A Little of This Can Help You Feel A Lot Better

January 6, 2010   1 Comment

Our society is constantly reminding us to exercise. Why is it so hard to get off our butts?


Every year, I make a resolution to do more exercise because I KNOW it makes me feel better. And every year, I have to start again. My couch seems to have a magnetic pull on my butt.

I have come up against this challenge again and again. I have had gym memberships, fitness DVD's, friends to walk with (hi, Susie!), a treadmill, a pedometer, ankle weights and all sorts of paraphernalia to get me moving.

The best piece of advice, I have ever received is to start small. Once, I started again with 5 (yes, 5) minutes swimming in the pool.

The next time, I did 10 minutes and I did that 3 times before I moved onto 15 minutes. Before I knew it, I was swimming for 30 minutes (I was a varsity swimmer in high school).

Can't face the gym? Go for just 5 minutes. Don't want to walk out the door? Try 5 minutes. ANY amount of exercise that gets you going will help you feel better and feel as if you have accomplished something.

And, your muscles won't get sore. Pain doesn't help you exercise - it just makes you want to sit down. Slowly waking up your muscles is a better way to begin an exercise regimen versus doing too much and hurting.

Want a snack? Go for a walk for 5 minutes and see if you are still hungry. Feel your body moving and you may change your mind.

How do you get yourself motivated to exercise?

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1 Comment:

Great advice... I always dream big when I try to exercise. Last year I worked out with a trainer and the biggest thing I learned was I don't need a gym membership! The exercises we did were almost all things I could do at home, like lunges, steps, jump rope, planks, burpies... I got rid of my huge elliptical rider machine after that and decided to get a jump rope instead:-) But I like the advice of just starting small for me even a half hour just sounds like torture, but 5 minutes or even 10 who can't spare that amount of time. I think I'll take a morning walk over to our local coffee shop and get a nf soy latte:-)

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