Starbucks Sous-Vide Egg Bites: A Solution to Breakfast on the Run?

February 25, 2017   23 Comments

When I saw that Starbucks had Sous Vide Egg Bites, I was intrigued. Do they look like they are from outerspace?

Starbucks Sous-Vide Egg Bites

I’ve written a lot about Starbucks over the years – see my review of their oatmeal and bistro box - because many people eat there.

I couldn’t believe that Starbucks was touting something as gourmet as sous-vide. Sous-vide is a method of cooking food. You place the food in a is sealed in a sealed plastic pouch then a hot water bath for a long time.

The idea is that your food is cooked evenly. The inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside so you retain moisture.

Eggs are one of those foods that respond well to the sous-vide method and I am planning a post on how to do sous-vide at home for those of you who may be interested.

But what about these egg bites for those of us who just want to buy a quick breakfast?

They come in a bag and they are hot when you get them. I would not try to eat them in a car because you will burn your fingers (and I find balancing a fork and driving to be a bad idea).

The bites come in two flavors – egg white/red pepper and bacon/Gruyere. I tried both of them. They set you back $5 for a serving which is 2 bites.

Egg White & Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Bites (for 2 bites) nutrition:

170 calories, 7 g fat, 5 g saturated fat, 13 g carbohydrates, 2 g sugar, 13 g protein, 1.0 g fiber, 500 mg sodium, 5 SmartPts

For a fast food breakfast, this is a pretty good option (though the sodium is high). But how does it taste?

I was ready for it to be terrible as most fast food eggs are rubbery and bland. This was absolutely delicious. It has Monterey Jack, spinach, and red peppers and I enjoyed eating it far more than I thought I would.

The sous-vide method meant that the eggs were very moist – almost like custard. I can’t believe Starbucks came up with this for a fast food venue. It is very good.

The next time I am stuck in an airport, these egg bites are my GO-TO snack. They are more substantial then I thought (they aren’t that small) and pair well with coffee. I happen to love coffee so it is a win.

What about the bacon & Gruyere?

Bacon & Gruyere Sous Vide Egg Bites (for 2 bites) nutrition:

310 calories, 22 g fat, 14 g saturated fat, 9 g carbohydrates, 2 g sugar, 19 g protein, 0 g fiber, 600 mg sodium, 12 SmartPts

This is much more of a treat because 14 grams of saturated fat is a lot! I actually didn’t like this one as much as the egg white bite. It tasted more like a “salt bomb”.

This is good news! The lighter, healthier egg white bite was more delicious. You don’t have to feel cheated.

Have you tried the sous-vide egg bites? What do you think?

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please, please, please recreate these for the home cook..I own a sous vide that is just waiting for these

I'm equally intrigued. Do you think these same ingredients would be almost as delicious using the microwave? I love the sound of anything 'custard-y'.

Well now, another option to try when on business travel whether it be on the road or airport. I'll have to look for these. Love the fact that the protein count is high.

I must really live in my own little world LOL, I have never heard of this method of cooking.

Lisa, thanks for bringing this to our attention..

I like both of these very much! Bacon is the best (of course!) but egg whites are yummy too. So glad to have this option at Starrybucks!!

This reminds me of a camping breakfast - eggs in a bag. We break eggs into sandwich baggies and cook them in boiling water over a campfire.

I make my own with sous vide and glass jars. I can control what's in it and they're like a savory custard.

Does anyone have a good source for simple, white everyday dishware that isn't ridiculously large? I noticed that our cereal bowls are quite deep.. even with 1.5 cups of cereal in them, it looks like I'm rationing food. I'd like to visually trick my family into thinking the plates are overflowing. Actually... let's not kid anyone here... I'd like to trick MYSELF into thinking the plates are overflowing ;)

Krystal...would you post a recipe for how you do the eggs in a jar please.

I make mine 8 oz for 90 mins at 170f

I tried the egg white version and they were yummy! Lightweight and fluffy, more filling than you expect. This is a great go-to quick bite to eat! Will order again.

They look like little holiday pastries! But they sound really so good.

I have been eating these pretty regularly since they came out. They are sooo good! I'm trying to cut back on bread because of gluten sensitivity, and I'm trying to get more protein, so these are a win all around!! I love both flavors, but - like you - I actually prefer the egg white version (which is not "healthy tasting" at all!). When I'm hungrier and want more protein, though, I get the bacon gruyere one. Anyone who hasn't tried these, must!

The bacon & gruyere sounds good to me, but I wouldn't sacrifice 12 SP for it - or $5 for either!!

@Sarah, regarding dishwater--I bought 9" diameter white plates at the Goodwill store. As a registered dietitian, I tell my patients that smaller dishwear does help with portion control. One study showed the subjects who had their meals on a 9" plate consumed 22% fewer calories than those who had the 11" plate. They were satisfied and did not realize they had eaten less. Check out Brian Wansink's work.

I've tried both, the bacon gruyere is the best! Very creamy and delicious. The other one just tastes like bell peppers to me, which I can't eat with acid reflux. But the I fon't buy them all, the expense is too high.

@Sarah, Snack Girl had a post on dish sizes awhile ago, she uses Fiesta ware, I believe. It offers open stock on lots of great colors and sizes. I agree cereal bowls these days are more like pasta bowls or giant stew bowls. For me, I've been getting my mismatched small cereal bowls at TJMaxx for years! It satisfies my love of china and the many patterns & moods they offer :) I love Wms Sonoma Pantry Whites as a basic set (6 of each piece for $40. ain't bad) and because food looks beautiful on them. You can also find normal-sized cereal bowls at tag sales, flea markets and second-hand shops. I started collecting depression glass accent salad plates or cereal bowls years ago, its fun & cheap. My breakfast table is mismatched and somehow it feels just right starting each day with something whimsical!

beverley - Eggs in a jar are commonly known as coddled eggs or the Japanese version are called chawanmushi.

Coddled eggs are very British and usually made in very cute coddled egg jars that have a lid which screws on and can be found on eBay and Amazom.

Chawanmushi can be found on Asian kitchen sites or one can use the very small mason jars. The Japanese jars are really cute too and add a lovely element to the table.

There are several recipes online for both methods and no special sous vide equipment needed. : )

Sarah - Like Joan, I tend to go to a second-hand store to find kitchen items. Smaller bowls from the 1940-70's are there, and the prices are always good. Also, salad/dessert plates can often be found as substitutes for the huge dinner plates. An eclectic array of patterns doesn't bother me. I can almost always find items in the blue/white theme I seem to like.

I have tried the egg bites and they are DELICIOUS! Truly the best "fast food" breakfast option for those of us who avoid carbs and seek out protein. BUT: I live and work in a major city and none of the Starbucks locations near me (over a dozen) have had the egg bites available for the past two weeks. Is Starbucks discontinuing them?!?!? :(

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