Healthy Chocolate

November 9, 2009   5 Comments

Replacing your "junk food" chocolate with a nutritious chocolate is a way to give yourself a luxurious treat you deserve.

Healthy Chocolate

Chocolate is never going to be a low calorie food. Just like Almonds it is packed with calories, but they CAN be nutritious calories. How do you start eating healthy chocolate?

First, admit to yourself that there is crappy chocolate in the world and it MUST be avoided. Examples abound see: Snickers, M&M's, Swiss Rolls, WHOPPERS, Hostess Cupcakes to name a few. Cheap chocolate, such as milk chocolate, is really junk food.

Secondly, you have to find the chocolate that makes your heart sing and spend $$$$ on it. How do you do this? At the grocery store, there are bars and bars of chocolate from France, Belgium, and the U.S. Look for the percentage cocoa - 75% or 80% cocoa will lead you to a bitter tasting chocolate that is nutritious.

What if you don't like the bitter taste of the healthier chocolate? After years of M&M's you may just think this stuff tastes bad. Don't give up!

Find the percentage of darkness that works for you (maybe 60%) and then work yourself up to the higher amount of bitterness. You will become habituated to the bitter taste over time and you might even find that you like it.

Dark Chocolate will cost you more money and that is a good thing! Now, you will savor it instead of chowing it down without thinking.

You will find that after eating it for a while - you will stop craving cheaper chocolates and it will make it easier to stop the craving for them when you pass them in the check-out line.

What is your favorite brand of healthy chocolate? Please share in the comments below.

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I actually love really Canbury chocolate from England. Less Preservatives make it much healthier.

Jacqui -

Whittakers (a New Zealand brand) 'Dark Ghana', which is 73% cocoa.

personally, i always say that anything less than 75% cocoa is nothing but sugar. i've always liked dark chocolates. luckily, now that we've been living in germany, i am able to try many different brands of chocolates from so many different countries. i love it, because i'm such a chocoholic. it's really hard to define which is my favorite. i just recently bought a couple of bars - dark chocolate with ginger.

chocolove is the best brand of chocolates ever!

I love dark chocolate! But sadly, too much of the chocolate industry is the result of slave labor. Please be sure to check where your chocolate came from and make sure it's free trade! Check out this article about a company that is trying to eradicate slavery completely in its own manufacturing-…

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