Three Reasons To Avoid Yoplait Greek Yogurt

March 29, 2011   108 Comments

Snack Girl really doesn't want to pick on General Mills (the owners of Yoplait), but I feel I must.

Is Yoplait Greek Yogurt Healthy?

Their entrant into the Greek yogurt world "Yoplait Greek" promises twice the protein of leading yogurt, 0% fat, gluten-free, no artificial flavors, and no artificial sweeteners.

Right there, I should be giving them a medal because those are big steps for Yoplait (see here: So What's Inside Yoplait Yogurt Anyway?). Their Greek yogurt also uses sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

So, why avoid it?

1. This isn't true Greek yogurt. How do I know that? Well, I am taking an educated guess from their ingredients list see here:


Do you see the "milk protein concentrate"? I was informed by a customer service representative that it is strained from milk. But, the problem is that OTHER Greek yogurts such as Fage, Chobani, and Oikos the ENTIRE yogurt has been strained to get the consistency thicker.

Also, there is gelatin and locust bean gum in the ingredients list which are used as thickeners in food products. Yoplait is Greek STYLE yogurt - why is the word "style" missing from their packaging?

Take a look at the ingredients list of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt:


Stonyfield Farms (which produces Oikos) didn't have to use additives because they made a true Greek yogurt by straining the yogurt.

2. The sugar is a whopping 18 grams per serving! Oikos managed just 11 grams to make their yogurt. Yoplait has over 50% more sugar per serving. And if you are wondering if the Oikos isn't sweet enough - my 4 year old adored it!

3. It tastes terrible. So this reason is a bit subjective, but I tasted Oikos and Yoplait and there was really no comparison. The Yoplait tasted too sweet and wasn't as thick as the Oikos.

I paid $1.00 for Yoplait and $2.00 for the Oikos yogurt. And, right here, we have a problem because $2 for a single 5 ounce package of yogurt is a lot. But, Oikos is organic - made without the use of pesticides or petroleum based fertilizers AND it tastes so much better.

My suggestion is to spend more on your yogurt, support the green (and healthier) choice, and if it is too expensive - just eat less yogurt.

What do you think of Yoplait Greek Yogurt?

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Thanks Lisa, for this very detailed info about one of my all time favorite foods - yogurt. So frustrating that this company would get into the 'healthy greek yogurt' market, making a step in the right direction, but only go halfway. If big companies like General Mills would step it up to the real deal, others would soon be inspired to follow. Thanks for the opportunity to point this out to them here on your blog....

Your timing is so perfect on this. I bought a container of All Natural Brown Cow greek yogurt this morning, and as I was eating it I noticed the 17 grams of sugar and wondered if that was high, and what Snack Girl would have to say about it ha. Perfect!

I'll go back to the Fage!

I totally agree with your assessment here. The Yoplait Greek yogurt is not even close to the taste/texture of the other Greek yogurts you mentioned. The consistency is too similar to regular yogurt and I literally felt "cheated" when I tried it.

This also makes me wonder what you think about Hungry Girl, another snack/dieter blogger/author. She pushes the use of a lot of fat-free and low-fat items, and I'm thinking yoplait is on the list of her favorites.

I haven't tried Yoplait's "Greek" yogurt, but doubt I would've even if I hadn't read your review! With naturally healthy and delicious foods like yogurt (or nut butters, or juices) any time a company adds a bunch of other ingredients, I am leery. My tip for being able to actually afford Greek yogurt? (b/c it really is pricey)- buy the big tubs instead of the single serving packages- much cheaper!


i bought 4 of these yesterday (with two coupons--love my coups) and i don't think they taste that bad (i got 2 of the honey, one strawberry, and one blueberry). I prefer sweetened yogurt--the plain stuff tastes too much like sour cream to eat by itself. I tried mixing it with some fruit preserves, as you suggested, but if those have sugar in them anyway, what's the difference?

Good call, Lisa! We're yogurt lovers and I used to just buy whatever was on special. Since deciding to be more dedicated about healthy eating, I switched to Stonyfield products, including the Oikos Greek (my absolute favorite). Hubby doesn't care for the Greek, so I get Stonyfield's regular fat-free for him. I think being free from chemicals and other additives is worth paying the price difference and since you can earn free stuff with codes from their lids, it's like getting a little something back.

I agree with you 100% I did not like the yoplait greek. It was not thick at all and that is what I look for in my Greek yogurt. I will just have to wait for Chobani sales!

Right on! The yoplait, I have to say, tastes very chemical to me, and I really like their regular yogurts.

One thing you can do to save $$ is to buy regular plain yogurt and strain it yourself. Use a coffee filter in a colander; or even paper towel. Let it sit overnight. Throw out all the liquid whey..and Voila! Greek yogurt! for a bit cheaper.

I'm so glad you posted this. A while back I tried Yoplait because I was in a rush and they didn't have anything else at the store I was at. I thought it didn't taste very good or thick. I too noticed the sugar and was surprised since i normally eat the Trader Joe's non-fat Greeek yogurt and there is hardly any. Thank you for writing this! Now I know why it didn't feel right, I'm never eating it again.

I tried the yoplait greek about a year ago because I had a coupon and I totally agree with you! It had more sugar, much less protein, and I didn't like the taste. Dannon makes a good greek yogurt - it's the same price as yoplait and the same nutritional stats as oikos!

Thanks for pointing out the sugar content in this yogurt. I used to buy a yogurt that was really cheap but then one day I checked out the sugar and it was almost 30g per container! I decided it wasn't worth it to save a few pennies so now I either buy plain Greek yogurt and flavor it with low-sugar preserves or buy the fruit-flavored Greek yogurt like Chobani.

Thank you for bringing this up!

I love Stonyfield's yogurts! They also have the highest amount of live active cultures in their yogurts, which are incredibly beneficial. :)

Thanks for this post! Also a good reminder about why I pay more for the organic, natural options. :)

What do I think? I think I won't be giving up my Chobani anytime too soon ;)

Great post and insightful as always! I prefer making my own yogurt now - not sure if you've tried it? (might make a good post! Even if you suck the first time, like I did). It takes time, & I'm still getting used to it, but it's WAY cheaper & easier to make organic/to taste. I got the recipe from Stay At Home Babe, and post it here. If you haven't made your own yogurt before, it's worth it. :)…

I love Oikos and regular stonyfield farm yogurts but I totally second the "it's easy and cheap to make really good yogurt at home" comment above.

I'm crazy about FAGE yoghurt; also all natural and it's really great. Chobani is also wonderful; I never tried the Yoplait, but since there are so many good ones on the market, I didn't think about it.

I tried this the other day out of curiosity and I came to the same 3 conclusions. I never trust big brands that make a "healthy" new product to mimic the trends. Nice try Yoplait....

Also worth mentioning that a lot of the nonorganic yogurts have started adding sucralose/splenda - which I think is one of the most horrific food additives to come out in the last 50 years (I mean, even aspartame had testing - we're all guinea pigs for this stuff, and they put it in almost EVERYTHING "low sugar" for kids!!). So look out for that as well as the stuff mentioned here!

Has anyone tried the Greek Gods brand? It appears to be pure, and the Traditional variety has only 5g of sugar per serving. I add a little honey (and I do mean a little) and some fruit. The poster above who asked if fruit has sugar then what's the difference, the benefits of the sugar-containing fruit outweigh the negatives of the sugar. And it's usually not as much sugar as the added kind. I don't worry about the fat content, I worry about the sugar content in food.

All of these mainstream grocery store yogurts are doctored up these days - look at the ingredients, folks, as well as the sugar content, you'll be amazed at what you discover. Go for the plain yogurts and then add sweetener as needed, you'll find you need less than you think. You can retrain your tastebuds to enjoy less sweet junk.

FAGE is the best Greek yogurt around. I buy mine at Costco and eat less, add 1+ cup fresh fruit, 2 Tbsp granola and a touch of honey - a wonderful, filling breakfast! I had some Oikos last week while traveling and it was pretty good too, plus organic and I found it at Albertson's in the small town I was in. I also like Trader Joe's house brand of Greek yogurt. But I am not a fan of Chobani, I think the texture is very pasty or gluey. They are all a bit different, so try another one if you don't like one brand.

I tried Chobani and agree with the poster before me that I didn't like the texture -- too pasty or gluey. I thought the Yoplait would be something to try, but thanks to you and this info, I'll be saying 'no thanks'. Think I'll have to look into FAGE or Oikos - they are costly, but I treat them as a 'treat' and not a daily habit.

Thanks for the tip. I actually tried Yoplait's PLAIN nonfat greek style yogurt because it was at the 99 cent only store (gotta love that place) and inexpensive because it was close to expiring. It was a lot better than their regular nonfat thin yogurt so in a pinch, I would buy that if I didn't have nother choice. But I prefer Fage, Voskos, Trader Joe's and Chobani in that order. They are real.

AND a hint for your readers---AVOID THE GREEK GODS. I bought it once, and it has VERY LITTLE PROTEIN. (six ounces, 60 calories, 6 g protein.) For those of us using greek yogurt to try to up our protein intake it's a little shocking.

If you want a fun high in protein and potassium "dessert" try a small container of Fage nonfat greek yogurt, half a banana, a teaspoon of mini semisweet chocolate chips and a couple tablespoons of PB2 stirred in.... peanut butter/banana/chocolate heaven!

But Snack Girl, you all missed the fact that this yogurt does NOT contain the active cultures that make a yougurt so healthy!


@Kris - I called Yoplait and asked and there are active, live cultures in the yogurt. They are just not listed in the ingredients list - at the beginning you see "cultured" and that is good enough for Yoplait.

Thank you again for a readable review on something I eat daily. I live in small town Canada and right now, the only Greek yogurt I can buy is plain President's Choice. Which is fine by me as I put a little sprinkle of sweetener on it, a drop of maple extract and then dump my two breakfast servings of fruit on top.

I'm so tired of ALL yogurts thinking they NEED to be sweetened. Put a little fruit in it and let us sweeten it ourselves. If I'm not mistaken, the President's Choice brand contains Milk and the good old yogurt bacterial


As someone who, through trial and error and some very expensive phyiso appointments figured out that I react to artifical sweeteners with tendonitis like symptoms, I am LOVING the plain yogurt again. My mom raised me on it - both homemade & storebought - adding a teaspoon of jam made it almost like the store bought, but with a lot less calories.

I've just started getting into Greek yogurt, and was making the rounds - trying one of each brand to determine my favorite. I LOVE the Stonyfield Farms (and it's only $1.60 at my grocery), and was checking to see if a cheaper item was just as good. Tried Yoplait the other day, and ...YUCK! The texture is wrong, the taste is wrong, and it just seems like a cheap knockoff of the real stuff. Won't be buying it again.

Thanks so much for the explanation on cultures &c - valuable info, that I didn't understand just by reading the label (which, I suppose, is what the Yoplait people are betting on)

I agree and there are a lot of yogurt brands that have been doing this lately. It is a greek style yogurt but not a Greek yogurt and it is much more sweet. Greek yogurt has a somewhat sour taste but Greek style is more sweet.

Thanks for the post about Yoplait. I wouldn't have tried it anyway, because I love Fage so much. My blog has many recipes where I use Fage instead of plain yogurt and even sour cream.


Thanks for following me in Twitter. I visited this site only today and already it has post about of my favorite foods. Please post more useful information on organic good food, where to get it also if you can. This post is good. I hope all your posts are also likewise always.


thanks for the head's up. I was considering a switch from the Yoplait to the organic once I finished my current stash, but was wary based on price. But to find out it's not even really greek yogurt? Eep.

Thank you!

I got these once, and am so happy that you posted this before I ever got my hands on more!! I really must know more about yogurt, but thanks for the info!! Kristine, I do wonder what Hungry Girl would think. I don't think Hungry Girl really takes health seriously, but more on the calorie content of things rather because one of her 100 calorie snack pack ideas include M&M's (Artificial colors...)

I agree with the taste! Not nearly as good as other greek yogurts. I prefer to make my own yogurt in the crockpot, then strain it overnight to have nice, thick greek yogurt! It's SUPER easy!

Wow I really didn't know anything about yogurt before reading this, and the comments, thank u so much for opening my eyes, I totally would've bought the yoplait brand because I've been wanting to try this Greek stuff for a while now... now I know what kind not to get!

Yogurt is such a sneaky food. Probably one that fools my clients the most. I've been making my own yogurt for years and when I'm not too lazy I strain it for greek yogurt. No surprises that way.

the milk protein concentrate has been added to make the yogurt high protein. this is a good thing really. shame they had to ruin it by adding loads of sugar. i guess it would be pretty horrible otherwise. maybe somethings shouldn't be messed with.

I'm suprised more people don't like plain nonfat yogurt. Its not hard to find a brand made without gelatin either. My local grocery store brand is just skim milk, live cultures and d3. Its pleasantly tart and tangy, super healthy and cheap to boot. Combine that with some fresh fruit and you have the ultimate snack. If you want it thicker for sauces(mmm... Shwarma) just strain it.

I'm probably in the minoraty but I don't like "full" fat yogurt at all. Tastes like wet sour butter. Blegh.

Like all dairy products, we humans have the tendency to be anywhere from mildly sensitive to very allergic. Even though the Greek-STYLE yogurts are delicious and do hold me between meals when I am active, due to their higher protein content, the bottom line is that milk is for calves, not people. I enjoy yogurts sparingly, as a treat, not a staple. It is obvious to me that General Mills is treating their version of this food category as another potential profitable product, jumping on the bandwagon. They have decided that the general public cannot unit price, cannot read an ingredient list and puts sweetness higher on the priority list than nutrition and purity. I avoid their Yoplait products due to their stupidly-shaped containers. I hate having to work so hard to get the yogurt out of the container, due to the reverse shape. I also think General Mills is trying to maximize profits, by with the inclusion of cheaper ingredients. I am also amazed that the FDA labeling laws allowed them to exclude the word "style" from their label.

Could the Mo'Betta commenter please let us know how to make yogurt in the crockpot? That sounds like something i might actually do. I'm a crockpot lover. I've never even thought of making my own. We don't eat a lot of yogurt, but i'd like to make an effort to eat more, but i'm always up for trying something new. How long does it keep in the fridge if you make your own?

...or make your own! Its way cheaper! :)

I've never tried the crockpot method but it's easy to make with just a microwave even.

If you live in the Midwest, I suggest trying Meijer's store brand yoghurt. We get the full fat one and it is DELICIOUS. It runs about $1.95 per 32 oz. I don't eat it more than a few times a week, but my son has it 4-5 times a week, with banana and a fruit puree in it. He LOVES the stuff. It is not organic, and we can't afford that at the moment, but it is a very good budget choice. It also does not contain any pectin, gelatin or what not.

Now if I could only get the hang of yoghurt making... *grumble* It just turns out NASTY each time I try it.

I so AGREE! I made the mistake of buying 4 of these and have only managed to choke down 1! It is NO Chobani that is for sure! I have a feeling my other 3 are going in the trash :( Wish I would have read this first!

Got these at the off-price grocer at 4 for a buck- It's no Chobani, but I wasn't grossed out by it. And for a quarter? I'm not too upset. We eat a LOT of yogurt in our house, so if I can save about a dollar per carton, I'm all over it. (And the lemon chobani- my favorite- is hard to come by!)

We make our own Greek yogurt at home, too! It's way way cheaper, we totally control how much sugar goes in and because we use good local milk it's already pretty sweet and needs very little. There's a great recipe at… Give it a try, you may never go back to store-bought again!

I totally enjoy the plain greek doesn't have the high sugar count and it tastes awesome!!!

Just curious how the greek yogurt tastes compared to like yoplait light or dannon yogurt. Are the tastes similiar?

@Julie - they taste the same to me!

Hey Lisa! I just tried my first Yoplait Greek yogurt. It tasted, well, "wrong" to me, so I turned to Google and I was pleasantly surprised to see your blog at the top of the list (after Yoplait itself).

I'm only eating plain yogurt these days (I've cut out all added sugars! woohoo!), and I noticed immediately that this yogurt just doesn't taste right. The plain version of this yogurt doesn't contain locust bean gum but it does contain gelatin. That might account for the terrible taste -- not sure. I wish I had read your blog before heading to the store! Thanks for what you're doing to keep 'em honest!

- Your old friend from SF

Why does "Big Food" have to always twist the simple into sinister? To save money and make more money per unit sold of course....

Why does no one talk about Dannon Greek? At $1.00 per 5.3 oz at Wal Mart, I have found it to be among the best and believe me, I have tried all of the Yogurts out there. Athenos and Yoplait are "Greek Style" -which means they have not been strained and have had additives put into them to give more protein and to help add thickness. For my money, the Dannon is the best price as far as the quality of what you get. Chobani is great, but it is so expensive and it seems to at times be too thick depending on which "batch" you get. What is everyones thought on the Dannon Greek???

I love chobani but can only afford it when it is on sale, otherwise I end up buying the unflavored dannon greek which isnt too bad. their flavored on the other hand has added stuff but the plain isnt bad when compared with chobani

you people are obsessed, and I mean that in a bad way. The stuff tastes great. I buy the plain and add blueberries. Stop obsession so much.

@Buster...It's not obsession. People are trying/concerned with eating right. On the one hand, they're working their butts off in the gym and, on the other hand they're trying to figure out why they can't lose weight. Often, they're eating the wrong foods to obtain their goals. Most people grab an item "thinking" it must be healthy and it's not. A lot of people have health problems and are digging a deeper hole thinking they're eating the right foods. Most of these food alerts about wolves in sheeps clothing. People aren't necessarily obsessed. People need to be informed.

Well, I actually liked Yoplait Greek Yogurt. I just started eating greek yogurt. I tried Voskos & Fage. I guess I'm used to the regular yogurt which are creamier & not as thick which is what I did like about. In terms of taste, I didn't like the Voskos at all until I added honey to it. I enjoyed Fage but only with the fruit that came with. I enjoyed Yoplait because it was creamy like the yogurts I'm used to eating like Dannon Activa. I guess I should be paying more attention to added sugars. I'm working on it.

My mother bought me a huge jar of the supposedly Greek Yoplait yogurt, after she saw how eagerly I took to my older sister's purchases of Fage, which I love. The Yoplait Greek is virtually inedible. Although it's understandable from an economic pov why they would rush into the Greek yogurt market, they will soon realize there is no gain to be made with such subpar knockoff, which aren't evem particularly healthy. They will soon go back to the kids candy that passes for normal Yoplait.

Yoplait does not make a quart or even a 16 oz serving of greek. Are you sure it was Yoplait that she bought.

I hate to be the first to inform you that the Stoneyfield Oikos that you have grown to love so much has ALWAYS had that same connection to Dannon. Dannon did not just acquire Stoneyfield overnight, it has been some time now. So, I guess the question everyone would probably like to know is are you going to stop eating the Stoneyfield Oikos just becuase Dannon is changing their Dannon Greek name to Dannon Oikos? That is where I believe you are getting confused. The ONLY change happening between the two companies is that Dannon is changing the name of its yogurt. The same Dannon Greek yogurt recipe will just be going into new packaging with a new name. It will still state that it is "Dannon Oikos" on the packaging. Just as Stoneyfield Oikos will still be the exact same recipe and still be 100% organic, there is no change happening at all with the Stoneyfield Oikos. Also, you probably did not know that Stoneyfield is introducing a 100% organic Activia. Bet you did not know that!!! So, what is your problem with Dannon, anyways? Did they kick your dog or something???

...And an Activia Greek will be on shelves before long!!!

I will remain a loyal customer as of recently. i cut my finger on the plastic while opening the lid and i called the company so that they would know for quality control and they quickly sent me out coupons for 2 free large containers and a bunch of coupons for a certain amount off. It was very nice of them to do that

I recently became a lover Greek Yogurt. I had a coupon for a few of the more authentic brands, and loved them. Yesterday I went to the store and bought 10 of the Yoplait, foolishly thinking they would be comparable. WRONG. Now I'm stuck with 9 1/2 containers of the crap and the store won't take them back.

I have come to love Greek Yogurt and the price is sometimes a bit steep. I have discovered straining my own yogurt. Using plain yogurt, a colander and a clean white t-shirt I have cut down. I place the colander in a large bowl, put in fabric and pour yogurt on top. After a few hours I have wonderfully thick Greek yogurt at a more affordable price. I then add strawberrys and sweetener. You can add what ever you like.

I googled & found this site because right after I tasted the Yoplait Greek 2X protein, I was alarmed by the artificial sweetner taste. I went back to the container to check where I went wrong, but no luck, listed sugar (cane?). Anyone know if it's hiding in some other ingredient??

So, I have to balance my desire to eat better with my inner 'picky toddler.' I haven't really enjoyed the other greek yogurts, so I tried yoplait knowing full well it had more sugar than the others, and hoping it would have a lighter, but creamier texture. Other than lowering my sugar intake, what am I missing from another greek yogurt?

One thing that I do know is that Yoplait is NOT Authentic Greek Yogurt. They take a cup of yogurt and ad thickening agents and extra protein and sell it off as actual greek yogurt. To be considered Greek yogurt, there must be a straining process involved in the manufacturing of the yogurt. If not, then it should be labled GREEK-LIKE or GREEK-STYLE. For me, Chobani, Fage', Dannon Oikos, or Chobani are way better. You absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to yogurt.

I'm just now starting to eat Greek yogurt. I've never liked plain or non-fat yogurt before and I've been eating it since I became addicted to the Knudsen's Vanilla back in the late 70s (what happened to it, anyway?) So, I'm now in love with Greek yogurt especially because it's considered a protein and not a carb (like regular yogurt) in the health program I'm currently following to get into better shape. I don't like Chobani very much, but really love Trader Joe's brand! I tried Yoplait against my better judgement, figuring it can't be as good coming from a commercial company. I don't mind the taste, the texture is not at all rich like Trader Joe's. So, I'll be sticking with TJ's. I love it with mixed berries (thawed from frozen) and a few slivered almonds on top.

I prefer the Yoplait Greek yogurts because they are not nearly as thick nor as "funky" tasting as Chobani. It is more like the traditional Yoplait yogurts but has double the protein. As stated it does have more sugar than other brands but this is a trade-off for a lighter consistency, smoother texture and sweeter taste. The best flavors, in my opinion, are the key lime and honey; the others have fruit on the bottom and not to my liking. The key lime, however, is sweet enough to be a treat.

I strive to get 215 grams of protein or more per DAY (deriving 860+ calories alone from protein) and having one of these in the morning and for a snack at night if I get hungry helps supplement me while tasting like a dessert. And at 160 calories for the whole container, you can't go wrong.

chobani is great to get from the wholesale stores such as bj's and when they have a coupon for it its less then a dollar per yogurt

I usually eat plain yogurt but eat both regular and greek styles. For the greek, I usually buy Fage, Chobani or Fresh and easy brand. I tried the yoplait greek today and it tastes awful. There are slight differences in taste and texture for all of the brands but yoplait taste like stale protein powder - it is definitely not a greek yogert.

Thankyou so much for this info. I bought some yoplait greek yogurt today and while I was eating it i found your post about yoplait and found your info very helpful. It took me nearly 10 min to decide which was healthier. I ended up choosing the one on sale, this will now become one of my splurge items.

Am I the only person in the world who LOVES Yoplait's plain Greek yogurt? Strange. Maybe that's why I can't find it in the store anymore. I miss it so much!!!! It always helps me feel better when my stomach is upset and no other Greek yogurt has the same delicious tang to it.

Try Three Happy Cows Greek Yogurt-hard to find, but too good to be true! 110 calories, no fat& 11 grams of protein in 4oz! Super thick and delicious! Very little sugar but sweet enough, no sour taste! Comes in strawberry, blueberry, honey& Carmel flavors!

4oz container. 5.3 oz is standard. Reduce the other serving sizes down in Chobani or Oikos to 4oz & they would be "too good to be true" as well!!!

Okay, so I tried both the Yoplait Greek and the Chobani today because I was bored. I'll tell you right now on a personal preference that Yoplait was multitudes better. The Chobani, when opened, had thick yogurt bits half stuck around the rim and the center was filled with floating water. It reminded me of oil on water. The taste was okay, but there was practically no consistency and was slimy, as if it were vomit.

Although Yoplait may not be 100% Greek... do you really care? I mean, you're buying something processed and in a grocer's fridge with mass produced packaging. Complaining about the authenticity of its Greek-ness is extremely ironic in itself.

Next article: Order food from Taco Bell, complain it's not really Mexican cuisine.

I just a container of the yoplait Greek because I hadn't noticed it before. I usually get the fanning pills, and let me tell you, I should have kept to my usual. For me, the cost is the same but the taste and texture are very different. I found the yoplait to be the same consistency as their regular yogurts, which made me suspicious enough to Google some reviews. After that bitter and sour after taste kicked in though, I knew I would have to do a little research.... And that is how I ended up reading this article, and agreeing the whole time. Thanks snackgirl

I purchased some Yoplait Greek yogurt and from the first bite I knew I had a problem because it tasted DELICIOUS. I hate Greek yogurt, I think the consistency is disgusting and it tastes sour, even with honey added, but i like the Yoplait. The servings I get only have 12 grams of sugar, and that's not bad, considering I was eating just plain Yoplait yogurt with high fructose corn syrup.

I'll stick to the Yoplait - baby steps - but maybe I'll be able to stomach some real Greek yogurt in the future.

lactose free yogurt from yoplait. Is it still on market.? What about the sugar content. ? I need lactose free. Ester

The Yoplait container [the one shaped as a truncated cone - environmentally reprehensible] still shows high fructose corn syrup [along with dyes and other processing chemicals] as a constituent. Yoplait is another processed chemical concoction masquerading s a healthful food. Don't buy it.

My carton of Yoplait Greek 2X protein (of regular yogurt) reads 13-grams of sugar, not 18; just sayin' on that one. (in the USA; may differ elsewhere)

And, Oh shoot!!! You have burst my bubble on this product because I actually really like it. :(

Fage, with the fruit has up to 18-grams of sugar which is one of the reason's I don't buy it -- and I also don't really like it. Don't get me wrong, I use FAGE-0 Greek yogurt in cooking, as a sandwich spread (when I rarely make a sandwich) and as sour cream with my 99% extra lean ground turkey tacos and as the base for an onion dip -- so I use it a lot -- I just don't like it 'on it's own' and the addition of the fruit and sugar wasn't enough to remove the tart for me.

I'll have to digress on Yoplait being 'half-way' there... I will/want to believe it's better than the regular yogurts, anyway -- if nothing else, it has the more protein which is KEY in my diet.

Thanks for this article - keep them coming!

Would really like to know - how did y'all get used to the thickness/consistency of Greek yogurt to begin with? Having been raised on "supermarket" yogurt, I have trouble even putting Greek yogurt in my mouth!

Even though your post is a year old .. I'd just like to confirm that Yes, Yoplait greek yogurt tastes TERRIBLE.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the great post. I can't bring myself to even try yoplait Greek yogurt. I'm a label reader and as soon as I took a peek, back on the shelf, it went! I really get tired of all the deceptive marketing and labeling rampant in the food industry. I like what Michael Pollan says: The more money spent on advertising to convince you that something is "healthy," the less healthy it is!

I'm a fan of plain Greek yogurt and rotate between Fage, Chobani, Trader Joes, and Fresh and Easy brands.

finding this late but loved seeing it. after being a Fage with honey regular, tried Yoplaits with honey. so aweful tasting i called them.

I make my own yogurt. I don't make the Greek style because it's actually not as good for you. When you strain all the whey out of the yogurt to make it thick and creamy you also lose a lot of the good bacteria that is why you eat yogurt in the first place!

I so appreciate that review! I didn't even realize what made Greek yogurt Greek Yogurt!!!

I haven't tried it but have learned to stick to Fage for the most part, even though it is the most does get a bit cheaper if you buy the large tub, which lasts for weeks in the fridge. I add preserves to it, or honey or maple syrup with fruit, for myself and my almost-3-year-old. She calls the preserves "sauce" and loves it. Someone in a comment asked why adding preserves is any better than buying the sweetened kind of yogurt; I don't what is "better" from a calorie or total-sugar-added perspective, but I feel like the more we can personally control what goes in to our food, the better. I buy all-fruit preserves so at least I'm not getting added sugar (besides the fruit sugar of course) or chemicals or preservatives, and I can control the amount I add. Plus, one big tub of yogurt and 3 or 4 types of preserves in the fridge means you never run out of anyone's favorite. :) (And I use yogurt in all sorts of savory dishes, and as a stand-in for sour cream.)

I add all natural Stevia to my (Fage 0%) greek yogurt and a littel all natural Vanilla extract to make it NOT taste like sour cream....and every now and then, when I'm feeling like a treat, I will add a tablespoon of Organic Cherry Preserves to step it up! Also, adding Stevia vanilla and a little key lime juice makes it taste like Key Lime Pie...without the pitfalls of eating a slice of Key Lime Pie! I watch my sugar and fat intake and try to eat organic as much as I can, and the reward comes more in the way that I feel than in my bank account, but I feel that my health is worth the extra few $$ a month!

Yoplait Yogurt Greek Yogurt is Nasty, They are trying too hard to beat chobani greek yogurt the Best Greek Yogurt, followed by Dannon Greek Yogurt...

I've got to tell you; I never choose Yoplait but I had no choice today. There was one Greek-style yogurt on the shelf at the cafeteria. I was glad to see it was fat free but it did not taste like Greek yogurt (Fage is what I'm used too)The flavor was, honey vanilla but when I read the ingredient list there was no honey or vanilla listed, only sugar! AHHhhhhhh!

Kate's recent comment prompted to come back with a follow-up to my previous one - I have finally switched to eating regular, REAL Greek yogurt, and it tastes great! My favorites are vanilla and mango from Trader Joe's. So yeah, baby steps. :)

I see a lot of reviews for the added fruit variety of greek yogurt but not the 0%fat plain greek yogurts. I like the Presidents Choice and Oikos brands plain 0% fat greek yogurts, I don't had anything to it. Is this a healthy snack?

Have you ever tried Trader Joe's nonfat plain Greek yogurt? I'm curious to know if it's "real" greek yogurt, and if it's good for me, or not. Thanks

I was wondering if you have compared the new Yoplait Greek 100 calorie yogurt and have an opionion on it. It only has 9 grams of sugar (still a lot) and no locust bean gum. Thanks!

If any of you live near Belmont, MA(next town to Cambridge) you should try the Greek yogurt at Sophia's Greek Pantry on Belmont Street! Sophia makes her own real Greek yogurt and once you try it you will never go back to the store brands. She uses goat and sheep's milk and offers three styles...2%, 2% with honey, and no fat. Get the plain 2%... It is fabulous. She sells it by the pound, scooped out while you wait. This stuff with some blueberries,walnuts and a drizzle of honey is heaven!

Yoplait's Greek yogurt is actually pretty darn good and the protein amount is perfect for 100 calories. What's all the fuss? The other greek yogurt brands are bitter and sour leaving a vomit aftertaste in your mouth. Greek Style or just plain ol greek...Thanks Yoplait. Good stuff!

I agree with Curtis---Yoplait's Greek Yogurt 100 Calorie doesn't look like (in the original picture) what Snack Girl was blogging about in 2011 so I am guessing her comments may no longer apply. Black Cherry is amazing with lots of protein and way lower sugar grams than any other brand I have seen in the stores. Yum!

Curtis/Sheila, it's like you guys didn't really read the article. The new Greek yogurt is still not real Greek yogurt - and the black cherry one has 9 grams of sugar per serving! There's no reason for them to add sugar to their yogurt. Or sucralose. Or corn starch, for that matter.

If you want black cherry greek yogurt, add your own cherries. Don't buy into the hype of added sweeteners!

If you're going to eat it, fine, but don't fool yourself into thinking it's healthy. Protein? You can get more protein from things that are actually healthy. Lower sugar? Sheila, you apparently aren't looking at real Greek yogurt, so no wonder you can't find anything with lower sugar.

Interesting. I thought something was up when I started eating it, thus the search and I found this post. I taste artificial sweeteners even though the label says it contains sugar. Yukky.

I haven't read the comments, so this may have already been mentioned, but #4 reason is b/c it contains ARTIFICIAL FLAVORINGS which can mean sugar substitutes which are BBAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaDDDDDDDD... oh wait! THE PICTURE YOU POSTED EVEN SHOWS sugar subs! *blech!*

The main reason that Yoplait isn't yogurt is because it does not contain active bacterial cultures. It's thickened, sweetened, heat-sterilized milk, essentially. No value whatsoever.

Just had my first Yoplait Greek yogurt. It tastes bad, like floury, sickly sweet wallpaper paste..very chemical tasting...who did taste testing on this? it's yucky. Need to go back to the drawing board, make real yogurt, stick to Fage, or buy it fresh from the farmer's market and taste what real yogurt should taste like

There is Sucralose in Yoplait Greek yogurt which you don't have listed.

I'm so mad, I bought 10 today because at shoprite they had a 10 for 10$ sale and I had 2 coupons. About an hour after the first yogurt I had a headache and my face felt numb. I'm going to see if shoprite will let me return them.

I bought stonyfield farm French Vanilla yogurt

and was serprised to see that it had 30g sugar yet their plane Whole milk has only 12g sugar.

Absolutely agree as soon as I tasted the yoplait "greek" yogurt I could tell it was not the real deal. The texture alone says a lot.

I bought Yoplait Greet 100 protein 5.3 oz. The nutritional information is as follows 15mg protein, 100 cal., 7g sugar, carbs 10 mg, sodium 60mg and fat 0. I'm not a nutritionist, trying to raise my protein and lower my carbs. I get hungry often :(

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