A Bathing Suit Revolution from an Unlikely Source

June 22, 2015   8 Comments

Last year, I visited Target in the hopes of finding a bikini.

Target's Bikini Ad

None of them fit. Surprise! Not.

So I shopped at Land’s End and found the bikini of my dreams. This year, I went back to Land’s End and bought two more bikinis. (I am on a bit of a bikini shopping spree.)

If I had been paying attention to Target’s advertising this year, I might have stopped back in to find the swimsuit of my dreams. It seems that Target has figured out what we all already know – that all bodies aren’t the same!

Wow! Honestly, why don’t more companies figure this out?

This new campaign is coming from a company that was involved in a Photoshopping scandal in 2014. A young woman in (you guessed it) a bikini had a huge space between her legs. They made a space between her thighs with a Photoshop eraser and took out too much. Oh dear.

Check this out:

This year's campaign is called “Target Loves Every Body” and I think it is rather sweet and encouraging.

Do I think it will sell swimsuits? Yeah, I do. I think consumers have become tired of the same body image of women and want to see themselves reflected in advertising rather than an idealized version of women fashioned by Photoshop.

Aren’t we ready to love the skin we are in? Or are we sucked in by the likes of the Kardashians – always running to the plastic surgeon to ensure “perfection”?

After last year’s bikini post where I revealed my 44 year old body in a bikini – I have found that I love bikinis. Ha! I found that the suit accentuates my high waist (like in the Target video) and I strut around like a pond-side diva.

Advertising is an incredibly powerful medium for shaping our perception of the world. I am hoping for more that embraces body diversity!

Thank you, Target!

Have you found acceptance of your body through bathing suit shopping?

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Yes, I have accepted that I'm a mature woman who needs support and coverage. I'm happy with the suits I select and accept that I'm not 14 and do not look like a Playboy model - those days are long gone. But I will not be denied days at the beach or at the pool because I'm not fitting into a teensy swimsuit...It's ok. My only issue is that I do see other mature women and men who apparently have not yet accepted their physique and would look so much better wearing an appropriate styled suit...oh well...if they don't care why should I...but I do wonder how they do mirrors?

I still can't imagine wearing a bikini

Big belly too embarrassed still working on it eating more healthy foods moving more often with no decrease in the belly need to figure that out then I am totally getting a bikini

I'm 65; tall woman, (6') big boned, some extra pounds on me in the last 15 years, and have ALWAYS struggled with the 'norm' of body images. But - in my hopefully gained wisdom of approaching old age-- count your blessings!!! If you have the ability to get into the beautiful waves at an ocean; swim underwater in a pool or lake and feel the sensuousness of water gliding against your skin - go for it! Don't deny yourself this earthly pleasure because your wear a size 18. So what -- embrace your ability to enjoy the water, sand and some sun.

At 54 years of age, I decided to just get a bikini and wear it. At 5 foot nothing and 115 pounds, I'm no long-legged model, but I just figured, "who cares?" I walk all over that beach and feel okay. I've wanted to wear one for a long time so I am. "So there", I say😄

I'm working on it! Have been looking through the Land's End bathing suit collection and will probably go with that, no dressing room involved! This is worth checking out - part of Dove Soap Beauty campaign - very powerful.

oh my, that you tube is very moving.

Dove and Axe are both Unilever companies. They know who their audiences are: Axe ads are all about women as objects. Axe ads are extremely misogynistic. Dove ads appeal to women. Nothing empowering about being duped by a conglomerate's ad agency. I won't buy Unilever products because of their disingenuous advertising. Those Dove ads are slimy attempts to make their company look like they care about how women are represented in the media while their Axe ads show women as brainless objects existing for men. They're playing you, ladies!

Loved your article! Pond diva! Too cute. You made me laugh! I needed that!

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