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I usually eat pumpkin seeds plain, but these flavors sound interesting - especially the super spicy one.

I really like salt and pepper pumpkin seeds, but the super spicy ones sound great!

I've never tried them, but Coco Joe sounds like it would be my favorite! I love anything chocolate.

Pumpkin seeds are a LOT of work, no one likes the texture of the orange goop! I would love to try the cinnamon and sugar variety!

Olive oil with some salt ... mmmmmmmmm!

I love pumpkin seeds roasted with sea salt--yum!

I would like all of them but the spicy ones which I would share with my friends!!

Super Spicy sounds so yummy (but I wouldn't turn away any of the other flavors either)...what a fun way to eat pumpkin seeds with a kick!

The somewhat spicy ones sound fabulous. I'll go buy and carve extra jack o later a just so I can get more seeds. It's an addiction really.

Usually plain. Had ranch and honey-mustard in the past and they were good.

These sound really good! Sugar & cinnamon or sea salt seem like they'd be best! Yum!

I prefer natural flavors so sea salt I my preference

Really naked for me!

I just now learned about these, so I haven't tried them yet. I have made my own as well and usually do a spicy or cinnamon sugar blend. If trying these, I'd probably go for the super spicy and the tomato Italiano. Thanks for letting us know about them....can't wait to try them!

olive oil, sea salt and garlic

I'd love to try the spicy ones.

I prefer the plain pumpkin seeds because they were the healthiest ones out of the other flavors.

I've only ever had roasted pumpkin seeds with just salt, which are very tasty but all of these flavors sound delicious! Thanks for letting us know about a fast, healthy snack, Snack Girl!

I've never had them flavored but would love to try these!

I've never really tried any flavoured pumpkin seeds but the super spicy and cinnamon sugar sounds deelish!

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