The Weight Watcher’s Smart Points Struggle

March 23, 2016   235 Comments

I am hearing a bunch about Weight Watchers Smart Points and it is definitely a mixed bag.

Weight Watchers Smart Points Review

Check out my list of Smart Points Recipes for inspiration! The recipes are listed by Smart Points value to help you in your quest for staying on plan.

The first problem is illustrated by this comment:

I think that what always separated Weight Watchers from the other programs was that you could eat what you want as long as you tracked it. Maybe WW wasn’t the healthiest method, but it met the member where they were at. Now they seem to be very much like any other diet.

If you were used to eating what you want, tracking it, and losing weight with Smart Points you are going to be in trouble if what you wanted was a lot of sugar. Weight Watchers has put big Smart Points numbers on sugary treats – they cost you.

Read what Joanne has to say:

Points Plus was doable for me but I just can't stick with Smart Points - it is just too restrictive. I have to have sweets or I binge and gain back what little I have lost. I know there are sugar free options but sometimes I want the REAL THING! I cannot afford to spend almost $45 a month on a program I can't stick to!

Weight Watchers might argue that you can’t lose weight without cutting back the sweets more drastically than Joanne would like. Joanne is in a place where she isn’t ready to give up her sweets and is finding the program unsustainable.

I will say that as I have gotten healthier, it has become easier and easier to avoid sweets (especially stuff like Twinkies or Chips Ahoy). They don’t taste good anymore to me.

Here is a comment from Aida and it seems Smart Points is working for her:

I don't think Weight Watchers is telling you not to eat sweets I think they are trying to push most people to make better decisions by eating fruit and veggies. Those are still 0 points a day. Once you stop eating some of the boxed foods you begin to realize how sweet and rich things like bananas and grapes are. I believe you can stick with it.

It would be hard to find a registered dietician in this nation that wouldn’t point a finger at food in boxes as a big cause of the obesity epidemic. Any plan that guides you to eating more whole foods is going to help with your overall health (if not your weight).

Has Weight Watchers gone too far with Smart Points? Has it become unsustainable for many people or are people finding that once they make the shift - the weight comes off?

Is it possible to eat what you want and still lose weight? Maybe the problem is that Weight Watchers former premise was not going to help people lose weight in the long term.

The discussion here is on going so be sure to read Does Weight Watchers Really Work? for the latest comments.

Please share your thoughts. I am sure we can support each other through our collective journey.

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I resigned my WW membership because of the way the Smart Points was foisted on people without any input and, up here in Canada, a great deal of disruption on line and lack of access to its site to even help people during the transition.

Obviously I hit the wrong button - hadn't finished so this is Part 2! It has since occurred to me that, with the advent of smoothies, WW has now found another way to make money from its members - you HAVE to be a member to find out how many Smart Points are in these blended drinks if you're using a non-WW recipe. I've been a member of WW for many years and while I realize they are a profit-making organization, this is the first time I've felt ripped off by the tactics they are using

I am a WW member and lost all my weight on points plus. Why cbange now? You have to know if you eat donuts all the time you won't lose weight but occasionally one is a real treat!

My issue with the new smart points is quite different from most. I am always hungry on their new program. I am 5'8 and 58 years old and am allotted 30 points a day. My neighbor is 5' foot 78 years old and has the same amount of points. I work out most days and eat an exceptionally clean diet and by the end of the day I am exhausted from the lack of enough food. Fruits and Vegetables just don't cut it as a filler all the time and how much protein do you really want to be eating all day long.

So I don't bother with counting the points anymore. I just make sure that what I eat is clean of sugars and sodium and is the correct portion size. My weight is coming down at a nice rate finally. I never had a lot to loose at least I don't look at 20 pounds as a lot but regardless. When you take on a program with the accountability that WW has, you have greater expectations it will work for you. This time around it didn't work.

Richmond, VA

I am about to end my WW membership. I lost 54 pounds easily before the big change. I've been on every diet under the sun and tried WW as a last resort. I was almost at my goal weight when Oprah bought WW and totally ruined it! I can't even look at her face anymore, I'm so aggravated! She said she would answer each and every email but she never answered mine! I just have one question - why change something that works so well? I don't need to pay $45 a month to know that eating fruits and vegetables will make me lose weight! If I ate fruits and veggies all day I wouldn't be fat in the first place! WW is now like every other diet out there. I don't need to go every week anymore. The beauty of WW was that you could have anything you wanted as long as you tracked it, so you didn't feel deprived. It worked for me and a lot of people, and no I don't eat Twinkies and Chips Ahoy! I used to enjoy the WW sweet snacks but now she cut their size in half and doubled their points! It's not worth it now. I used to reach for a frozen WW dinner when I was too tired to cook, now same thing - too many points. By upping the points on everything I get to eat less food per day, so I am hungry and binge which I never ever did before the big switch. I've already gained back ten pounds. I used to admire Oprah and think she was smart but this was really stupid move on her part and based on greed. Maybe she's trying to save the world from sugar and processed food, but we all know they are not good for us. We didn't need her to tell us. And we don't need to pay for her diet anymore because it's just like any other diet out there now. It will fail in the end. Pure stupidity!!!!

I have 17 pounds to lose and I joined WW 6 weeks ago. I've lost 5.2 as of this week and couldn't be happier! I like the program - I can still have piece of pizza (my weakness) and its not a cheat, its part of the program - you just have to balance it out with a big salad and be more reasonable throughout the day. I've been able to go out with family/friends and enjoy it all just in moderation. I've tracked it all and by doing that I've made better decisions. This is my first time on the program so I don't know anything, but the smart points have been working for me and it's something I feel like I can actually do! I don't have to cut out all carbs/fruits/alcohol for weeks on end to see results then just binge once the 2 weeks are over and gain it all back.

I also quit WW recently. I lost 75 pounds with the old system, then needed to lose some baby weight. It was no longer doable for me any more. I know I'm a sugar and cheese addict, but Points Plus helped me manage the addiction and still lose a pound a week. This wants cold turkey and it's painful and unpleasant. I've always eaten a lot of fruits and veggies and make my treats from scratch. I refuse to eat fat free cool whip and fat free cheese and other fake foods. Weight Watchers now punishes me severely for that stance.

I joined WW way back in 2002ish when it was the original points system. At my first weigh in, I was 318 lbs. By sticking to the program, by 2006 I was down to 157 lbs. At that time there were all kinds of little tricks - add more fiber to foods to drive down points, a small sugary treat being equivalent to a banana, etc. The point is, though, I was very successful with the program. Maybe I had an occasional cookie, maybe a helping of Mac and cheese... But as a physician myself, nobody can convince me that those treats outweighed (no pun intended) the overall net effect of losing that much weight. When the points plus program came out, I immediately started having trouble with the program. My weight loss plateaued, I started with the coaching, etc - nothing worked. I also found the app was crashing all the time and I cancelled my membership after 14 years.

The comment that WW "used to meet people where they are" is wise. People with extremely poor eating habits cannot switch to a "clean" diet swiftly; rather, they need to see and feel success before gradually taking on new goals. I would prefer WW have a staggered program, where no matter where you are in the progression you would lose weight, but as you feel comfortable you transition to more and more "ideal" ways of eating.

I agree that the new Points system is very frustrating. I am a life time member but debating whether to stick with it. I think the change is not doable !

I have been a WW member for the last 2 1/2 years. I lost about 55 pounds on the points plus then I plateaued. I was exercising daily and a lot and yet I could not lose!! In the year 2015, I only lost 12 pounds and 4 of that was smart points. Most people would have quit with losing on 8 pounds for a whole year and that was on points plus.

Now, since smart points rolled out, I have lost almost 16 pounds. I am very happy. I do realize that the sugar thing is an issue and it gets me sometimes too. However, I also realize that it is highly additive and I should stay away from it!! When it was points plus and I could have it regularly and I was and I wasn't losing. Now, that I am not eating the processed stuff which is unhealthy for you as sugar free, I am losing and feeling better and that is what counts. I wish that WW would offer both programs so people could choose which one they would like. They still offer simply filling along with smartpoints.

I'm at four months on SP- I'm trying as hard as I possibly can, but I'm hungry often. I believe in eating healthy and do for the most part, the problem I see is if this is a life long goal it is not possible to stay within my points "if " I do eat anything with sugar, honey, dates, figs etc. It is difficult for me to go to bed hungry and I have on SP. Many foods are very healthy for us yet very high in SP.

What worked for me was the original Core program. The points system was very obsessive for me. It was easy to be creative with the parameters of the foods it gave without all the counting. Of course there was the optional use of points to use for the extra foods you wanted to include.

I've been a ww member for 4 years.

I lost 100 pounds on the points plus plan. I need hip replacement which has limited my exercise, and in the last year I gained back 14 pounds. I've been struggling with the new smart points program. The forgiving quality of ppv's made ww doable for many of us because it was reality. You can't be perfect all of the time. I think a lot of us are angry because even though our daily points went up minimally, our weekly indulgence points were drastically reduced. It's a mind set. Now it does feel like a diet and that disappoints me. I used to be able to have an occasional indulgence but now I feel I am being punished when I do.

I was with ww for 2 years and lost 60lbs. I just quit and switched to a free calorie counting app. I couldn't stick to the new plan (and I don't eat many packaged foods!). It didn't make sense for me to continue to spend the money if I couldn't stick to the plan...

I've lost 21 lbs with smart points and it's the whole reason I joined! I could never join in the past when I read how much sugar and carbohydrate they encouraged. Since January 4th I've been a member and I love it. The program finally makes sense. And you have your weeklies if you're still hungry at the end of the day! I am not hungry though. I have a potato or some rice with dinner, and I have crackers and cheese for snack. I do not find this too restrictive at all.

I absolutely love SmartPoints. I joined WW in 2007 with the Momentum Program. It got me to life time. But I would choose 100 snack of cookies for 2 points rather than eat an apple for the same amount of points. That's not healthy. Then when PointsPlus started, the little weight I gained back, I couldn't get it off. But it's not because the program didn't work, it's because I didn't work the program. This change forces me to work the program.

I love pizza and cheese. Once I week, I order pizza and I eat 4 slices. I then eat the leftovers for lunch or supper the next day. And I'm still losing. On those days, I eat oatmeal or eggs/egg whites, and lots of veggies and salads. I don't eat meat, so I have to find alternatives for protein. I eat soy, but I know others don't.

You always had to be a subscriber online to figure out the points of a smoothie or any recipe. You can break down any ingredient and put it into the calculator and get an estimate that way, but the recipe builder, regardless of soup, smoothie, casserole, or anything, was only offered to online members.

I still have my treats and not all the time are they low fat or fat free. Granola bars aren't great for you, so I started making my own snack sized overnight oats. If I make a chocolate one, they satisfy any craving for chocolate. I am definitely not hungry on this program and I'm eating better things. I don't feel deprived at all. It's about making my treats and snacks manageable and healthier.

Oprah didn't make these changes. The changes were happening long before she bought shares. Too many people blame Oprah, but she didn't change the program. I'm indifferent to Oprah. She has no effect on me one way or another. Just like any celebrity who loses weight.

WW always changes their program as more research comes out. All their programs work because if you watch what you're eating and exercise, you can lose weight. The program will change in another 2-3 years because new research will come out and they'll need to. It's also a business and they need to stay relevant.

I wonder if it would help if people posted plans about what they ate in a day, on SmartPoints and PointsPlus. Regardless of if you choose WW or another program or even do it on your own, it's hard to lose weight. It's not easy. Each journey and person are different. We need to do what works for us. SmartPoints works for me, but doesn't work for others. That's okay. The whole point of eating right and getting exercise is to get healthier. We need to do what works for us and support each other.

"The comment that WW "used to meet people where they are" is wise. People with extremely poor eating habits cannot switch to a "clean" diet swiftly; rather, they need to see and feel success before gradually taking on new goals. I would prefer WW have a staggered program, where no matter where you are in the progression you would lose weight, but as you feel comfortable you transition to more and more "ideal" ways of eating"....this comment from Sarah (a physician) above is right on....I think the idea of a "staggered" program is a great one. I agree that as you succeed with your weight loss, your outlook and goals will change too. You will feel empowered to keep going on this health seeking journey and try new things, one of which would be to decrease the amount of sugar you're eating and the amount of processed foods, etc. But it is a process and it needs to be approached in a much more flexible way that gives you options. Some people will be able to go a more sticter route and be successful. But for the majority of people, flexibility is key. The former system with WW's did work while still giving you that flexibility that so many of us need. On the former plan you could go as "clean" as YOU wanted to go but it was your choice and the plan would adapt with you. This new plan doesn't do that.

As a Lifetime member of WW and a past WW Leader I Loved Points Plus and lost over 80 pounds that I have kept off for over 5 years. I tried the new Smart Points plan for 2 weeks and hated it. I could do it but as several have said it felt like a "diet" and I know it's not for me. So I am back on Points Plus and staying very happy under goal and with this plan. I hope that WW will go back to a more flexible plan that will work for more people with lifetime weight issues. They are spot on with it being a lifestyle change but most of us need to be a little more real world about our eating habits. Most people that need to lose weight are not willing or ready to go quite so cold turkey on our favorites. Needless to say though, I didn't get to be 80 pounds overweight from too many fruits and veggies!!! We all have to find what we can live life with!!

Wow! You've certainly hit a hot button Lisa! You should summarize all the comments & sell them to WW as a consultant! That aside, I've been a WW member for about 20 years (yikes!) on and off, since my kids were born & needed to initially lose about 35 pounds. I got to goal, and have for the most part just struggled with keeping that last 10 pounds off.

I feel like WW works when you are committed to it, but that is harder for some depending on where they are in their journey. After a bit of a break, I went back in Feb & started smart points and have lost about 4 of the 8 pounds I need to lose to get to WW goal. (Would love to be below that number, but not realistic.) But last week, I went off program & didn't track & basically ate whatever (not awful, just not on program). Weigh-in is tonight - ugh. I do feel that the Smart Points encourages better, healthier eating, and that was something I try to do anyway. (Never understood why WW sold all these processed foods with artificial sweeteners ... oh yea, $$$)

So, in summary, yes, I think it is a positive direction for health, but sometimes harder to stick to. We have a great leader at WW who encourages you to bring in your tracker & she will review it with you, or email her any time in the week for advice & motivation. She is truly the reason I go back!

I have lost 40 pounds with points plus and hit a HUGE plateau. It wasn't until I started Smartpoints did my plateau break. I'm happy to be down 12 pounds since starting smartpoints!

I'm going to sound older than dirt, but one of my problems with WW these days is it's so dependent on smartphones and the website. Some of us have limited incomes and only have dumb phones :); and the website has been changed up where it's much more difficult to navigate. Plus, not having a smartphone I have to have access to a computer.

Also WW is pretty expensive. I mean, $45 a month is a nice chunk of change for some of us, especially when you're not getting access to all the "bells and whistles".

Every weight loss program is at its heart going to be reducing calories and increasing movement. The rest is all about what your body and lifestyle work best with while getting the nutrients you need. I do have some concerns with people I see on the new plan eating all these protein drinks, protein cereals, protein everything, when there's some evidence that too much of it can be as bad as too little, including causing kidney problems. Plus, anyone knows that too much sugar is bad. It jacks up your blood glucose and is physically addictive after all and I understand stimulates the same part of your brain as narcotics, just on a smaller scale. It's good WW is making people limit sugar, but I figure some of the negative reaction to that is most likely some addiction talking.

The WW program that worked best for me was the original points with increasing fiber and watching fat intake. It was simple, effective, and easier to judge with your little slide rule thing in your booklet, rather than having to be plugged into a phone and computer 24/7. In fact, I may go dig around and see if I still have that information and go back to it. I've also heard Simply Filling is effective.

My go to when a few pounds creep back on is the old WW program from 20 years ago. tried and true, understand it, don't have to buy any new book and it works!

Why the issue with Oprah? It's not her company, she is an investor. Plan changes were in the works long before she came into the picture. Why belittle someone who also has weight struggles as well? Money, which she earned, does not make you thin. Smart points is merely a reflection of current up to the minute science and research. Sugar wrecks havoc on your health. It has been proven. Sure occasionally a sugary treat is fine but for many, sugar is a trigger food and becomes the go-to snack between meals or a meal replacement instead. Many should just check their trackers from the points plus days for proof! I love the new program and yes there are days when I have that treat but this is real life and I am in it for the long haul. Hopefully much healthier! I get where the program is tough but hauling around additional pounds was tougher.

I love SmartPoints!!! I eat more lean protein now and it has completely taken away my horrible sweet tooth. I didn't think I wold ever be able to go months without chocolate but I have with no problem whatsoever!!!

Hi Kiara - I know that the old recipe builder would give you the points of blended drinks but WW was lax in not making it clear that blended drinks containing fruit would be differently tracked than just eating the whole fruit. Some of us finally figured that out but there some who still thought that no matter what there would be no fruit points to track - I had the books that told you how many points were contained and used them more than going on line to the recipe and every single fruit in those books was listed as 0 and I'm sure there were many people who assumed that was it no matter what. At least there's now a box you can click to say you're blending the fruit but the timing of making that a feature is certainly in WW favour in ensuring on-line members. I'm more annoyed at the lack of consideration the powers that be had for those of us who were already members in their beta experiment but the other smaller-seeming issues certainly had added to my disillusion with a company I have respected and admired for - oh my gosh!! - over 40 years now.

People are complaining about the new system...are you kidding! The difference isn't that big of a change, no reason to get all crazy about it. We all know sugar is not good for your body only in moderation; just like most things. I think Oprah being the spokeswoman and shareholder is wonderful!! She is a smart, inspiring women who has built an empire! She is the reason I went back. I myself don't have much (20lbs) weight to lose and I have done the other point system. Personally I don't think the change is significant enough to be thrown off by it!

I also struggled with the change in systems especially right before the holidays. After almost four months, I can say that I am eating much cleaner and getting much more exercise. Lots of lean protein choices for low points help me to cope. Yes I would love to be able to eat unlimited amounts of whatever I want but it isn't realistic. For some of us, being at a healthy weight means watching every bite for the rest of our lives. You just have to learn to plan for those indulgences but the reward is so worth it.

Maybe the problem is that Weight Watchers former premise was not going to help people lose weight in the long term.


The above comment from your page says it all.

Most diets fail....or weight loss programs. Why?

Because the issue of why you gained your weight in the first place wasnt resolved.

Let's face it....most of us who have a weight problem are EMOTIONAL EATERS! We eat away our feelings. Sure, we can be on a 'program' be good...and lose weight. But then, life rears its ugly head....and those same issues return.

I have been on a few of the WW programs over the years. I prefer points plus....I could have one daily treat and lose weight. Heck, I lost over 100 lbs. I have been on a binge the past month. I dont like the new program at all. I am not going back to WW meetings for various reasons. I have reached a point that I need to be able to do this on my own. One member at a meeting fessed up to me a while ago...that last summer she was attending meetings and putting on weight because of issues in her life. That was a light bulb moment for me. Meetings aren't always the answer, the answer lies in us.

Ten years ago I lost 40 lbs on W.W. "Core" plan and I turn to that plan again when the pounds start creeping back. Basically, it is eat all the fruits and vegetables you wish, some protein and pay attention to the carbs. It worked wonderfully for me and still does.

I was previously on WW - a couple of years ago and lost weight - got off it - gained back and started up this year with the new Smart Points plan and I like it. My mom who is a lifetime member doesn't like the smart points she says it doesn't work for her. Its a different mindset in my opinion - I like that sugary processed foods have higher points - it does make me stay away from them - I will make a gorgeous fruit salad and eat it for a snack or dessert instead of a processed sugary bar. It works for me - and I say it helps me to make healthier food options as a result. I remember sitting in a meeting the 1st go round and the girl was complaining she didn't lose any weight and she was staying within her points but she was eating all processed food - chips, snack cakes - things I would call junk food - regardless that they were within her points they were not nutritionally good for her body - therefore I applaud WW for moving to a new system that makes whole foods more of an option. The processed sugary foods that we all do love are still a choice - you can still eat them but now its a harder choice do I use all of these points for that or eat fresh fruit and veggies for no points. I love the change and its definitely helping me this go round to eat right and stick with it.

I think much of the problem is everybody looks at WW as a diet. They are trying to help you think about food in a different way by getting back to basics. For me WW helped me start a lifestyle change not a diet to take off 10 lbs just to put it back on once I hit my goal. Once you have your mind made up that this is to help you become healthy and stay healthy you will see how easy it is to take off the pounds.

I lost 110 pounds on Points Plus then quit smoking and gained 40 pounds back. In January, with the smoking no longer an issue, I decided to join WW again to lose the 40 pounds. Since January, I've lost 15 pounds on Smart Points. However, for maintenance I will likely go back to PointsPlus as I don't think Smart Points is sustainable for me. Even with cutting back my usual sugary treats that I ate on PointsPlus, I still have been using my daily, weekly AND activity points each week. I never used my activity points in PointsPlus. I've actually had several weeks since starting Smart Points that have been negative points at the end of the week. If I stick to my points strictly each day and don't eat all of my weekly I will lose more, however like others have said I am hungry! I am a very active 61 year old. Not only do I 'exercise' but I also maintain my home and yard by myself. I also am starting a business and am out and about attending networking and community events. I can't do all of these things if I'm starving myself. I've decided to stick with this through June then return to Points Plus from there. I like the convenience of being able to log everything online but since they no longer offer the Points Plus option will bring out my spreadsheet to track moving forward from there.

I too quit WW over Smartpoints. It became like a punishment regime with the doubling of points for sugar related items so now I am going it alone and managing just fine for slow (sometimes very slow) weight loss.

I lost 87# almost 3 years ago and have kept it off - Smart Points is not for me - I am still doing PP and my advice is do what works for you - the people just joining will have to do the new program but they won't know any difference anyway so it will work for them - remember - it's all "science" but I am not going to fix something that isn't broken - I agree SG - why WW worked for me is that you could eat anything you wanted as long as you counted it !!

I too quit WW after being a lifetime member and losing 45 pounds on Points Plus. I found "Smart" Points to be very restrictive and almost impossible to do a a person who does not eat meat products to any large degree. The point value for non-meat proteins went way up and I will not eat huge amounts of soy, so there you go. Corporate was less than useful in assisting me in how to work the new program - their advice was to "just look up the point value of non-meat proteins." Well...Duh!!! I don't eat a lot of processed foods or sweets and still found SP to be overly restrictive. The final straw came for me on the day I got an email from them trying to sell me PROTEIN POWDER! That is the day I knew that the Weight Watcher I knew had sold out.

I love the fact that protein is less points now. I guess for the carb-aholics (which includes sugar) out there, is not a bonus. I do love sweets and cheese but I also know that if I eat them as often as I would like, it does not bode well for the scale. I think there are ways to fit in some sweets using weekly points but we aren't talking 3 cookies on a daily basis. It is a mindset change for many to look at sweets as a treat meant to be occasionally indulged. Same thing with cheese. The goal is to lose weight and be healthier. If something else worked for you before, why not stick with it? Smartpoints is not a reason to give up unless its a convenient excuse to eat whatever you want. You get to decide

I lost 91 lbs on the old system. My doctor always recommended WW in the past, but says he will no longer recommend it to his patients with the new smart points as it is not realistic. I am maintaining my weight on the old points system and feel great!

As far as Smart Points are concerned, I have found it difficult to make the conversion. I have a Points Plus kitchen scale and an old Points Plus calculator and have been using Points Plus instead of Smart Points.

One of the hardest things for me was that all my recipes and favorites were defaulted to zero points. It took a lot of time to develop them and I was quite annoyed.

I have been very happy with my Points Plus success and have been at goal weight for over a year.

Eventually I will transition to the Smart Points plan; just not now.

I know one woman who used the original WW plan her whole life. She had a long healthy life.

I have some friends on the original points plan, some on points plus and staying on it, and some on smart points and happy about it.

The plan you choose will work for you if you work it.

I think the meetings are what help me no matter the points plan.

I knew a woman who used the original WW plan and had a long healthy life. Some of my friends use the original points plan and are happy, some use points plus and are staying on it, and some who like the smart points.

If you work the plan it will work for you.

I believe the meetings are what work for me.

I have been a Lifetime member for 33 years and former WW leader also. I have seen MANY WW plans come and go, to be replaced as research moves forward about dieting and maintaining weight loss. There were many more upset people when the concept of points was added; than with the introduction of SmartPoints! I had gradually started to go up a few pounds over the past 2 years, until I was no longer "free" anymore. The new plan came out at a perfect time for me, and I embraced it completely without comparing PP and SP directly. I knew that more protein was a good thing, foods with added sugar and saturated fats were going to "cost" more.

I made new selections and changed the foods I ate regularly to accommodate the new points. I am THRILLED to report that I have broken a plateau after 7 weeks of the scale not moving- and I have LOST 12 pounds since December 1st. It works! Stop lamenting over your former favorite go-to foods, and try some new healthier selections!!!

Here's my $0.02. While I will admit that this has been an adjustment moving to SmartPoints, I am losing more consistently this time around. I will admit that I was not tracking consistently for awhile, but what I can tell you is that when I track, I'm good. I have been doing WW for some time and I feel better on this plan than the previous ones. I planned ahead and have been able to have pizza and dessert. It's about planning for me and meal prepping ahead of time.

I've known one woman who used the original WW plan and had a long healthy life.

I have friends that use points plan, points plus, and smart points each are happy with what they are doing losing or maintaining weight.

If you work your plan it will work for you.

I believe the meetings are what helps me.

I was doing really well on PointsPlus. When SmartPoints kicked in, I had trouble doing it and tracking was harder and took longer so it seemed, so for the last 2 months I've paid almost $45 per month for nothing and may as well drop out and go it on my own. WW's had been the best way for me to lose weight in the past. They should have left it the way it was.

So Sorry it kept saying--there was an error!!

Sadly I forget teh name of the WW program I was on but put it this way it was 10 years ago and I lost 60 lbs. Then I had to get back on 4-5 years later because I gained 12 lbs. The points system was totally different but I was still excited. I gained and lost the same 4 lbs over 3 months and I WAS NOT cheating as the lady checking me in said I was! (ANGRY is not the word to describe what I was toward her for saying that). I think the program is as good as your leader too. The point system I was on assigned every food a point good or bad but she educated us to start desiring more fruits and vegetables and try them in new ways. She inspired us...not force. Because if you don't learn it...forcing rarely works. I learned how to eat through my leader and figuring out, as she said, through each week of what helped me lose and feel good and what I ate didn't feel good. She also taught what exercise I did and didn't do that helped accelerate the loss. It was a gradual process. Wanting to eat more vegetables doesn't happen overnight.

Ive been on Weight Watchers since the 1980s took 3x to get lifetime but I did. Ive been on many of the WW plans but Smart Plus is wo a doubt the WORST plan they have ever come up with. Why not just go back to the liver plan!! I knew I could not do SP the minute I saw the menus. Tried to like it did not. Sticking with PP. The new plan is a DIET not a LIFESTYLE which PP is. IF the company wants to survive it needs to bring back PP in some format (I can see them calling it SP Plus). SP should be an option maybe particularly if your new or on a plateau. Ive left. The apps were ridiculous. There are many other ones out there that work and at a very nominal cost. Think of all the people who have left who arent buying the cookbooks, mags and other ww tools. I dont eat alot of sweets and try to control my carbs I do not want to be deprived of any food I want.

I dont know where my other comment went so here it is again. I have been a WW since the 1980s. Took me 3X to get to lifetime. I have seen many plans but Smart Plus is the worst. We might as well go back to the 5 fish and liver plan. Smart Plus is a DIET not a lifestyle. I dont eat alot of sugary foods but I want that option of having a sweet during the day wo feeling bad. I knew when I looked at SP it wasnt for me way way way too restrictive. What WW should do IF they want to survive is have SP Plus which is basically PP (I seriously doubt they would admit they made an error and allow folks to do either plan). I would have SP for new people or if folks reach a plateau.

I'm below my official ww goal but would like to lose a few more pounds. I tracked using ww tracking system for 2 months and didn't lose and in fact Gaines so I've gone back to LoseIt to track my calories and monitor my protein, fat, and carbs including sodium. I stay within the assigned caloriea if I want to maintain or's precise and it works. I love and use ww's. Connect feature and cotinue attending meetings but dumped their tracker and weight tracker

Do I think it is healthier-yes but if you can't stick with it because you are hungry all the time, feel like a criminal having an concessional treat and can't get the technology to work who cares. It is all so nebulous because a doughnut is still a doughnut whether it is 12 pts or 18-seems like all smoke and mirrors to me to get new members but they have alienated the older ones. I see people back to trying to game the system with the fat free etc stuff so they have a few points left at the end of the day-not worth it to me.

I'm loving the smart points plan. The weight is coming off now . I was stuck for quiet a while before switching to the new plan. Yes sugar is expensive , but it should be. It's not controllable ( for me ) . I give it a thumbs up !

Smart Points is the first time in several variations of WW that I am actually losing weight and almost back to my goal. It actually became how I prefer to eat. Eat real food and control what you eat. About a year ago I got off the fake sweeteners, and now use 1/3-1/2 t sugar in coffee and tea. Always drank water. Almost immediately, once I saw how costly point wise all the ice cream was I cut back drastically. I still bake but know which ones are ok point wise for me. Yesterday actually made my chocolate biscotti that come out to about 2-2 1/2 for 1 SP.

Anything that encourages people to give up all the badly enticing prepared or box food has to be a step in the right direction.

I also love the higher amount of protein for less SPs. I really see it as an encouraging healthy way to eat and for me works well.

I really don't see much of a difference between points plus and smart points....let me explain....I still eat the same food...some things might cost a little more, it's up to you if you want to spend the points. You can still eat whatever you want if you want to spend the points.Don't forget you still have the extra weekly points which you can divide up and use each day...WW is trying to make you more aware of foods with excess sugar, they are not saying you can't eat it!So if you want to lose GET REAL...sugar is the demon.

I joined WW in January. I'm a lifetime member who needed to lose 30 pounds. I've read a lot about reducing sugar and carbs so I thought I'd see what the new WW was all about. I really like it. I quit paying them and have been doing it on my own and I'm down 15 pounds. I think it's forcing me to be a grownup with regard to my food choices. I can't have treats every day. Staying away from sugars makes me appreciate the taste of fruits and vegetables so much more. I think it's the way I am going to eat for the rest of my life. I think that the high point price for treats is a good thing if it makes you really evaluate what you put into your body. I found that the program gets easier with time as your body detoxes from sugars. All in all the new program works. BTW I'm in my early 50's and I think it's a miracle that it's really working 😀

I love when you post something about WW. I have always thought WW was the ideal plan. They teach you how to cook healthy without feeling like you are on a diet. Other plans out there force you to buy their food which just keeps you dependent on more processed food. I've wanted to join WW for a while now but not sure it's worth the monthly fee if I am going to feel hungry all day. I don't need to pay anyone any money to feel deprived or hungry. Reading about people's experience with WW makes me wonder why WW doesn't offer more than one plan. Why not offer both PP & SP? Seems like they would have more satisfied customers. Plus we are all different so having access to different plans would be a benefit.

I lost 33 lbs. a couple of years ago with Points Plus, so decided to go back and try for the last 45 lbs. I am recently widowed. After 6 days of being starving hungry, I found myself going on an eating frenzy for the 7th day and gaining my loss right back. After 3 weeks of this behaviour I decided to go back to Points Plus and not tell anyone and in my fourth week had a loss of 2.6 lbs.

Weight Watchers meetings encourage me and I leave them feeling that I can do this. I wish they would stop insisting that I buy a package of chemicals for smoothies though and ditch my whey powder, cocoanut milk and fruit!

So, I am not quitting because being accountable also helps a lot, plus I like the tips and the lesson each week. Sitting there with my big Points Plus secret is tough though. Perhaps other people can do this Smart Points idea, maybe someday I can but not right now. Good Luck everyone!

as you know, I was in WW the first time over 2 yrs ago. I had lost 44 lbs back then with Smart Points. I left when my leader became ill and in my 14 month hiatus I gained 51 of the 44 I had lost.

I have been back to WW for a little over 2 yrs now. Up until the "change" from PP to SP I had lost 30 lbs. Since the change I gained 5 lbs and I am NOT a big sugar eater at all. I am having a horrible time with the new plan. I think it isn't the "overt" sugar that is killing me, but the insidious sugar in foods that you wouldn't think contained it. My former "go-tos" have now become "no-nos". I agree with the other person who said it is now quite restrictive, I also agree with the person who said dietitians want us to eat "clean". I "get it" But this is have to be able to have a little splurge sometimes.....geeze...even on your birthday a lousy piece of cake will now cost you your entire week in bonus points. Yes.........I think WW has taken this a bit too far.

l say go back to the old program that you just gave up. the new one has to many problems and does not have a lot of what the old program had. l do not like this at all.l do not know how you had to wright this program its not that good. my husband is a computer programmer and he agrees that its not that good.there is so much more that could of been done. go back

I've been a Weight Watcher Lifetime Member for 11 years and have been through lots of different incarnations of the program. For probably the last two years I had been 10-15 lbs. over my goal and just could not lose it.

I also eat a whole foods, plant based diet. I do not eat artificial sweeteners, fat free junk, processed foods, etc.

I absolutely think Smart Points is great. After all this time I am actually BELOW my goal weight. I get 30 points per week, 28 weeklies. I want to lose a little more and have not added in any points for maintenance.

I don't understand how people can say this new plan pushes artificial sweeteners and stuff like that. I never eat those things. Maybe if I ate a lot of sugary foods, it would be hard. But that, and a lack of portion control is what got me 50 pounds overweight years ago, so why would I want to still be eating that way and then blaming Weight Watchers for penalizing it?


Highly recommend joining a WW near

you to get the Smart Points plan explained to you fully. I cannot see how anyone can do this plan and be hungry. Also in person support is very important. They have specials for joining often and the monthly plan includes online full access also and is cheaper than paying weekly. This plan encourages one to eat real food, there are many many recipes available on WW or you can input your own. It has also helped me by using my smart phone to log in my food. Try it before you count it out, it is very hard to do it on your own. Good luck.

I quit Smart Points the first day it came out. It came out during a really bad time for me. I had two meals out with family that day, it was the holiday season after all. I went completely over in points and felt really depressed. I seriously couldn't live that way. I downloaded an app that basically had the old points values on it and have been following that ever since. I am happy and have lost an additional 20 pounds doing this, in addition to the 50 I lost when I was doing the program before the change over. I haven't looked back and I am happy doing what works for me.

I lost 35 pounds on the old WW points and points plus program in 1999 and have kept it off, weighing in every month. When the new Smartpoints came out, I tried it for a few weeks and hated it as I must have my sweets. So I stopped tracking entirely and no longer go to meetings. My weight is stable without it because the points plus was so ingrained in me. I realize it may be ideal to eat no sugar, but not all of us are cut out for eating perfectly healthy. Smartpoints feels like a "diet" to me!

It may not be perfect but as a physician I find it's very helpful to getting people to think about foods in a way that promotes healthy eating. It's time tested that's why it's been around so long!

I was a WW member off and on since 1989, beginning with the WW at Work program. That was the most I lost but since then I had trouble with their program whatever it was that particular year. For one thing, I got tired of counting points (I know- my bad) but then I got the feeling WW was just going for the bucks. Use their products, use their online stuff, buy their food, exercise equipmt and other products at their stores. Now we have to listen to Ophrah's commercials. Now I can't unsubscribe to their emails - now I just send it to spam. I have had enough. Plenty of websites that use WW recipes(Pinterest is the best source) & I can get their cookbooks at Goodwill for 1/3 or less their price. Glad to see other people agree with me.

I was surprised to see my exact thoughts about Smart Points in this blog. I felt betrayed when Smart Points was released. It is no different than any other restrictive diet. It is no longer something that I can step into and control. I never eat sweets and rarely have a packaged meal. All the confidence I had in WW has been damaged. I'm hanging in but not really using SP. It's just not honest. That is how I feel. It's something fabricated by some "scientist" that has no basis in "meeting people where they are."

I struggled with smart points when they were first introduced. I had figured out what to eat, what to avoid, and what I could have as a treat. I now have a handle on it, except when there is a birthday or some other event. One slice of cake sends me into negative points, even when I think I have planned for it.

I was hungry, like some of the other commentators. Now I am satisfied at the end of the day.

I was not happy with how the new plan was rolled out. The website and app issues was a terrible business decision. There are still issues (to me) with the website.

I lost 80 lbs on PP and have kept it off. I have 15 more pounds to loose to make goal. I really liked PP and it taught me to eat much better...except all those processed snacks that are not good for you. I've been stuck at the same weight for over a year and decided to try counting calories. It worked great for me, getting off 5 pounds. When SP came out, I was scared, really scared. I like pop, chocolate etc. Then I got to thinking about how I lost 80 pounds. I had one pop a week. I had chocolate a few times a week. I did get treats, just very limited. And guess what? I survived and lost weight! Looking back, I was not deprived either. This new SP does the same thing. For those of you who claim to be hungry, did you know fruit and vegetables are free? Why would you go to bed hungry when you can have free fruit or veggies? Seems to me you should never be hungry (although don't eat 10 bananas and come on here next week and say this program is broken - moderation). Cake is going to happen. Cook outs are going to happen. Eating out is going to happen. On days you eat out and can plan ahead, do so. Eat less before hand. On days it is last minute, eat better the next day, maybe leaving a few extra points to make up for it. It is doable very doable, you need the right mindset to get there. I guess you could say I'm tired of the complaining about this program :)

I have been on WW several times throughout the last 14 years. (It has always worked well for me when I have followed it.) While, Smart points is more challenging, I think it is ultimately more healthy for us. I have made a commitment to try to eat as clean as I can. I only buy plain yogurt now and add my own fruit for flavor. Once a week, I eat one meal out which I enjoy such as pizza, tacos, etc. This way I am not totally depriving myself but I am eating clean the other six days of the week. I've lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. I am happy with my results and feel so much better already.

I originally started WW on the original points system, lost 20 lbs. in 2 months and then they switched to Points Plus - which I loved!! Made lifetime, left WW and well, we all know what happens. Went back this past October but couldn't get PP to work again (but it really wasn't the program, my mindset just wasn't in weight loss mode). I got really excited when WW said they were making the "biggest change ever in 50 years"....I assumed they were doing away with points! Nope, it was just another more restrictive point program. I don't love Smart Points, but I don't hate it either....I'm not having success but again, that's mostly due to not sticking with program and not the program itself. This week my mindset is a little better so I'm hoping for success on the scale! When my doctor and I discussed SP, I was explaining how a piece of cake is 23 SP!! He looked at me and said "Do you eat a piece a cake each day?" No. "Do you eat a piece a cake each week?" No. "Do you eat a piece a cake each month?" No...... "Exactly, so a piece of 23 pt cake on occasion isn't going to hurt you. Eat it an move on. Rather then worry about what you "can't" have; look for things you "can"." It's good advice!

I have been a weight watcher for about a year, losing about 4-5 pounds a month. When the new program came out I hated it and thought it was to hard to switch from points plus to smart points. Our leader said don't look at it as a chore to change, because change is hard. She said Go home read the info and then act like its your first day at weight watchers. Tell yourself the same things you told yourself when you started the program back when. It's a new day. So I did just that. It was my very first day, I read and gave it a try. I soon realized a lot if this I was already doing like cutting back on Sat Fat and Sugar after my husband had a triple bypass a few yrs back. I can still eat what I want and make the same choices as before " do I want that one mini peppermint patty or a large bowl of grapes? " sometimes I want the mint and sometimes I want the grapes so I do. I am now loving this new program. I am now losing an average of 6 - 8 pounds a month. It's simple like my leader said.......go back to your very first day and start new.....IT DOES WORK,!!!

I tried WW on several occasions over the years but was disappointed how easy it was to 'cheat' and not eat right. When I read about the new Smart Points plan I decided to give WW another try and I am down 21 lbs since Jan 1 (not too shabby for a 54-year-old!) I am making healthier choices and I feel healthier. Granted, I am at a point mentally where I want the change, but the SmartPoints plan is working better for me than any other WW plan did in the past. I love it!

Wow! I am shocked at how people are hating this new WW SmartPoints program. And just FYI, Oprah did not buy WW. She, I am sure, had NOTHING to do with the program change. She did buy a lot of stock in the company, but that is it. She is no expert on weight loss -- she is just like the rest of us who have been living with the yo-yo syndrome of weight loss. I have been on WW on and off since I was a teenager and now I am almost 60. I am now -- after ups and downs over the years -- below my goal weight for two years now. This is the absolutely BEST program so far of all of them. Sure the old program would work for most of us for a while. I lost my last 94 pounds on Points Plus. If you want to really lose weight to get healthy and then keep it off, this is the program for you. People want to eat their cake and lose weight -- might work for a while, but not forever. And yes, you can have your cake -- just once in a while. People are still hungry with 30 points? That I don't get. 30 points is a lot of food. And being a WW member is also about the meetings -- that is the helpful part. We really all know what to eat, don't we, to lose weight? Go to the meetings and be a part of it and listen to people's ideas and struggles and this will help you in your weight loss journey. Again, I believe this is the BEST program ever.

When I started WW almost 2 years ago I was so impressed with the points plus system and how it almost dovetailed with my natural eating habits. I lost over 32 lbs and was so happy. Rejoined recently to encourage family memebrs and I strongly dislike the new smartpoints system. It feels so forced and artificial to me. I haven't lost any more weight and I feel so restricted in what can I can eat. Use to work out so I could have an indulgence now that is taboo too.

I read all the comments and there's so many opinions about SmartPoints. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I love SmartPoints, but I read about how people hate SmartPoints because they feel like they can't indulge. I have desserts and treats all the time and I'm losing. I used to feel guilty about having treats or going out to eat, but then I decided not to let food control me. I shouldn't feel guilty about what I eat and don't eat. My leader always says we need to eat food we love. If I don't like salad, why should I eat it? If we stop beating ourselves up about being perfect, no matter what program we are on will help us. No one is perfect on any program. If you count calories on MFP and go out to eat at most restaurants, you will exceed your daily calorie limit. Enjoy your food and life. Make healthier choices when you can. But we're human and are not perfect. Life happens :)

For those of you who really dislike the new WW program, you really should read this. This is why WW has made the changes it has.…

Like so many people on here, I lost 40 pounds on WW Points Plus. I tried to like the Smart Points, but cannot make the switch. Too many changes and my biggest hangup is throwing the healthy guidelines out the door. I can't always make healthy choices and find I am always hungry. This new program didn't work for me and I've gained 12 pounds. I cancelled my WW membership today and am looking for another support system that will actually help me! If WW brought back the Points Plus choice, I'd go back in a heartbeat.

I lost 50 of 90lbs on PointsPlus.

I quit WW about a month after SmartPoints was introduced at my meeting place.

Like many, I thought the technology roll-out was AWFUL. I am a computer programmer and, had I led a roll-out like that, I'd have been fired.

WW completely got rid of the shopping list, which was my favorite mobile feature. Big turn-off right off the bat.

The leaders kept saying, "Don't let a technical glitch get you off plan!" But, when you're used to tracking, shopping and cooking with the mobile app, it's extremely frustrating being unable to rely on your usual tools.

When I looked at the points everything had, it looked like the Paleo Diet to me. If I had wanted to do Paleo, I'd have gone to a place that offered it. I LIKE grains, cheese and beans! Those ALL went up.

I tried, but I just couldn't do it.

I've put a lot of weight back on and, at the suggestion of a friend, I've Googled and I see that there are PointsPlus calculators available online. I plan to go back to the PointsPlus program - I should be able to replicate the daily logging in a mobile spreadsheet and figure something out for activity points.

My advice to WW: Ditch Oprah. Ditch SuperPoints.

After losing 33 lbs. on the Points Plus program and keeping it off during a 2 yr hiatus, then binging for 3 weeks with the Smart Points program, I have come to the conclusion that Smart Points is a diet and Points Plus is a lifestyle. It's easy to lose weight but harder to keep it off.

The question I am asking myself is "should I quit going and paying thru the nose?" I need the accountability of weighing in plus enjoy the comradery of the other members and learn something new each week which helps me a lot. I've switched myself back to Points plus and feel guilty with my secret at the meetings. Hmmm....what to do.

Do not feel guilty. I've done the same thing. I am buying WW services every month. In my opinion half a loaf is better than none. Something will change again and until then I'm on Points Plus which is a WW plan that I agree with and have been successful on. I go to my meetings every week and will continue because I need the help. I agree that PP is a lifestyle and not a diet unlike SP.

Carla because you started starving with this new plan. I cannot see to stay on it long term and what is the point of losing weight if you immediately get it back...this new program is simply unsustainable long term.

I lost 60lbs on PP. Kept it off for 2 years. Since starting exercising more and trying to follow SP, I'm putting on weight and it's not muscle. I feel like I'm eating less and maybe I'm not hitting my SP goal each day, but very frustrated. I put on 4lbs in one week! I never put on that much in a bad week on pp. So discouraged right now. I'm afraid to step on the scale Wednesday. Also hate they lost all our historical data and did away with measurement tracking. Yes I can do it myself, but if you're really looking beyond the scale, don't get rid of the aspect that looked beyond. Oh and Oprah didn't respond to my email.

I am just so shocked that so many people hate the new program. I lost 94 pounds on the previous points system about three years ago. I have been on the WW program on and off for my entire life, so I have been on just about all the programs -- and each new program gets better. I have been maintaining my weight by being on the Simply Filling program -- now called the no-count option. This is very, very doable and it is really the only way for me to keep my weight off and still eat well. It has not been much of a change for me to switch over to the smart points at all. I already was not eating very many processed foods. For people who think this new program is a diet, not a way to live forever, I believe you are definitely wrong.

Linda I agree with you 100% I really don't understand what everyone is complaining about You can still eat whatever you want but you need to spend your SMARTPOINTS accordingly just like the points plus program.....I have beenon and off WW too all my life and it just keeps getting better. I never ate so healthy as I do now and I also follow SFT.....WW is the BEST program!!

Thanks for your comment, Joann. My favorite change WW has made over the years is the zero point fruit. I LOVE fruit and that is what keeps me able to maintain my weight -- and say no to the other sweet treats that I also love.

I've been with WW since the early 90s, when it was set up like the diabetic exchanges. I returned to WW several times over the years as I had children, and ultimately lost 50 pounds. I became a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, got a degree in exercise science, and now make my living working with older adults. I also teach several other classes, like spin and BodyPump, each week.

Over the last two years, my weight started to creep up. I wanted to lose 15 pounds to get back to a weight where I feel comfortable. I eat clean for the most part; not much sugar, just needed to track for portion control and accountability. Should be easy, right?

I started SP on 3/7. 100% on plan (not a single day off or cheat day)I've lost 6 pounds. Thoughts:

-As a vegetarian, it's been a struggle. Plant proteins carry much higher point values than fish/chicken. Eggs save me, but I imagine for a vegan the plan is next to impossible.

-FitPoints are a great mystery. It seems almost impossible to figure out your energy demands on plan. I teach about 15 senior exercise classes a week, and walk quite a bit around the building, but I consider these ADL and only count my intentional exercise (I don't wear a FitBit). I don't eat FitPoints because when I joined that was the way the plan worked. Now there seems to be a new directive to eat some above a certain level but it's quite confusing. As a trainer I know that people overestimate their caloric output, but many longtime WW users have more than embraced regular exercise, and are burning 1000+ calories on some days. There has to be a better way to support activity.

-The caloric balance is wonky. If I eat within my points, and including 10-12 servings of fruit/veggies a day, I usually take in somewhere between 900-1100 calories. Swinging to the other side, a small indulgence can quickly eat up all your points, even when the calories are on the low side (eg., a milkshake at 530 calories and 27 points will end your day with only about 700 calories total).

-Bad science. Starvation level points allocations, counting fruit in smoothies because "you feel less satisfied" (I'll decide how I feel, thanks) and encouraging the use of artificial sweeteners and low fat foods is not in line with the current research.

-The app crashes often and points values can vary widely (tried to have a piece of birthday cake at my daughter's party; points value on the app was anywhere from 8 to 25).

Like many others, I liked WW because it allowed for treats and I could work a little harder to earn points for a big day. Even as a very clean eater, this new plan is restrictive. I find myself eating the same things every day. I am paid through June and then will move onto a free or one-time pay app.

I am not a fan of the new smart points WW system. The purpose seems to be to make us all live on fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits. Well, sorry, but I love my carbs, and not just the fruit and veggies. I think WW has lost sight of the fact that the purpose of WW is to lose weight. I lost 42 pounds on the points plus system, and that was with treats. I am also concerned about the lack of emphasis on dairy. I believe this could lead to a lot of us having problems with osteoporosis. I think WW is buying into all the new "bad food" fads. There will always be some foods that aren't as healthy as others. Those foods are strictly for enjoyment - and a little enjoyment makes a diet possible.

I am a lifetime member of WW, and used the online and app tracking last year to lose what weight I had allowed to come back. After the holidays of 2015, I wanted to become more accountable again, and to lose a few more pounds.

I can honestly say the Smartpoints for me has been a disaster. I'm hungry constantly, even maneuvering through the points correctly. I, even, gained weight. With PointsPlus I was more successful, and I'm not a huge binge eater.

I have decided that I will use another app, which is free, to hold myself accountable. I'm HIGHLY disappointed in this change, but I suppose it isn't for everyone. I hate it, though, because I was very successful before.

I am maintaining the 100 lbs lost on old weight watcher points plus system. I'm so disgusted with new Smart Points, I may even quit my Lifetime Membership. When people compliment me and ask me how I lost the weight, I tell them "WW, but don't join now!"

I joined weightwatchers 2 years ago and lost 11 stone on the pro points. I put on 3 stone recently and decided to give the smart points a go. Been on the plan for 4 weeks now. First week I lost 9lbs 2nd week 5 lbs week 3 and 4 no change whatsoever and I'm sticking to the points religiously. I am constantly hungry and feel starved. I used to enjoy a few treats on the old plan but now I feel I cannot eat these anymore due to the points increasing. It really does feel like a starvation diet. A few people I know who are doing weightwatchers now are feeling the same.yes I know I can't complain losing a stone in a month but should I really Have to starve myself to look good.i am seriously thinking of cancelling my membership and trying slimming world.

I lost 30 pounds using the Points Plus program. I could never get the hang of Smart Points. I felt hungry all of the time and discouraged. I felt that weight watchers was a very doable program before. After the change, I felt that I was wasting my money each month. I just cancelled my Weight watchers account.

I've moved on to My Fitness Pal after 16 years with Weight Watchers. Hoping they give this plan a major tweak. That would get me back to the program. The new plan is just too restrictive for me. However, I am happy that some people are having success on Smart Points. Not a good fit for me.

I last did WW for 6+ months in 2011 and did lose weight, but ultimately left the program because of the *negative changes* I saw in my diet.

I went to the meetings weekly and bought their 'points snacks' for 'convenience' and bought the frozen meals and dessert options ... until I finally realized that though I was losing weight, I was more dependent upon packaged foods than when I started. I agree completely with Kelly that said she'd choose a 100 calorie pack of cookies for 2 points rather than eat an apple for the same amount of points - that's exactly what I experienced.

I am overweight because I have a love of/addiction to sugar and carbs and processed foods. I have a hard time giving it up, making the right choices consistently, overcoming my draw to the foods I love that ultimately leave me still fat and not happy about it.

The *only* reason I am considering WW again is that there is a greater emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables and reducing sugar and carbs (which naturally reduces intake of processed/packaged foods). It won't be easy, and I'll have to battle my own mental demons in order to achieve success - but ultimately I am 44 and want to live another 44+ years, and that requires HEALTH and not just weight loss via the 'easiest' program.

I agree, too, with the ladies that would like to see a stepped approach, as well as those who want to continue with the program that they have previously achieved success with. WW needs to listen to these needs. And also, if your goal is health, you'll eventually end up with a program that resembles the current program. I'd suggest that you all embrace the new program and make the adjustments that you need to make to achieve success for you - if that means trading a 1-2 pound weekly weight loss for a .5 pound weekly weight loss so that you can still eat those things that bring you joy, then make that choice and feel empowered! At the end of the day you will have still given some thought to the motivations behind your choice, and that in itself is valuable. AND you'll still be going down a half pound a week which is PROGRESS! From my point of view - where I have been steadily gaining year over year - I'm going to go for the steady progress instead of the current status quo.

Best wishes to us all.

I first got on wws in June of 2014. I'm female, 5'4 and weighed in at an even 200lbs. When it was points plus I was losing weight like crazy, and the healthy way! I went down to 142 in 6 months. But stopped for a lil while. Now I'm back and gained a lot of weight back, I'm up to 160 and I just can't seem to lose just 5 lbs with the smart points! I've been paying $45/month on NOTHING!!started again in January of this year n haven't even lost 5lbs in freaking 5 stinking months!!! the smart points is too restrictive like all the other diets out there. I get too damn frustrated and end up binging! I try week after week starting over but can't seem to get a grip on the smart points! I was losing so good with points plus!! I was doing it all to a perfect T! Now I just don't wanna bother! I still pay n still go to the meetings, but get embarrassed at weigh in cause I'm gaining n losing the same damn 2-4 pounds! Its too hard! So I gathered all my notes n books from the points plus n doing it that way again! My true goal is 125lb! I KNOW I will get there with the POINTS PLUS!! screw the smart points, again that's just like all the other diet fads out there, that's NOT how weight watchers is supposed to be!!

I replied to this post soon after it was posted. I was struggling with smart points. I hated the change. I cried, I yelled, I swore I was leaving WW. Now 5 months have passed. I am used to smart points. Yes it is more restrictive than pp, which for me means a lot less cheating. I still have my piece of chocolate every evening (4 sp). I occasionally blow all my points plus extra on a meal out. Overall it is a healthier plan. For those of you who are hungry, check what you are eating. You can fill up on fruits and veggies, plus lean protein. If one is a vegetarian this is harder to follow as grains and beans increased in points.

I loved Points Plus and lost weight easily. Don't love Smart Points: Examples: A 7-oz Italian ice is 18 points, yet only 165 calories--seems nuts! They also seem to "push" proteins on us a lot more, and ignore the benefits of high fiber foods (at least with respect to points). But--it does work! Everyone in my meeting group loses weight each and every week. So, even if it's voodoo, I'll keep counting those Smart Points, at least until I get that last 11 pounds off. After that, I may switch to calorie counting. Now that I have a Fit Bit--seems rather easy.

Wow I'm really surprised by how many people don't like the new plan! I first joined WW 11 years ago (when it was flex and core points) and rejoined last week. In between I joined a few times, so I was familiar with the points plus iteration as well. I really like the new smart points! My problem is 85% quantity, 15% quality, and I was thrilled to find that most of the foods I was already eating were WW friendly under the new plan. I haven't had to significantly change how I eat, just be more careful with portions and snacking. I love that almost all fruits and vegetables are 0 points; it makes a huge difference to me. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that some processed foods that I use as cooking ingredients, in particular canned tomatoes, are 0 points as well. For me the new system makes sense and seems like it will be comfortable to follow.

I also want to respond to some other posts about this not being suitable for vegetarians because beans and grains increased in points. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, and I found that it's not hard at all to follow the new program, you just might have to make different choices about what grains you eat. For example, 1 cup of cooked bulgur is 4 points, 1 cup of cooked wheat berries is 5 points, 1 cup of cooked quinoa is 6 points and 1 cup of cooked brown rice is 7 points. I would suggest that legume and grain lovers who are finding it difficult to stay OP look into substitutions for their favorites. You can probably shave off 4-6 points a day without even noticing.

Before SmartPoints I always said Weight Watchers was about learning to live with the foods you love not without because if we don't then as soon as we hit goal we will want to gorge ourselves on what we've been denying. Now I am eating straight protein because carbs are too 'expensive. Why would I eat a small order of fries at KFC (my weakness and what used to be my manageable treat once every few weeks) for 27 points when I could eat 12 of their hot wings for 24 points. It's just dumb!

I'm more annoyed with the fact that so called "new members" (that was me two months ago) get better weekly deals than ongoing members. We should we be able to benefit from the same great prices no matter what. If after a month of joining, WW lowers the weekly meetings by $2-$4, and add a FREE month, I would guess that all members new, old and incoming would like that same wonderful deal.

I first tried WW when it was Points Plus. Lost just a few pounds then nothing. I was very strict and followed the plan. Got frustrated and quit. I rejoined WW the beginning of February with SmartPoints and it's been great. I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, about 25 pounds, but I was unable to get it off no matter what I tried. I'm happy to say I've lost 27 pounds and feel great. It has not been difficult for me. Yes, I get a little bit hungry at times but just eat some fruit or some carrots and hummus to tide me over. I'm super happy with my results. I love how you can also use fit points for a little lee-way on the weeks when you go over a bit. I like how you can chose to use either your weekly smartpoints or your fitpoints if you go over. All in all I think picking how you want to eat your points is what has been working for me. I refuse to "drink" my points even though I love a good iced chai tea. It's not worth the points to me. Keep sticking with it everyone. It is working!!

Regarding vegetarianism and choosing grains, I think the problem comes with the caloric content. For instance, 6 points worth of quinoa is about 222 calories. Six points worth of chicken breast is over 800 calories. When you choose plant proteins exclusively, you get much less in terms of energy units. Just for argument's sake, if you ate all your points in quinoa, you'd only take in about 1100 calories; if you ate all your points in chicken breast, you'd eat over 4000 calories. That's a ridiculous extrapolation, of course, but it illustrates the point that choosing plant proteins can leave you in the danger zone when it comes to caloric deficit, and it can feel like "punishment" for choosing a protein source that is arguably more nutritious, more humane, and more ecologically-sound than chicken.

I ended my WW subscription earlier this month, after taking off and putting on the same 3 pounds for 8 weeks. I went back to iTrack bites, which mimics Points Plus, two weeks ago. I'm down a pound below the lowest "yo-yo" weight of the last two months. I'm getting more plant proteins and good fats (I couldn't bear the cost of things like nuts and seeds that came with SmartPoints so I gave them up). I'm happier, I'm losing, and there is no longer $20 coming out of my bank account every month.

Nothing works for everyone, and here's to anyone who can reach their goals in a healthy way, because we all know how hard that is!

I'm so glad I came across this website because I've been considering re-joining WW; however, after reading more negative than positive reviews of the new Smart Points program, I'm beginning to re-think my decision.

I have all of my old Points Plus information (books) but I don't think I have the calculator, and am not sure if the calculator I could buy online from Amazon would work for the old Points Plus program. My other problem with just returning to the old PP program is because I've gained even more weight since I was on it, I have no idea how many points I would be allowed on the old PP program.

For anyone doing the old PP program, would you please (PLEASE) take a picture of the chart that shows how many points women are allowed and email it to me at I will gladly mail you a free copy of my first book, "HELP for the LAID OFF", in return. I realize you may not be laid off, but perhaps someone you know, is.

If someone would be kind enough to mail me this info (which is all I lack), it would save me from spending money I can't afford to waste. I am leery of trying the new program because I don't like soy, legumes, quiona or any of that other (what I consider to be) weird food.

Thank you for your consideration of my request. If someone sends me the info I will send a post so no one else will have to worry about doing so.

Mary, please don't let some of the comments on here lead you to not join WW again. This Smart Points program is the BEST program WW has ever had. I am sure they will continually improve upon it. I have been on and off WW since I was a teenager -- I am 59 now. I have been on just about all the programs. I lost 94 pounds this last time -- yep, I am not gaining it back again -- on the previous program, Points Plus, but I love the Smart Points program. It fits right in with the way I eat -- healthier eating. You DO NOT have to eat beans or quinoa or anything like that if you dont' want to -- people were mentioned that because they are vegetarians. Most vegetables are zero points. Fruit is zero points. Protein like chicken, fish, lean beef, turkey is very low in points on this new program. I go to meetings every week -- I'm a Lifetimer. WW is trying to get people away from eating processed foods, which carry a lot of points -- and they are not healthy. If you want them once in a while and it is worth it to you (in the point value), you can go for it. But it is about losing weight, right? Again, I love the Smart Points program. Please give it a chance. I am sure you will be glad you did.

My weight watcher leader quit WW as soon as they rolled out smart points because he enjoys eating and has always preached eating the real thing. I lost steadily on points plus but am not doing so on the new program. Smart point is not sustainable so WW will have members coming back forever as few can eat this restricted diet for a lifetime. A dairy queen sundae is more than two days worth of points. Give me a break, am I never ever supposed be able to indulge in a goody without giving up two days worth of food? This whole concept of you're more than the scale is like the emperor without cloths, I'm not paying $45 a month to hear it not just about the weight - well that's sure is the reason I'm a the meeting. The premise is healthy eating but they need to give us some bigger flexible points for the month or allow us to carry over daily unused points otherwise on your own birthday you'll have to forgo cake or ice cream. Of course when they fix the problem it will cost more money to update our tools and all the cookbooks will be obsolete like they are every time they change their program. Smartpoints is good but too restrictive for a life time. Hope somebody at WW is reading these blogs.

I love the new system. Having low points on fruit and proteins allows me to fill up on the cleaner options. But I always save enough points so I can have my Cadbury chocolates at night. You have to treat yourself, right? I have only been on the new program for about a month but have lost over 10 lbs which is better than I did on the previous programs. I hope folks are able to find a balance and work the program so it works for them.

I was on a very low carb diet and lost all the weight I wanted to lose, but started to feel a lack of energy. I added carbs back in, but forgot how to balance it all. I regained a few pounds and would like to lose them. I remembered that I loved the original points system and was very successful on it so I joined WW online for a month to teach myself how to balance out my eating again. I am happy with the new smart points. In general I don't eat boxed products anymore so the push for more fruits and veggies is good for me. The biggest problem I'm having is that 30 points seems like a LOT of food for me. I'm only one week in and as long as I don't gain weight I plan to stick with the program. I like the structure and focus on whole foods.

I'm seeing a lot of people complaining that they can't eat the same old crap that helped them gain weight. WW is about teaching people how to make better choices, so stop thinking that all those pre-packaged foods are the right choice. Try planning your meals out, and snacking on lean proteins if you're "too hungry for fruits and veggies". I just don't know what people expect from weight loss if you think you can continue to eat the same way you did before. PP allowed WAY too much processed sugar and it wasn't healthy in the long run. SP might take time to get used to but once you do, it's really a LOT of food. I've only been doing this for a couple weeks (lost 7 lbs so far!) but coming from someone who ate whatever I felt like, this does NOT feel like a diet, it feels like I'm making good choices.

I've Done several WW plans over the years and was doing pro points at home before I joined up again ,the smartpoints was very hard at first and I loathed it as I am a sweet tooth ,I wished I had never joined ,However 21 weeks later I have lost 14.1 kgs ,im at goal,completed maintenance and now a lifetime member ,first time ever,it's the best programme I have ever done ,so much healthier ,im nearly 60 and loving it,don't feel deprived in any way ,I lost every week and never hit a plateau ,highly recommend it .

I have done WW multiple times. At first I didn't like the SP change,but I find now I make smarter, healthier choices. I crave natural sweets like fruit and don't crave traditional sweets any more. I rarely even think to eat things like chocolate or ice cream. I feel stronger and healthier than I have my entire adult life. My energy is up, as is my self confidence. My anxiety is improving. I eat fewer carbs and notice when I indulge I feel hungrier faster, and sluggish and tired. When I eat a diet rich in lean protein, high in fiber and fruits and veggies, my skin and hair have improved, I am rarely hungry. I still have 50 lbs to lose (down 70 already), but I know I can do it. And I feel more than any other WW points plan, I know that I can sustain it long term because I have a better understanding of the foods I am eating and how they affect me.

Hi, I have been on weight watchers for 5 years. I lost 25 lbs on point plus but I hate this new smart points. I work out daily (I'm a runner and do weights). I eat healthy all week but on the week-end I do like to eat deserts. I feel that I cannot do that anymore and I am being penalized. I hate this new program.

I have just recently joined ww due to their change. My husband n I have been doing low carb for a year and became so tired of it so the transition to smart points was a treat for us. So we are really not having the problem of needing the processed foods we are totally enjoying the free fruits. Sorry to hear so many dislike the new program.

I recently re-started WW for the umpteenth time.

Earlier in the year I did well using Points Plus, and felt it was pretty flexible. A few months later I went off the wagon. Three weeks ago I rejoined WW and, as one of the few males participating in WW, I have the following observations:

1. Some of the foods that I used successfully staying within my daily points limit under Points Plus now have significantly more points values, which dismays me. Other foods - not that many I might add - - have fewer points. I am DEFINITELY having a harder time staying within my daily limit under Smart Points than I did under Points Plus.

2. I know what we males tend to lose faster and sometimes more poundage than many females, but - - AND I TRULY HOPE WEIGHT WATCHERS IS MONITORING THIS SITE AND SEES THIS STATEMENT - - As a male, under Smart Points, I CONSTANTLY feel like I am on a STARVATION DIET!!! I am CONSTANTLY hungry TO THE POINT OF DISCOMFORT!!!

Under Points Plus, I never had this problem.

My verdict: I dislike Smart Points. If I continue to feel like I'm starving, I will eventually go off the wagon again and gain back.

I've seen WW tweak their points plan a number of times since I first joined back around 2000. I fully anticipate there will be further tweaks in the future. But frankly, my vote is that WW drops the Smart Points system and goes back to Points Plus.

I completely understand why many members are dropping their membership.

Pete, you probably need to eat more protein if you are still so hungry. Eggs are still 2 points. The lean protein is the food item that really went down in points -- turkey, chicken, fish. You can eat more of that now for less points. And eating more protein will help you feel full. I love the new program because it is the way I eat -- I eat very little processed foods. Eating that will definitely not give you much to eat with the new Smart Points. WW will not go backwards, I'm sure.

I have today decided to cancel my subscription to WW the new smart points isn't working for me, I list 28lbs last year and have been on a downward slide since January I have put on 12lbs..I loved pro points so going to ebay and sort myself out.It's a shame because I live my class but I can no longer throw money down the drain.

I've been a member since 2010 and originally lost around 50 lbs. I gained some weight during an extended family crisis and am ready to get serious again. However, I am REALLY struggling with SmartPoints. I liked that I could just eat "normal' food and watch my portions on the old Points system, especially when I ate out. Now I feel like I have to eat in a way that is very weird. My diet was always pretty healthy, but I am a vegetarian and don't eat animal protein, so I'm pretty miserable on Smartpoints. I'm thinking of ending my 6-year membership.

I'm having a bit of a hard time. I've been on WW before and it's always worked for me, but I am losing too much too fast on Smart Points (10 lbs in 1 week, which is a LOT, even for 6' me), and I seem to get hungry a lot between meals. I suspect this is because my husband and I really ramped up our physical activity and the Smart Points system doesn't let you translate activity into points.

I get that they're trying to avoid having people only exercise to eat, but I feel like the increased activity requires more protein, and I'm really not getting that from Smart Points.

Re-read your materials and do over your settings. You can switch it to use your AP first after your dailies, so in effect you can certainly eat them. Also if you exercise that much, eat more! Talk to a leader. How much do you earn per day? I am earning about 7-9 on a very good day and my body still hates to let go of a pound. But, I love this new plan.

WW is pushing you to eat MORE protein. You should not be hungry on this program. You can always eat fruit and/or veggies -- zero points. And if you use your points wisely, you can have LOTS of protein -- they lowered the point values for the leaner cuts of meat, turkey, chicken. Eggs stayed the same. But you get more points now than with the old program. I love the new program, and I have been on all of them -- since the 70s!

So far the new Beyond the Scale Weight Watchers program has been working well for me. I track everyday and get in some activity most days. The best part is that since this new version of the program stresses additional protein and less sugar, I don't get that gnawing feeling anymore. I control my meals, they don't control me!

Smartpoints are scary. It pushes protein and WWers are adding protein powder to recipes to lower points. Healthy? Too much protein is harmful to your body. For the same points, I can eat a small treat or I can eat a complete meal. If I opt for the treat, I will be calorie deficient but out of points. A light beer has less points than milk. A Quest bar has less points that a potato. This plan confuses me. I am trying to make it work but I hope it gets more nutritionally based when it up-grades.

Hi .

Just started the new WW SP option . I agree with most here as in older versions of WW were a fantastic weight loss programme in particular those with a sweet tooth. I am also a single professional and the ready meals and dessert options were perfect for me mainly because I'm always on the go and cooking for 1 isn't much fun .

I just started last week and my first weigh in is tomorrow however I can't help but view the new SP option as a point version of slimming world. Its basically slimming world using points in place of syns which isn't a good move because WW was unique to any other diet programme out there and is now losing its identity

I have been a vegetarian for most of my life and have been vegan for 3 year's so my diet is very poor regardless so I'm hoping the SP will help me break some badhabits and teach me to eat properly whilst losing weight.

Believe it or not most vegan foods are extremely fattening . I'll post how things go later down the line

I had a ton of success on the old Flex program back in 2005. No other WW plan has worked as well for me since, and I've tried them all. It's hard not to feel betrayed by WW, honestly - they gave me this great plan that helped so much and then took it away. It's fine and understandable that they roll out new plans over time, and mostly in life I am completely on board with change and new things. But weight management is deeply personal. Why not let people who had success on the older plans keep doing them? The older plans may not be the most 100% cutting edge shiny hotness, but it's not like they were killing people.

As to SmartPoints specifically, it's really built around the idea that your main meals will center on a slab of meat. This is fine if you eat meat, but I don't. Trying to fit a vegetarian lifestyle into SP is a headache and a half. Being punished for picking a modest portion of rice and beans over a chicken breast is not a sustainable way to live.

The zero point fruits and vegetables are also problematic for those of us who have always liked healthy food and have no problem keeping away from processed foods, but still struggle with portion control. (This was a problem on Points Plus, too.) Lots of people will say, "I didn't get fat eating salads and apples," and so for those people, the zero points foods make sense. I'll even grant, that's probably the majority of people. But personally, I did get fat eating those things. On one memorable occasion, I ate so many baby carrots that I threw up. The zero point fruit, in particular, is way too easy to overdo. Especially when you're already in a restrict and binge mindset because you can't fit your regular vegetarian meals into the SP formula as well.

I am from the UK and having the same issues with SmartPoints - I hate it!!

I lost 50lbs on ProPoints (it's name in the UK)and loved the plan. The weight fell off and it was easily the best plan, but since they have changed it to SmartPoints, I have slowly put the weight back on.

Prime example ... religiously tracked all week, weighed in last night and gained 4lbs. Now, I do have an awful lot of weight to lose and I know I will be on more points than a lot of people, but I am on 60 points a day, plus the additional 42 points a week and I feel this is too much.

My leader is lovely and to be honest, she is the only reason I have stuck with WW for so long, but I am getting to the stage where I cannot go on any longer like this.

I understand things change etc, but really - why did they try to "fix" something, which in my opinion didn't need fixing?!?

I am so unhappy with WW (I've always been a WW girl) that I am going to cancel my membership and join Slimming World.

To snack girl.

I did slimming world and didn't like it. I'm not sure about you but I need the point system to help me control what I eat. My first week back was last week and I lost 2.5 lbs. Not a big loss granted but I followed the points religiously so was a bit disappointed it wasn't more. I did get mixed up in the value per grammes calculations on the first 3 days and was way over my points

So I guess all in all it wasn't too bad. That's strange that you gained 4lbs you must be gutted.

I tried slimming world but all that eat as much as you want of certain foods wasn't controlled enough for me because I did eat constantly. I'm wondering if you maybe did what I was doing with the points per grammes value and your over pointing.

I'm also trying not to use my weekly allowance at all. I know that's not the plan but I'm determined to lose weight and I don't think allowing me extras helps.

Good luck and stick at it

Mary . Belfast

That is great that you lost weight on your first week....believe me, 2.5 # is a wonderful amount! There are many of us who never lose that much....I am finally back at goal and it took me since Smart Points came out...but this is the only plan that is somehow helping me lose. My body loves to hold on to it originally took me one year to lose 12 #.....gained some back after a surgery, really years ago,meet on going to WW to keep accountable and recently finally got back to my goal. I exercise with Jazzercise, yoga and occasional walks and have been earning 45+ AP per week. It is amazing to me that many others lose much faster, but that is how it goes. I know we eat healthily, I exercise almost every day and actually like tracking on my phone. I really don't understand why so many posters are annoyed at the new system because they can't eat as much processed foods or dare I say real food as much as possible and be accountable for it all. Wish you luck, it is a very healthy and doable plan.....

Me again.....don't under eat by never eating your weeklies.....that is what they are there for! I sometimes use all or maybe part of them. There are also your AP....depending on how you have your point account set up, although that still confounds me....I just have it take away my weeklies and then I know I have the AP, but have never had my account deduct those. Really think eating only the points given you may be too low....I am on 28 per week and need some extra weeklies.

Hi Sharon

Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement I'll Def take this on board. Flip 12lbs in a year following the plan, it is a good weight loss and obviously your eating much healthier but that does seem very slow. Have you contacted your doc to have your thyroid checked it could be an underactive thyroid. My cousin was like this until she got tested. In the Belfast weight watchers are lowest allocated points in 30 and 35 weekly. 28 seems very low.

Being on the plan has also made me realise that I have a food intolerance which I believe could be salt. Some foods leave me feeling bloated and eyes very puffy and swollen the next day so im going to get tested as I have a feeling it's salt . Being a vegan my options are limited for procesed food so this plan is opening my eyes to a whole new world of low fat vegan goodies lol

This will Def be a lifestyle change for me.

Well done on your weightless and thanks again for motivating me . I thought 2.5 lbs was awful but I guess it's better off than on


Ok, so I posted on June 8th and wrote that I thought that the new plan would be manageable. I come back now to say that I was, unfortunately, wrong. Even though the foods I was eating (grains, beans) seemed to be low points, in fact I realized after a while that I was significantly over my daily points allotment every day, despite eating a very healthy assortment of food. I was then shocked when I had a ridiculously large portion of turkey breast in a restaurant and saw how few points it was. As someone who cannot cook enough meat, lean or otherwise, for it to make up the majority of my protein, Smart Points eventually became too difficult to manage. I especially resented that I was eating healthfully, yet still exceeding my points. And G-d forbid you have a little square of chocolate at the end of the day. One square of dark chocolate from a bar is 3-4 points!!

I'm new to WW, and the Smart Points system is the reason it's actually viable. I watched my sister use Points Plus, but it was never enough food for me, and never enough of the things I wanted to eat; balancing PP meant having to skimp on either produce or protein, but with SP I can go heavy on protein and eat all the fruits and veggies I want. Hungry late at night? Apple! Hungry between meals? Carrots! Need more bulk at dinner? Add another vegetable! Pile salad vegetables on a wrap, eat fruit with Fage. I'm already seeing what my core meals will look like and where my splurges will be. And I can tell that I won't be hungry.

I lost 57 pounds over three years on pointsplus and it was a piece of cake. I never felt restricted, and I really appreciated being able to make a gradual shift in food choices and portion control. I felt like I really learned to eat better. I thinks smart points is a disaster. It feels extremely restrictive and I am always hungry on it. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and lots of chicken breast and egg whites, but ive gained weight since the change. I know smart points is not a healthy plan for me, but I don't know what to replace it with. I keep thinking I will look for an app that copies the old points plus program, but i hate to have to leave.

I have no choice in the matter. I am on Old Points in South Africa and reading all the above comments, I am quite happy I am still on old points! I cannot even join online as there are limits to which countries the online option is open to. I was trying my best to learn SmartPoints on my own, but ... here goes! I am sticking to my half point old point programme and I am on the Facebook page WeightWatchers Old Points! Love the devil I know!

I'm quitting Weight Watchers because of the Smart Points program. I'd lost 50 pounds on the Points Plus program -- felt like I was eating a well balanced diet which included every food group. Now, I'm eating mostly fruits and veggies and feeling hungry in between meals. I'm not much of a meat eater, usually only eating lean chicken, fish or pork at dinner -- but I like reasonable amounts of whole grain items to keep my fiber up. And where's my treats? Got to have a goodie or two scheduled into my weekly points. After 3 months on the Smart Points, I've lost only 7 pounds and feel greatly deprived. WW always worked for me before, but it's too difficult to stay on program now. It's too much like a diet and not a lifestyle change. I'll be switching to a Points Plus clone app and cancelling my WW subscription, because a pumpkin spice latte shouldn't cost me a day's worth of points should I choose to indulge.

Sorry to hear this. I has my first weigh in on 8th August and to date have lost 10lbs . I am a vegan so my diet is very limited anyways and im not much of a cook.

I think it's now very similar to slimming world but I need the control WW offers as eating as much as I like isn't good for me which is what slimming world offers.

I miss my treats but when I went full vegan I lost them anyway so overall will always be on a restricted diet .

In our group if we don't use up the points it stops weight loss. One lady is not losing but when our leader looked into what she was eating she wasn't using up her points. I went shopping yesterday and couldn't believe all the lovely vegan treats tesco has stocked but when I smart pointed them I was shocked at the point value.

Sounds like the pro points really worked for you . Hope you get the app

Good luck

I just started a week ago and am so frustrated. I am 5'3" and well over 200 pounds. I don't understand why only get 30 SP a day like people who have so much less to lose. I successfully lost weight on weight watchers 10 years ago, but the program was so much more flexible. I only lost 1.5 pounds this week and am disappointed as I thought heavier people lost more quickly.

DC, I know it can be frustrating. I am a slow loser. I rarely have big losses. My advice is keep going because 1.5 is a good loss, even in your first week. As for the 30 sp a day, if you're a little older (I don't know how old you are) that could factor a lower daily points. The good news is 30 is the lowest you'll have to go. Good luck in your journey!!

There's been a lot of musing lately about why WW has lost market share. But, in my opinion, no one has honed in on the real reason - the SmartPoints program is a failure. It's not about the fitbit, the bad WW tools, or about other weight loss programs being better - it's all about how most people hate the SmartPoints program. Please executives wake up!! and bring back PointsPlus! When I was on PointsPlus I raved about the program to friends. Why? Because it was the only diet that I could stick to, lose weight and never feel deprived - and I have tried many diets - online, packaged foods, doctor supervised, electronic gadgets, etc. Nothing worked for me until I tried PointsPlus. And then just as I was seeing real results WW comes along and changes everything. I started to cheat because SmartPoints was so unsatisfying and I gained back 9 pounds! It was impossible for me to stick to that program and so I quit - as did many others it now seems.

You nailed it, Nora! That is exactly why I left WW after 16 years. I am lifetime, but counting calories now. I am maintaining well. I will not darken WW's doorstep as long as they have this current program. Happy it's working for some people.

The market was going down before SmartPoints. PointPlus didn't work for me. I gained weight on it. It doesn't mean it's a bad program. Different programs work for different people. I love SmartPoints and the research shows that sugar is really bad for people. I agree that everyone needs their treats though. I'd be lost without chocolate or ice cream. But I just plan for it and I finally got back to goal with SmartPoints. That's with eating at restaurants, ordering pizza, and being a vegetarian (can't fill up on lean proteins). I think the reason why the market is going down is because we have a world of free apps. People can use free apps or one time fees to follow WW or count calories.

While I love SP, it's not for everybody. I don't think getting rid of SP is the answer. I think adding more tailored plans for people would be the best. Everyone's body is different. Some people need more protein, while others need more carbs. I don't know if that's possible. People need to find what works for them. I love SP and I tell everyone how great of a program it is. And I still eat my ice cream and/or chocolate almost everyday (except Friday the day before weigh in. )

SP didn't work for me, but I found a PP app and have quickly slipped back into my familiar old routine and am much more content. Since I only do the online program, this was the best possible route. Weight Watchers is lagging behind the times by just offering just one program. The app that I chose has three separate options to follow: smart, plus, and classic. If weekly meetings are what keeps you motivated, then WW is probably a better choice -- it's just a shame that they're losing faithful members because they won't change with the times by giving us more program options. I've been doing WW off and on since 1985, back in the pre-points 'liver days' -- when we checked little boxes next to the food catagories. SP reminds me too much of those dark times. Lolol. The whole idea is to find a program that works and to stick to it -- mine happens to be PP, just as so many of you are happy with your SP results. It's all a matter of alternatives.

Would you mind posting a link to the app or the app name? It sounds pretty good!!

Meredith -- itrackbites -- don't know how well it's going to work because I just started it on Friday. Fingers crossed.

I am a lifestyle WW points counter, not a dieter--I use it to maintain my weight, and I have used their plan since 2006. I was okay when the plan switched to points plus, and had my living formula worked out fine! I still subscribed online because I like the "spreadsheet" accountability for myself. I was SO upset with the Smart Points--I think, ultimately, WW will lose customers, because it's a DIET now. Sure, they're touting "people are losing 15% more weight". However, that's because they're limiting the kinds of food they're eating and it's a DIET, not a lifestyle now. I finally, after truly trying to live by it for over a year, quit. Between the activity points (which I have NO idea how that is calculated and seems inflated) and the fact I could have a big glass of wine for the same amount of points as 23 ounces of turkey breast (calorie difference @800) just didn't add up for me. I found an old PointsPlus WW book with all the points on Amazon, downloaded the WWPP app on my phone to calculate points, and am keeping track in a notebook. I think WW had an epic fail with this one as far as life-long use and habits go imho...I truly gave it the college try. When I switched I lost 1 1/2 pounds (not my goal--I'm 110 pounds and use it to maintain bc I can put on weight fast). By the time I quit, I just could NOT live like that anymore. If I want a Fiber One 90 calorie bar every day at 3pm, that's my treat that keeps me sane! That went up to 4 points from 2! So I had to switch to Atkins bars and cut them in half to get a 3 point "sweet" fix daily. More calories than the Fiber One, even cut in half. This is just one example (plus the wine thing!) that made me finally realize it's NOT a lifestyle anymore. Healthier? Perhaps. But WW has always been about being able to live a real life and eat real food in real situations. This new plan removed that. If they're smart, they'll offer the 2 programs in tandem eventually. I guess it will only happen if enough people speak up/leave the program and leave feedback.

Thank you Amy!

I lost about 50 pounds three years ago, mostly with the Simple Start plan; two years ago I shed only 5 pounds. (I still need to lost about 30 pounds.) This year? Nothing. The funny part is, a lot of what I learned to do led to better eating habits. But I could get treats in by close points monitoring and/or adding some extra exercise.

I quit WW because it was no longer helping me. I know that they have to 'sell' things on the program; but changing it EVERY year does not keep me coming. In fact, just the opposite.

It wouldn't be so bad if the online tracking (etc.) allowed you to choose which program.

Another thing, I started using the 'old' exercise tracker - and a YEAR later they came out with a new model. They expected me to BUY a new model AND continue paying the monthly fee? No way. So perhaps that contributed to my lack of weight loss.

I stick with the old maxim! If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I know what you mean about changing things often. I had just bought the Pointsplus food scale and then they came out with the Smartpoints scale. Had I known, I would have waited to buy the scale. I felt I was owed a refund! But now I am happy that I did not buy the SP scale since I reverted back to the PP program using iTrackbites. It's pretty good.

I lost 23 pounds felt good looked good. Then you changed the plan. Shame on you. You gained my money in your pockets so I gained my weight back. Assholes. Oprah you suck

It's funny reading all these comments. The reason I never liked WW in the past was because you COULD eat whatever you wanted as long as you stayed in your points. So you could starve yourself all day so you could eat half a pizza at night. That wasn't teaching anyone anything about healthy choices. I know what I should do, and what I should eat..but I don't do it. I need to be accountable...and tracking my points daily, and being gently pushed toward healthier, more filling foods is exactly what I need. I find that I'm approaching dinner with a TON of points left. So eating lots of fruits and veggies is working for me. I think the fact that people are commenting that they gained their weight back when the plan changed is a prime example of what was wrong with WW in the first place. If switching the focus to healthier foods and more activity makes you gain were doing something wrong in the first place. Hard to admit if it's happening to you...I'm sure. But seems pretty obvious from my point of view.

The latest overhaul of WW has taken an easy to use plan and turned it into a laborious daily task and too many town hall talks. I am a lifetime member and have had success on previous plans. I was shocked with the increase in food point values and decrease in daily points allowed. Digging out old books that worked. Sad to see a good company start to hit the skids

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to give my input. I recently started back at WW, in the past I've done the fat and fiber plan, which worked for me, but I was young and could lose weight fast then, not so much now, then I rejoined with the original points system, now smart points. I have a sweet tooth, I like peppermint patties because they are low in calories and fat compared to other candy bars, I was very surprised that the points went up by 4, but I realize that cutting down on sugar and carbs is the way to lose weight, although it can be discouraging, I have found alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth, I recently bought DQ Fudge Bars, they are normal size, delicious and only 2 points for they have no ADDED sugar in them. Weight Watchers ice cream is too high in points and that's for snack sizes. I've been eating more fruit and veggies which is what the program encourages and that is a good thing. So my take is, yes, you can't have as much sweets as you did on the old program, but reality is in order to lose weight, you have to cut down on sugars. It's hard in the beginning, but if you stick with it, it gets much easier and you see results. My gripe is that some of the packaging in the stores still have the Points Plus values on them, I bought the WW/Whitman Chocolate Pecan chews because I saw 1 point each, not noticing it was the Points Plus values, so my three points for three candies I thought I had eaten turned into 8! It seems like by now all items should have the Smart Points values on them, but what do I know!

Well here we are nearly 7 months later since my March post. Guess what? I weigh exactly the same as I did then. I lost 30 pounds and continue to maintain that loss with smartpoints. The program worked for me. I was and am a bonefide sugar-holic. I have greatly reduced my sugar consumption trading that in for sweet grapes and other fruits. I no longer attend meetings but might start up again with the holidays approaching. I don't track daily either but keep a running talley in my head. I do indulge on special occasions. Scale up a pound or two, cut back immediately as I am NOT going there again.

Hi, not sure if you get this response....highly recommend you returning to WW. The news plan is actually to me more healthy.....makes you aware of sugars especially in processed foods and you do pay more for them. But, I still have some sugar in coffee, and now use just a little versus packet of Splenda (got rid of fake sweeteners and need stuff much less sweet).

Also, I still basically eat as I did on the other plan, do have carbs and even snacks like WW frozen fudge bars, Julie's Organic Strawberry Yogurt Bars (yummy from Costco)....tubs of ice cream, even light is dangerous for me since I easily overdo it.

And, if you go back and have a smartphone, the WW App is great and fast. It really helps me keep track of daily eating and much easier than just winging it (for me). You also get eat to see the different point values for different amounts. Or, there is still simply Filling, which I also love. So, the whole thing is highly doable. I have been going to meetings for 9 years, and for 2 years I was about 10 lbs over my goal. When I switched to Smart Points latest version I finally got back to goal and have stayed there. If you were at goal before, you are still in the system no it is easy to return. Good luck.

Having lost over 90 lbs on Points+, I reached lifetime, and I was disappointed that WW felt they needed a "marketing change". I stayed on PP, but later felt I wanted to go back to WW for added support, and to give Smart Points a real try. I quit within the 3 month special, under which I had rejoined. I just could not stay with this protein based program. Seems like any low carb diet, which, for me, is just not a realistic lifestyle change. I just happily went back to Points Plus, on my iwn, because WW doesn't offer the choice. I use a free app to track and calculate, and have a fresh start! I am not perfect, I accept that. With PP, I don't have to pretend I am!

I applaud ww for tackling the sugar epidemic. It really is the biggest problem we have concerning nutrition and weight loss .

I understand how people who have had success might struggle switching to smart points. WW is doing the right thing. If you feel you need the old system do it, just don't give up. Maybe try to gradually change over.

good luck.

I have been on SP program for 5 weeks and have lost 20.2 lbs. I am in no way hungry or starving. I do not feel deprived of anything. I manage my points so that I get the most bang for my buck. With 49 extra weekly points, I can indulge in an occasional treat. That's right-OCCASIONAL. It's not a treat if it's every day or multiple times a day.

WW gives you a blueprint, but you still have to do actual work. Unfortunately, most WW members like to complain first rather than play an active role in their own lives. They blame the company, the eating plan, a stock shareholder like Oprah, but the one thing they will not do is take accountability for their own actions.

This is the best program WW has rolled out. Instead of instantly complaining (like petulant children) that you cannot (untrue, you still can) have your sugary treats, be a grown up and make healthier food choices. If I had a sweet tooth, I'd see this as an opportunity to get a handle on it and utilize that to the fullest.

John -- I'm glad that SP is working for you. All of us posting here are on some sort of weight-loss program, and although you've had good results with SP, it's not for everyone. I've had great success on PP -- and since I've gone back to it from SP, I've lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks -- which for me is a very safe amount to lose in that amount of time, because my journey is a marathon, not a sprint. We're all different, with different body types, ages, metabolisms. Every one of us is to be congratulated for sticking to whatever program is best suited for our particular situation and lifestyle. Weight loss is weight loss, no matter what path we take. Hope we all have continued success on whatever program we choose.

I am gaining weight on smart points despite following it exactly! So devastating! I was on ww points plus years ago & lost 25 lbs. My body now has never had so much fruit & veggies, good food & no sugar. Why isn't it working?

It sounds like you might be doing what I did and undercounting your points allowance. I found it difficult to understand the grammes value . I counted the wrong portion of what I actually ate so ate more based on the grammes value. It took me a few weeks to understand how to break it down. I've lost over 2 stone in 4 months and haven't felt like I was dieting

Joann- 5 servings of vegetables per day, but only 2-3 servings of fruit. Zero points does not mean unlimited. Fruit still has calories and is high in sugar.

I loved the original points program. I did very well on it. Then it changed to Points Plus and for me it went down hill. Haven't tried smart points. My theory is "if it ain't btoke don't fix it!"

I have done just about ever WW program for the past 10+ yrs. I have found smartpoints to be the most difficult, by far. I came back to WW in Sep to lose 10 lbs and get back to goal. Every ounce has been an absolute struggle. I have never had this much trouble losing weight before. I really believe in low carb diets and moderate protein, as long as it's combined with realistic amounts of healthy fats. But when low carb and higher protein is done in conjunction with little fat the body just cannot move the fiber and protein through the way it should. And I have found myself really watching the fat I eat on SP, as a result I have gone from 30 yrs of "regularity" (2-3 times a day) to going once every 7 days, and this is horrible, not healthy, and feels yucky. But if I add more fat to my diet then I"m not able to take in enough food to sustain me throughout the day. And I have been drinking much larger volumes of water because of the higher fiber and protein content I'm taking in, but it's doing nothing to move things through my system. And I'm not losing weight. Likely because everything that goes in stays in, nothing is coming out. WW has really tried to lean toward the latest trends of low carb/higher protein eating, but without adding the all-important, scientifically proven fact that higher fat is also required.

This is interesting to read the comments here.

I'm one of the people who got upset when they switched to PointsPlus from the previous Points program. On the points program I lost 60 pounds within 4 month (postpartum). They changed to PointsPlus after I had my 3rd child. It did not work for me. I followed every aspect to the letter. It just stalled all my progress.

I heard plenty of complaints from others after the change-over. I think there are definitely many people out there that it wasn't working for, and like me, cancelled their subscriptions.

I'm actually feeling optimistic that they've changed the plan again!

I'm so happy that I accidentally came upon this site. I achieved Lifetime with PointsPlus. Going to keep this simple...

1. After a death in the family, needed my WW Anchor

2. Being a very big user of etools, I had many recipes stored. They were impossible to recover.

3. As some of the posts above, I'm a vegetarian. Beans are an important source of protein- ouch on those carbs!!!

4. I have perfect sugar levels, I need my sweets.

I remembered before etools, I kept an excel spread sheet of all point values of foods as I looked them up. I started doing that again. Turns out, the point formula can be found on line. My husband set me up with a nice spread sheet again.

Someone here mentioned they purchased an old points calculator. Thanks for that idea- already purchased on eBay.

I agree, why doesn't WW give you the choice between PointsPlus or SmartPoints? Because it seems, according to their research, the majority of those asked said SmartPoints worked. Majority? That could be 51%. And who did they ask?!? (Just sayin')

I've been going rogue for 4 weeks now and lost 9.8 lb. And I'm 63.

I want to thank all of the previous posters who allow me to believe "It's not just me"

I be been a Weight Watcher member forever. I actually made goal the first time through in 1979. In the 80s I was trying to get back to a much too low goal weight. I was trying to be below 130. My comfort zone I realize now is around 150. In 2006 I came back after hitting an all time high of 215.9. I'm only 5 foot 5 and I figured I need to lose or get taller. At one point I lost almost 50 but all program changes left me confused , dazed and hungry plus my favorite meeting had turned in to a social club. Moreover, I was trying to eat clean and at first thought that smart points would fill that bill.

A chance meeting with a lifetime member at goal convinced me to try My fitness pal. Omg their data base is amazing. It has local restaurants and it tracks sodium counts carbs and sugar. You can eat what you want but it gives you clear warnings for example if a food is too high in sodium. Also it's free and even their paid version is a fraction of Weight Watchers. Long story short I cancelled my membership and have lost almost 4 pounds this month. I'm not having the severe hunger spikes that I had with Weight Watchers. Bye bye WW

Im a lifetime, and I just quit too. I struggled all year with SPs and could actually feel the lack of enthusiasm for the new program from the leaders. I'm going back to points plus on my own - it worked well for me.

After being away from WW for several years, I recently checked in to take of a pesky 10 pounds. I understand the frustration of those who were successful and comfortable under the Points Plus program. It is hard to change things once you found something you like--and something that works. I'm happy with the new Smart Points program because I want a program that is going to help me be the most healthy I can be. So far I haven't had any problem with feeling hungry--in fact my problem as been eating all my points, but then I love fruit so I have several servings of that each day. I have to laugh at how flexible all the WW programs have been recently. I still remember back in the 70s when WW required you to eat at least one serving of liver and two servings of fish every week. The fish wasn't so bad (think tuna), but the liver was a tough nut to swallow! Hope you all continue to be successful on whichever program you choose. Maybe WW will listen and provide several options.

I have lost weight (70lbs) on the old system before Points Plus or Smart Points. I went back to WW because I knew it worked and felt I needed the accountability but was very disappointed to find the plan was changed so drastically.It never felt like a diet before and now I am obsessed with food. Before it was truly a life change. I choose what I would eat and a small timbit was a treat and now I can't afford that small luxury. The idea that I could have it if I truly wanted it gave me the attitude that I was in control. I was choosing a life style that facilitated weight loss. Smart points totally discouraged me and I quit after 3 mths. It is no longer a life change but another new DIET PLAN like all the others. Nothing new here. Sad to say I am done with WW and will never return. This is not a plan I can follow. I always recommended WW to people but no more. Sad

I joined Weight watchers online in 2010 and had great results with points plus. I went from 272 to 185 in a little over 1 1/2 years and was maintaining. about 2 years ago I started to creep up a little and was maintaining between 200-209. I tracked everything and it was actually interesting to see what I ate and when. This helped keep a lid on eating. I counted on the activity points to help - sometimes you have a cheat day, or week, and it keeps you on track. I ate everything that I liked and this also helped to keep me at a weight that I felt comfortable.

When they changed the plan and gave foods that I love a higher point rating, took away activity points, vilified carbs and sugar, if took all of the positives out of the plan for me. I still have my online membership but have become disgruntled with the program. It is hard to calculate foods, points have been raised on food that I actually eat, and honestly I get frustrated and just stop trying to count and tell myself that I will pick up again tomorrow.

The points plus plan was working for me and also for many people I have spoken to, there was a lot of frustration from longtime members with this new "holistic" plan. Why couldn't they have given the option to choose the points plus plan that was already in place or the new plan. It feels like this was foisted off on people who are paying for this. We are adults, we DO NOT need to be made to eat healthy! We know that piece of cake is not a healthy choice but sometimes you just want it. It made much more sense to allow people to eat the foods the REALLY eat and track them rather than trying to make them eat healthy. Sugar, fat, carbs, all have a place in our diet in the real world.

Sorry ranting now, just have been unhappy with the plan since the change. For me it went from something that helped to something that is harder to use than it is worth.

I did best on the Points Plan. It worked very well for me. Tried the Smart Points online and got frustrated. When WW changed to the Points Plus Plan I got rid of my old Points books. Sure wish I hadn't!!! I had gained most of my weight back and stay frustrated with the changes in WW!

Disappointed. Good job, Oprah. >:[ It's ridiculous to think that the lifestyle of a full time working mother of 2 small children is anything comparable to Oprah's lifestyle. So to think what works for her will work for me is comparing apples to oranges.

I have used WW for at least 5 years on and off to stay at a healthy weight. About 6 months ago, I gained a few pounds and wanted to get back on track, so I started up again . . . with the new system. I loved Points Plus, but the Smart Points program is too restrictive and unachievable. I quit after a few weeks because I was grossly going over my points every week, even though I was sticking with basically the same diet I had on Points Plus. The motivation factor is way down, because it's too easy to fail on points. It makes me want to give up and eat whatever, 2 days into my week.

Over the Christmas holiday, I gained more, so I signed back up again. I am eating healthier, but I just don't get Smart Points & how they determine how many you can have. They made it more restrictive as far as what you can eat, AND gave me WAY less points in a week. Oh well, I'm just going to stick with it for a month or so. If I lose weight even if I go over my points, then I'll just let myself go negative 40 points every week and know I'm still successful. We'll see how it goes.

I struggled with smart points when WW switched over. I was on maintenance at the time. After a month it got easier. Now a year later it is very easy. Before it was too easy to let sugar and processed foods to creep into my life. Now I don't miss it. I even have a piece of dark chocolate every night.

I think if you find that Points Plus works, keep with it. If you reach a plateau, the Smart Points version could help get you through it.

Sugar kills. I could stay within my caloric level all day for years and never lose weight. I didn't know what was wrong. The only way I could lose was to eat one meal a day and starve. I thought my metabolism was really jacked up. I didn't know how in the world people could eat meals and snacks and not be overweight. It was the food choices I make. The foods I grew up with and the way I was taught to cook. Sugar kills. Fat kills. Proteins, carbs, and fat have to be in a balance. Smart points is great and I am finally losing weight. Sugar and fat were my problem and what was holding me back. It was why I could stay within the point ranges and within my caloric goal on programs and never lose weight. I would gain it even. I am eating different new to me foods higher in protein and lower in fat and sugar. I am feeling great, looking better without starving, and the weight is coming off easily than ever before. Smart points just might save me from the diabetes, heart disease, and gout that are like a plague in my family. Sure foods high in sugar and saturated fat taste wonderful and everyone wants them, but they are terrible for your body and will make you feel awful in the long run. I would rather feel good and get to eat more to stay at a healthy weight. Smart points has been good to me. It is what I have needed for years. You might be a person that ate better foods regularly that could lose weight with other programs they've offered. Sugar and fataholics like me need the huge kick in the pants that smart points offers.

I have tried weightwatchers many times unsuccessfully. When I did lose weight, I gained it back when I left. I love smartpoints and I have lost 20 pounds. It is teaching me how to eat to live. I never liked that you could have points full carbs/sugar. You still can but if you make unhealthy choices you are going to burn up many more points. It reinforces healthy eating and is much, much more diabetic friendly. If I really want to splurge I can use my workouts for extra points. The personal coaching has made all the difference for me. I travel a lot and my coach helps me with strategies. I love it!

I have been on weight watchers since November. Have lost 18 lbs, I am very pleased with the smart points, I stay full, if I want a salty snack I choose something like special k chips, if I want sweet, I usually choose fruit. The whole purpose of weight watchers is not just weight loss but learning to make healthier choices and learning portion control. I no longer crave the junk I once did, and never feel deprived. I LOVE weight watchers.!!!

I became life member on Points Plus, and have rejoined on Smart Points. I intend to make it work. I am down 16 already. But. I. Am. Miserable. I need to find a way to make peace or a compromise but here are some of the issues with the new program.

First, they try to guilt you into staying around 27 to 30 points daily. That is technically under 1000 calories. Sure, you get free fruit. But still. You don't get more points for being fatter or for exercising.

They start you at an activity goal, and once you make it, they try to guilt you into increasing it. In the old system, ww would essentially let you eat back half of your exercise calories. (They never let you have them all.) But now, even if you set your app to swap mode, you don't get credit that you can eat until you *first* make your weekly goal. Then they reset everything at the start of each week so you actually never get to claim your swap points anyhow. So you can literally be weak and exhausted from a huge amount of exercise but you can't claim any of it for several days. So this makes you go around lightheaded with lo "legal" recourse.

In the old program, you were given a reasonable points range and urged to stay right down the middle of the road. Now, everyone is urged to eat between 27 and 30, which isn't right for everyone, and is super hard for people who start out obese. They are now guilting us into starvation behaviors they previously warned us against!

They don't permit any banking or carrying over of even a day or two from week to week.

When they went from points plus to flex points, this switch was just in how things were written down. That was a great move at the time! But once they gave you the whole bank at the start of the week, they decided to make it available only by guilt! And you really are not "supposed" to "ever" go over your daily range or you get the guilt thing again. So that is really going entirely backwards!

No more saving for a nice occasion! You are just like a lost sinful soul if you deviate for any reason. And the weekly meetings revolve around these concepts of guilt and deprivation! They used to be more uplifting.

Another thing I forgot to mention... ww claims you should lose 0.5 to 1.5 lbs per week. But if you do as they say, you will lose much faster. This means they are expecting you to cheat. A lot! Why can't they cater to those of us who want to actually follow the plan instead of hedging every bet to account for people who cheat all the time? By making a plan that you can't really follow healthfully, they cut out the very people who can follow instructions.

Donna, are you doing WW on line? I lost 94 pounds and now am a lifetimer -- for three years. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you should be getting more than 30 points. 30 points is the absolute minimum people get. My sister has over 100 pounds to lose and she gets over 40 daily points -- I can't remember the exact amount. I will have to double check with her. You need to review your materials. You also get weekly points, which are the ones you can use for special treats, nights out, etc. And I've never felt guilted into anything with WW. If you are doing it on line, I suggest you go to meetings.

I agree with you fully!! It's like they expect you to cheat, and I actually follow it, so now it's too difficult to stick with. I lost about 3 lbs, and again gave up. I only wanted to lose like 5 lbs anyway, so good enough.

Donna - I would call we and check your points. I am on maintenance at 34 pts. Eating your exercise pts is discouraged but allowed. I don't know calorie equivalents so I can't respond about that. I do know if I eat enough protein and fiber I am not hungry or light headed.

I am going to weekly meetings. I weigh in weekly and they recalculate the points weekly. This is official WW recommendation to aim for 30 points, but 27 to 37 is permitted. This is totally at odds with their philosophy in the past which was to stay in the "middle" of your points range.

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... Points Plus is the way to go. I quit WW after trying Smart points for 9 months. I was hungry, depressed over very small weekly losses and I wasn't the only one. I've gone back to PP and am much happier and seeing results.

I've lost my weight on the original Points program and loved it. I have gained some weight back and debated going back to WW under the new Smartpoints program. Sounds like it wouldn't be something I would like. If I could find materials from the Points program I would go back to that. I just don't understand why WW is constantly changing! Every time it does it cost more money!

I am very happy with Smart Points. I joined about a year ago. I have done Points Plus and Points before that. I like the emphasis on lean protein, fruits and vegetables. I have lost 43 lbs, have hit plateaus, but kept on. I still have about 15 lbs to hit my goal. The big bonus is the health reward. My already in range cholesterol dropped to a total of 156. My BP is in normal range. I am 64 years old, am a light exerciser. I get 30 Smart Points per week and 28 weekly points to use as I wish.

I absolutely love SmartPoints. I don't know why people are so hungry on it. I'm definitely not. I think we have to focus on our mindset. I used to feel guilty about eating certain foods. Now I plan for my treats. I never feel guilty about what I eat. If I want chocolate, I eat chocolate. If I want pizza, I eat pizza. I can't eat pizza and chocolate everyday to lose weight, but when I have a treat or go out for lunch or supper, I don't feel guilty. If I mess up, I learn and move on. We need to eat to live, not live to eat. But we should eat foods we love. Everybody is different. I use a lot of my weeklies and still lose or maintain (I'm at goal). I find I need to eat more to lose. Before I wouldn't use the weeklies because I thought if I used them I was cheating. If you're hungry on SmartPoints, try eating more of your fitpoints and/or weeklies. Up your protein or fiber and maybe that will help. If not, do what works for you. This is your journey. But we shouldn't get completely focused on the numbers (scale and points). We play with the points and make the program work for us. The program doesn't work us; we work the program. Weight Watchers changes because the science changes. Added sugar isn't healthy for us. We know this. But life without chocolate isn't realistic (at least for me), so I make choices and make it worth it. I can eat a ball of Lindor for 4 sp and it satisfies me. It's enough. Give me cheap chocolate and I keep stuffing my face. I find it has a lot to do with our mindset. Once I stopped worrying about the scale and feeling guilty about what I eat, the weight came off. I make healthy choices, but I eat the foods I love.

I find WW smart point system awesome! I haven't had any problems with it and am down 17.8 lbs in 2 months! I never have been much of a sweet eater though so that probably helps!

I have done the original points, points plus and started smart points about 6 weeks ago. Lost 12.5 lbs in that time. I have liked them all and just keep my eating within the points allocated. I treat it like a budget - splurge here, cut back there. It isn't WW's fault that I stop following the program - that's on no one but me. I actually really like smart points - but I also feel like the treats are (less than) half size and way more points. BUT, I also think that's because you are being encouraged to chose better options - as someone else pointed out, the original points plan was more focused on calories - so an apple was the same as a 100 cal pack of cookies. We all know that isn't true.

On SP, I'm eating colorful salads every day with lots of different veggies in it. I'm eating fruit for snacks. I'm eating other things too, but I'm hitting the fruits and veggies hard. It's on me to stick with the program. If they change the points methodology, I'll roll with the new way as well. In my opinion, anything that encourages fruits and vegetables this much is a great thing. I haven't had a sniffle or sneeze and I feel GREAT! My arthritis is improving, I give credit to the combination of loads of fruits and veg plus the weight loss.

As for Oprah, yeah, she's not my favorite. But I really don't care. I feel like the plan is easy to follow. I'm doing this for ME and MY health is important to ME. If Oprah pockets 50 cents a month from me, so what? :-)

I lost 55+ pounds on Points Plus and miss it terribly. Does anyone know of any websites or bookstores that may carry the old Points Plus materials? The kicker is the e-tools are what kept me going so now I'd have to track "old school" if I wanted to go back to the Points Plus plan. So sad we don't have a choice...

I found an app! Itrackbites they have the whole points plus program on there! I miss the points plus terribly..I lost 60lbs on it and couldn't make the smartpoints work. Just started up on this app and am super excited!

I was wondering what was different this time around (Points Plus vs. Smart Points) now that I am finally trying to lose those last 10 pounds of baby weight (albeit 3 years later). I find myself hungry this time around and I know last time I loved it because I could eat what I wanted, but remained accountable for my choices.

Three years ago I was on WW and lost 30lbs in three months. I just started back in January and have only lost 11.6lbs. I follow the plan everyday. I hate it and am very discouraged. I did much better on the PP plan. Much more realistic and something I could stay with. I am about to just quit and do it on my own. Also the meetings suck. Our meeting leader told us she is not allowed to teach and can only talk 15% of the meeting. I am learning nothing. I learned so much more three years ago. Yuck!

It sounds like you need a new leader. Is there another meeting you can go to?

30 lbs in three months is fast. A pound a week is what is recommended. It took me 1.5 years to lose 85 lbs. The smart points were an adjustment. Now I find it as easy as points plus.

"Joanne is in a place where she isn’t ready to give up her sweets and is finding the program unsustainable."

That, to me, illustrates the difference between SmarPoints and Points Plus.

With the previous method, you could occasionally indulge and still remain on track; SmartPoints has eliminated indulgence. And it's that person's fault for not being ready for it.

Points Plus encouraged exercise by trading it for food; I understand why they changed it, but why exercise now? Keep in mind that most people on Weight Watchers are looking for incentive to maintain balance. This new system seems geared toward people who already routinely exercise and avoid sweets.

I agree with what others have said: WW used to be a way to be healthi-ER for people who were not inclined to healthy living. This new system is an all-or-nothing diet. It's like WW is trying to save everyone's life, and tough luck if that doesn't work for you. I think this will end up being a terrible decision for WW in the long run.

In response to S. Sharp, I *so* feel for you! What I would suggest you might try is to download an app (I believe they exist for free) which allows you to track the old WW way but keep weighing in and going to the meetings. I also preferred the old meetings. But either way, I like seeing people get rewards for progress. It gives me courage to keep working at it. The problem as I see it, is that the old WW really was close to calorie counting. This new way isn't. The science just isn't there. You can be at starvation level or at maintenance level on the same number of "points". So, try counting calories or PP, and see if your weight loss starts back again.

I've been a lifetime member for almost 20 years. I got to goal with neither of those plans (points plus or smart points) but I had been following the points plus until WW switched over to smart points. I don't like that plan at all and it does not work for me. Feeling all those restrictions makes me feel deprived and then I start to binge. Adding 3 or 4 points to a dessert I used to love is ridiculous. So the

result is I don't eat it because it is not worth it. Then I feel deprived and go off plan by eating it and other foods and it leaves me feeling bad because I got off plan. I am going back to points plus where I felt satisfied and I still am eating healthy. I am not a junk food eater not do I eat any fried foods so there is no reason for me to stick with a plan that adds all those extra points to foods I love and enjoy eating. I feel healthy, am still at goal and exercise daily and will continue my monthly weight ins but am going back to points plus :)

I have tried Smartpoints three times and this is the last. I have much better success counting calories. It takes very little time to learn WHAT to eat to lose weight. The lifelong struggle, at least for me, is how to manage my emotional journey so I can stick with it without giving up for weeks and months and years. I enjoyed the 1-2-3 program and Pointsplus and viewed them as helpful allies on my journey. But Smartpoints has never made me feel like anything but a failure and a loser. Characterizing a 1300 calorie day as a "failure" because 200 of those calories came from a Fig Bar is insane. I feel scolded and punished, not encouraged. Anecdotally, everyone I see having success on this new plan is retired with constant access to a kitchen. That's great if that is your situation, but it is not mine. I am quitting for good and heading back to My Fitness Pal.

Wow Allie! You are so right. At least, for one of the groups I attend. It's mostly retirees.

I joined WW yesterday and already sorry that I spent that much money on a three month pass. I had reached my goal and gained back 10 pounds. I am unable to calculate my recipes with the smart plus points. Most recipes do not give sugar in their calculations. How am I supposed to calculate my smart points?

I had been doing MFP with Fitbit to calculate my exercise calories and doing well. Since I'm active, there are many times MFP allots me 1700-1800+ calories per day and I still lose (female, 52 y/o). I signed up for WW after I heard they sync with Fitbit just so I could have access to their database since MFP database, while huge, has a lot of entries with incorrect calorie values and it was a pain to sort through them to get the correct ones. I don't have a sweet tooth at all, eat mostly home cooked meals and eat a very healthy diet (lots of vegetables, some fruit, protein, v. low sugar (only those which naturally occur in fruits and in the 1% milk I take in my coffee). My indulgence is 8 oz. of red wine with dinner nightly.

Holy heck, WW's calories are low! I entered in my food yesterday and WW had it at 43 points! It was 1477 calories. It was very disheartening. Although I earned enough FitPoints to cover it, just the idea that it was 43 points sort of did a mental number on my head and induced feelings of guilt, and then feelings of deprivation. It was very weird.

On MFP I don't have these feelings. I never exceed the calories they allot me and I feel good about myself, or at the very least neutral. WW is making me feel guilty and disordered. A 1477 calorie day on MFP is something that makes me feel good. On WW it made me feel like garbage.

I need to cancel this membership. It's not worth those feelings.

In my opinion, WW nudges people to calorie levels that are not sustainable over time.

I'm really confused by all of the backlash at the Smart Points system. In terms of encouraging healthier eating habits, it's far superior to the Points Plus program. You can eat 30 meals a day if you want to, as long as you limit it to mostly veggies (of which there are endless possibilities), and still have consumed little to no points. This leaves you with plenty of points to eat enough protein and a few carbs to get you through the day. I have a major sweet tooth as well, but I like that it holds me accountable so that if I want to eat dessert or a chocolate bar, I can, as long as I use portion control and plan out the rest of my meals for the day. By eating a mostly plant-based diet, I have been able to eat a Snickers bar at least a few times a week, without ever going over my daily or weekly points for the past few months, and I've continued to lose weight. Even though it may be more difficult than the old program, I think that it encourages people to eat healthier and more consciously long term. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy... If losing weight was easy, everyone would be thin. I think that people just need to accept that this is the new program and give it a try for at least a few months. It's never easy to deal with change at first, but once you get used to it, it's definitely worth it!

I agree with Andrea. With SP's you have to really look (far) beyond to program to stay sane. They induce guilt in many ways they did not on PP. They give you little "blue dots" in the app to reward you for staying in your zone each day, but even if you decide to swap out your fitpoints, they won't reward you with a blue dot. You can ONLY hit your goal zone BY DEPRIVING yourself. It's NOT OKAY by them if you exercise it off. You're supposed to ONLY use exercise to accelerate weight loss, even if you're sick, even if you've just run a marathon. It doesn't matter.

Allie: I'm 32 years old and work full-time and have another job after. This program has been very successful for me. At my meeting, most of the women and a few men, work full-time jobs. There are a few people who are retired, but most work. Many different ages in that meeting. But probably depends when you go. I go Saturday mornings. If I went Monday morning or afternoon, probably a lot more older people.

Donna: I don't even look at the blue dots. Because if you exercise a lot, you are probably going to need to eat a little more. Even if you don't exercise, some people need to eat more for their bodies. For me, I find sugar makes me gain, but I need fat and salt in my diet. The weeks I eat more healthy fats (which tend to be higher in points, but I love me some avocado) are the weeks I lose more weight.

I agree with Ashley. You have to prioritize, plan, and portion. I'm not willing to give up pizza, chocolate, ice cream, and really anything. I eat a lot of food. But I never feel guilty. This weekend I'm going away and one thing I'm doing is going to all you can eat sushi. I'm going to eat a lot of sushi. I'm going to track it and use a lot of my points for it. I will not feel guilty about it at all. The rest of the week I will eat healthy and get my exercise in. It's a lifestyle. So we have to do what works for us to stay healthy in the long run, not just until we get to goal weight. :)

I have been on Weight Watchers since 2006. It is now 2017. The program has changed on been tweaked 4 times since I have been on it. I embraced the changes and was even excited to about the changes. Smart Points I am not happy with.

I totally agree with you. I was on the program three years ago. I lost almost 30lbs in three months with PP. I came back recently and only lost 11lbs in three months on the new program. It has turned into just another "diet". I don't need a diet I need a life change. I have since quit and will just use my fitnesspal app.

Donna is right. They nudge you not to use your FitPoints. The default setting is for "no swapping" of FitPoints. You have to manually change that and the way it's set up it appears they'd rather you use Weekly Points first before swapping out FitPoints since that's the swap option. For heaven's sake, why? I set it up for swapping out FitPoints first and each week have to go back into settings and do it again since it reverts back to "no swapping" at the start of a new week.

This nudge towards not using FitPoints is unfortunate. I don't earn blue dots because I eat over 37 pts. per day, all of which were covered by FitPoints calculated by my Fitbit. I am still logging on MyFitnessPal so I have a calorie count in addition to WW Pts. Yesterday, I ate 1441 calories (that's with MFP counting the calories in fruits and vegs) and it came out to 38 SmartPoints, the excess 8 pts. covered by FitPoints (I earned 15 total, 12 of which are swappable). According to my Fitbit, I had a deficit of over a 1000 calories and yet according to WW I ate outside of my healthy eating zone, therefore no blue dot. I realize it sounds silly but the messaging is clear.

I've decided to not cancel the membership as I like the access to WW recipes and their database. I will simultaneously continue to log on MFP as I need to counterbalance the negative feelings WW is giving me and stay sane while I lose weight.

I'll say this: I know my body. If I were to eat the way WW wants me to, earning a blue dot daily, and continue to exercise as I do, the calorie level would eventually prove unsustainable and over time I'd wind up lapsing and overeating. I think we all know what a hell that merry-go-round is.

I reached my goal with WW in 2007. Though I was excited for the plan to change again, I really struggle with Smart Points. Not only am I not able to obtain my goal weight but I don't think I am getting enough fats so having trouble with constipation. Plenty of water, fruits and veggies so I am thinking it's maybe not enough fats. Right now I do 30 points a day, can't use the 28 extra points and can't use any activity points. This really feels like a diet. I miss the old WW. I'd be interested to see if anyone else had the constipation issue or just a fluke thing with me.

I totally agree. I also converted my points to calories and was shocked at how low it was compared to myfitness pal.

I think it's funny how this posts comments are still going on!! When I originally posted, my mindset wasn't in the right place; however, once that changed and I really tried Smart't like it and could never see myself doing it long term. I did it, I fought it, I retried the old plans...... I finally realized it isn't really which point program I'm doing - it's the fact that it is "points". I don't want to eat by points anymore. So...... I printed out the Simply Filling Food list from the WW website and decided to eat off of that (within reason of course) and I won't have to worry about a "point". If on those occassions I want something snacky - I'll eat it (not overdue it) and not count a weekly "point". I love my WW group...but at some point everyone grows out of a "point" system. Maybe it's time for WW to move past it too.

I love how this thread won't stop. Is it the same people coming back or do people just keep finding it (on Google etc?) like I did at first?

I've been on the new program for 1 and a half weeks. I've lost 5 pounds. That's great, but I'm starving all the time. I'm 5'7 and 150 lbs. I also work out but that is not taken into the equation. I liked the old program that I tried back in the early 2000. It was way easier. Here's the other thing if I were to eat more protein, by points would be gone. They allow me to eat chips instead of protein, because a hamburger without a bun is 15 points. I get 30....It's too restrictive. I'll stick with it for the 3 months I paid for, but will be modifying my program so I'm not insane with hunger.

I have been on WW for three weeks and lost 9 pounds, but I did not count points. I do not like the new point system because my recipes do not list sugar content and I can not spend hours re doing all my recipes on line. After I stop losing by cutting down I am going to try a diabetic diet. On this diet you only count carbs. You can have 220 carbs each day. That is much easier and simpler than counting points.

I have done previous programs, and I love sugar and carbs. I am finding smart points a bit easier actually. I am only five weeks in, and still wary of trusting the program, but today I weighed in with a two pound loss! I like smart points. So

I have not had any luck with Smart Points, I will be going back to the Points Plus plan and canceling my subscription.

Here is what I don't get about smart points - I'm only on 24 a day. There's a branded pizza I used to eat that's about 800 calories ... but something like 26 points. That would be over my points allowance for the day and yet wayyyy under the amount of calories I should be eating, especially as I also exercise most days. So..... I don't get that?

Natalie, I don't understand why you only get 24 points a day. The min is 30 points. Your weekly points can go lower. But daily points do not go lower than 30. That's what we were told at our meeting. :)

how do you only have 24 smart points??? I do believe that 30 is the least everyone should ask your leader

I wish I still had my old slider points calculator! I've joined & rejoined a number of times since 2000, when I lost 50 lbs! This time I've Lost 30 lbs since January, still have 70 to go, and I'm stuck! I'm getting frustrated!

Check out "I track bites". It has the classic points tracker!


If you take the calories of an item and divide by 40 you can estimate the points plus. Works 99% of the time.

Thank you, Dee & Janet!

Appreciate the information!

The Dieters Prayer by Morine Barnes. Lord as I weigh in Saturdays with my Weightwatchers Coach Helen Goodwin-Coles Birmingham UK I turn to you and humbly pray. Please help me not to go astray with my 30 smartpoints a day and move more exercise the gym as I chase these pounds away. If you can Lord take a bite right out of my appetite. Help me work that cellulite out of mind and out of sight. Let me eat just what I should the things that do a body good. So next time I weigh in I would be in the right neighborhood. Please strengthen me as I begin This battle of the bulge to win. But let me realise fat or thin The truest beauty lies within. Morine Barnes 58. Donald 59, Myola 37 & Rommel Edwards 35. Graham 90. Weightwatchers and Gym. Amen.

Not liking SP. Way too restrictive. Can't even eat WW foods in a hurry....too many points. All snacks from PP are now too high. Like another said, don't need to pay to eat fruits veg. And protein all day and still be hungry. Was never hungry on SO and dropped 42 lbs. Quickly and easily. This is awful. Rather drink smoothies for meals...cheaoervand easier. Same result. Why couldn't they leave it alone?

I joined Weight Watchers new Smart Point system last night and within less than 24 hours I am already regretting it. I do not see how in the world this system makes sense. Here are 2 of my major issues with the program:

1. The 0 Point Items- You could eat an endless amount of servings on items that are 0 points, and it will still equal 0 points. One item that is 0 points is an egg. So you could eat 20 eggs and never use a point. Yet, I can have 1 Tsp of sesame seeds (which are good for overall health) and it equals 1 point. How in the hell is 1 tsp of sesame seeds less healthy or count more than 20 eggs........ this just does not make sense to me.

2. Activity Points- I do not understand their way of calculating activity points. Your activity points are based on time and intensity. This is where it gets interesting... Intensity is based on how much you sweat and your level of being able to talk during your workout. I started my workout journey about 4 months ago. When I started, I was walking a mile on the treadmill in about 50 minutes and was very sweaty, could not talk, and was burning 132 calories. Fast forward to the present and I am still sweating a ton, not as much out of breath, taking 40 minutes to complete, on a level 15 incline, and burning 400 calories per mile. Yet if you use the activity point system of calculation, I would have received more points when I first started than I am now. Once again, how in the world does burning 132 calories mean more than burning 400 calories.... that is more than double!

In conclusion I really don't understand how this system can logically work based on some of these outrageous point formulas.

Unfortunately, WW seems to change every year, just to keep customers happy. They seem to really have "Great Ideas" about changes, but on the other hand, they offer nothing to help those who have actually succeeded. If you manage to make any one of their programs work, they yank it out from under you within 6 months in order to grab new customers, who mean so much more to them than old members.

I understand your words, and yet, it works. The idea is NOT to eat as much as you can, but to learn how much to eat to be satisfied. I have lost 41 lbs, and have figured out how to work Freestyle the best way for me. As far as activity points, yeah, your body was working harder when it went from no exercise to vigorous exercise, and it got used to exercising, so it was easier, so you burned less. I did find exercising every other day was better for me, believe it or not, than every day. Trust it, try it, stick with it, and find out how to make it work FOR YOU.

I think you are missing the whole idea of the 0 point cannot eat 20 eggs! because it is 0 points doesn't mean you have unlimited portions. The foods chosen for the list are typical foods that most people wouldn't overeat. You are not suppose to eat until fullness or bursting at the are to eat to,and this is important, SATISFACTION. You should eat one portion.....for instance if you eat a breast of chicken and still feel hungry its nice to know you can have another piece without breaking the bank...this is the beauty of the program. WW is trying to make us eat sensibly and more like a "normal" you want to count points for the rest of your life? I don't!they don't require you to weigh and measure these foods but if it helps you then do it until you get the knack of it.....try the program again, and don't analyze everything...remember this is based on the latest weight loss science they aren't making this stuff up! Good luck in your journey!

The issue wish "zero points foods" is that nothing *is* zero points. The issue with this wishywashy way of counting is that it's the specific people who have trouble with their caloric intake who are being told certain things are free. So, this is insane. Now, you can literally sit and eat 12 eggs and several packs of tofu, and they indeed to have calories! WW is going farther and farther away from science and more into wishywashy land. They're optimizing for specific people, but not ALL people. They are optimizing for people who need a little help but who basically are ok. Maybe they want to lose 10 pounds. They're not optimizing for people who really need the help.

Everyone is getting this ALL wrong.....NO you can not literally sit down and eat 12 eggs and 2 packs of is not UNLIMITED food intake on the 0 point foods! you eat a portion but it is nice to know that if you DO need another egg or maybe another piece of chicken breast it's OK...its not the end of the world,you are not going to throw off your weight loss. WW is trying to help us eat like normal weight don't see peanuts, peanut butter, cake, cookies, chocolate on the 0 point list.....almost ALL overweight people are not going to overeat on tofu, eggs, plain yogurt ,fish or chicken's a science based program they didn't just make this up. SO the first thing you have to get out of your head is that the 0 smart point foods equals unlimited portions!!! It does not! if you can embrace this concept then you can enjoy the changes....good luck in your journey

I agree with Joann. I have a set of measuring cubes which I bought on Amazon - same as those that come with the 21 day fix and I find them invaluable in measuring portion size. Portion size still matters but it's good to know that 0 point foods are available if needed. For me, a cube sized portion of Greek yogurt and one of fruit ends cravings and if I add a serving of nuts I have a huge satisfactory snack to get me over those cravings for only 2SP or so depending on what nuts I use.

This is going around in circles, but it just demonstrates the point. If you have trouble counting, then WW used to be the right tool. They used science to back up their methods, not "psychology". They are not nearly all "psychology" and no hard science. They say "oh well, this food isn't likely to cause you to get fat or stay fat because *most* people can eat as much as they want and they naturally shut off after awhile so it's ok". But why am I in WW in the *first* place? I'm here if I am having trouble with my natural shut-off mechanisms!

I am going to say it cannot eat "as much as you want" of the 0 point foods! you should eat to satisfaction, that is the key. Yes that is the problem we all have :overeating. But this is the way to go, I recommend to still weigh and measure so if you still want more it's's not like having 2 pieces of cake. Try to embrace it, after awhile you will love it!

I have read a few of the comments and I’m sorry to see that most of what I read was so negative. I have used ww for years and never been able to get more than 20 lbs lost on the old systems. Inevitably I’d hit a plateau and get tired of counting EVERYTHING. I’ve in the meantime discovered low carb systems work very well for me. Sadly, I discovered I have a digestive disorder and can no longer eat that way. The diet the drs put me on Med to much weight gain. I tried 5 different programs before being introduced to SmartPoints by my mom-in-law and not a one worked. I would have terrible pains and gain even more. I am so grateful to her for showing to me. Not only have I lost 6 lbs in my first 2 weeks, I absolutely LOVE having the freedom of the zero point foods. I stick to those during the day as much as possible and only count points at dinner. It’s helping stick to Whole Foods eating and only having sweets now n then. I feel healthier, feel much improvement in my stomach and am actually losing! I can’t be happier with the new program.

I found this running thread well over a year ago. I was one of those angry previous W.W. members. Having attained Lifetime in 2012, maintaining, gaining, reaching my goal again in 2015, gaining again. I officially quit the program when they did their 2017 roll out.

Then I heard about the 200 zero point list. Big game changer. I'm vegetarian. Four of my staples are on that list. Fat free plain Greek yogurt, tofu, eggs, and beans. For those not vegetarian the biggie seems to be white meat chicken.

I've lost 18 pounds in 12 weeks and 3 pounds away from goal. I'm back at meetings and I would say going by the members speaking, there's probably a 95% approval rate. (My observation, not an official pole.)

Yes, high carb. foods take a big bite out of your points, but there's no reason to deprive yourself when you can plan for them.

I say, if you haven't been back since this newest roll-out, give it a shot. You may be presently surprised.

Happy Holidays and you can enjoy the food!!

I’ve been in & out of WW I hit my goals and became lifetime & then my health issues caused a more sedatary life due to pain I hoped to come back to where daily menu’s choices Were set up I can’t find what Want and choices of programs have been confusing I’ve bought one to calculate points on fats carbs protein & then another that calculates fats sugar and proteins then the scales calculate even different. I am so confused. It takes all my energy to just fight daily pain. Then all the searching just for food. I just want to see a menu, weight, measure, & to track. The rest of the change may come easier in time BUT right now I need to KISS keep it simple sweetly. Right now it’s too much info. TMO

I have never tried WW. However, on the app that I currently use there are A LOT of WW converts who have come over hoping to continue their weight loss journey. The app is called iTrackBites. It uses the same points system (it calls them bites) as WW, but using programs that are similar to the older plans that WW had that people seemed to love. Also, it costs WAY less money. I paid $35 for the year. There is a great community on there that is supportive and will help answer any questions anyone has. I highly recommend it. I have lost 40lbs and don't feel hungry or deprived. I eat a variety of foods, some healthy, and some not-so-much. lol This loss has been in the last 3-4 months.

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