How To Rock Your Swimsuit This Summer

March 20, 2014   16 Comments

Snack Girl believes that swimsuit season is coming. There may be snow on the ground, but I feel it’s impending arrival.

Swimsuit Season

Looking good in your swimsuit is one of those goals that shout from the glossy magazines. “Ten Minutes a Day To Your Swimsuit Body” or “Lose 10 Pounds Right Now” or how about “Afraid of Your Swimsuit – Who Isn’t?”

Here on Snack Girl, I have noticed a demographic shift. The under 18 year olds are here and reading my posts. What I have to say to them is very important so listen up, dear teenagers. Do not waste time on a perfectly toned body for summer.

Why? You may find this hard to believe, but who you are – if you are kind, generous, friendly, funny, etc. - is much more important than how you look in your bikini. Trust me.

But, I must say that even I have a certain amount of anxiety as summer approaches. I like to look good when my two children splash down their slippy-slide in my yard. I got my sun glasses, lawn chair, and my tank top.

Pssst – the secret to looking great is to focus on toning your arms. Michelle Obama knows a lot about arms because hers are AMAZING. The only thing that everyone will see naked most of the summer is your arms – unless you spend 50 hours per week at the beach or pool.

Don't stress out about washboard abs because almost no one is going to see them. You're welcome.

Do a toning and strengthening workout for your arms like the one below. You don’t even need weights – grab some cans of food and do these moves.

Having strong arms means you can lift the cooler to the car after your beach time. Who doesn’t love a woman who can carry her own cooler?

How do you deal with swimsuit season?

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Hello Everyone

Happy first day of Spring!

Sorry , but no matter what I do I will never achieve Mrs. Obama's arms. I do lots of arm work but genetic play a bigger role in my arms and I need short sleeves to be in style! I only wear sleeveless in the privacy of my own home! ha ha ha

I should add I am 60 years old and still trying to get 'arms'.....

Thanks! I'm going to bookmark this post & try to fit these in during lunchtime (I work from home...) You're right, most of us will never have the abs that the women in this video do... but that's what tankinis are for!

Beverley- don't do the exercise for the look, do it for how strong your arms will be. I try to do push ups several days a week because I am going to be grateful for strong arms when I'm 80 and take a fall.

Danielle - I do have good muscle tone and when I flex my arms there is nice defination....if only the wiggly underarms did not exist.

Oh well, at least I can move them!

I love your blog, it has helped me to rethink my eating choices and ways I can improve my health! I look forward to you emails because I know I'll learn something new and be inspired. Thanks!

A convenient exercise for underarms is to stand in a doorway, press your palms (at full-length; hanging down) against the door jam and hold for seconds and repeat.

My fitness-guru son concurs that if I were to have excess-skin removal surgery (I've lost a lot of weight) and could only choose one area, he'd suggest getting rid of the more noticeable ARM flab (vs excess BELLY skin).

I love this post! Thanks - for all the young girls/and boys out there!!! Good Job Snack Girl! Good Job!!!

I'm 51 and I have to brag that I DO have awesome arms - I actually get compliments! My arms are my best feature and I love showing them off.

I do NOT have washboard abs. But you know what? I find that there is a difference in how my abs look according to my posture - if I stand/sit up straight, then my tummy doesn't stick out as much - it looks like your average, healthy-weight person tummy. So good posture counts for a lot!

Speaking of Michelle Obama, the pastry chef at the White House just resigned because the First Lady wants healthier deserts. Sounds like a job right up your alley, Lisa! Just a thought....

Sandra, at 51 my arms were ok, not Mrs.Obama ok but not like they are now, you are just trying to make me jealous! :)

Keep up the work, it is nice to feel fit.

Snack Girl - good site - made the tortellini soup last week, yummy!

I know what you mean Snack Girl and its really quite sweet of you to appeal to your younger readers but don't you think that actions speak louder than words. If you're whole very popular website is dedicated to eating lower calorie foods - it stands to reason it's because it's very important to look good and feel good about your body. There's a bit of irony there - and it's age old, I have to say. For me, we'll I've got some wrinkled skin that I'm ashamed of so even though I can fit comfortably in a size 6 suit I'll be covering up.,

I agree with this article completely! I also love how you emphasize how trivial it is to try and look perfect in a bikini. I once saw a slogan that said "How to get a bikini body: 1. Get a bikini. 2. Put it on." Otherwise saying, if you want to wear a bikini, then all you have to do it wear it. Don't ever let anyone or anything make you feel you aren't a human being unless you look to a certain standard. Body policing is the worst! However, I love the helpful and HEALTHY tips this site gives. Thanks so much!

I just LOVE the arms workout you linked to!

Thanks for your inspiration; I and my daughter now eat more health-consciously and thoughtfully.

For arms, I can personally recommend a funny weighted device called the Shake Weight. Have been using in on and off (when I swim for arm-toning instead) for years.

And no, I'm not affiliated with that company at all! It just works, and only takes 5 mins a day. But you will get funny looks when you do it right! No reason exercise can't be a source of laughter as well as effective.

C, I have the exact same issue as you - after losing a lot of weight, I have a lot of excess skin and my arms will never look like that woman in the picture. But, I do exercise regularly, and it is also important to change up your routine regularly because your muscles get used to the exercises you do.

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