What’s Wrong With This Picture?

April 3, 2013   58 Comments

You know how you cruise through your day, bumping into things. And, then, something stops you in your tracks.

Unexpected food

All Snack Girl was trying to do was buy gas at her local Cumberland Farms when she saw this sign. Okay.....

I asked you, “What’s wrong with this picture?” when I should have asked you “What isn’t wrong with this picture?”.

Here is what I think is crazy about this advertisement:

  1. I am in a convenience store attached to a gas station. What are they doing selling breakfast sandwiches? This isn’t McDonald’s.
  2. Steak AND cheese? What are you trying to do to us?
  3. What kind of steak are they selling for $2.99? Clearly not a premium cut :)

You know, all I wanted to do was fill my car up with gas. I didn’t need anything to eat, nor would I buy a steak sandwich from a convenience store.

My problem is that everywhere I look, I am being offered food. Not just food, but crappy food. “Try Our Shamrock Shake” says the McDonald’s sign, "Try our new chocolate cake with a free sample" says a sweet lady at Stop & Shop, "Buy these cookies" says an adorable Girl Scout.

For someone who is working on eating healthier, there are so many places that offer you food when you are not expecting it. You have to go through your day with blinders on to stay away from food that is cheap and way too easy to eat.

Even Snack Girl, who writes and thinks about this all the time, finds herself munching on potato chip samples in the snack food aisle because she can't resist.

I think that some rules are helpful for dealing with the onslaught of food.

For example:

  1. Do not buy food where you buy gas.
  2. Avoid all free food samples.
  3. Never drive-thru a drive thru.
  4. Support the Girl Scout's with a direct donation.

Wouldn't it be great if the sign said, "steamed vegetables. it's what's for breakfast." or how about, "Try our new kale chips"?

I apologize for the rant, but I want us to get healthier.

How do you deal with the constant food offers?

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Preach it, Snack Girl!!!!! I 100% agree with you

I totally agree! I really wish people knew what they were realllllly putting in their bodies. They just look at it like a piece of chocolate cake or a milkshake...when it's more than that.

Hey, Snac Girl, with comments like that attacking us whenever we go out is it any wonder that so many people are obese? Where is ones self control? You keep up your good work!

I completely agree! Even if you personally can make good choices it is amazing what is offered to the kids; a cookie at the grocery store, 10 or more samples at the "big store" (SAMS/Costco), candy at the dry cleaners, etc. I am happy to share that Costco had wonderful fruit samples last week. My daughter and I enjoyed them!!

I try to avoid shopping on weekends (thankfully, I'm a stay at home mom and can go other times) to avoid the samples. If anyone is handing out samples, I try to avoid eye contact. And food sold in a gas station sort of creeps me out - except the Icees in the summer! Also, thanks for mentioning Girl Scouts! Most people don't realize that all Scouts will take donations instead of cookies. They use the money to buy boxes that they donate to food pantries, where it is a treat. You just pay for boxes of cookies without specify the type. Easy and the girls appreciate it!

Well said. I was a Girl Scout leader for 13 years + the girls really appreciate donations. You can also buy a box to be sent to our troops.

I did my weekly grocery shopping at Earth Fare over the weekend and was shocked when I was offered a free bag of chocolate Easter eggs. I expected something more healthy from Earth Fare.

You have every right to rant-we all should. Unhealthy foods/fats and sugar laden treats are everywhere, no wonder we are an obese country. I did get GS cookies this year but only 2 boxes instead of 5 or 6. Thankfully I'm a germaphobe so I am never tempted by sample food (esp if it's just on it's own-have you ever seen kids that double dip in those things? Gross!) And I haven't driven through a drive thru since I started WW a year ago (I'm very proud of that fact) Thanks for ranting and helping teach us good eating habits!

While I agree with you that there is way too many unhealthy foods out there I also want to say that each person has the ability to make the choice of eating or not eating them. I don't think that it is up to the businesses to police our choices ...we need to learn when to say no.

The fact that the sign is right next to the candy bar display was also alarming... :-)

I know nobody really wants to spend more time in the kitchen, but seriously, when I see stuff like that breakfast sandwich, the food snob in me comes out and I think -"I could make something way yummier and healthier at home!" As I have learned to make more and more things from scratch, many good things have happened including:smaller grocery budget, kids whose tastes are quite mature and varied, and taste buds with higher standards!

the ultimate consumable is food product. All retailers want an easy sale and repeat sales if possible. The profit motive is king and we are all subjected to tempation of immediate gratification of a quick "meal". We are easy targets for quick profits.

woo hoo! I read snack girl's posts and am learning how to say NO !!! keep it up !

I never leave home without a healthy snack and I determine how long I will be gone to decide what snacks or meals I need to prepare so I try not to ever be tempted. I think it is very hard for people who don't know better not to be tempted by such bright glossy posters.

That is great info about being able to donate your Girl Scout cookies - anyone have info on how one would go about this? Do all troops do this or does one have to contact the org itself? Thanks!

I find it funny just how they present these products, always with a nice looking, well put together sandwich. By the time you actually get them, it's a smooched up, unrecognizable, hot mess that looks NOTHING like the sandwich you THOUGHT you were getting.

And you can forget about those free samples. Who wants to eat something where EVERYONE and ANYONE can just reach in and grab a piece of whatever it is they're giving away, God only knows what they were touching before they dived into that free cookie sample! YUCK!

Thanks for the daily shots of humor and info. I just found your site a few weeks ago, and I'm sure enjoying it. I like the idea of just contributing to the Girl Scouts, but whenever I've tried doing that, I get a vacant stare from the girls, and the "but.......we have these cookies....

As a girl scout mom, I can tell you that we are not allowed to ASK for donations instead of selling cookies. However, our troop only gets about 30 cents per box toward our troop but we get to keep 100% of the donations! That money goes towards troop badge workshops, camping, trips... So I'm always excited to hear people remind others that donations are possible in lieu of cookies!

No need for appologies SG! It takes someone who tells it eaxactly how it is to get the message across about being healthier. The only items I will get at a convenient store are bottled water,unsweetened tea,coffee,nuts or fruits & veggies(If available and that doesn't look like old shriveled tobacco leaves!)Personally I think most of the premade sandwiches and other items the convenient stores call food doesn't even taste good.

I think I'd be scared to try it! Gross!! Preach, dear, preach!!

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