Support Healthy Snacking With A Snack Station

October 6, 2011   14 Comments

Have trouble when you get a bit hungry? Want to have a convenient way to grab a snack that isn't a vending machine?

Make a Snack Station

How about creating your own vending machine! Without the quarters and the stuff getting stuck that you paid for and can't get.

I came up with these Snack Station boxes when I decided I was TIRED of always making my kids a snack (and I saw it in Real Simple). They have fingers don't they?

One snack station is for the fridge and the other is filled with non-perishables for your counter top or cupboard. Either of them can go grab both bins and fix themselves something healthy and yummy.

What I found is I am eating out of the Snack Station boxes, too! This little organizational adventure has stopped me from eating random junk when I'm a bit peckish.

Here is how you do it:

  • Buy 2 plastic shoe storage boxes (or just buy one and use a cardboard one for the non-perishables). You can find these at Target, Walmart, etc.
  • Look around your house for great snacks,
  • Pack the boxes and place them right where someone would look for them.

Here is my fridge box:


I have put hummus, mandarin oranges, cut up cheese, ranch dressing, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, celery and carrot sticks in this box. I like to use the little Glad containers (BPA free) because they are reusable and my kids love their shape. They are super handy.

Here is my non-perishable box:


Here we have bananas, raisins, graham crackers, dried apricots, Triscuits, lighter trail mix, pretzels, and a LARABAR. I'm sure you guys can come up some other great additions to this box.

Finally, this is a photo of my fridge. It is kinda terrifying to shoot a photo of your fridge because then you can all see what I eat! Stonyfield yogurt definitely gets a plug - and you can see almond milk, orange juice, and hurray! butternut squash. (I did not reorganize my fridge for the shoot.)


Do you see how the Snack Station box is one of the first things that you see? This is PRODUCT PLACEMENT so you don't go searching through your fridge for last night's leftover cheesecake.

Talk with your kids about what they want to add - and don't forget to include YOUR favorites, too. Remember, eat when you feel hungry. Denial of hungry just makes you grumpy.

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Loving this idea!!

I am so going to try this. I have always had fruit available for snacks but have found that sometimes they need to eat a couple apples or bananas (growing boys) they could really use something like this with cheese, eggs and carbs. Thanks so much for sharing!

This would be great for the office drawer! When that mid-afternoon chocolate craving hits, I can reach for a healthy snack instead of the candy bar I usually get. Thanks for the idea!

LOVE this idea of having everything healthy together so you don't have to search through the fridge.

You last statement "denial of hungry just makes you grumpy" was hilarious!

Great idea! I tend to be a raid-the-fridge type and don't always reach for the good stuff.. this will certainly prevent that. And I think having one of these in my office drawer like Renee H . mentioned is great, too!


I am so impressed with your fridge. I would be horrified if people saw what a mess mine is. :P

This is a great idea. I'll have to work on this for my house (and maybe work too).


Love this idea. I often find myself hungry and "looking" for something, and often times as a result make bad choices. This would be of great help to me. Thank you for sharing.

This is a fantastic idea. Instead of foraging aimlessly when I want a snack, there will be a safe place for me to go. Thanks for coming up with another great solution for us.

I organized my pantry this morning and created one of these without even seeing this post! I used an unused old basket and put things I know my 2 year old will eat in it. This will make snack time easier! Now onto the fridge!

I have one of these in my car at all times, and we have a 'snack drawer' at home for the kids to help themselves to. (The sweeter treats are in a similar container atop the fridge out of reach). The one in my care helps me avoid the drive-thrus when me or the kids are hungry. (Why is it that children are ALWAYS hungry?) We live out in the boonies and have a 1-hr commute to our PreK 2 days a week, so it's my lifesaver and money saver!

I do this at work, I have a box full of goodies (many that I discovered through Snack Girl!) at my desk so there is always something good to eat if I need it. I should do one at home, my son is now 22 months and just about old enough to choose his own snacks. Well, he does choose them now, just depends on me to get them for him. I know he would like to have more independence.

Great idea, Snack Girl. After a long day of teaching, I come home ravenous, but don't want to put back the weight I lost last year. This is the perfect solution. Thanks for a great idea.

This is a great idea i will be setting this up for my son who is 4 yrs, he is forever coming to me about being hungry (hungry for junk!) and the relentless bickering we all go through as i say "no your not having any junk" and the other half says "oh just give him it if he is hungry" and my son is standing there with his hard done by face on. So now i will say go and eat something from your snack box. Thank YOOOOUU!

Hi dear Snack Girl I 'm one of your followers love your blog but today I saw a box ,great idea but the eggs need to be peeled if they are in the fridge ,otherwise eggs coul be toxic if you put the eggs in the fridge without peeling

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