Thanksgiving Survival Tips

November 24, 2015   6 Comments

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Survival Tips

This list is for those of us who go into Thanksgiving blindly without considering all the things that can go wrong. I am a worrier by nature so I thought I would put together a few of my tips for dealing with Thanksgiving mishaps and issues (such as eating so much food that you have to lay down for a few hours).

Please add any of your own tips in the comment section.

  1. Do not throw your food. I don’t care if Uncle Charlie is making you angry with his bizarre political views - keep it together.
  2. No snacking. The main event is enough to fill you for days.
  3. Take a walk. If you don’t have a good trail or sidewalk to walk on then do a short exercise video. This will help you decompress before the red wine starts to pour.
  4. Fill your own plate. If you can - look for a smaller plate and a smaller glass to keep your portions in check.
  5. Hide in the bathroom. When you need a break, find a bathroom FAR away from everyone else and read or do a puzzle on your phone. (you will thank me for this one later)
  6. Enjoy your food. Do not go on and on about how the food is going on your hips.
  7. Drink sparkling wine or champagne instead of beer or wine. Only 90 calories per glass and oh so festive.
  8. Only eat the homemade desserts. Store bought is not for you on Thanksgiving.
  9. If you have a cooking disaster toss it out before anyone notices and DO NOT CRY. Just kidding - you can cry! Remember, Thanksgiving is about family and friends – not the food.
  10. Freeze the leftovers immediately. Keeping all that food where you can see it in your fridge will lead to more overeating. I know all about turkey, cranberry, and stuffing sandwiches at 2 AM.

Please share your favorite Thanksgiving tips!

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Good morning Lisa! I try to survive these overwhelming meals with tips from French Women Don't Get Fat ... Make one glass of wine take forever to drink, by just touching it to your lips instead of taking full sips ... And taking very small servings of everything I like. Love yours about only eating the homemade stuff! Happy cooking😁

Lisa wishing you and your family a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Try to stick to your normal day: Like eat your breakfast and a small salad for lunch so this way when you arrive to where you are going for the holiday you aren't starving and grazing all around the appetizers.

We always provide "take out" containers so guests can take leftovers home. Esp deserts as many are too full to enjoy after dinner. Not a big cost & really helps getting all that food out of the house!

Don't skip breakfast- a light meal of yogurt and fruit is a good idea. I also ride my stationary bike the morning of Thanksgiving. I make sure to eat salad with Thanksgiving dinner as well- it helps me keep the portions of the things I love small since I'm not starving- because all that yummy food does look so much better on a holiday. Also, pleasant music playing in the background is nice- it's unexpected and is a non-food source of enjoyment. Light classic rock works- or depending on what people like, Christmas music is great since this is the holiday season, after all!

I love the "don't throw food" tip, lol.

Hi Lisa,

I like to eat the big meal at lunch so I have time to clean up and walk off what I consumed. I plan to walk 3 miles in the morning and another 3-4 in the afternoon. It helps relax me and keeps me out of the kitchen and it digest your food better!!

Great tips Lisa and from your readers too. Definitely eat breakfast but keep it light, I love the background music too, I'm presently enjoying ''Woody Allen Movie Music'' on youtube, it makes you want to grab someone for a few steps in the kitchen! We'll switch to carols when we eat. Something we've been doing since I was a kid [I'm 67] is to do a group walk afterwards [before dishes], however short, the fresh air, the togetherness, priceless feeling. We meet lots of neighbors doing the same too. Does anyone else do this? Happy Thanksgiving Lisa and everyone here! I'm thankful for my loved ones, a life of opportunities and hope for the future of mankind. :)

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