Snack Girl’s Birthday

September 2, 2014   142 Comments

I don’t make a big deal about my birthday. Since most of you don’t know me, why would September 2nd matter to you?

Snack Girl’s Birthday

But, I found that I kept putting off writing a post for today and here we are – September 2nd – and I want to write something.

I turn 45 today and I am healthier than I was at 25. I can lift my suitcase into the overhead compartment if I’m not in the last boarding group – the flight attendant takes it from me because the plane is full if I am stuck in the last boarding group (and I don’t get to show off my biceps).

I eat more vegetables and find myself craving them. Recently, I did some traveling and had a hard time finding vegetables and came home begging for salad - crazy.

I have really nice running shoes because otherwise my right hip starts hurting after intense exercise.

The down sides of aging have to do mainly with appearance – my hair is 50% grey! (this was the year I decided that I am vain and started coloring it). My freckles seem more like brown spots - not unlike a giraffe. I seem to be able to eat even less without putting on pounds around my belly (not fair).

The best part of turning 45 is that I feel deeply grateful for what I do have and have (mostly) stopped worrying about what I don’t have. At a certain point, you have to look around and say, “I have arrived” whether or not you made it to where you expected to be.

I have arrived.

Here’s to all of you who read this blog and get something from it four days a week. Thanks for coming back and enjoying what I do. Big hug!!!

Lisa AKA Snack Girl

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Happy Birthday! Thanks for doing what you do!

Happy birthday! It's my birthday too! Have a fabulous day!

Happy birthday, Lisa! You definitely have arrived. :)

Happy Birthday to BOTH you /me. Growing older is a gift not promised to any of us so CELEBRATE that we were given another September 2nd!!! Happ Birthday to all Virgos out there!!

Happy Birthday, Lisa! You have done a wonderful job of arriving where you are...and balancing so much in your life. You are an inspiration to so many. All the best all ways always.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!! Today is my birthday as well, and while I am a few (6) years older than you, I am with you. These are the happiest and healthiest years a and I love them!

Happy Birthday. Like Gloria Steinem, you can glow and say this is what 45 looks like!

Happy Birthday! September 2nd means something to me---it is the day before my birthday! LOL (i will be 43) :)

☼♡ HaPpY BirThDaY and many more, each happier than the one before! ♡☼

Happy B Day! Thank you for all the great info you share, i have become an avid reader of labels and continue on a quest to eat less processed food. Last week in my WW meeting someone said regarding self talk, " I am old and I am fat". Putting together something you can't control with something you can control. We are all going the same direction with aging, but I decided to age thin and fit as I hit 65 this year. Hope to limit my Medicare benefit for all you younger folks.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday! On my mom & dad's refrigerator is a little piece of paper that says "Enjoy growing older, it is a pleasure denied many". So I do!

I'm here too! We share a birthday! 50 for me and you're right; we have arrived! Happy birthday to you and cheers to an awesome year!

Happy Birthday to all who share Sept. 2nd!!! Congratulations!

Have a great Birthday, Lisa! Celebrate your socks off and know how much you inspire us each and every day! : )

"At a certain point, you have to look around and say, “I have arrived” whether or not you made it to where you expected to be."

GREAT ADVICE. Happy Birthday, Lisa.

Here's to Virgos!! Happy BD to you and love the advice - loving what we 'have'!!

Happy Birthday and many many more!!!

What kind of running shoes do you have?? I have problems with my ankles and hip and was just wondering.

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