The Skinny on Bagel Thins

February 28, 2012   38 Comments

Thomas' has managed to put two words together that spend most of their time apart - "bagel" and "thin". Nobody is getting thin eating bagels, trust me.

Thomas Bagel Thins Healthy

Thomas' Bagel Thins are not the regular 300 calorie behemoth found at your local bagel store. This bagel is much thinner and the one I purchased is 100% whole wheat and 110 calories.

What? That's right - a 110 calorie bagel. The first thing I do when I evaluate packaged bread is look for artificial sweeteners or stevia. I have been amazed to find Truvia, stevia, sucralose, etc. to be lurking in bread. Honestly, I don't want this stuff in my bread so I was happy to find Thomas' Bagel Thins advertising:

  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Five grams of Fiber

Here is the ingredient list, and as you can see, Thomas' uses plain old fashioned "sugar" to make these a little sweet:

whole wheat flour, water, sugar, wheat gluten, flaked wheat cellulose fiber, cornmeal, yeast, wheat bran, salt, preservatives (calcium propionate, sorbic acid), monoglycerides, guar gum, sodium stearoyl lactylate, datem, soybean oil, soy flour.

Nutritional facts:

For one bagel = 110 calories, 1 g fat, 24 g carbohydrates, 6 g protein, 5 g fiber, 190 mg sodium, 3 Points+

These bagel things are 100% whole grain because Thomas' managed to use only whole wheat flour. Then, to get them up to 5 grams of fiber they added "flaked wheat cellulose fiber" which I guess is all right.

Because it is packaged bread and needs to remain fresh on the shelf, there are preservatives and monoglycerides which are milk derivatives.

Do I like these? Well, I think that these are one of the best options out there for those of us trying to decrease our monster bagel consumption.

They taste pretty good, and reminds one of an actual bagel. Having TWO slices of bread that equals 110 calories is a real bonus because one piece of bread is usually around 100 calories.

My five year old son liked these and thought they were REAL bagels (he is easy to fool). If my husband didn't make our bread, (see Healthy Homemade Bread in Five Minutes A Day) I would buy these.

Have you tried Thomas' Bagel Thins? What do you eat them with? Have you found a better healthy bread option?

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Have you tried Bruegger's skinny bagels? They're real bagels, no preservatives, and they're 100 calories less than a normal bagel. You should try them!

I use these to make breakfast sandwiches for my family. It cuts down on the excessive calories of full size bagels, makes them easier to eat, and is portable. They also serve as a great alternative to bread in general for sandwiches like ham and cheese when you pack lunches for long trips (flights, train rides, car trips) when things like lettuce wraps just wont hold for that long. They are also available in bulk at Costco which is just a great budget thing for me.

I also like the other flavors that are offered as a nice sweet treat on occasion, the cinnamon raisin ones are a nice change of pace when you just want that something different.

You know I just can't get into these bagel thins or any of the thin breads, they taste weird to me, I'd rather just have toast. However I never tried Thomas's so I guess I shouldn't judge.

My philosophy has always been that it's better to find a healthier substitution for something you love, rather than give it up entirely. Diets/Lifestyle changes aren't going to stick if you're constantly denying yourself. I'm pleased that Thomas' makes bagel thins -- I think they're enough to satisfy that bagel craving, without having to cave for the real thing

Great post! Have you tried western bagels?

I just tried these toasted this morning for the first time, with Weight Watcher's cream cheese. Awesome combination, very filling, and tasted great! Since they are plumper than other 'sandwich thins', they seemed more satisfying.

My favorite is the Thomas Triple Health English Muffins. They toast up nice and crispy. The have 100 calories, 6 grams of fiber and 1 gram of fat. They also have sugar and nothing fake. To me that have even more flavor than the bagel thins. I like to make an egg sandwich with them with a piece of turkey bacon and a touch of low-fat cheese!

You were asking about the flaked wheat cellulose fiber. It's actually flaked wheat, cellulose fiber and the cellulose fiber is a cheap filler that is actually a wood pulp.…

I haven't tried these yet. For some reason my tummy aches really bad when I eat wheat bread. I might give this a try and see what happens.

I eat these for lunch open faced with a slice of pepperjack on each side and turkey pepperoni on top then microwaved for 30 seconds. It's delicious and everyone who sees me eating them comments on how good my little pizzas look.

I love these bagel thins and for a minute there was worried what you were going to say about them. I didn't want to have to give them up. So glad I don't have to! I've never been a big fan of the big, bulky bagel that just sits in my tummy for hours. These bagels are just right and keep me satisfied for a long time. Thanks for posting this!

I bought a package of the cinnamon raisin ones, and I've been eating them toasted with a wedge of Laughing Cow strawberry cream cheese. I'm not much of a bagel person, so I only eat them once in a while, and it's almost the cinnamon raisin ones.

TH is right, cellulose is wood pulp.

Once again, why is sugar so high up on this list? It should be minimal, as it's only needed to activate the yeast, which means it should be at the end. Not that any of the following ingredients are any better: additives, additives, additives.

As a society we need to stop thinking of health in terms of calories counted, and instead realize that it's the types of foods and food-like products we're putting in our bodies.

I have tried them and really like them. I find that I don't miss the rest of the bagel. I need to buy some soon to spread my new Philadelphia Indulgence Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread on. I like the little pizza idea. Definitely buying some this week!

I have tried these and did like them. But when ww changed to points plus and they were now worth 3 points instead of 1 I have stopped buying them.

I do buy bagel thins. I like the taste when I'm having a sandwich or just to have one toasted. They also make delightful garlic bread crisps in the toaster oven (a little bit of ICBINB and garlic powder or salt goes a long way), and am happy to have a texture other than regular bread. They are a nice option to have.

My family loves bagels--all five of us--and these actually taste like a bagel. Not the real, old-fashioned chewy ones from a real Jewish bakery, but a very good substitute. I used to just slice a piece out of the middle of the bagel to decrease the carbs and calories, which these do without the risk of amputation. My kids like them. We serve them like traditional bagels with cream cheese, or as sandwich buns for breakfast sandwiches.

i wish we got these in the UK!

Ah I love these. I happened to find them one day at the grocery store & decided to give them a try. I prefer them now over normal bagels. Normal ones seem too bready [okay so I think I just made that word up] to me.

What's the problem with Stevia?

I haven't had these yet but I will try them when I find them. I've had the Thomas 100% Whole Wheat English muffins and we like those a lot.

They also make sandwich thins too and they have the same nutritional values. I really like them.

Just read about cellose fiber in bread. I was afraid of that! I don't like the idea of wood in my bread! Now I know that I won't be able to sleep. (I suffer from sleepless nights.)

Jumping on the Ezekiel bread bandwagon is definitely the way to go!

I totally agree with Suzanne! Thomas's English Muffins are my favorite! Better then bagel things and better than other healthy brands of english muffins.

@Stephanie G: I can see what you are saying, but I cannot seem to make your philosophy work for me--much as I'd really like to. I have found that I am better off saying "no bagels" than to allow myself one every so often. Yes, I feel like I am denying myself by having oatmeal instead of a bagel, but if I allow myself the treat "once in awhile" I slip too often and don't have the results I need. I have a health issue that is forcing me to overhaul my eating, so it is very important to me to eat well. Others would not need to be as strict as I am, but I think some people are more able to eat a bagel occasionally and not be tempted to eat them daily. Maybe it comes with time? I hope so!

I like the whole wheat bagel thins, toasted. Also love Eziekial bread.

I keep these in the freezer and like them toasted with peanut butter for breakfast every once in a while.

I keep them in the freezer and enjoy them toasted with peanut butter every once in a while.

I'd rather have a regular bagel once in a while than one of these boring and nearly tastless Bagel Thins.

They sell the Nature's Own Bagel Thins at my local Dollar Tree. I have started using these for breakfast sandwiches. I love my turkey sausage patties on these for only 6 ww points, as opposed to eating sausage biscuits from Mickey D's and goodness only knows how many points those are.

That McDonald's sausage biscuit you're referring to is actually 11 points on WWPlus! Holy cow!

I love the Thomas "everything" skinny bagels with a "fried" egg (nonstick pan, shot of Pam) for lunch. Add a slice of tomato or some spinach. Low on WW points, high on salty yumminess.

I'm new to (and LOVING it by the way) and just read your post about Cellulose in the Mission tortillas and how bad it is, etc. So why is is okay here? Because it's lower on the ingredient list? Or did the Mission post come after this one?

I am so delited that someone made the bagels thin

The other ones were just to thick and I couldn't taste what ever I had decided to put on the bagel. I just want to say thank you Thomas'

@Stephanie - The Mission tortilla post was after this one. I didn't catch that this was cellulose powder because of the "flaked wheat" part of the definition. I was less hard on these than the tortillas - perhaps unfairly. Thanks for your question!

There is nothing wrong with truvia or stevia, they are natural sweeteners.

Have you been able to find them lately? I have checked at least five different stores in the last month and have not been able to find the Whole Wheat Bagel Thins made by Thomas'. It makes think there was some kind of recall. Even their website doesn't show any in my zip code or any of the other 5 zips I tried.

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