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I love to eat apples with cheddar cheese. I love pretzels with honey mustard as the dip. Thanks

Pretzels with different kinds of "dip" (ketchup, honey mustard, dressing, cream cheese, etc.).

I love crackers or pretzels with cheese! I also like pretzels with chocolate spread.

My favorite is the honey mustard pretzel pieces. It's that great combination of sweet/salty that I love in the afternoon with a cup of coffee here at work.

My favorite is the Snyder's of Hanover's honey mustard and onion pieces- there is no better snack out there!! :)

I buy these ALL the time. I'll eat them on the way to the gym for a little bit of carb loading or with my lunch. I really appreciate the portion control since each bag only has 100 calories.

I love a heft scoop of Greek-style vanilla yogurt over fruit...any fruit that's in season. Thank you for the give-a-way opportunity!

I think it is wonderful that Snyder's has taken the extra step to make their pretzels in a peanut free facility so parents are assured their snacks are safe to consume for all children. And they also have a gluten free pretzel too.

Snyder's Cheddar Cheese Nuggets are one of my favorites. Another one is their Whole Wheat Twists.

Pretzels are my favorite snack. They are great with any kind of cheese, with salsa and guacamole, or just about any dip or barbecue sauce. Of course pretzels are wonderful just by themselves.

Snyders pretzels and hummus with some veggies on the side!!

We love pretzels with cream cheese or natural peanut butter! Throw in some apple slices and they call it lunch.

I just had mini pretzels and hummus for my evening snack last night. An excellent treat.

At our house we cut cheese into small squares and use Synder's Snaps to make little cheese and pretzel sandwiches. Kids love it !

Definitely pretzels, hummus, cucumbers and carrots!

Some carrot sticks with hummus always hit the spot.

Pretzels with Laughing Cow Light Cheese.

I like crumbling pretzel sticks into fat free yogurt. Healthy and crunchy! Thank you for the giveaway.

Pretzels have been my very favorite snack forever! I add a little protein by mixing up some PB2 (or any of the lower fat nut butters) and using it as a dip! It's filling and I feel less guilty with this low fat protein snack.

I send pretzels with hummus for an easy heathy snack for my husband

Pretzels are my all time favorite snack!

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