breakfast. I feel less limited when I go out to eat, I don't worry about how many points will I be using and how many will I have left. I choose foods that are simply filling. I agree, it is not for everyone but it definitely is for me.

I've lost weight on Core before and Simply Filling is very similar. I am confused by the person who said FF dairy has no nutritional value. It can be loaded with protein and calcium, as well as Vitamin D and many other vitamins and nutrients. It is important to read nutrition facts, but I suppose there are a few FF dairy items out there that are really just frankenfoods with no nutrition.

Started this with my retired mom last week. She has already lost 4 lbs. I'm waiting to weigh in, but feeling pretty good. I find that when I am tracking points, I choose poorly and end up hungry all the time. Then, I don't want to eat a vegetable or a fruit because I am hangry. :) On Simply Filling, I have a different mindset, and I eat healthy foods as a core of my diet all the time, so I don't get hungry, but my total daily calories/points would have been under the limit anyway. Then, I can use my weekly points for treats I may desire.

Overall it is a pretty good plan depending on your personal mentality.

You can always earn extra points by exercising and you can add soy milk or fat free milk to cold or hot cereals. I don't believe you eat until you're full, but until you're okay... This plan really helps me because I LOVE processed carbs like chips, etc. If I want chips and salsa, I buy SF corn tortillas and bake them. I also make tostadas with fat free beans and lean ground beef or shredded chicken and they are great! I use 1 oz of skim mozzarella and count the points, since it is half the points of regular cheese.

How many extra weekly points do you get when you do the Simply Filling?

There is no more Simply Filling.

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