Good Morning Sunshine! Wake Up With This Egg Dish

May 14, 2012   26 Comments

Are you bored with hard boiled eggs? Yeah, they are dull. Let me introduce you to an old friend.

Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

This is a soft boiled egg and it seems our grandparents used to eat these. I hadn't met one until I traveled to Australia with my husband. This is a super way to slow down and enjoy an egg.

How do you make them? Well, I get my water boiling and then add my egg for 5 minutes. I found that I can get a consistently perfectly cooked egg this way that isn't too runny.

Below I have featured this cool gadget that I found on that makes egg boiling MORE FUN! Yes, they think of everything. You just pop this thing in the water with your eggs and it tells you how cooked they are by changing color. WHOA.

The real issue is how to serve them. I found some cool egg cups at garage sales, IKEA and Ebay - but they are hard to find. Some suggestions:

  • shot glasses
  • espresso cups
  • forget the cup and just mash it on toast

Then, there is the issue of spoons. Do you need anything else but a teaspoon? I find that egg spoons (below) are better for getting the entire egg out of the shell. They are also super cute and handy for eating ice cream. Smaller spoons equals smaller bites.

Try a soft boiled egg with a teaspoon before you invest in the egg spoons.

You scoop the egg out of the shell with the cute spoons. You do have to crack the egg in a certain way for all of this to work (it takes a couple tries before you become an expert). I found some great instructions here: How To Crack a Soft Boiled Egg.

I serve my soft boiled egg for breakfast with a few "soldiers" of Toast. Just cut your 100% whole grain Toast into strips to dip in in the egg. YUM!

Do you eat soft boiled eggs?


Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

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1 egg
salt for pan


Buy the freshest eggs you can find. Bring a small saucepan of water to a boil and add a dash of salt. Lower egg into boiling water with spoon to keep it from cracking.

Set timer for 5 minutes for a runny egg, 7 minutes for a harder one, and 10 minutes for a hard boiled egg. Remove egg from water with spoon and rinse under cold water. Place in egg cup and crack. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

One egg without toast is 63 calories, 4.4 g fat, 0.3 g carbohydrates, 5.5 g protein, 0 g fiber, 62 mg sodium, 0 SmartPoints

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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Mmmmmmm..... I just finished my soft boiled egg on toast for breakfast. I check my email between older child getting on bus and needing to get younger children ready for their school. I love your breakfast posts because I usually just inhale my coffee until after the school aged kids are off to school, and then I make my breakfast. I love eggs, but sadly can't eat them every day and in trying to keep my cholesterol in check I'm always looking for ways to use very little butter, margarine, milk or cheese with my eggs. I'd forgotten about soft boiled on toast! :) Now I just have to get a snazzy looking egg cup like yours. :)

I haven't had one in forever. When I was little we had them with soldiers too. My mother used to call them dipping eggs. I'm 48 years old and have my grandfather's egg cup in my china cabinet. I will surely be digging it out soon!

Love, love, love soft boiled eggs. Probably make them 3 times a week...only one of my kids like them, but he asks for them all the time :) My making them is definitely due to my grandmother always making them for us (mom did too)...have egg cups from great-g, super special and so many memories ;)

I have never had a soft boiled yet, crazy huh? I'll have to try it!

This certainly brought back memories.. My grandmother use to make these for my brother and I. I just have have to make one for lunch today.

Love them! This is a breakfast must in most middle eastern and european households. I usually have mine either before or after a workout. YUM.

Hmmm one I'll have to try. I grew up with eggs hard boiled, or scrambled. Now that I'm older I LOVE them over easy, but I can't seem to master the technique. This seems like It'd satisfy my runny yolk fix!

Sounds good...The great thing about a hard boiled egg is that you can make them at work (if you work in an office with a stove) without making too big of a mess...The clean up is easy - just dump out the hot water.

Soft-boiled eggs are a staple in Euro households. We always have these with my family in Germany, I absolutely love them! On my mom's last trip she brought me back some egg cups so I can finally make them at home. Delish!

I have always loved soft boiled eggs. I eat them 1-2 times per week. I enjoy mine over whole wheat toast; like a poached egg but tastier. A little fresh cracked pepper and a dash of ground flax seed makes it extra healthy.

Oh that egg timer! My mom had one when I was growing up and I always thought it was so magical...

You can find an egg cup and teaspoon set at Chef's Catalog here:…

You can also find *tasting spoons* fairly easily these days since "Tasting Parties" are popular. -- Plus the smaller size tasting dishes make it perfect for making portions seem larger than they are. CostPlus/World Market has tasting spoons for $1.29 each and up depending on their style. You can also use Demi-spoons or Tea Spoons (not to be confused with teaspoons!) at most tea and coffee sellers. I like to find the fancier Tea spoons and Demi spoons for eating dessert -- it makes the dessert seem more special and the smaller spoon makes you slow down and enjoy each bite.

Love it, had one this morning. a little pepper, a slice of toast broken up and I have a hearty yummy breakfast. Only down side is the yoke can be hard to clean out of the bowl after if I don't wipe it clean with the toast ;)

We love our Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer thanks for posting!

Also, I have egg cups I never use. Typically our soft boiled eggs are done to medium, so no need for fancy cups.

Also, Gail that posted above "I love eggs, but sadly can't eat them every day and in trying to keep my cholesterol in check..."

There's no scientific evidence that says that eggs raise the bad cholesterol in blood. This is an old 1980s rumor that stuck.…

Boiled egg and toasted soldiers! A staple in UK households for breakfast and/or a light evening meal. We draw faces on the eggs too. My mum and dad did it and now I do it for my kids. We also use asparagus to dip, or breadsticks with parma ham wrapped round (you can wrap the asparagus too). My kids call them Dippy Eggs.

I am first generation Italian and we ate these soft boil eggs all the time as kids. We had these ceramic ducks to put the egg on and little spoons. This post brought back delightful memories. Def gonna share with my 4 siblings! Thanks!

A staple in our house. We serve ours with soldiers of peameal bacon. My youngest loves dipping them in. It's a British thing and we have cute Peter rabbit eggcups and eggcups with feet. We don't have the egg spoon though. As far as cracking it, my father used to say the only way was to slice off the top with a sharp knife, quickly, so that the shell doesn't fracture. Then scoop out the white from the removed part. Any other way leaves a trail of shell everywhere.

Oh, the memories. I used to eat soft boiled eggs in a cereal bowl at least twice a week, when I was a kid! Kind of miss that.

I love my soft boiled eggs. I put eggs in a saucepan, cover with cold water, and bring to a boil. Then I turn off the heat completely and let them sit for four and a half minutes. Perfect gooey eggs!

Eating soft boiled in the morning is a great way to lower down your cholesterol, to get a good amount of vit B9 as well as CoQ10!

Sylvie Taboile

Nutritional therapist in France ;-)

I just cook mine for 22 min, start to finish and they are ewyaals perfectly cooked and peel just fine. I do put them in suoper cold water, or ice, right after...but not for too long, because I am not that patient.

yaay! glad u r bringing these back. grew up with my nana from Scotland in the house and still have her old wooden egg cup. she would be 137 now. Yikes! lived to be quite elderly and always had 1 soft boiled egg every am, never 2. everything in moderation.

I workout in the morning and after, I have 2 soft boiled eggs with a slice of toast cut in thin strips for dunking. Yummm!

I'm another huge fan of soft boiled eggs. I used to have some lovely egg cups...wish I could find more of them! They were "double deckers" with a top section that held the egg and a bottom section that kept a second egg nice and warm until you'd devoured the first one! Picture two egg cups (one somewhat larger than the other) joined bottom to bottom.

They were made of decorated bone China and made a breakfast of soft boiled eggs seem like gourmet fare! Does anyone know a source? I've been trying to find more of them for ages!

We had these all the time when I was little. I have been playing around with making them in my Poly Perk 4 cup travel coffee maker. We always bring this with us when traveling and I wanted to be able to make these in the motel room. I fill it to the 4 cup mark with 2 large eggs in the pot, plug it in and set the timer for 11 minutes. I haven't figured out the hard boiled stage yet, but it should be just a few more minutes.

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