The Skinny on Skinny Girl Wine

March 26, 2014   41 Comments

One of the common refrains of my buddies is “if I could just stop drinking red wine I would lose that last 10 pounds”.

Skinny Girl Red Wine Review

What if there was a wine that helped you lose the weight and you could still drink wine?!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I caught a commercial for Skinny Girl red wine on some sports program I was watching – it may have been the Super Bowl – and I thought – this is a quest for Snack Girl.

After arriving at my local liquor store, I stood in the center not wanting to ask the young man at the front where the Skinny wine could be found. Think about it – “hey, I think I’m fat so could you get me some skinny wine?” – I couldn’t ask.

I looked up and saw the regions of wine hanging from the ceiling – Spain – nooo – France – noooo – Australia – noooo – I SEE IT! California! – correct!

There it was next to the Ravenswood and other nice varietals for a whopping $15. Skinny has its price. The boast on the front is 100 calories for 5 ounces.

Before you get too excited, a regular five ounce glass of red wine (from a box or bottle) runs about 125 calories. If you do the math that means you could buy less expensive wine and drink four ounces to consume 100 calories.

How does Skinny Girl red wine reduce the calories? Their wine is 10% alcohol and a regular red wine is 13.5%. They reduced the alcohol – the only calorie component really in wine – and they got a lighter wine.

How did it taste? I was ready to hate it but I thought it was pretty good. I did a blind taste test on my husband (he did not know that it was Skinny Girl) and he liked it too. I asked him how much he would pay for it and he said $8.

My conclusions:

  • Skinny Girl wine is expensive.
  • You could reduce your calories to 100 per glass by drinking four ounces of any red wine instead of five.
  • Buying Skinny Girl red wine is embarrassing.

Have any of you tried Skinny Girl red wine? What did you think?

For the teenagers who read this site, Snack Girl advocates waiting until the legal drinking age to indulge in alcoholic beverages.

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Also the owner of the product is rude. I'd rather support a small family owned winery or even the Trader Joe's organic wine. Price for supporting a small winery: $9-13. TJ's organic wines around $4. I would never buy SG products. I was wondering how they reduced the cals! Thanks for posting.

Whoops! The mean owner sold the line a few years back! Phew. Still...

I'd rather drink 4 ounces of a wine I love (which there are many I do love cheaper than Skinny Girl) and enjoy it. Some things in life are not worth skimping on. It's all give and take. :)

I never tried the wine, but I have tried the SG Margarita and I thought it was gross. Not sure what I expected from a bottled margarita drink, but this was even lower than any expectation I had.

You can always add water to the wine you like and make it last longer.....

First of all - I LOVE Ravenswood! It's a crying shame that such a fine (and inexpensive) wine is next to that other stuff on the shelf! give me real wine any day - it's good for you!

I tried one but did not like it at all.

1) $15 is not expensive for a bottle of wine, 2) I cut out wine for 2 months as a test to see if I lost weight and I lost no pounds, so I went back to drinking my 2 glasses of wine a night (give or take a few evenings - lol)

Tried the SG products and they are not very tasty and they are very over priced. No repeat purchases.

I'm from Upstate NY near many wineries and I like Swedish Hills Svenska Red. It is fruity and delicious and I haven't found anything I like better.

One of my bffs identifies all wines as either "High Test" (large percentage of alcohol) or "Low Test" (small % of alcohol). So if you pay attention to the %, you can find Low Test in both red and white and enjoy your sipping smartly.

"buying skinny girl wine is embarrassing" can't stop laughing. If being 10 pounds overweight means I'm happy enjoying wine and life then I'll take being a tiny bit overweight any day. C'est la vie! Enjoy those extra 25 calories!

I've tried two skinny girl products and they were nasty. All I could taste was chemicals. I poured them down the drain. What a waste of money.. Never again will I buy those products.

I have tried the skinny vine wine and the blush was ok but the white wasn't very good.

Tried. Hated. Waste of money.

Thanks for the info Lisa!! We have good friends whose parents own a winery in Ohio that's won all sort of medals for their wines that I can also get for about the same price. Why would I want to spend that money on an obviously inferior product when I can just drink a little less of the award-winning wine?

Okay, I just re-read my comment with 2 awful run-on sentences. So, apologies to all the grammar folks out there whose eyes I just offended. But y'all get the idea .... :-)

What the what? What's the point? I'm not against diet products, but this doesn't even qualify as a diet product. I'm getting a chemically wine, probably not as good as a standard bottle, and not even saving any calories. 25% fewer calories, when we're only talking about 100 calories, is not even worth a second thought.

I read another article about this stuff that said the same thing. Might as well drink what you love for cheaper!

10% alcohol is a rip off. You might as well drink a glass of grape juice. I will support "real" wine companies, only.

I've tried the Skinny Girl wines. They were good but the cost really is too much for such a low calorie difference. The one you have to try is "The LIght Grape." It's really good and you get a 5 oz. glass for 80 calories. That's worth a little extra cost. They have it in different flavors and the only wine I drink now. Give it a try!

I've also tried other SG booze and it was so awful I poured them down the drain. What a BIG waste of money that was so I will not try any other SG products.

Um, no. Just no.

My friend drinks Skinny Girl and she gave me some red wine and if I had to drink it I probably would not drink wine. I did not enjoy it. Give me a glass of wonderful wine and I will enjoy it and drink it slowly and enjoy every calorie!

I tried Skinny Girl once and that was enough. It's still sitting in the frige. Give me the real thing.

I hate to burst anyone's bubble but the percentage of alcohol printed on the label is not accurate most of the time. It may be less, but it is often true that it is more. It is just selling hype to get people to buy and for the company to stay within taxing laws. There is not that much difference in 10% and 13% unless you want to get plowed. (It adds up!)

People are wondering why there is a creeping up of alcohol content (14%) on the labels of some wine. Actually, the wine has probably had up to 14% all along.

"Second, the alcohol level stated on a wine label isn’t necessarily accurate, a byproduct of federal regulations that have less to do with how we drink than with taxation. Wines between 7 percent and 14 percent alcohol are considered table wines, taxed at $1.07 per gallon, or about 21 cents per standard 750-milliliter bottle. However, there is a 1.5-percentage-point leeway, provided the wine doesn’t exceed 14 percent — meaning a wine labeled 12.5 percent could be as high as 14 percent."…

I agree it's better to drink real wine you enjoy for the slight difference in calories. I do limit myself to one 5 ounce glass 2 or 3 times a week. I bought a wineglass with the measurements marked with lines so I don't pour too much for myself!

So should I be embarrassed when I buy diet coke?

@NaM~ I am kinda thick sometimes so could you explain the diet coke reference? I am not sure what diet coke has to do with wine. Thanks.

Stop at 4 oz. of wine??? That's like ... what .... A half a cup of wine! Who does that?

Bleh, that sounds like lot like they're basically conning their customers and assumes that everyone is too uninformed to realize what they've done. ~_~ also 1 glass of wine a day (for women, or 2 glasses a day for men) is actually better for your health than not drinking anything. One of my doctors, the way he ranked it is 1 glass a day dramatically increases your health. 2 glasses a day brings that health benefit down to the same as if you drank 0 glasses. once you're at 3, the health benefit dramatically decreases to the point of being unhealthy for you. (double those numbers for men i guess?) So yeah, if it's only a 25calorie difference, i'd rather just drink a glass of wine that i enjoy and maybe go work out some more.

I add diet ginger ale to my wine. I get to drink more of it this way with no added calories. I love it with muscadine wine.

I love muscato wine. Like muscadine it contains a lot of sugar. The dry wines contain much less sugar. I do really like the idea of diluting the wine with diet ginger ale. That's brilliant and I will have to try it because I really miss my muscato. In the past and now once again, wine is often watered down by the publican.

In 2013, the UK government called for wine with 8.5% alcohol be watered down or reduced in order to protect the health of the middle class. : )

Sparkling water added to the wine gives it a refreshing twist! Yum!!

Stumbled upon this fun site via RetailMeNot's email newsletter... regarding lower alcohol wine, I suggest a REAL one, rather than a manipulated marketing campaign. There are lots of German whites-- the KABINETT style, which is not the super-sweet style many Americans associate with Riesling etc.-- which are inherently low alcohol, although global warming may be ruining it for us fans of that style. They're picked earlier, when the grapes are less sugary. Plenty of fruitiness and freshness in these, plus enough acidity for lip-smackiness. Many of the kabinett-style wines from the Mosel are in the 8%-10% range, which makes them pretty low calorie. And you're generally getting a product from a family business, as opposed to some huge vat of mixed juice from a huge factory.

Hi Maria and welcome! Those wines sound good. I love German wine. We get the Gluhwein and Ice Wine (Eiswein) around Christmas. Eiswein is a little sweet but delicious. My questions is: are the Kabinett style wines expensive? Can you tell me the price range? I understand there are some good and inexpensive wines from Spain and Portugal too. We are diabetic but I love a glass with dinner on special occasions. : )

I like the taste but to be honest a glass of regular wine is 127 calories so why not have a glass you love? And a glass that actually makes you feel like you drank a glass of wine

Wow...I'm surprised by the comments. I dont need to lose weight but I actually really liked the skinnygirl red wine. I thought it was smooth. And I refuse to be embarrassed by something I want/need to buy. I got over that with my first purchase of tampons.

Worse wine on the market, and i've tried many.

15 bucks is cheap for wine,but I'm definitely not paying 15$ for lower way.Glad I didn't buy it now

I tried the red wine for the first time tonight. I have a wine cage filled with wonderful wines from Napa valley...yep I joined a wine club on my visit there. This wine is aweful, could hardly drink a second glass. I bought it to have my wine and spare the thanks! This stuff is gross and going down the drain tomorrow...don't waste your the real stuff and use portion control

Another idea is to make a wine spritzer. It's like getting eight ounces of wine for the calories of four.

Berry Wine Spritzer
1 Serving
Ingredients (6)
¼ cup mixed berries
½ lime, juice of
4 mint leaves, torn
4 ounces white wine
4 ounces sparkling water
3 - 5 drops stevia (optional)
Blend all ingredients. Chill.

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