Is Weight Watchers’ PointsPlus Working For You?

August 15, 2012   178 Comments

It has been over a year and a half since WeightWatchers unveiled its new PointsPlus system. I have heard a lot of grumbling.

Does Weight Watchers PointsPlus Work?

And, I have been in WW meetings where people are energized and excited about their weight loss.

My mother, who was a fan of Momentum (the old WW plan), says she GAINED weight on the new PointsPlus and ended her online subscription. She found a new diet plan that worked for her.

Last year, Weight Watchers adjusted its PointsPlus program because so many people complained about losing weight too slowly. They dropped their recommended Points allotment by 10% (for example from 29 to 26 points).

I really liked the new program when it came out because of its emphasis on eating healthier as a means to lose weight - see: Why Did Weight Watchers Change Its Points Program?

But, a NY Times article states that:

...Weight Watchers has been following more than 12,000 members in Germany since the introduction of the new Points Plus program there. So far no differences in weight loss have been found between users of the new and old programs, said Ms. Miller-Kovach, chief scientific officer of Weight Watchers.

What? Then, why change it? Oh dear.

Did they change it because it would force their members to buy a bunch of new stuff? I don’t like conspiracy theories very much so I would say no to that one.

They changed it because they wanted to incorporate the latest in weight management research. I’m sure they were hoping that the new plan would be better for their members.

When I went to meetings, I heard members say things like "It drives me crazy how my son keeps stealing my grapes and blueberries that I have purchased for my snacks." How great is that?

I guess time will tell whether their members will take off the weight they want to lose and keep it off.

How is it going for you? Please share.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new points plus system. I've done WW several times in the past, but never managed to lose more than 20 pounds before I gave up, and I rarely ate fruit because I would have rather eaten a cookie for the same amount of points. I started the new plan in January and have lost 74 pounds. I have 18 more to go and can't wait to become a life time member. The best part is that I eat so much more healthy now and I feel amazing!

I have been doing the programme also since January in Ireland, it's slightly different to the Points Plus programme but similarily it involves healthy eating, free point veggie and even Laughing Cow Light has zero points for us so it's a great option instead of butter or other spreads. I eat a lot more veggies, salads and fruit on this programme. Before if i was on the go and had I would grab a bar of chocolate / crisps for the same points as an apple / organge / banana. Now they are free i go straight to the fruit and veg and pick up something there!

I have lost 60 lbs on the new Weight Watchers Points System, so far it works for me! I am a fruit lover, so that been a great help :)

I have tried ww in the past with the points system and could not lose any weight. I was told by 2 doctors there is not enough calories eaten. I now count caloires and have had much success.

I've lost 45 lbs in 6 months! That's an avg of 2 lbs a week. Losing weight slowly is the healthiest way to do it. I love the new program (I did the old way years ago) because it encourages healthier eating habits. I didn't just want to lose the weight, I wanted to develop healthier eating habits and that's what I'm happiest about! Anyone looking for a quick fix is setting themselves up for failure.

Just remember....if you sort of do it, it sort of works. If you really do it, it really works! And that goes for either plan.

The way my leader explained it was, they wanted to encourage people to eat more fruits and veggies. If a granola bar was the same points as a large banana, most people would have reached for a granola bar. Now that bananas are free, people feel able to eat a banana without screwing up their daily points. So I love the new PP program, because it really does encourage me to eat more fruits and veggies, and I love that!

I like to calorie count, I can't get into weight watchers point system, it's all to confusing to me!

The only people I hear grumbling about the new program are people who don't follow it well enough to actually lose weight. These are the folks who grumble about any diet plan. I've lost 14 lbs in 12 weeks and love the new PP program. It definitely encourages you to eat more fruits and festivals. Space I felt with the old program, I didn't want to sacrifice my points for things like fruits and vegetables and that hurt me. I don't have that problem anymore!

I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member. I lost 170 pounds on the "old" program. I have really struggled to maintain my weight on the new program and the new Points Plus program. I have tried and tried to adjust my points, fat, carbs, and added more exercise, but I have managed to gain right at 10 pounds since the new program was put into affect. Fortunatley, I got about 18 pounds below my lifetime goal weight or I would have been in trouble by now. I like that the fruit is free, but you can still eat too much of it and fruit contains sugar and carbs. I am not happy with it at all, and am seeking an alternative to try and get this 10 pounds off. I am grateful the old program was there when I needed it, I would not have been able to lose the amount of weight I needed to on the new program I feel.

Fruits and vegetables. I don't recommend eating festivals. :)

I love the plus program. I have lost 42 pounds in a year and a quarter. Not a rapid weight loss but I don't feel deprived, I love the recipes they post and I am eating healthier than I have in many moons. It works!!!!!

I've always liked Weight Watchers for the same reason that you like Lisa. It give the dieter an opportunity to see what a real portion size actually is, as well as maintaining a heathy eating routine that includes a full rounded diet.

I've been on and off weight watchers about 1,000 times, and one of the main reasons I get discouraged is the slow rate of weight lose. But the reality is that the slower it takes you to get it off, the longer you'll keep it off. This I know, but it doesn't seem to matter to me when I have event to attend in 1 week and need to lose 10 pounds! Oh, if there was only a magic pill!

I don't like the new system at all- I am short and it is too much food. I ate healthy already so it just lets me eat more and lose less or gain! I like th old points much better- more similiar to counting calories.

I joined WW in late June of 2011 and within one year I lost 124 pounds. The program is wonderful and has worked great for me. I have learned how to eat healthy and make wise choices. I am on my last week of maintenance and then will become a lifetime member and I am very excited.

I LOVE Weight Watchers Point Plus Program. I love the meetings and my leader. As with any "program" YOU alone have to make choices. Yes, I could eat a bunch of crap on WW (not that they tell you to) and stay within my points. I would become very hungry and not lose much weight and probably drop out. I read all my WW material and listen to every meeting and I choose to make healthy choices! It is so much more than just dropping pounds. BTW, I have lost 74 lbs and I am one tiny pound away from goal! and I love Snack Girl!

I have been a WW member for a while now. I really liked the system before they dropped the points - it totally derailed me. I move a lot but I'm not good at recording my activity points so I always ended up in the hole for the week which was discouraging. I love the free fruit. I'm about 4 lbs away from goal but quit going (of course i keep paying!) so I do plan on going back in the fall. I'm setting my points back to the 29!!

Wait - I laughed out loud at that last story about the son stealing someone's grapes!! Bahaha! Unbelievable!

That's a great example of why I will never do WW... I want to be thin without still be obsessed with eating. I could be totally off here, but it doesn't seem to me that WW teaches you how to be naturally thin... It's all about disciplining, forcing yourself to not be fat.

I would rather learn how to eat like an Italian - to enjoy all things in moderation, never binging nor purging, and never needing to count calories to know if I'm satisfied or starving.

Freaking out about someone eating the grapes is not going to help you feel naturally, peacefully, thin!

I like the old ww points. I started ww in July 2010 and when the new wwplus started, I was derailed for several months. I dropped the online subscription and I am doing it by myself. I have lost 95 pounds but my weight loss has slowed down because I do not have that online connection I had before, and I still struggling with that last 20 pounds.

The one thing I don't like about the new system is being punished for high fiber. All high fiber foods that were one point are now 3 points and there is no way I can get my fiber for the day through fruits and veggies. Also, I am only losing about 1/2 lb to 1 lb per week. Yes, I am following the program and I exercise about 90 minutes EVERY day (walking and pilates). I kept track of the calories I ate for about a week. I was surprised how low, only 1000 to 1200 per day. This included using more than 26 points for the day. I liked the flexibility of the old plan better. I felt like I learned more at the meetings on the old program. An entire meeting on salads? I need more info to be successful. The good health guidelines are rarely discussed and what happened to the emphasis on drinking water? I will continue for now because I need the support I receive from the other WW members.

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