A Healthy Smoothie Plan

August 24, 2015   17 Comments

The truth is that I am seriously lazy when I am hungry and am looking for something to chow down.

Quick Smoothies

I may be lazy when hungry but when I am not starving, I am a force of order on the world (or at least my refrigerator).

Planning is one of my strengths. Just ask my kids about our last vacation and you will hear how I ensured that everyone had a great time. I planned it to death and then just punched buttons on my phone to follow the plan.

These “Smoothie Bags” are my latest brilliant design for making smoothies with little effort when hungry. I simply:

  1. Fill a bunch of sandwich bags with my favorite smoothie ingredients – in this case frozen mango, frozen blueberries, and kale
  2. Store it in the top of the freezer where I can see it so I don't grab the ice cream
  3. Make a smoothie with some yogurt added (and a little water)

You could add banana, strawberries, chia seeds….whatever you want!

I have a regular blender (even though everyone tells me to plop down $400 for a Vitamix) and if I tear the kale into 2 inch pieces – it blends beautifully.

The other awesome feature of my Smoothie Bag is that when my children announce, “Mom, I am hungry!” I can yell to them from anywhere in the house, “Go grab a smoothie bag and make yourself a smoothie.”

I mix in some yogurt, a little water (to help it blend), and some agave or maple syrup if I don’t find it sweet enough (but I usually do).

These are so refreshing and a fraction of the cost of buying a smoothie at the grocery store.

Do you have any great organizing tricks that help you eat healthy?

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This is brilliant and actually looks fun. And the novelty will help the kids engage with it. Thank you, Lisa!

Lisa what a clever idea! Going to pass this along to my daughter-in-law.

I love this idea and used to do it on a weekly basis for smoothies for my husband and me. But then I started feeling really guilty about the waste of the ziploc bags. I think I might try this again, but this time, I will re-use the bags. thank you! It really is a great, quick snack idea.

Did not realize you can freeze kale that way. How long do you recommend keeping it? Maybe making a week's worth? I would be the only one using so wouldn't want to waste it. Thanks

I often buy extra fruit when it's on sale and will clean and cut it up to freeze. I have containers in my freezer now containing bananas, strawberries, blueberries and peaches! Love smoothies!

A really good idea. I feel inspired to follow it.

Thanks for continuing to encourage, inspire, educate and entertain us.

Love this idea Lisa! And I'm going to do what Lou said and just re-use the bags each time I prep them.

What a great idea! I do wonder though why not freeze the yogurt and sweetener along with the fruit? Does yogurt not freeze well?

@Kelly - I was thinking that if you froze everything it would be hard for the blender to make the smoothie. Also, it might be a bit messy. Thanks for your question!!

This is eerie. I started doing this as of today for back to school, and I thought, "I've never seen anyone suggest this. I should tell Snack Girl and have her put it on her blog." Dead must be in my head!

I bought a Bella Rocket Blender from Walmart, $37.11. It is much more powerful than your blender and will mix up a smoothie in a flash. Highly recommend.

Best. Idea. EVER!!

Vitamix is worth the cost. I have had my Vitamix for over 16 years with the same canister and the price hasn't gone up with inflation.

What kind of yogurt do you use? This is a great idea. I'm a lame brain when it comes to cooking and need all the help I can get. You have terrific ideas.

Fantastic idea...I'm going to throes some together right now!!!

I do exactly the same thing. I've been doing it for 5 years. My trainer passed on the tip. You just grab and blend. Everything is already measured out. I do protein smoothies, so I add protein powder to mine. I have a Blendtec. I love my Blendtec!

I chop and steam/wilt the kale a bit to make it more nutritionally available & digestible for the body. Then freeze portion and freeze it in round plops on a parchment covered plate. Then store the plops in a freezer bag. Can also do with spinach, beet tops, or any other greens as well. I also freeze plop-like discs of canned pumpkin to add to smoothies as well.

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