WW New Plan 2020: Green Review

February 2, 2020   13 Comments

WW’s (Weight Watchers) program for 2020 has three separate choices for weight loss. Green is the plan for those who love to count.

WW New Plan 2020: Green Review

The original Weight Watchers Points Plus started in 2011 and it was a game changer. Instead of counting EVERYTHING, Weight Watchers gave a list of zero point foods (fruits and vegetables) that you could eat without counting.

As the years (and I have been writing about this for years) have passed, more and more foods have zero points and members have less discretionary points to spend on things like donuts.

Weight Watchers used to promote that you can eat anything (in moderation) and lose weight. Now, in 2020, that concept has been tossed out and WW is actively promoting fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and whole grains as the diet that will not only help you lose weight but get healthy.

Green is like the original PointsPlus as it has a short zero point foods list as compared to Blue and Purple

Check out this graphic for an explanation of how Green is counted for a recipe:

Green counts the chicken and wild rice, chicken broth and milk. The rest of the ingredients are zero points. Blue allows chicken to be zero points but it counts the wild rice, chicken broth, and milk. Purple only counts the chicken broth and the milk. Check out this delicious Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup.

You must count more when you are on Green but you also get more points in your weekly allowance.

Green is a game changer for many WW members. Like the original SmartPoints, Green forces you to evaluate almost every morsel of food that passes through your lips.

I have a friend who quit WW and then went back when she saw Green. She felt that Freestyle was giving her too much freedom to eat and she wasn’t losing weight. Green is her jam because she has to count everything.

I do think that counting almost everything is a very powerful way to evaluate your eating. When people ask me, “How can I lose weight?” my first answer is write all you eat down in a notebook.

The awareness of our consumption in a world where we get offered food all day long is so helpful! I find that if I have to write it down the supermarket cookie never makes it into my mouth. I save those calories for fresh baked cookies.

Have you tried the WW Green Plan? How did it go?

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I rejoined due to the green program. I have lost 18 lbs whereas on the last program I lost 5. The blue and purple gave too much freedom. Eggs, beans etc have calories and I felt tired of eating them because they were “free”. I like eating regular food and with green I can do it. I plan my meals and use my extras for a wine if I don’t have daily leftovers. I should reach goal within the month.

I love the green plan. The first time I started WW was on the points plus program. I lost 38 pounds and never felt hungry. As time progressed, I didn’t do maintenance. Gained some back but freestyle wasn’t a good fit for me. Now on green and back to WW for the 3 rd time. I have lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks. 😊

I also just rejoined because of the green plan. I was a lifetime member and was 4 lbs over limit at wieh in so followed programfaithfully and never able to lose those lbs onfreestyle so I quit but now ready to try again with the new options

I went from blue back to green. I didn’t mind Freestyle but felt I was a master at eating zero point foods and because of that, was overeating. Portion control has always been my biggest problem. Now I still make and eat healthier choices but the green plan insures I’m eating normal serving sizes while tracking all but fruits and veggies.

I also returned because of Green. I need structure. I also want to spend some points on things that aren't so healthy ie: wine, granola bar. I can make choices that work for me better on Green and still stay on program. So far its been working after a month. I'm so glad they changed it

I did the old OLD program in the ‘90’s and lost a lot of weight. I came back in Jan and started with purple. It didn’t have enough structure for me so I changed to Green. Overall I think WW is allowing too many points. At first I lost 5 lbs and now I’m plateauing and even gaining and I have been faithfully tracking points and rarely use my weeklies. With the old system I was only allowed about 24 points. I know the program is different now but....

I also think that the closer you are to goal, the slower the weight loss. I’m about 12 lbs away from my goal of 140. I’d hoped to be under 150 by the time my birthday rolled around (this Weds). I don’t think that’ll happen. 😐

Oh, well. I’m committed and even if I lose very slowly at least I’m not gaining!!!!

Thanks for your blog and all your hard work. I appreciate it!

I was doing Freestyle and failing miserably on it. I had lost 18lbs in 6 months, which was very slow for me

I then gained about 13 of those lbs back in less than half the time it took to lose it As soon as I saw that Green was similar to Points Plus, I jumped into it. I've lost 13lbs since, and I'm so happy that I can hold myself accountable and have the wiggle room to eat in moderation

On Green, I've lost 8 lb since Dec 28 (1 month). I'm much happier on this plan than Freestyle/Blue. I would rather count the points for dark meat chicken rather than zero point chicken breast. I do think that the Daily points are a little on the high side (30 per day) and rarely use any Weekly points. Some days I only use 20 because I'm not hungry.

I am writing from England which I think has had slightly different names for its systems of WW points. I am now on Green with 30 points. I used to be at my target weight but have regained weight. I tried Freestyle but didn't succeed. I have cookbooks from many different WW schemes over the years, but I do not know of the Points Plus scheme.

I have always been on the lowest number of daily points. Could you please post the equivalent points in the present system for Points, Propoints, and Smart points? I have asked in the UK but did not get an answer.

Green is also the reason I rejoined. Freestyle was not for me. They should have given choices all along. Love green because I steadily lose and am not hungry.

I have tried all 3 plans. The Green plan I lost the least. I found myself very hungry on Green and didn't choose the right things. I eat more protein on Blue and Purple because they are zero and ironically it is where the most loss happened for me, personally. I enjoy all 3 plans! I love that we can all choose the right plan for us.

I chose the green plan because I binge eat. If given the freedom, I'll overeat many of the foods that are zero points on the blue and purple plans, but I don't have this problem with zero points foods on the green plan. So I feel that the green plan holds me accountable and helps prevent bingeing. I've lost 10 pounds in three weeks, so going well so far.

Congratulations Whitney!

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