Spindrift Review: A New Flavored Sparkling Water

March 21, 2021   6 Comments

This Spindrift review is for all of you who want something special to drink without too much sugar.

Spindrift Review: A New Flavored Sparkling Water

I have been on the hunt for ways to enjoy water and have it remind you of soda (or beer). One of my favorite posts is Top Eight Tips for Tastier Water for ideas on how to drink more water.

Bubly sparkling water has been my favorite lately for a flavored water in a can.

Spindrift may have unseated Bubly. My daughter brought this home on a trip to Target and I was intrigued. I have banished soda from the house (except for special occasions) and we love trying new things.

Do you see that? 1/4 of a real pineapple! Spindrift’s ingredients include carbonated water, pineapple juice, and citric acid. That is it. It has 15 calories per can.

The concept is simple. A little bit of real juice in a big can of water. Unlike Bubly, which is the essence of a flavor and zero calories - Spindrift meets us with some juice.

How does it taste? Maybe because I never drink soda I am biased - but it tastes like soda. It is amazing how far 15 calories of juice can take you.

Grapefruit! YES! Do you know that most of the grapefruit flavored sparkling waters taste like soap? I love grapefruit so I have been disappointed many times.

Spindrift grapefruit tastes like grapefruit. The ingredients include carbonated water, grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon juice, and hibiscus.

They probably add the orange juice so it isn’t too sour. I thought it was perfect.

Blackberry was another excellent flavor.

I share Spindrift because it is nice to crack open a can of something at around 5 PM that you look forward to drinking. It isn’t alcohol or soda but it doesn’t feel like a compromise.

The Spindrift current flavors are pineapple, lime, cranberry raspberry, lemon and black tea, strawberry, grapefruit, blackberry, cucumber, lemon, orange mango, raspberry lime.

My favorite Spindrift flavor is grapefruit but all three of them were really good.

Have you tried Sprindrift? What is your review? Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! These flavors sound amazing! It’s great that they are juice, carbonated water, low in sugar and just a few real ingredients. My house is also soda free. When we next have fizzy soda, I will look for Spindrift.

Hmmm...I wonder if you can buy a single can? I'm not generally big on 'sparkling' water but would like to try this. I will have to look in the stores

Thank you for this review! I love Bubly too and AHA is a close second. These flavors sound great. I am planning to try these the next time I see them in the store. I agree these are a nice change from plain water without being soda.

I occasionally buy Bubly (favorite) and AHA. I usually buy the store brand to save money though. I probably would buy Spindrift to try, but I would need to run it through the WW calculator to see if any points. I do not like grapefruit, but would try pineapple or blackberry.

I haven't found Spindrift water here. We don't have a Target. What size pack does it come in? What is the Price 0f a 6 pack 12 pack or maybe a 24 can case. It sounds good.

I just purchase a box of 8 cans of orange mango and it is awful...really awful. I cannot say what it tastes like but sparkling water is my thing but absolutely not this one.

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