The Fastest, Healthiest Snack in the West

January 11, 2010   17 Comments

Are you bored with the same old dull snacks? Do you need a way to "dress-up" your healthy snack?

Apple Slicer

Enter the apple slicer. For a mere $4 at Target ($10 if you want a super nice one), you can purchase this handy tool for transforming dull Apples into something fancy.

Add peanut butter, almond butter, or a handful of grapes and you have an instant and fabulous snack. It takes about 2 seconds to slice an apple with one of these things and it changes your whole apple eating experience.

I was introduced to the apple slicer at a chain restaurant. Instead of French Fries, the offered me an apple or side salad. But, they couldn't just put an apple on the plate, so they used the apple slicer. I had my tuna fish sandwich and my apple. Honestly, I didn't miss the fries.

Apple fries are at Burger King and pre-sliced apples can be found in supermarkets. But, I don't understand why you would buy them when it takes so little time to slice an apple. And all that packaging!!

If you pre-slice an apple, it will turn brown unless you squirt some lemon juice on it. So, why not just carry an apple slicer in your purse or backpack? Buy many and give them to your friends!

Here is one from Oxo that is sold at Amazon and Target. They usually turn out pretty great cooking tools.

How do you dress up your apple? Please share below

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I sprinkle mine with apple pie spice. I have it every day as a matter of fact. It's sweet, crunchy, and filling.

I LOVE apples! I eat several of them every day :) I like them best spread with nut butter or sprinkled with cinnamon.

I have one and love them! I used to work at a daycare and the apple slicer was an important tool of the trade there, made snack prep a breeze.

Oh my goodness, so cool! I've seen these before, but I had no idea they were so economical! I must pick one up immediately - I love apples! I usually dip them in fat free yogurt - Yum! :-)

I have one at home and at work. I usually dip my apples in fat free plain Greek yogurt.

Yet another way to eat a great fruit!

The presentation with this slicer is very nice. Kinda tough to slice up smaller apples though (organic apples tend to be smaller).

Love this post and my apple slicer. I use it all the time!

Drizzle with fat free caramel sauce. Yummy!

My bf has been eating this as a snack for a while now - a sliced apple with a schmear of peanut butter on each. I made it for myself today for the first time and O.M.G. It's delicious! The tinge of salt from the 'nut butter with the sweetness of the apple. I want to make another one :)

Why not just eat the apple whole instead of adding more gadget clutter? Sometimes we make things so complicated!

I must say to Alison the "gadget" makes eating something healthy even more fun - really! Don't knock it till you try it! It helps children want to eat more healthy too!

I bought mine through pampered chef and LOVE it! I was getting burned out on eating an apple a day and well this changed my whole perspective on it.

Instead of sprinkling with lemon juice to prevent browning, try apple juice. Doesn't make them taste as funny, and it's the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that prevents browning. So really any juice with Vitamin C will do. I've even used orange juice in a pinch (odd, but still not as weird as lemon-juice-flavored apples.) Trader Joes has a cinnamon-pear cider that tasted SO GOOD on my apples slices one day, when I was out of apple juice!

I am still looking for one of these with non metal blades like the platic knife craze...I hear it is the metal that turns them brown so quickly...urban myth?

I have one of these from ikea very cheap. Good idea to keep one a work a good excuse to go to ikea. As to small apples all apples cut easily with the one i have and as to gadgets. I find hard sometimes and messy to bite into a whole apple everyone in my family love the slices i also think it takes it to the next level and isn't just an apple.

yes - it IS the metal that injures the fruit - cut up an apple with a ceramic, or plastic knife -- you will see. Same with avocados... it's a cellular reaction to the metal... you can test this yourself

my Mom used to cut an apple in half,scoop out the seeds with a melon baller,and put in a tsp or less of my fav jam or jelly in the hole.i

I felt so special when she would make this treat for me

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