End Your Ice Cream Addiction With This Two Ingredient Recipe

January 20, 2015   27 Comments

Lately, I find myself talking a lot about ice cream. I’m not eating ice cream because it is in the negatives outside (brrr).

Two Ingredient Ice Cream

The conversation I keep having is about different foods that are impossible to control yourself around. For me, it is a hot steaming pizza of cheesiness.

I have discovered that I am in the minority among my friends. If there is ice cream in the house, they cannot stop eating it – which I understand because of my love of pizza.

What if the ice cream you were eating was actually healthy and you made it yourself? No big buckets of Cookies-n-Cream screaming at you from the freezer –no, a homemade concoction.

What if your homemade ice cream had almost zero grams of saturated fat?

The key is these bad boys:

Yes, those bananas that no one wants to eat because they look disgusting? They are sitting on your counter right now – looking at you. These are what make the “faux ice cream” sweet.

All you do is slice them, freeze them, blend them with some peanut butter and viola! This is tasty and hits that sweet, salty, fatty note that we love in sweets without the animal fat.

If you have a high power blender, use it for this recipe. I have a $50 blender so I use my food processor to get the right consistency.

Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream Recipe

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Makes 4, 1/2 cup servings

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3 very ripe bananas
2 tablespoons natural peanut butter (no sugar added)


Slice bananas and place slices on a cooking sheet in a freeze for 1-2 hours. Using either a blender or food processor, blend the frozen bananas and peanut butter until smooth.

Eat immediately for a soft serve consistency or freeze for later consumption.

Nutrition Facts

129 calories, 4.3 g fat, 0.8 g saturated fat, 21.8 g carbohydrates, 11.3 g sugar, 3.5 g protein, 2.8 g fiber, 2 mg sodium, 4 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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This recipe doesn't have much "curb appeal". If I'm going to eat a banana I prefer it's natural state. Sorry, this is just a bit much!

Easy, healthy, kid and mom friendly was what came to mind when I read this post. I have frozen bananas in the freezer and will try soon!

Thanks for the banana & peanut butter "ice cream" recipe. I've been having a hard time controlling my ice cream cravings. I'm excited to give your recipe a try!

I love this recipe when I am craving ice cream. It fills a need!

This is super easy with any fruit really, anyone have a Yonanas machine? Its pretty great !! Great stuff Lisa.

I love the taste of bananas but hate the texture. I also love ice cream and peanut butter, so I'll definitely give this a go today. I'm wondering about the Points+ value, though. Bananas are 0 and 2 tablespoons of no sugar added natural PB are 5 or so for the entire batch. Am I cheating if I count a serving as only 2 points? 😌 Thank you, I always enjoy reading your blog!

I love the recipe! I keep hearing about banana ice cream but didn't realize it could be so simple. I will try this recipe this afternoon for an after school treat! Thanks!

I really wish I liked bananas. Do you think this would work with a different fruit?

It's single digits here, but I still find I want ice cream. And honestly, what a great way to use up those bananas that are going bad! I hate wasting food!!!

I have tried this before and it is really good. I always seem to have frozen bananas in the freezer, too, but never think about doing this. Nice reminder! One thing that I have added before is a teaspoon or so (to taste) of cocoa powder. Yummy!

great tweek although I use my brown bananas for a simple bread recipe. I think my hubs is the only person in the world who will eat a banana that looks like this! BTW, we hardy New Englanders eat MORE ice cream than any one else in the nation - - cold, snow, frigid temps be damned.

A few years ago, I Purchased a Yonanas for the family. It uses frozen bananas and other fruits to make a frozen dessert. This is just what this recipe is but less expensive! LOL

Great idea, both myself and my grand babies love ice cream, bananas and peanut butter, so I will definitely make this for them plus I always keep bananas in the freezer for smoothies.

Good idea - I was thinking PB2 as well - as someone above mentioned. I also have a basic (cheap) blender, and no food processor, but I'm going to give it a try - Immersion blender maybe? Thinking that a sprinkle of cinnamon might be a good addition! I've seen the Yonanas machine, but didn't need one more thing in my kitchen - thanks for the easy route!

Banana "ice cream" is the way to go - don't knock it till you've tried it! I've been adding a third - half cup ff plain greek yogurt and either some tart cranberry sauce OR PB2 and a some unsweetened cocoa - both with great results and the taste is surprisingly un-banana! Perfect in the Cuisinart mini-processor.

How about almond butter? Would that work too?

This looks like a really great frozen treat for my lactose-intolerant ice-cream loving child, and I will definitely make it for her. So, thanks for sharing! For me, though, the number of points doesn't make it worth it...I can feed my addiction with a 1/2 cup of Dreyer's (Edy's) slow-churned for only 3 points...

I love this recipe! As someone who is lactose-intolerant, this is my go-to treat. I sometimes use just bananas, a bit of cocoa powder, and a pink of sugar for a yummy chocolate ice cream. I've made it for so many people who can't believe it's bananas.

I love this! I just don't think I'll be able to control myself and eat only a half cup but it's worth a try. I was thinking about what you said abt it being too cold. Ben and Jerry's start up story explains why they were so successful in Vermont. People ate a lot of ice cream in the winter. They believe eating cold foods in winter helps to regulate your body temperature.

I have just found Delmonte Real Fruit bars in the freezer and they are only 1pt(coconut anyway)YUMM

Even better, I have a Yonanas soft serve icecream maker. Zero points in Weight Watchers, it uses only frozen fruit to make soft serve icecream. Yummo!

This recipe spoke to me so strongly that I had to make it for my family immediately! Was it ever a success! I adapted the recipe for my peanut butter- and chocolate-loving crowd. Results: very creamy and delicious, wiith amazing "mouth feel" (Note: our family's going dairy, gluten, and added sugar-free for a month, so this was an incredibly satisfying dessert find! Thank you for the inspiration, Snack Girl!

3 very ripe frozen bananas, sliced

4 tablespoons peanut butter

1 rounded tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

splash almond (or other) milk

Serves 4 (1/2 cup servings)

Place all ingredients in food processor to blend until creamy. Stir a few times if necessary. Bliss out!!

OMG! Amazing idea! So many of us are always looking for that last night snack, and this could be the healthy cure! I am lucky enough not to fall into that category of people, but I know many people that do and this will truly be a benefit!!

I have tried two from Pinterest one was bananas and strawberries...SO GOOD! The other was bananas and yogurt and chocolate. I gotta try this one.

Here is a chocolate peanut butter banana ''ice cream'' pie recipe I received in my inbox today. I thought it might be helpful for those who are lactose-intolerant or watching their calories [because its kept in the freezer for portion control] and it looks so delicious.

I've tried this before tho never with peanut butter. when I tried this with banana and other fruits, what I noticed was that if you freeze it for later consumption, it always freeze far too solid to be "icecream" texture. Overall it just felt more like a banana/fruit smoothie if I eat/drink it immediately after blending, or frozen fruit smoothie that I gotta scrape at with a spoon if I freeze it. XD that said, perhaps the peanut butter will add a bit of fat/creaminess to it that makes it freeze better? I think maybe if I made it with some kind of creamy product previously it might've came out better.

but I have to admit, I think bananas are the best fruit for a "closer to the real thing" home made icecream without using heavy cream and an icecream machine.

I will totally try blending in peanut butter in the future~

Subtract the peanut butter to save on SmartPts and just make frozen banana ice cream with bananas alone. It closely resembles delicious vanilla ice cream for zero SmartPts! (Try a 0 SP root beer float with diet root beer & frozen banana ice cream.)

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