Snack Girl Challenge: Lose Ten Pounds in 3 Months

May 5, 2010   61 Comments

This is a photo of me with my family about 2 weeks ago. Notice how you get a good shot of the top of me (where is the bottom?).

Snack Girl Challenge

The lower half consists of the avocado chub that 40 year olds gain as they slow down. I have this tub of fat that keeps me warm around my mid section. It is pretty comfortable there.

I had a yoga instructor that called the chub, "The little puppy that lays beside you." This puppy, unfortunately, is not a great idea to keep around. Belly fat has been implicated in all sorts of diseases and can hamper getting into your pants!

While my doctor has said nothing, I have wanted to lose this weight since the birth of my second child. Why haven't I? I write every day about healthy food and habits and I feed my family amazing healthy food.

  1. I put myself last.
  2. I have bad eating habits that I revert to when I stress out (which is often).
  3. Changing habits is hard and it is a lot more comfortable to stay stuck in your old ways.

Now, is the time for change. Why? Because, when is it going to happen? Anyone else out there know what I am talking about? There never seems to be a good time to lose weight. I have some GREAT reasons not to do this:

  1. My favorite aunt has been diagnosed with brain cancer (this week)
  2. We are closing on a house (4 - yes -4 Lawyers involved - huge mess)
  3. We will be moving once this deal closes (a few blocks).

I can't lose weight now, right? But, life has become this crazy most of the time. There are so many excuses for not making changes. Changing my habits will improve my life and help me live longer.

So, for the next 3 months started May 8th, 2010, I will diet and exercise. I will create good habits that will stick with me so I can keep it off the 10 pounds. AND, I will do it with all of you hearing about it.

Enough writing, talking, and thinking. How about doing? I have the information I need and the support of my husband. Matt is also doing a challenge with me to exercise 60 times in 3 months. He is out of shape and wants to be more fit.

Any of you want to join me in your personal challenge for the next 3 months? I would love to have some of you on my journey.

Please comment here and on every Saturday, starting May 8th, about your challenge. I will weigh in on May 8th and start the clock until July 31st.

(To my e-mail subscribers, you will not receive e-mails about my challenge - but you can check in on Mondays to see what I posted on Saturday!)

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I'm in! I also need to lose about 10 pounds, all in the belly and butt area. But more than that, I want muscle tone. I'm so sorry about your aunt. :(

Awesome, Layla! Thanks for the love. My aunt is on her third bout of cancer so it wasn't unexpected (but we had hope and now we don't).

Hi Lisa, YES! A resounding YES! I certainly will join you. You told my story exactly, same lil' pup around my middle. It's gotta goooo!!! I too have made the right changes for my family, but I am not doing it whole heartedly for myself.

My brief story: As a family we were doing really well to begin with. At age two my daughter got Leukemia and so who better to feed well than a kid on chemo, right!? So we became even more vigilant. Now in remission and in first grade she is exposed to so much crap, but, luckily, our habits are part of her and she can make good decisions. However, over the years, I have snuck crap and I have not climbed on the fruit and veggie bandwagon like my child has! My husband has no taste for junk, and is slim, which helps me curb my learned junk behaviour! I just got a 'glider' since everything else hurts my knees.

Really looking forward to making these goals!! So c'mon everyone, we can do it!!

I am SO IN! I've been looking for something to get me off this plateau and this is a great idea. I'm going to make it 12 pounds because that will put me at a nice number that i've never seen on the scale.

Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family, i'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

I'm in. I have been participating in a version of "The Biggest Loser" at my workplace and have lost 11 pounds since January. Still have more to go! We can do it!

What a wonderful idea, count me in as well. I like the exercise goal in particular, that would also be a good one for me to introduce to my daughter.

Yes Yes Yes!! I am in. I get married in 3 months and two days from now and I can't bear the thought of paying £800 for a load of photos of my multiple chins.

Prayers for your aunt from here as well. xx

Yes! Count me in!! I need to take my "puppy" on a longgggg walk and leave it there! :)

I see this an an opportunity to "re-brand" myself. I just turned 40, just bought my dream house (and yes, it was a nightmare 6-month closing, but we won't go there...), and I'm ready to live in the NOW. No more procrastinating because of all the other "more important" stuff going on!! Just imagine-- You could be 10 pounds lighter for your housewarming! Show off yourself and your home, too! How cool is that!? :)

This is very brave of you, Lisa! You are inspiring. I'm in!

yay for you! i need to "wake up" as well. great post.

Can i join you?

Pamela! Come on and join me! We should do this together - its easier - don't you think?

Years ago a friend lost a lot of weight and said the key was to make it your number one priority. If you find excuses, then it's not really your priority.

I did what she suggested and lost 30 pounds over a year. I also found that in addition to eating healthy, the weight only came off when I exercised.

Good luck everyone!

I am in~check out where I find idea and support!

Tara - you are so right. We are all capable of going to a restaurant and ordering the salad, or filling up on veggies before we go to a dinner party so that we don't eat too much, or even turning down the high-fat high-sugar wares that Granny is peddling. It's 100% about WANTING TO.

I love the excitement! What a great way to stay motivated and have accountability partners. In January, I began to change my mentallity. (Just Do It). I tell people Nike stole my motto! I'll definitely be joining you in this lifestyle change. It seems to be more mental than physical at times! I've recently became a Beachbody Coach, so if anyone is interested in the popular DVD's like P90x, chalean extreme, etc., check out my website:

for those just starting out, I recommend the yoga DVDs or slim in 6! Good luck all!

I'm in with you! My "bad habits" have allowed about 8 lbs to creep on since January. It's gotta go! I too preach healthy habits, but I tend to fall victim to that sugar monster on the weekends, and overindulge, negating all the hard work I do on weekdays! I already have good exercise habits, so now it's about saying "I'm full" and "no thank you"!

Great post SG! I LOVE how well you thought it out and gave specific examples...they will totally motivate you during the challenge.

I am still on my quest to get back to my Happy Weight so I will definitely be encouraging you along the way :)

Good luck!

I'm in! Need to get the kick in the butt to lose this weight! This is a great way to do it!

Hi there! Congratulations on deciding to change your life. I just wanted to recommend the book "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It absolutely changed my life - I thought I couldn't lose weight after having my 4th baby, but I've now lost 30 pounds in about 6 months!! Sometimes I found myself losing a pound a day - on a totally healthy diet.

The catch, of course, is that it almost completely eliminates oils, milk products, meat (I was vegetarian anyway, so this was no problem for me), added sugars, etc. But you are "allowed" to eat an absolutely unlimited amount of vegetables, fruit, and beans and legumes. This was key for me - I can't "diet." I feel like I'm starving all the time and end up binging and eating something insane like a whole bag of chips or half a cake. So being given permission to eat as much as I can cram in really helped me change my diet. On top of losing weight, I feel better than I've felt in the last 20 or so years (I'm 37) - I've been inspired in the last few months to switch to a diet that consists of around 75% raw foods, with the rest mostly whole cooked foods (with an occasional "treat" thrown in every few weeks). If you've never eaten this way, I wholeheartedly invite you and your readers to try it! It is so amazing to FINALLY have energy, feel clearheaded, and to not have to struggle constantly with weight.

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