Worst Snacks to Eat

June 22, 2016   10 Comments

It is very easy to find the worst snacks to eat in the grocery store.

Worst Snacks To Eat

All you have to do is walk back to a cooler and next to the hot dogs you will find “Lunchables” by Oscar Meyer.

Years ago, I wrote about Lunchables in this scintillating article: A Lunch with Almost the Same Amount of Sugar as a Can of Coke. At that point, I was hoping they would disappear.

Not only have Lunchables not retreated from the grocery store, they expanded their snack foods which I have decided are the worst snacks to eat.

One of the snacks features gummy worms that you dip in frosting and then Oreo cookie crumbles. Or you can use graham cracker sticks, dip them in marshmallow cream, and finally chocolate chips.

No, I am not making this up.

The one that truly blew my mind was the above “Nacho Walking Taco”. This breaks almost every rule of snacking that I know.

  • No fresh food
  • Walk around with it instead of focus on eating it
  • Almost twice as many calories as the recommended amount in a snack

This includes 780 mg of sodium (33% of your daily value) and 14 grams of fat (22% of your daily value). Remember this isn’t a meal – it is only a snack.

Here are the ingredients when you take them out of the cardboard box. I love me some “meat”.

Then, you mix them together in a plastic bag and microwave them for 15 seconds.

Amazingly, you eat them with a fork! Nachos with a fork?

This looks like vomit and it tastes like vomit. I do not exaggerate.

Most snacks simply have too much sugar like Quaker Breakfast Bars or Cliff Z Bars.

The Lunchable Walking Taco is for sitting in front of the TV and stuffing your face with the most disgusting “food” imaginable. Stay away from it.

If you like nachos, it doesn't take a minute to grate some real cheese over chips and shove them under the broiler. Then, you can grab some fresh salsa from the fridge and top them when they come out. Yum!

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Sounds absolutely disgusting, Snack Girl. What you said about putting your own cheese on nachos is truly the point. It takes very very little time to make fresh snacks. Why do people always say they have no time but can watch TV for 2 to 4 hours or more every day?

I agree, this concoction is THE WORST thing I have Ever tried made by Oscar Meyer. I've had the real version of a walking taco at a street fair (small bag of corn chips topped by chili & cheese) but this stuff is discusting. The only reason I ever tried it is because I had a coupon & was curious - Never Again!!

This is disgusting. It doesn't even look like real food. It's so easy to make your own version of lunchables. One of my favorite foods is pizza. And I could get a lunchable version for I don't even know how many points. But I just take 3 mini pitas, a little bit of pizza sauce, laughing cow or mozzarella depending, and veggie pepperoni (real pepperoni could be used, but no meat for me) and just eat like that. Could warm it up if I really wanted, but gives me a nice snack and a lot healthier too!

So glad to see this,, I avoided these like the plague when my daughter was little! Yes they were handy for a single working mom but I knew just by looking at the cheese and crackers that they were bad news. I took 5 minutes of my time and cut cheese and got healthy crackers. Put them in a daughter was mesmerized by the packaging of those damn lunchables though.

Thanks for the heads up on this. I am enjoying your cookbook and there are many great snack ideas in it.

Lunchables are targeted to kids. Mrs Obama's pet project is the get up and move campaign (even incenting cartoons to incorporate into their show), Mayor of NYC banning jumbo size drinks as the dietary facts are manipulated into multiple servings so the stats are not appearing so high. How is no one else screaming about the 'pushers' promoting RDA destroying foods!


As a dietitian, my heart breaks a little more each and every time these products hit the shelves of the grocery store...

Very unhealthy snacks, with no nutritional value.The worst snacks, indeed!

I am a senior now, but I baked my own cakes, cookies, etc, when my seven children were growing up. I learned from my grandmothers and cooked like they was better and healthier back then.

I sometimes purchase those small wheat rolls from Walmart now...should I continue?????

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