The New Special K Breakfast Sandwich: Friend or Foe?

March 4, 2013   44 Comments

Snack Girl purchased this box of sandwiches for $6 because she had seen so many commercials for this product.

Special K Breakfast Sandwich Review

Also, a reader e-mailed asking me what I thought of them, so I thought I would give them a try. Wouldn't it be great? An easy, microwavable, healthy sandwich to start my day.

My first problem with these was the price. At $1.50 each, these better be good!

Here are the nutritional facts for one Egg with Vegetables & Pepper Jack Cheese:

180 calories, 7 g fat, 3 g saturated fat, 19 g carbohydrates, 3 g sugar, 9 g protein, 3 g fiber, 510 mg sodium, 4 Points+

Except for the sodium, which is very high, these seem to be a reasonable choice. Here is a gander at the ingredients:

Okayyyyy. What are rye nuggets and will I like them? This seems more like a chemistry experiment than food. The multigrain flatbread part of the list is really out of control.

This is feeling like one of those processed foods we should avoid, even if it is low in calories and trying to be healthy.

How did it taste? In all of my years doing this job (4 years), I have never tasted something so terrible. Usually, I buy something like this and it is “okay”. This was inedible. The eggs were watery and too salty.

It was like eating a watery, salty, spongy, ball of clay. It did not resemble breakfast and under no circumstances do I recommend it.

How Kellogg's could mess up bread, eggs, vegetables, and cheese is beyond me, but they did.

I promoted my own breakfast sandwich last year. Check it out here: The Egg McMuffin Makeover and give it a try. Almost anything you make in your kitchen will be better than the Special K breakfast sandwich.

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It is beyond me why people would buy something like this when you could make it probably in the same time it takes you to heat this up. Thanks for letting people know though that they should not buy this product. Love your egg McMuffin.

Thanks Snack Girl for saving me time, taste and money. I've been looking for these and haven't been able to find them locally. Now I can stop looking.

My Friend at work eats these everyday. She gets the one with ham or bacon and it's 280 calories for one sandwich and I don't recall but the nutritional stats were not great on that one either! Love your post today! I think I will make my own sandwich!

I was hoping you'd do a review of these!! Thanks for the tip -- I'll know to stay away

Thanks for doing a review on these...I too was tempted to buy them, but kept forgetting...Now I can forget and not worry about them. Thanks for your hard work and keeping us from having to try them!

Thanks so much, Snack Girl, for giving me an advanced warning on this breakfast sandwich. I love getting the emails from you!! You have saved me so much money that I would have spent on food that would have been trashed. Keep all the notices coming!!

I make an eggbeater with spinach, 1/8 c. lowfat shredded cheese, and a mushroomon on a whole wheat Smart tortilla for 3 points and it is delicious!

Most mornings I eat two real eggs on a 100 calorie Arnold's flatbread (whole wheat) with spicy mustard. I season the eggs with Mrs. Dash. For 245 calories I have a healthy protien packed breakfast that holds me until my mid-morning snack of Chobani. Quick to make and so much cheaper.

Glad you tried them - I thought about buying for a quick breakfast; but now I won't. I'll stick to the Thin Bagels by Thomas' with a slice or two of low-sodium turkey and a slice of Sagento's low fat cheese with a couple of squirts of Dijon Mustard - I can eat them cold or heat them quickly up in the microwave - filling and delicious..

Thank you for the post and the blog, I am enjoying your work!!!! As for the "food" review, I just follow the axiom "If it comes out of a box or can, don't eat it!".

Of course there's no comparison between a homemade sandwich and a frozen one. These are much better than a competitor's light breakfast sandwich, and I do buy them sometimes and have them with a salad for a quick lunch.

I have been making a batch of egg muffins which I keep in the frig and nuke for 30 sec on work mornings. Super easy (eggs, milk, cheese and whatever veggies you like), no processed garbage and less expensive too!

OH NO!! I was hoping you liked these. I like the egg,turkey sausage, and cheese sandwiches and they are good on points for me. I have never tried the kind you discussing so I'm hoping its the choice not the product overall that has turned you off.

Thank you for taking the hit for all of and testing them. I had planned to and am glad I didn't make the mistake.

Thank you Snack Girl!! You're saving lots of people from being disappointed and lack of taste and flavor as well as keeping more money in their pocket books by reviewing this product. I, too had purchased this several months ago and was beyond sad that something I thought would be so wonderful would truly be so indelible. Thank you for reaching the masses and helping us all try to be healthier and enjoy food! Good, tasty food that is healthy!

I picked them up and hated them. Tasted like "bad" cardboard with mushy egg in the middle. However, my teenage son actually loved them -- until I pointed out the sodium content. He is now back to his old standby - cereal.

Whew, I had these in my hand at the store and debated buying them. Not sure why but I passed. Gald I did.

I make my own breakfast with one egg + egg whites on flatbread or a whole wheat tortilla. I precook mushrooms and spinach to add for flavor. I always feel good about tphaving this breakfast. I haven't figured out the cost but the nutricinal value is pretty good.

Thanks for the review, glad I never bought them. I make my own breakfast sandwich at home from a recipe I found on Slender Kitchen, can't wait to try your recipe out too.

I fry up an egg (beat it a bit first) and put it on a toasted English muffin. It's only 5 points+ values and really yummy. Oh, and I put some ketchup on top - 0 ppv!). I don't care for the SmartOnes version of the egg mcmuffin either! I'd much rather make my own. So easy and good!

Thanks for the review of Special K's breakfast sandwich. It saved me the trouble...not to mention the money, buying it. I'm headed over to your Egg McMuffin Makeover site!

Good for you for promoting making your own! That will always be best. I highly doubt there is a pre-made sandwich anywhere on the market that uses fresh, organic ingredients, NO additives, and small, family farm meat, dairy, and eggs. Those are the ingredients to a healthy breakfast sandwich.

Snack Girl:

I had my hand on the box on Saturday. I put it back. I am so happy that I did. Thanks for honestly reviewing this product and saving us from ourselves.

Snack Girl thank you so much for looking into this!! I knew I could trust you to be fair & honest not only about the facts but also about the taste. I really appreciate you reading & listening to my email. Also your willingness to be a guinea pig for all of us means so much. Thank you again Snack Girl!! You rock!!

I actually found the Special K breakfast sandwich to be quite tasty. Often times I don't have time to prepare anything much in the morning, and this worked for me. It't amazingly better than the Morningstar Farms breakfast sandwich. . . .

I am surprised the package does not have the pink ribbon. I had called kellogg's about 3 yrs ago that most all the cereals and bars had the breast cancer ribbon,and since they were a big sponsor for breast cancer awareness I could not believe that everything had High Fructose Corn Syrup. Thank you for all your hard work to help us!!

I agree - eating this was like eating a soppy kithchen sponge! Yuck!

It's funny, but the pictures on the packages of instant meals usually look way better than what is inside the box. Even the picture on the package looks disgusting! I would never have considered these (I still eat your peanut butter oatmeal almost every morning), but I'm glad you were at least able to save some others from the fate of eating these.

I tried the sausage and cheese version and they were terrible too! The 'bread' was dry and tasteless and the egg was extra chewy and gross. What do you think about the Jimmy Dean Delites and/or the Smart Ones breakfast sandwiches? I think they taste pretty good and are 250 calories. I haven't payed too much attention to the ingredients because they've helped me lose 38 lbs (and counting). Thanks for all the helpful posts!

I cannot get past the high sodium. I thought you were going to say it was great, which would have made me feel as if I were missing something. So, now I know I am not. I will stick with my own home-cooked food.

Your honesty is always so refreshing!!

The ones with meat have a better protein content, but the taste is still lacking. The Jimmy Dean ones taste fairly good. I'm going to try the Smart Ones version this week.

Totally agree this is worth passing up. Tried one box when they came out. Flatbreads were broken into a hundred pieces for starters, and they tasted like nothing between two tiny pieces of cardboard. Made the Homemade Mc Muffins with canadian bacon for me and turkey sausage for the family and we loved them! Very easy recipe and the price is right.

I liked the Special K Breakfast Sandwich. The bread was crispy and the egg/cheese was flavorful. It is a quick and tasty start especially when you have to leave for work at 5 AM. And I like that it is only 4 PointsPlus! I would definitely purchase again.

I have tried these and agree they taste awful! Good choice of adjectives "watery, salty and spongy".

I agree I would never buy something that is so easy to make at home but I tried a sample in the store.....I asked for a napkin to take it out of my mouth and threw it away......gross

My rule is, if the ingredients list looks more as though it should be on a bottle of conditioner, beware.

I agree with eating a ball of clay! I did not like these at all. Don't waste your time buying them.

Well THAT particular sandwich may be bad but the other two are GREAT!! In fact, it wouldn't be worth the drive uptown to get one at the fast food store (which have way more calories!) You all should try for yourself....

Just to be fair, if you try heating them the way I do, I find the sausage egg and cheese one delicious. I set microwave to 1 min 50 sec. at 50% power, flip it, cook another 1 min 30 sec. at 50% power, Not soggy, bread not hard as a brick, perfect actually, but to each his own. I do like your idea though of making my own. I will try it. Thank you.

I bought the sausage, egg and cheese version of these at Costco and have to say I like them. To be fair, I don't think the issue of texture is as much the product's fault as it is the cooking method. To get around this, I microwave the egg and sausage patty separately for about 1 minute (add the cheese for the last 15 seconds) and while that is heating I toss the flatbreads into the toaster to get lightly brown and crisp. All in, it's about a 2 minute effort. Still much faster than any handmade breakfast sandwich I could ever make.

I kinda like the egg/ham/pepperjack. The key is to heat them longer that 1:30. Then the egg is merely rubbery and not watery.

Tastes like the cardboard box they come in. Much prefer the Jimmy Dean product with more taste and fewer calories.

Just disgusting! I tried them before reading your review. I agree with you, they are watery sponge. Thanks for a spot on review! :)

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