Wellness Wins: New for WW

October 10, 2018   62 Comments

Wellness Wins is a program by WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to help you instill new good habits.

Wellness Wins

I have been writing about Weight Watchers now WW (Wellness that Works) for a long time and this new Wellness Wins program is a big addition to their Freestyle offering. Check out my posts - Weight Watchers Changes 2019 and New Weight Watchers Freestyle Review if you want to follow WW’s latest new program changes.

WellnessWins is pretty simple. In the WW app, you track your breakfast, lunch, dinner, fitness, and weight (once a week) or you go to a Wellness Workshop. You get Wellness Wins for tracking and showing up.

How many can you earn?

On any given day, you can earn up to 20 points for tracking your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and fitness. Every week, you can earn an extra 25 points for tracking your weight in the app OR going to a Wellness Workshop. So for one week (if you managed all that tracking) you could earn 165 Wins.

What can you do with the wins?

Good question! If you look at the bottom of your WW app (and only on the app and not the website), you will see a category called “Journey”. At the top of the page, you can see the number of Wellness Wins you have collected. What do you do with them?

Well, you can’t trade them in for this:

Alas, the accumulation of Wellness Wins doesn’t give you an all expenses paid trip to the Caribbean. But, for 1,500 wins you can get a WW cookbook. It would take you 9 weeks to earn this cookbook - if you managed to do all of your tracking.

Why 9 weeks? I am thinking that they are giving you enough time for the tracking of food, fitness, and weight to become a good habit. There is an abundance of scientific research into how long it takes to create a habit. For something simple - such as drinking a glass of water after breakfast - it takes 21 days. This type of tracking takes (I would guess) much longer to become a habit.

Check out a list of the WellnessWins Rewards to see if anything appeals to you.

There is actually some good stuff on this list. I know because I have some of these things:

1. 90 Day Starter Membership to Aaptiv (1,500 wins) Aaptiv is a fitness app that I use when I can’t get to the gym for a class. It has great trainers that lead you through workouts with different types of music (pop, country, rock…). I happen to love it and use it for stretching and running on a treadmill.

2. Entry to the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series (3,000 wins) - which includes 5K and 10K races. These races have a live band at every mile and look SO FUN. It would be wonderful if WW allowed you to choose an event near you that they would pay for entry. There are so many charities that run wonderful races.

3. A FREE one month membership to Rent the Runway (4,000 wins) You get to borrow the best clothes from an unlimited stock of stuff. I have rented from this service and it is so much better than buying clothes.

Some things I would like for my hard earned Wellness Wins.

Can WW give me more sleep? They actually have a sleep set (sleep mask, socks, headband) as an offering because clearly this is something that people need. I’m going to need more than socks to get a good night's sleep but I appreciate the effort.

How about homework help for my kids?

WW could contract with a tutoring group and offer credit for math lessons. This way, when one of my kids asks me once again, “Mom, how do I factor this?” - I could tell them to SAVE IT FOR THE TUTOR and go back to whatever important thing I was doing before I was challenged to remember math.

One more thing - an all expenses paid vacation to the Caribbean. You might have to make it like 10 MILLION WellnessWins but you can swing that for your members, right WW?

What do you think of Wellness Wins? Will it help you do a better job of sticking to the program?

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I am very suspicious of this new program. I feel like I can come up with my own rewards to keep me on track with weight loss. I want structure and results. WW seems to be removing a lot of the structures and skimping on the results lately. The only reward on this list that looks enticing is Rent the Runway, but I’m sure it’s the base plan where you get like two items a month. :/ Look for expanded rewards options like free yogurt and chicken?! Hahah.

I’d rather they give you free coaching (one on one), or... how about access to a personalized “wellness tracker” based on whatever previous points program worked for you? Or, how about just plain old money back? Yeah right...

I used to love WW. Now I feel it has lost its way and it’s new mission is alienating.

I think this is a bad move for WW. It feels like a money grab wrapped up in a “wellness” package.

I have been on ww for years. I not sure about this new change. Who I really feel bad for is the who will and cannot do the technology. They cannot earn any of the rewards. So they pay just like the rest of us but get nothing but a resentment towards their weight lose, so how will that work for weight lose? I will not give up because I know what happens to me.

Is there any update on lifetime members?

Some of the stuff seems okay. Perhaps they will add to them over time as suggestions come in....

Just what I want!

A sleep mask and socks!

A contrived new program with lots of bells and whistles!

WW, you lost me at Freestyle.


I didn't know Weight Watchers was me, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

I attend WW meetings to get inspiration to lose weight & cope with situations without turning to food. Period. This does not motivate me. I did the math yesterday: for 22,995 days I’ve dealt with or thought about the burden of my weight. I don’t think any accumulation of winning ‘things’ will help with that mindset. If it wasn’t for the dear friends I’ve made in the meetings I would have moved on from WW a long time ago.

I don't like Freestyle and I don't like this new "reward" system. The more affordable rewards are a bunch of junk that no one really wants. Yes, I'd love a south seas vacation, but can only imagine how many points one has to earn to get that vacation. There are members in my group who don't have a smart phone and they are being penalized. WW has really gone downhill and frankly I don't know how much longer I want to endure these horrible changes.

Change is always difficult but I don't see this as much different than when they rolled out Freestyle. It's just verbiage changes. I'm hoping the reward system encourages me to track more diligently and lose weight! If the rewards aren't a motivation, pass them up!

I agree. There are members in my group that still have flip phones so they will not be able to earn rewards. I’m a paper tracker so I feel like I’m being forced to phone track if I want extra rewards. I’m earning for activities since my Fitbit is linked. The only reward I thought was worth getting was the Kohl’s gift card. Although I do like the freestyle program.

I’ve tried for 5 months the Freestyle program and the “Free” was the wrong word to use for a food aholic. I have tried to stay on program but I keep overdoing with the free foods. One more month to try and then my six month sign up is over and I wil end my relationship with WW.

I don't mind the rewards but I think there should be some small ones as you get started. Like how about a binder for our weekly's and the paper they are giving out. I like the weekly's and save them now that's a change I will miss.

Has anyone heard about simply filling/no count I heard its going away? I am sure I will keep doing it but sorry to see that leave.

Always upset me that they didn't have many awards for people that lost a lot of weight. After about 75/100 the charms stopped coming. Don't they think there are some of us that will lose that much or more?

I'm a senior who went to WW faithfully 5 years ago. I found it helpful when we had a good leader. The booklets we received every week were very helpful and some of the games we played for 6 weeks to help us loose weight were great. But then it became very expensive when you are on a fixed income. They should make it more senior friendly in their cost. I was paying for 3 months at a time but that also became to much. When you join ww on line they don't seem to be able to answer questions. Such as with this new freestyle do you points from exercise still count in your daily points ? Seems like we need to talk to OPRah since it has gone down hill after her taking part in WW> Let me know when they have a nice fee for the seniors.

I think some of the responses here are explaining why WW made the changes. "...members in my group that still have flip phones..."! WW can't continue on without bringing in the Millennials, and what they were doing won't bring them in! Millennials are causing changes in a lot of industries, whether us older folks like it or not!

Anxious to hear about where Lifetime members fir in this equation and Wellness Wins. They are living advertising for WW and you would think they would at least get a little respect. They have taken the Lifetime meetings away which were very meaningful even though didn't have massive attendance.

I agree with L Haube. I too am a senior and on a fixed income. I don't like Freestyle and don't follow it, enjoy the meetings (have a wonderful leader) and need to be weighed in every week to keep myself in check. However, the changes are nothing but attempts to save money for WW while doing nothing really for members. Some members do not have smart phones and they are left out of the new rewards program; certainly they're not expected to buy a smart phone just for WW rewards! Additionally, it might sound trite, but I enjoyed receiving the small charms and now that's gone too although when brought up at meetings we're told we'll still get the 5 lb, 10 lb, etc charms, but that's not what we are referring to. If millennials are WW targets they are in for a big surprise since millennials don't have time to go to meetings; they're either in college or working and probably going to a gym where they can get dietary help. I'm quickly becoming discouraged by WW and don't think I'll be continuing my membership.

I know its not me, but most of your posts only serve to create a 'witch' fest.

Do you all want some "whine" with your low fat cheese?

I've never seen a group so closed off to some change. Threatened by everything, jumping to conclusions without even giving it a go.

My center has workshops at least 1x a month if not more on how to use the App. How about friending someone at your Center and asking them for help? How about you say - I'll buy you a cup of coffee, and you show me how to use the app.

No, you prefer to stay enclosed in your little world. Its unbelievable.

By the way, I didn't click email me when there are new comments, so I don't care if you don't like what I wrote.

I am at a loss as to where WW is heading. Freestyle was a total loss for me and a few friends and family. We all just track with Myplate now. Adding a few goodies/awards are supposed to get me excited and ready to come back? Don't think so. WW, you had a good program but seem to be working so hard to innovate that you are losing touch with the people who used to swear by your program.

Just what I want!
A sleep mask and socks!

A contrived new program with lots of bells and whistles!

WW, you lost me at Freestyle.
Ms. G. 3 hours ago

Once again, Weight Watchers was created to make money. It is *Big* Business and I think it is one of the biggest scams ever. Now WW is even more so. Common sense, more veg and protein, less carbs. Once one gets caught up in counting points, one uses it as a crutch. Trading one addiction for another?

It sucks that you can only use the WellnessWins rewards on the apps and not the computer!!! What about the POOR people who can’t afford that? We are lucky we can use a computer at all let alone purchase a phone? Some of us can only access this at work and some work if they catch on we are using it for this we could get fired as it is and now with the apps taking over we are so screwed!!! Give us the same access as the apps so we can join in the rewards as well.

I agree with a comment someone said “Who I really feel bad for is the person who cannot do the technology or have the ability because they don’t have or can’t afford to get the Phone/iPad. They cannot earn any of the rewards. So they pay just like the rest of us but get nothing but a resentment towards their weight loss, so how will that work for weight loss”

There is requirement or cost to participate in WW WellnessWins so if you don’t like it just ignore it! I think it is kind of fun.

I'm a lifetime member and glad I joined and achieved my results when there was structure and definite rules. I would never have survived with their plan today. Too many choices. Sounds like bending the rules to me and if you can handle that more power to you but some people are not made that way when it comes to weight loss. The rewards mean nothing to me - just me. Have sort of loss a bit of respect for Weight Watchers, or should I say WW.

Tonight was our first meeting on the new WW I guess I could have skipped it and not missed out on anything ! I am a WW Lifetimer and don't have the app and will not be getting it as I don't wish for my info to be anyone's business but my own . It's sad to think that I have been a member for many years and now if you don't have the App along with several others at our local meeting place you would be getting rewarded! I believe WW is making a big mistake with this new idea !

To Laurie - I know basically nothing about and frankly after reading your post, have no wish to. What I do know about you is your utter lack of respect for anyone who has the gall to express an opinion with which you don.t agree. Your suggestions are good but your attack mode mitigates any good they might do.

And on a practical basis WW has been using us like frogs in water - turn up the heat little by little until we're cooked. Since I think, Momentum if not earlier that has been the modus operandi - a new program every couple of years or so with new stuff needed to be bought to follow the program-you-d have to be a fool not to recognize what they were doing. I myself reached my boiling point when the original Smart Points was introduced. And a lot of people seem to be reaching theirs and have the right to express their opinions - as incidentally do you.

Bravo Jane! Well said.

Brava Jane, you said exactly what lots of us are thinking.

To Lisa and Lucia - sometimes spleen venting feels really good but what is especially good is your responses, which are very gratifying!


Went to the meeting today and wanted to share some things the leader said.

--lifetime isn’t going away.

--people who want to focus on losing weight will be in meetings and for other types of wellness those people will be online

--sounds like WW is trying to get a piece of the wellness market, she mentioned the insurance market specifically


Ok, what I see here is Weight Watchers has to change their name. Either they want to get away from the Jean Nidetch legacy and form a new Program or they got into a partial bankruptcy and had to reinvent themselves.

People are not happy about Freestyle. They just don’t lose the weight the same as the other plans. Instead, many might lose a few pounds, stop, quit, rejoin and repeat the cycle.

I am one of those people. I did my best with the Freedom Plan in the late 1990’s when those low fat plans were in vogue. I think in time WW whatever the new name is going to be will try out their version of Keto. Slim Fast just started and lots of people are doing this high fat, moderate protein,lower carb approach. They are doing their own mini version but everyone has their preference.

WW had structure in the past. Not anymore. People fail at diets due to hunger and cravings. In order to succeed, there has to be more guidance towards dealing with the diet. No one is concerned that members are there to dump the weight and maintain it.

So a good hard look st things...

I am convinced that Slimming World is the better plan and with the support of these nice people, the Program appears easier and more structured. Yes there are free foods but you use those towards structured meals and get a plate of food making sense.

I have heard that Simply Filling is no longer an option and there will no longer be access to those food list as of the end of October.

So sad, this is a really unbelievable move but I believe that they will keep some members, some will only be loyal to the Weight Watchers Programs and who knows how stable the company will be later in. Many companies have tried to re invent themselves and failed.

Stacy Volin is right. However, like many companies today, I believe Weight Watchers is targeting a new demographic. They are shedding their old skin and, sad as it is, members who have been around a long time. I think re-branding and restructuring can be a problem but some companies believe they have to do it to survive.

Laurie's back....... She found another post to comment on.

Observation heard in meeting room. Look around at the people features in the new posters. Everyone is now young. No representation of those of us who have supported the company for years.

Final freestyle comment. I just ate a 3" round 210 calorie cookie and FS is charging me 10 points. That is 1 point for every 21 calories. Sure I could each beans all day to fit it in, but I find that there is NOTHING freeing in this new program for me. I am doing my own thing, but come to the meeting for friendship and accountability. I learn basically nothing. Hardly anyone speaks anymore. WW is ruining their program, but I know that does not matter cause the online is where it is at for them now.

WW used to be the diet that you could eat regular food like everyone else and still lose.I’ve noticed more weight watchers products are disappearing from the grocery stores. My thoughts are they should offer the old program and slowly try the new. While I do have a smart phone and am able to track the WW meetings.Where I live they either can’t figure out how to communicate with WW so we can get Wellness points for weigh in/meetings or the smaller rural areas that still do everything manually do not offer that to members. I’m sure we pay the same and that is a lot of points over time. Now they are saying they might start charging lifetime members? Might be time to look into some other programs after 20 plus years.

@Peggyg - just curious. Many of us are under the impression that free lifetime may be taken away. Are we all perpetuating the same rumor? and I am wondering if you have a good direct source for this belief? The one staff I questioned, denied it. Looking forward to your input! :)

HI Jane, It is very frustrating. I have worked for several corporations and mostly they have been very fair to me. However, I am not so sure this is true for the consumer. For the most part, I was not a consumer of the products of the corporations I worked for. For instance, I worked for one car manufacturer but when I bought a new car I chose another brand. It is important that we perform our due diligence and compare prices, quality, etc.before we buy into a product and their company's hype. To cite an old cliche "Buyer Beware". At least we have the benefit of the reviews of those people who have tried a product but only that cannot be totally relied upon. It is disheartening to have relied on something for so long and then be messed around. It is like a bad marriage. I depend on my doctor for weight loss now and have had success. I wish you the best of luck.

Hi IFortina - Apart from a stint at Shell Oil, I've only worked for regularity bodies - one for accountants and one for doctors both of which meant internal political tensions which is why I left 25 years ago and now spend my time playing with other people's kitties and dogs. Great fun.

But I had a chuckle when I read that you had bought a car from other than your employer! Here in Toronto,a man was fired for doing exactly the same thing and parking it in his employer's parking lot!

Although I'm not diabetic, I have quite a few diabetic cookbooks which use exchanges similar to the original WW programme and so far so good . Headline in our local newspaper this week - If nothing changes, nothing changes - and although it was the headline for a financial column, it stuck with me in relation to weight loss. And your change has been to consult with your doctor and I wish you the very best for your "change".


That was an exceptional explanation of the issue. Five stars ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ for telling it like it is,

Thank you Ms. G and Jane for your replies. Upper management at the car maker did not have a problem as to my new vehicle. They wanted to know why I made the choice I did, however. They understood the issues concerning their vehicles. The facility closed a few years after I left and the top management went to a different car maker. I hope the best for you and your families this Holiday Season moving forward to a new and better future with a new weight plan. Thanks again! :)

Got my Lifetime in 1973. Life problems caused weight gain. This new program is working for me so far and will continue if I follow it. I like the zero foods list. I never ate liver when it was a must food and never will!

Only reward that interested me was the Kohl's gift card. I was diligent tracking and now am told no cards are available. I, too, think there could be much better choices.

Also, I'm one of many whose phone is not updating with the Workshop Wins.

I do like the new weekly cards/recipe.

I've tracked diligently to earn 1500 Wins so l can get the Kohl's gift certificate. I was assured it was as available even when WW remove the option from their site. Now l'm told WW will not offer the certificate. Wondering if other members were denied this reward. Apparently there was a huge demand for the reward.

I just read in the news that Kate Hudson was named Weight Watchers Ambassador. Any thoughts?

Change isn’t always a bad thing. I think it’s a neat idea, no harm in it. Freestyle has been great for me and everyone I know that has started it. I look forward to racking up my wellness points :)

I wish you well! To me it isn’t working and to others it is not giving many losses.

I just saw my brother-in-law, who was an enthusiastic Lifetime member for almost 20 years.

For 20 years, he looked amazing.
He embraced Freestyle wholeheartedly.
Last time I saw him, he was fat.
So much for Freestyle.

Very sad to see Weight Watchers go away. Many Leaders have also left that were terrific and a few are online saying the reason was they could not stand in front of the class and bring this Program update to new and older members. There is a lot of resentment among the Leaders who are now known as Coaches.

So what I have been reading with lots of gains, me trying 4x, no success is that if you have used an older Plan that worked, go back to it. If you like the atmosphere of the new Wellness Wins, go to the meetings and don’t worry about their give always, Oprah and any trips. Instead, think about you and only you. Get the weight off and attain your goal weight and goals in life.

Many people did very well on past Programs. Go back to them if Freestyle isn’t giving you results. I used to lose big on the Core Plan, not as well on Simply Filling because of the introduction of light bread. I realize now that there has to be a limit and a reason as to why and whatever that reason is, 4 slices max in a day and yes, I can move the scale. I also lose on fat free cottage cheese, yogurt and fat free or full fat cheese, Swiss is my favorite.

I really think that what I see is that Freestyle is eating two Programs simultaneously. You are partially doing Simply Filling and then you are doing Smart Points. In all honesty, way, way too many points and this is really awful that for people like me, no weight loss whatsoever. It’s a fail.

I have a funny feeling that in 2020 there will be an overhaul of this klunky Program. People that have put a lot of money into their weight loss and attained goal weight have to decide how they want to proceed. Whatever you do, it’s all about being at their workshops and spending money on a Program that for most of us does not work. Once there is a good Program that works, people who quit will return. For those who like the Work shops, work the plan that gives you the losses and don’t discuss it in their classes because it will be a subject that they cannot allow to continue.

I stopped WW in November even though I had another month to go on my monthly subscription. The meetings were no longer relevant to me since I gained weight on Freestyle and went back to the previous program. I slipped since then and had all intentions of returning to WW in the new year; however, I realize it will be the same old thing, not getting anything from meetings (or should I call it "workshops"). I am now back on the Smart Points program and I'll save almost $50 monthly not attending meetings or being online. I know what I have to do. It is very disappointing that Weight Watchers took this turn for the worst. Ever since Oprah became involved it's gone downhill; my opinion.

It's beyond me how Oprah, in whom we all had such confidence, would trade in her credibility for this program.

It doesn't make sense.

I think that a lot of the good name that Weight Watchers has disappeared. WW is not the same thing and many people are no longer working that were once key people. Unfortunately this is a company in time will not last. Too many have quit and gone to other weight loss groups and meal plans. I figured ITrackBites would take over but then they overhauled their web site and the site has ridiculously too many mistakes. Slimming World might be your next choice.

Alanna - I have a feeling that Oprah might bd the “root” of this program. She is super touchy feely, everyone needs to feel good person and her history with weight loss has shown she can’t maintain any loss. I think WW had a program problem the moment they partnered with her.

Alanna - To answer your question about how Oprah got involved, it's called money. WW is just one of her many investments.

Though most people think this Freestyle Program is all about Oprah, I beg to differ. She is not a Dietician or Nutritionalist. She’s had a rough time herself trying to lose weight and is just part of the Board. Yes, she has a 10% ownership in there but ya know she’s not the expert on the way the Program has worked for many. I believe she might be more of the idea of the WW idea along with Coaches and Guides along with the Work Shop idea. Maybe to think of her and the give aways lol. I think the diet itself is a major fail and of course her name comes up a lot. I don’t blame her for that but I do feel that I did a very smart thing and that was to step back and not join. I tried the diet 4 times. I thought ok, what is really wrong here and how do I fix it?

Well it isn’t Weight Watchers, first. It’s not Wellness Wins if your Wellness depends upon the actual member losing weight. This is a good diet for thin people who need to gain weight in a healthy way along with a group setting and I wish those individuals well.

For this body, a livable amount of calories a day to lose weight, a dependable Tracker like my fitness pal that to me is the best one will get your weight down for most people and some patience. I have tried low carb and Keto as well as the WW program. They just don’t work on my body and we all have different bodies. This one loses even on carbs but this is me, no one else.

I like the Wellness Wins. When i used to go to meetings they would often gave draws for lots of WW products for all members who tracked for the week. Everyone joined in. Everyone loved it. Who doesn't want to win a cookbook. It was the motivation that I needed to properly track. It worked for me. This may seem like a bad idea to some but I had such a hard time getting myself to track. This competition worked for me.

My coworkers and I started the Freestyle program at the beginning of January 2019. Our ages range from mid 30's to 60's. We all have smart phones, and while some of us are more savvy with them than others, together we have brought each other up to speed with the app's functionality. We love this program!! Yes, the program discourages cookies and cake, but so does the practice of healthy eating! Yes, the program encourages mindful eating and moderation, but so does any healthy weight loss program! We are all losing weight at a healthy rate loading up on those good-for-you foods. We attend our local meetings and have fun! There is lots of lively discussion and fellowship! And what's wrong with picking up a little prize along the way? I think WW got it right introducing Oprah's enthusiasm. I'm really sorry, I just don't see why everyone is so negative about Freestyle and WW in general.

I understand that next year there is going to be changes to WW. To me, it has not worked at all. So sad, just thought ok, what am I doing wrong and no, it wasn’t me, this Program doesn’t work for me.

People, all I want is the weight loss, no perks and gifts needed. If I attained goal, fine... I’ll gladly pay every week. I don’t need to hope for a South Seas vacation, instead just save for it and go.

To me, if Program works, I would be very happy and grateful that it did.

I feel that my commitment is to myself and I’d like to see my future in a smaller body and healthier one. Oprah is not the Problem, the WW Dietitians are who put this Program together and convinced the Board to vote on it.

I recognize what they tried to do and that was to blend Simply Filling with Smart Points. Unfortunately that doesn't work. The WW Board wanted one Program for all. That’s where it all went wrong. All these members who were doing great on Simplt Filling had the rug pulled from under their feet. Points Plus was easier for so many, Smart Points was pretty rough for some, include me in there lol!

ITrack Bites was the place to go for old Programs but they overhauled it and it doesn’t work correctly, So sad!

So hopefully there is next year. We’re in March but in December the new WW is supposed to be more improved. I have an I Ph*ne and an IPad, no issue withTechnology but let me say this, you pay, the scale either stalls out or goes up. That is not Wellness that wins over weeks. It’s an epic fail. Paying for meetings with no weight loss like on the past just brings you back to the older Programs. I don’t care what the name is or paying but I do care that my weight comes off of me. Keep your socks and South Seas vacation. I’m fine with that. I can go wherever on my own. I can’t go to goal weight without a good Program. I was within 5 lbs. of goal on a Program called the Freedom Plan. It was moderate in protein and a little higher in healthy carbs. Decent on fats. It was an exchange plan and I lost extremely well. I wish I had the Program in my hands knowing the weight loss was there and my body felt good and also, I was never hungry.

I started WW in July 2018 (online only) with Freestyle and prior to that a couple of other journeys (successful in the 80s, not successful in the 2000s as meetings did not work with my available time). I was doing well on Freestyle, but they lost me when they started the Wellness Wins/Wellness that Works in late Sept 2018. The recipes etc focused on Wellness (exercise, eating kale, higher point recipes). This change in their focus has not been working for me. I am still doing online WW, but purchase iTrackBites (pro). I'm working on a comparison to see if I prefer WW Flexstyle or iTrackBites SmartBites (earlier WW plan). I love the ability to change plans on iTrackBites from Flex, to Smart, Plus, Classic or Calories. Note: The free program does not offer Flex or some additional tools. I'm finding ITB well worth the subscription price.

The issue with a ITrackBites is when they overhauled it, the site still isn’t working the way it used to. I gave up with it but I found an old Weight Watchers Program that had worked in the past and want to start it again. It used exchanges and those were the ADA exchanges so not very difficult to do.

WW is a blessing! It is not perfect, but what program out there works better?!

I tried MANY and WW is the ONLY program that has worked for me. I am a Lifetime member and planning to attend the workshops as long as I am able. I have never been as healthy as I am now, and WW IS what has helped! It is AMAZING how making 200 foods worth 0 points actually ENCOURAGES one to eat more of what we SHOULD be eating already.

Now.... in actuality, living "well" is a lifetime commitment. Life constantly throws at us "trials and struggles". Of course eating STILL happens THROUGH these challenges.... and the workshops provide support with many ideas of how to stay well THROUGH these hardships. I learn something new almost every week! I learn of new recipes that break the boredom syndrome which results from overuse of normal meal plans. Even in Lifetime, EACH workshop brings something motivational, interesting, and encouraging to me. Living well is a lifetime commitment... so WW allows for lifetime accountability and encouragement from others (at no extra cost)...and even continues to reward you. If one does not care for the reward options, then one is welcome to donate their wins to someone in need. THAT is not a worthless reward but one with REAL meaning and more value than ANY of the other options combined!

WW is also a place to "give back" encouragement and help others along to "wellness" as one attends weekly workshops.

If one follows the WW plan as taught, and "tracks" and eats as encouraged, plus follows through with other topics discussed in the workshops.... like drinking minimally 6 cups of water, getting plenty of sleep, staying positive (which is encouraged in the workshops), exercising several times per week, eating plenty of protein-rich foods, and keeping accurate tracking of points in foods... then one will certainly be on their way to wellness that works!

I'm am MORE than thankful for the WW program. It has CERTAINLY worked for me...

Follow the program (meaning that you GO to the workshops and actually follow-through with what the coach encourages), and it WILL work for YOU!!!

Don’t know why they’ve changed I’m still jogging along as I was before the change seems crazy to me,plus I’ve been paying at the old rate for ages when I asked why it was so much cheaper for new members and that I’d cancel and start again was told it might not work as my details would probably be remembered so feel penalised

I've started using the new weight watchers BECAUSE of the technology. I love it. I hated the meetings and all the books and stuff to carry around. If I have my phone. I have everything I need. I love the 3 plans available... there is room to choose what works for you (even if you are a foodaholic)... choose the strictest plan if you feel like you'll abuse "free" foods. I'm doing the middle plan... I love the freedom. I'm as strict as I can be with my daily points, sometimes leaving s few to go to "weeklies". I love I have a weekly balance so I can splurge with friends, have some drinks, and not feel left out because I'm trying to lose weight. I'm in my 40s. The first time I tried weight watchers I was around 10 years old, and I tried it several times through the years never achieving a big weightloss with them. I've tried several of their plans. I think NOW... it's better than ever, I love the feed they have where I see people posting and succeeding! I can get advice and search topics in the groups on my time without attending one of those meetings that (no offense to those who love them) I hated going to. I usually Dont comment on stuff... but this technology and plan and system of motivation, etc is the best thing I've ever seen weight watchers do. (WW) I noticed some dont like the changes... but I can't say enough good things. I'm being successful, learning a lifestyle, being motivated whenever I need it by others...not just once a week. If you're researching it...TRY IT. If you're like me... you'll feel in control for the first time in a long time. You'll love reading about others successes and struggles. You'll love your success and people cheering you on if you want to share it. If you choose to post...everyone will support you. They understand. Of your looking for a life long weight management system...Try WW...there are people who have lost a lot of weight on this program. Its unbelievable! Try it for yourself... it could change your life. :)

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